Thursday, May 24, 2018

First T-90 that crosses the frontier gets a big surprise, bad trade for Vlad, 3 Million Dollar Tank for a $50k Missile

I apologize Mr. Cui, moral of the story, don't believe everything you hear and half of what you see (maybe folks who chase ghosts are prone to see phenomenon that aren't there)

Truly Mobile XR, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Platform

Oculus Half Dome Prototype F8 2018 (May 2)

Display Week 2018: Facebook’s Varifocal Display Research (Half Dome)

Lurk, nice... Oculus has a variable focus display, a fixed multifocal display, and adaptive multifocal technology that allows you to see images more clearly based on eye tracking (eye tracking), so you can get a clear picture even when your eyes move. Introduced. "We have also developed a technology that makes the near image appear sharper and the background slightly blurred, creating a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the surface of the eye that is in focus. Ouclus introduced a VR panel with a Spatial Light Modulator in a Jasper display between two eMagin OLED-based microlens displays. It captures all the video frames that are detected by both eyes. "VR technology will make the display an 'infinite canvas' that can capture realistic images of any image," Douglas Mann said.

McChrystal was serious about TALOS, still working on it. Six15 still a vendor?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

one of those things, vexing however I hear there's a meeting in NY in a few weeks. Somebody can ask Sculley to square "all of them" and "$1.50"!, with Danish and Bagels!. Meanwhile it being International Turtle Day

didn't say I liked it, it's the way it is

They do come off as marketing fogeys but IMO it has more to do with strategy than neglect or incompetence. During the height of "Blazethenight" mania, if you can call it that Mort was pouring money into the marketing. Anybody hear a peep about Blaze lately? Neither have I. You'd be shocked how much they paid Gonsalves for his "persona" to attempt to become the "Face of Night Vision."

And it was Mort's idea. He wanted to find a top Youtuber and pay a lot more but Cui had other ideas. Maybe they came to loggerheads over it. Cui is gone (dyk that Sionyx doesn't use eMagin Displays? Yes, Dan we know) and Mort still here. So IMO it's not about the $$$ for marketing or not knowing how to set up a Twitter account. Their lack of interest in promoting was always a source of frustration for me. Why I started this "Blog & Paste" operation because intuitively  I know there is more to what is going on than meets the eye. IMO it's big companies probably the biggest you can think of who have the last word on anything eMagin might want to divulge and so far they have said "No." We were looking forward to Display Week. Any time I've gone to one of these eMagin has a minimalistic set-up. A display on a rudimentary frame, just enough to support the sample. Basic. You can hold up to your eye and see a scene from The Dark Knight. You have to hold it and steady it, no diopter adjustment and in that environment it's a little underwhelming. I'll say it's almost a studied non-interest in impressing people. I'm sure Display Week is the same as the others. If anything of import happens it's happening in the Meeting Room and not at the Booth. We've been mushrooms, we are mushrooms we shall be mushrooms until we are not. Would have been nice if somebody on the left coast had gone but folks unusually talk about going and never do. So he we are. Boats against the current borne back ceaselessly in the past. Until we're not.

FLIR Announces RECON V at SOFIC (eMagin AMOLED)

eMagin to Craig-Hallum Wednesday Next

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The restrictions were relaxed for India last year anticipating a more solid relationship with the US in the defense realm

Impressive customer list for Tonbo, DARPA,SOCOM, BAE, L-3, Sierra, US Navy, Tonbo is a fast growing global company

Well Derrick (BIHS) Kopin had one questioner on their last call and he asked a couple of great questions and he got some very full and effusive answers. Wait, is Olightek a JV OBVIOUSLY in China?. Uhoh)

Jeff Bernstein
Hi guys. Just a couple of questions. What's going on with the OLiGHTEK line?
John Fan
You're talking about the OLiGHTEK, which is obviously in Kunming, China, the line is running, and I think, that it will start operational third quarter this year.
Jeff Bernstein
Great. And then just a question on the win that you announced with the North America Tier 1. Is that a company you've done business with before?
John Fan
Jeff, I'm afraid, I cannot comment on it. It's suffice to say, it's a very large global company.

Didn't realize how much stuff Tonbo made with American Made eMagin AMOLED Displays inside e.g. thir own version of Bino Sensor Fused NVG uses an eMagin DSVGA...

The "Arjun" looks like ENVG II

Can we get a Countdown Clock for the "i" Launch Derrick?

No, he is not but anyone demoing the "i" will receive a "Charlie Fink" Action Figure...

"Pixel Packin' Papa"

More vaporware hype ( is this a China JV? situated between DAQRI and ODG, the "i" tells you what it is already. Is Charlie Kopin's Booth Babe this year?)


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