Tuesday, February 20, 2018

this is zieler, most of the trite buzzwords in one boring cliche, next time, whisper chip, 5 rules. And as a Canuck he can only fake being angry...

@Putins_a_10 They own LCD, LCOS on top of OLED. They have a 5 yr exclusive battery form factor with Hitachi. They own ARVR glass ecosystem

Amicus Curiae or is Kopin a Party to the Class Action? I think smokey is DZ

Guttag never found the Immerex booth or did not look for it, wasn't aware of it's existence or pointedly ignored?

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Promises and Challenges of EUV at GlobalFoundries


From the Self-Same Miesnieks Essay... Maybe Matt is such an insider that he and only he knows of a company called e-magin that makes OLED microdisplays! What say you Phan-tom Basher!

A high-res OLED microdisplay from e-magin, suitable for a HMD (or a Watch). The image is projected into the waveguide which spreads it over the plastic lens in the glasses so you can see it in front of your face.

This is Crazy, Phan said they dropped the "Stealth Mode" schtick long ago. How can This be? Oh I see looks like they are Dumping Derrick and Trashing Trader980 for Viral Marketing on Twitter! Excellent Idea. If those are you public face you're in trouble...no cred Sad! Trader980 will be forced to eat tree bark and dandelions!

Here's an interesting theory regards Dr. Phan seeming desperation as too share price. Who goes to AWE and talks about obsolete Raytheon Weapons Sights and the PPS? Craven.

$KOPN trader980 tsmokey emagin_is_bankrupt = 1 person with multiple ids. He is Dr Fan himself. He gets 1.3M when SP hits 5.25. What a shame

Incredible M. Night Shyamalan Plot Twist (Spoiler Alert!) Dr. Phan Reveals We Need PHYSICAL WORLD! OMG! (good part, last minute, no need to bother with the rest, unintelligible, whoops for dear leader, NORK cheerleaders?)

Dr. Phan! I Beg You, Please Call Off Your Dogs of War!

Meanwhile Trader980 Cares Not For Any President or Major Defense Supplier as The Kopin Social Network Mafia Continues Their Charm Offensive! Bankrupt and Obsoleted (sic)!

I think he can beat the Slander Rap by pleading Diminished Capacity.

$EMAN not just bankrupt but also obsoleted by Kopin OLED, mgmt will soon be in jail, no cash left, dilution, zero credibility after lying

Down to it, sharp scalpel...

18 hours ago
"eMagin listed those companies in the filing because it had discussions with them at industry event" is code for because it has NDA with them and gave them private updates at CES 2018.

At the time I think was is the only theory that makes sense, New York Lawyers are not careless, Offering Was In The Possession of the Underwriters and JL Could Plausibly Deny (RFR, Red Herring) Knowledge of Participating Investors

No he came those by that Solos II Prototype by chance, saw em in a dumpster and fished em out...

And The Empire Strikes Back By Creating a NEW PROFILE PIC!

Hope you don't mind Brendan, Too Good to Pass up...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

It's an interesting story, starting in Brooklyn during the Depression. They cannot enjoy this kind of coverage. Does anybody know if there is an inside story in regards Mort and oled Microdisplays?

Perdue Pharma(Sackler Family) is decreasing marketing efforts for their opioid products, lawsuits, human toll, I wonder if our largest holder has an evolving interest in this or it has been a long term search for something that would decrease opioid use for those trying to manage chronic pain...

Stanford, VR Central


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