Thursday, March 15, 2018

Charlie, would you mind retweeting the 5 ru...never mind. Don't forget to punch out...

In case you were unaware, primates, marsupials, lupines, arachnids, ungulates, Bigfoot...FU!

Pair of Apple patent applications describe partial display updates for VR and AR headsets

It is advised that for each time a display updates, the circuitry inside the display will adjust every pixel in an LED or OLED panel to match the new image. As some displays have higher and higher resolutions, and in some cases a need to operate at high refresh rates, these situations can sometimes lead to unwanted artifacts appearing on the display, ruining the image.

Keep going Mike Not-So-Bright, you have 18 more questions

Right, who would China export the J-20 to? Iran I guess. Venezuela? The Norks maybe if they backslide.

Apart from a plan to develop more J-20 variants, the story reveals that the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) will not allow exports of the type. It also revealed that the type has participated in beyond-visual-range (BVR) test engagements.

The 'globalisation' of China's military power

In the air, its new single-seat fighter, the Chengdu J-20, (5th Gen Fighter)is said by the Chinese to be in operational service meaning that it incorporates stealth technology; it has a supersonic cruising speed; and highly integrated avionics.
IISS experts remain sceptical.
"The Chinese Air Force", they say, "still needs to develop suitable tactics to operate the low-observable jet and must come up with doctrines to mix these 'fifth generation' warplanes with earlier 'fourth generation models'.
"Still, China's progress is clear," they say, "you can add to these aircraft a whole range of capable air-to-air missiles that are every bit on a par with those in Western arsenals."
This year's Military Balance devotes a whole chapter to developments in Chinese and Russian air-launched weapons which they see as a key test for western dominance.

I have a question for Derrick, Trader980, Phan or any other Kopinista that cares to address it...

 What exactly does Olightek and BOE, (owned by the Peking government) gain from a partnership with Kopin apart from a name associated with a long time Department of Defense critical component supplier? Is it to sell vr headsets or does it make it possible that China would gain access to technology that either is or once was in the F-35. Maybe both but which is more important to an expansionist China? China would salivate over the possibility that F-35 technology could end up in the cockpit of their 5th Gen Chengdu J-20 Fighter. Is that technology free to be exported from Scotland as it would not have to pass through the rigors of a DTSA review and assured denial by a Trump Dept of Defense? Something you might consider if you can pry those rose colored glasses off your face.

Look at all the companies trying to elbow their way into the VR Space through he Vive Accelerator Program. Guess there is more going on then we realize below the surface...

I am waiting to see some evidence of CEO Sculley's contention "VR first then AR." It looks from here that VR is still some time away unless he was referring to...

Location Based as in the "Immerx/Cloudmind VRLA Cinema partnership. Apple has already disrupted Augmented Reality with ARKit. They will call the tune for the whole sector as everyone else plays "follow the leader". Has Harrison Kwon's patents always had him based in Sunnyvale Ca?

VR is still a novelty, but Google’s light-field technology could make it serious art

contains what has become the standard critique of VR,  headsets are bulky and the content is not compelling. LUCI Immers is a nod to those realities. Non-VR content is available and the Immers will fill the gap with 3D and 4K until VR Technology can catch up with the created expectations. Oculus is promoting their "socially conscious" VR experiences to the hipsters at SXSW. Laudable but can't make a buck off those. No In-Game Buys. Real interest is gaming and adverts. Their VR Film"The History of Testicles" however grabs that demographics attention.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This is great stuff, Vuzix pumper trolling Trump for their Wounded Warrior "Project", Tweeting at Trump, that's clever, never know what hit him, Vuzix Mike, this one not so bright...(Squint comes at no extra charge)

A Star is Born...Meet Mike (Remix, with snappy intro) - Engineering Tech at eMagin

A Star is Born

This is where we live, get over it

I surely sympathize. They told us they were stealth. I believe em. I get the frustration. It is brutal. "Mr. Sculley, Mr. Lucas would you..?" "Nope." "eManistan = this crap like some low rent James Joyce "Ulysses."

Right Jim, OLED Displays...Fast Gaze-Contingent Optimal Decompositions for Multifocal Displays

The "Courtside Seat" shots are really the best. And unlimited # of seats.


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