Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kopin Guy: "No, they are blinded by OLED, their actual eyeballs literally pop out!!"

"Dammit, I told you to get a rheostat NOT a dimmer switch!"

@trashcanman its not a glow problem its a dimmer switch that needs to be manually shifted by the pilot landing at nights vs day. Bullish

I think I found Kopin's Twitter Sitter

@trashcanman Btw, the truth is the govt has sole sourced F-35 and FWS to kopin. But kopin management said nobody likes sole source. nice try Bullish

Monday, September 18, 2017

Silicon Valley is great at suppling material to the writers of the HBO Comedy of the same name...

like "The Wire" the scripts write themselves. UploadVR, ugh.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement but we'll take it (not much in the way of particular knowledge of the sector but a dense Green Glow surrounds this company and his take makes sense as a cursory understanding)


Kopin, you might have to hand over those Dynasty vases you confiscated from the guy (you know) for this act of Industrial Espionage

Their new Twitter Sitter Has a Screw Loose, eMagin Inside! Thanks Jim (Just repeating crap and not knowing the products)

Developers need to learn how to build augmented reality applications: Author from CNBC.

Possibly upgraded since last specs published..LG SteamVR Headsets Resurfaces At Korean VR Festival


Friday, September 15, 2017

AMD's Vision for the Future of Technology

Apropos of Defense Companies Tailoring HMDS to Consumers: Steve Costello, 100,000 option man...

Steve Costello
Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy
Mr. Costello joined eMagin in September 2016 with over 25 years of experience in sales and sales leadership roles with various technology companies. Before joining eMagin he served for 1½ years as VP of Community Development for Aras Corporation, a PLM solutions company, after his previous employer engineering software startup SpaceClaim was acquired by Ansys. Prior to the acquisition Mr. Costello spearheaded all aspects of sales strategy and execution for five years as VP of Sales (Americas). Steve has successfully commercialized military technology in Industrial, Enterprise and Consumer segments with companies that include BAE Systems and DigitalGlobe. Mr. Costello earned his MS in Marketing from Bentley University and BS from Babson College.

Six15s Darwin AR Glasses uses eMagin displays, I think all their hmds do as well, the ad looks a little like John Wick III but good gun ballet is hard to do

What if BAE and Elbit and Six15 came out of the wild blue yonder and showed the Silicon Valley types how to do this? Be cool

H.C. WAINWRIGHT THINKS EMAGIN’S STOCK IS GOING TO RECOVER (think it's real could be a rogue algo)


I wrote this 3 years ago so AS knows now the Army Air Corps became the USAF in 1941, yes, it's understandable as events in eManistan occur at glacial speed...(But the Kopinistas Truth Squad might be even slower to process this or are just in denial..."NO WE ARE NOT IN DENIAL!")

Customer Announcement AS gave us at the end of the Q&A. For the first time in public AS alluded to the JSF F-35 "situation" in reference to the cost of a Helmet in development he mentioned or words to the effect that the display in a $350,000 Helmet is not going to be inexpensive. Actually he was low-balling the cost. The recently cancelled BAE Helmet Program cost per Helmet was Approximately $350k. But Lockheed pressed hard for the Elbit Helmet and won the argument over a cost conscious Pentagon. The Elbit-Rockwell Helmet's cost is in the $500k neighborhood. I heard a rumor elsewhere that a better display is in the offing for the F-35. Sculley mentioned obliquely the program as not a large but one with a High Dollar Display, that fits, because I believe the display will cost north of $30k per. Testing for the F-35 is done at Pax River in Maryland, that fits and coincidentally Paxtuxent Naval Air Station is where the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is Headquartered. And of course it is they who are footing the bill for the High Brightness Displays's development. I construe that the eMagin folks are looking forward to this not only for the high cost and high margins but it's a pretty damn prestigious placement. Thanks Andrew for the Missing Link. Army Air Corps, Air Force, Navy, so what. 

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