Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone

and hopefully you won't have to squint to see it or wear a Dive Mask.


Google Glass: The most personal piece of tech you may never own


I Knew It When I First Saw It, Of Course, What Should Be And Should Remain a Minor Diplomatic Row

Will Endanger The Sale of Javelin To India because as we sail down the Ganges like Colonel Kurtz we sail into the "Heart Of Weirdness." It's India, we're talking about, where assaults on women are epidemic. And New York where Politics is war by other means. Another strange element of this story is that the US District Attorney for the Southern District of New York , Preet Bharara is an Indian immigrant. I have a feeling Ms. Khobragade got a little extra scrutiny from the D.A. not justified by the severity of the charges. A vendetta of some sort. The Pentagon, understandably, uncharacteristically wants to be a peacemaker.


The Army Wants Soldiers to Wear Solar Panels and Bionic Knee Braces


Net Zero in this case is not a Broadband Provider. From a 2009 eMagin Press Release. The single most important advantage that AMOLED has over other any display alternative in any application.

"Due to the innate ability of OLED materials to produce light, each pixel of a display is its own light source, eliminating the need for backlighting the entire display as is required in typical LCD flat panels, even tiny ones used in personal viewing products like night vision goggles and media viewers.
“We can save military and commercial customers literally millions of batteries per year,” said Bruce Ridley, eMagin’s VP of Business Development. “Over the lifetime of these mobile devices, the potential to positively impact the environment by reducing manufacturing, storage, transportation and disposal of batteries is enormous.”
Comparison of Typical Display Power Requirements
42-inch Plasma HD       341 W
42-inch LCD HD 237 W
20-inch LCD WSXGA HD) 42W
1-inch LCD (SXGA) >1W
0.77-inch eMagin OLED (SXGA)     


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yuval, is this why you're so out of sorts? PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Inventors Include “High-End R&D Flight Simulator”, “F1 Driving Simulator” Creators; Possible Sensors Detailed

Former BAE Award Winning Simulation Designer for Driving and Flight Training now developing an HMD for PS4. This should make big companies nervous as well. But the transition from what was learned from Military designed applications to consumer devices is under way. That's a very good thing for eMagin, the go-to display in military helmet and head mounted displays. These big guys will presumably accomplish what Senics offers for a tenth of the price. Oh well, there's always the untapped "Dive Mask" Market. How about the Sensio-Rift?


Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014: The Year Of Wearable Cameras

Seeking Alpha's Rob Romero looks at the Wearable space and finds some key players, now is the time he says for "thematic investment" in wearables. If you register at SA you can see the rest.

  • Invensense: It plays a key role in motion sensing in wearable devices. Invensense's MPU-9150 nine-axis inertia sensor is used in Google Glass (link). Key applications such as augmented reality require smart glass to be able to accurately track its position and orientation. As a result, motion sensors are critical to enable that experience.
  • CSR (CSR.LN): CSR's encoder SoC powers the newly launched Garmin VIRB sports camera. (See review here). In addition, as connected wearable devices proliferate, CSR is well positioned as a leader in Bluetooth connectivity solutions.
  • eMagin (EMAN): eMagin is a leader in OLED microdisplays for wearable devices. OLED microdisplays offer better power efficiency, greater contrast ratio, wider viewing angle and operating temperature, and faster response time. As competition in smart glass heats up, display performance will likely be a key differentiator.

When the “Chasseur” becomes a “FELIN"

 Sagem has built a number of components designed around eMagin displays that are key in the Felin program, Jim, of course, SWORD and the Soldier worn Helmet Mounted Display. More than half the French Infantry Regiments have been supplied since 2010 additionally 4,000 units added per year.  As of 2013 the Alpine ‘’Chasseurs” of the 7th, 13th and 27th BCAs, and the 1st, 35th and 92nd Infantry Regiments, the 2nd and 8th Marine InfantryRegiments, the legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign LegionRegiment and the 1st “Tirailleurs” Regiment are equipped with the FELIN.  


Google Glass with more features


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Were These Devices Intended As Single Unit Sales to Hunters (Nah), Terrorists

or to the Gremlins in Belarus who make lower quality Thermal Sights and NVGs like Quantum, Pulsar and Yukon? Considering the origin of these smugglers I'd hazard that there is a 90% chance the cases in Pennsylvania and Wyoming are cases of Industrial Espionage.


Intevac Delivers New Night-Vision Cameras for Apaches

The M611 Camera will display in the Pilot's "Standalone" Monocle and will either allow for Night Vision and Blended IR and Thermal. The Upgradrd Monocle is from Intevac as well and houses an eMagin SXGA Microdisplay. We guess that the Apache/Chinook HMD Upgrades is one of the two large eMagin Contracts they are currently seeking permission to announce.


Research and Markets: Global Head-mounted Displays Market 2014-2018 Report: Featuring Elbit Systems Ltd., eMagin Corp., Kopin Corp., Sony Corp. and Vuzix Corp


Bitcoin's Journey Looks A Lot Like eMagin's Journey Through The Classic Bubble Chart, Euphoria, Double Tops, Terror

but it appears eMagin has slowly, incrementally returned to "Take Off" 2.0.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Google Glass At The Gun Range : OK Glass, Bust Ass

Microsoft’s Kinect Guru Alex Kipman Working on Wearable Windows


Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery Or Anyone Who Has Ever Heard Santayana's Quote About The Dangers Of Forgetting History Is Doomed To Repeat It

The Oculus Rift, Vintage 1991.

ResolutionTube nets $1.5M for fixing field support with augmented reality

I think the goal here is "hands-free", wouldn't it be useful to overlay the repair with instruction and continuity? Additionally I would be leery of a technician who wears rings on Index fingers. But I don't want to get Phil Robertsoned here.


Tricking the brain with transformative virtual reality

PBS takes a break from Fundraising to send a reporter to look at a naked man. With bonus footage of the Idiot Savant of VR and the LCOS Powered monstrosity called the NVIS SX111.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Did I hear Somebody Say? "What's Going On? No New Dive Mask HMD Today?"


New Multi-Purpose Head Mounted Display From General Starlight Corp. High Performance OLED (eMagin)


This Laudable Pastime Is A Great Driver Of Thermal Scope Sales Like Jager Pro and ATN, Top Shelf Models Universally Have eMagin Displays Inside

WDAM.COM - TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports

Russian pleads guilty in Cheyenne courtroom to rifle sight exportation attempt :Apparently The Belarusian Sights With Olightek Displays Aren't Good Enough

Ratnik needs American Sights (ATN) With eMagin Displays. It appears to be a concerted effort as a Russian National tried to skirt ITAR Export Restrictions in Pennsylvania as well.

"A federal judge in Pennsylvania early this year sentenced another man to two years in prison following a conviction of conspiring to export military-grade night vision devices. That defendant was convicted of trying to export the same brand (ATN: eMagin Inside) of thermal rifle sights that Kvinikadze tried to buy to Belarus, part of the former Soviet Union.


Businesses Looking at Smart Glasses to Change How Work Gets Done

"We are on the cusp of experiencing data and content overlaid onto our physical world like never before," states APX Labs CEO, Brian Ballard.  "For the first time ever, workers will be empowered by real-time data in a hands-free environment doing their day to day work.  Google Glass, Epson and other manufacturers are building the most powerful of all wearable devices and they open up scenarios that were impossible before."


Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/12/17/6007511/businesses-looking-at-smart-glasses.html#storylink=cpy

Nellis Airmen Hone F-35 Fighter Jet Skills

8 News NOW

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wearable Computing—The Next Front in the Smartphone Wars?


Head Mounted Display Market Will Reach USD 9,275.4 Million in 2019: Transparency Market Research


Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone


Charting The Progress Of A Sequoia's Growth, Counting Grains Of Sand On The Beach, Following India's MOD's Journey to Procure An ATGM

A article that pretty much says the same thing as the last 30 articles on the subject Groundhog Day, New Delhi.

Austin's TrackingPoint takes aim with more funding : eMagin Customer

Additional funding for the Austin TX based Precision Guided Firearm maker.


Infinity AR CEO: Google Glass Will Rule Augmented Reality Market At Launch


Form 4 Paul Campbell


Monday, December 16, 2013

Neil Frew on SOPHIE Lite

Targeted, ha!, at Spec Ops World-wide, enjoy the Glaswegian accent, Och...

SOPHIE Lite 2013 : eMagin Microdisplay Contained Therein

Amalgamated Buggy Whips CEO Sees No Future For Internal Combustion Engine


Some Very Helpful Analysis From SADIF Analytics

and their Robo-Software but when evaluating eMagin somehow it makes sense.

Report Summary: eMagin Corporation is an above average quality company with a neutral outlook. eMagin Corporation has medium business growth and is run by passable management. The trend in eMagin Corporation fair value exchange rate against its closest rated-competitor, On Track Innovations Ltd.(USA), has been depreciating over the past 2 weeks. When compared to its closest competitor, eMagin Corporation shows similar overvaluation and is equally likely to outperform the market.

Because eMagin is and always has been an:

Friday, December 13, 2013

SA Photonics LARS HMD, JTAC Trainer for USMC w/eMagin WUXGA

See-Through Augmented Reality HMD for Joint Tactical Air Controller, few observations, brighter displays to come, I know why Sensics is scared, VR fairly useless for these more forwardly designed non-occluded applications when AR is comparatively priced, new low-profile product with WUXGA, WUXGA sold as module to other companies, I see where some of the new Combiner Assemblies revenue is coming from.

U.S. Army Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS) 3D (eMagin HMD) Virtual Reality (Part 1/2)

It's easy to see how movement is controlled with the Joystick on the grip.

OK, Marc Andreessen Thinks Oculus Has Figured It Out But To Me The Jury Is Still Out

 to the tune of $75 Million to get the Consumer Version to Market. Meanwhile Apple's Patent on Goggles for Media and Gaming comes to light, Sony's PS4 Visor Patent shows up yesterday. There is credible evidence Microsoft is working on the same. It is starting to look like the HMD version of the Oklahoma Land Rush.
None of Oculus' reported improvements, increased resolution, lower latency, tweaking the software do anything to overcome the root cause of VR Sickness:
" Sensory conflict theory states that since the visual input implies motion to the VR user while the vestibular system is getting a null signal , the resulting conflicting information to the brain induces simulator sickness."

The vestibular system disconnect means the inner ear is tricked into thinking it's moving when it is stationary. There's the conflict and no amount of increased resolution can change it. It looked like the Apple HMD had a series of vents around the padding of their device, no doubt for air circulation but perhaps just large enough for the brain not to be entirely convinced that the Virtual world it's viewing is the "real" world thereby negating or lessening the conflict.  Sony's visor compensates for this as well.I've never heard of Simulator Sickness in the  Training Systems that use the eMagin Z800 or similar for just that reason. The first great Virtual Reality Soap Opera is upon us. Popcorn.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

How Can We Forget This Other Patent Apple Filed On April 1 (April Fool) 2010 For a Face Mounted Cell Phone

before Oculus was a gleam in Daddy Luckey's eye. Maybe that Lion will eat the hyena for lunch. Put out of business with a joke patent, poetic justice.


TrackingPoint Announces XS4 338 Lapua Magnum Smart Rifle Precision-Guided Firearm Combines Power of .338 Lapua Magnum Surgeon XL™ Action With Form Factor of Lighter, Smaller XS3 Hunting Model

eMagin Microdisplay Inside the Smartscope. The caliber is used by military snipers in the main but usable for game of the moderately sized ungulate stripe, Elk, Eland, Zebra etc. but does not possess the stopping power for a Cape Buffalo or a Hippo. TP marches on with this new popular caliber. I still wonder why Schauble was fired as CEO.


Apocalypse Now-Rise of the Valkries.wmv

GenFx Flight Simulator Using Sensics HMD

What's the matter Yuval, couldn't you get them to play "Ride of the Valkyries" and you could pretend you're firing a Hellfire Missile at the eMagin Bunker in Bellvue? Nice graphics though.

Thales new Intersense Technology I/ITSEC 2013

First Gentex bought Intersense, then Thales bought Gentex to get to this ability. Being demonstrated with Thales Scorpion HMD, the motion tracking ability allows for the conformal symbology which compensates for speed, distance, pilot's head movements, target movements, horizon etc. Self corrects for constantly changing position. We are under the impression that the Scorpion uses an eMagin SVGA Microdisplay.

ForthDD Describes Update for Cybermind HMD : Chris Chinnock Of Display Central Interviews Tounge-Tied Scotsman

who manages to get out an "aye" and another inaudible sentence. I thought ForthDD was a subsidiary of Kopin and would therefore use LCD Displays in their HMDs but the description of the event says that the displays are LCOS. To sum up, Mr. Chinnock,  in this hard hitting interview, strives to realize that the Cybermind will be less of a piece of crap next year then it is this year.

LVC Emerging as Premier Training Concept

The gist is that LVC (Live, Virtual, Constructive) Training is here to stay and expand.  The photo above shows a trainee wearing a COTS eMagin Z800 participating in a VR Training exercise. Never seen the Motion Capture Tron-Like White Balls used for VR Military training before. Something new.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

General Dynamics + Colt = SWORD

The data is displayed on an outrigger ruggedized "cell phone" but all the data available on the "Phone" can be networked through the scope so a display that can handle that complexity with the highest resolution, contrast and lowest SWAP is in there. Very similar to TrackingPoint's vision of a Networked Scope but the advantage that you don't have to have your eyes buried in the scope to access available data. Something like this eMagin Display could handle that task.


Valkyrie: NASA's Superhero Robot

Cyberith Virtualizer + Oculus Rift Is Better Than Virtuix + Oculus Rift Because It Comes With An Invisible Steering Wheel

Chemring Centurion Javelin: Sadly The Maritime Version of Javelin Does Not Require an eMagin enabled Command Launch Unit

C'est La Vie.

Today's Headlines

Apple’s googles could give Google Glass and Oculus Rift some competition

Apple Patents Oculus Rift-Style Headset

Apple se plantea lanzar su alternativa al Oculus Rift y Google Glass

 Apple head-mounted display patent looks like an Oculus Rift rival

Oculus VR -vs- Apple!

 Apple joins growing numbers of Oculus Rift rivals

Apple-patent för VR-glasögon

Planerar äpplet att utmana Oculus Rift?

Apple estaría pensando crear su propia versión de Oculus Rift

 Apple head-mounted display patent looks like an Oculus Rift rival


SASC leaders reach agreement with House counterparts on defense authorization

Possible the M25 cuts affect eMagin, doubt the Win-T has any impact at all. No mention of cuts to Future Weapons Sight or Enhanced Night Vision so print some more money and buy some more stuff. The two below are the only Soldier Mod Programs cut.

* Cuts $58.1 million in procurement for the XM25, Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) for continued live-fire testing of system reliability and munitions performance.

Technically it's not the ATK XM25 anymore as the "Experimental" has been dropped as it fully qualified  for service but one munition misfire recently and the whole program is yanked from the field. ATK is a small company and does not have a significant presence on K Street. This weapons has an L-3 Brashear Sight.

And they scaled back to pace of growth for Win-T:

* Cuts $37.0 million in research and development for the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) demonstration and evaluation for excess program growth.

 Not a whole lot of meat cut out of a program budgeted for $1.8 Billion. Wait for specifics.


Smart Glasses Will Re-Envision Travel as We Know It


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Additional Images Apple Patent HMD

"Any Suitable Display Will Do"

The goggle system may include any suitable display generation component. For example, the goggle system may include two display generation components operative to provide the displayed images for each eye. 


DARPA Robotics Challenge

Look Out TrackingPoint Here Comes General Dynamics and Colt and Another "Future Of War" Entry

Not sure if the "Smartphone" reference indicates a Outrigger System or integration into the scope, regardless it's about "hands free" access to any and all data available on the Network delivered to the Soldier. And it appears to be networked to the scope but it says "COTS" for the components so we have to wait for the demo later today.



Intevac with eMagin SXGA Digital for Special Operators, F-35 and Apache,The Obscurants Are Diminishing, Yes, Let's Get Rid Of That "Older Sensor"

Intevac has delivered three prototypes so far, Brugal said. The cameras have a “standalone mode” whereby a pilot can see night vision images in his monocle, and a “blended mode” that fuses thermal and night vision imagery and shows it on the cockpit’s multifunction display.

Next year, Intevac will begin delivering upgraded night vision cameras for use in the F-35. Pilots have been using “placeholder” cameras with an older sensor that does not provide high enough resolution or image quality, Brugal said.


Team Oculus/Virtuix Attempts To Spin Blood Gushing Where Said Limbs Used To Be Now Being Digested In The Belly Of A Shark


Powerful Anti-Poaching Device: TiCAM 750 Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Dual eMagin SVGA (640X480)


Lumus Optical


Monday, December 9, 2013

What Else Is New? Yuval Boger, Sensics CEO Has a Bug Up His Ass About eMagin

 He's been whining about this topic for a year or so, now it's flat panel OLED usage in some of their lower priced wide FOV HMDs. Cost certainly is a factor. Tiled eMagin Microdisplays in their top of the line stuff is very pricey. So they showed some more inexpensive HMDs at I/ITSEC. I have a feeling they are starting to feel the competitive heat from companies like Canon with their MREAL System that can do a lot more than Virtual Reality Systems in terms of simulation and design. OK, you have to do what you have to do. What's the point of though of slamming a supplier who you depend on for 90% of your displays in public? Yuval seems to be as uninformed about progress eMagin has made on the manufacturing front as he is to the Military Market for OLED Microdisplays. Please Yuval do not play around with Simulated Weapons unless you're sure they're not loaded.


This Is Why eMagin's CEO Is Always Prattling On About Warehouses, Forklifts and The Like

Alex Jessup Postulates

this is where Soldier Mod is going. Digital Night Vision WILL Be Standard issue.

Anti-armour missile market worth 200,000 missiles over next decade


I Don't Know, Do Seals Have Arteries?

Say a seal had a punctured artery and you threw it into a Shark Tank at Sea World that was home to a Great White Shark where Marine Biologists had determined that the animal had not eaten for a few months, would the results be similar? And then it's thousands of angry Kickstarters turn...I double dog dare you Oculus to go on there and have one of those "Sharks" demo the Rift on National TV.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Negaraku, Malaysia National Anthem

Retro-Fit of the HMD in V-22 Osprey: NAVAIR Contracting

Who gets those High Brightness Displays first?

Bell-Boeing Joint Project Office, Amarillo, Texas, is being awarded a $15,597,818 firm-fixed-price delivery order (0075) against a previously issued basic ordering agreement (N00019-12-G-0006) in support of the V-22 aircraft. This order provides for additional nonrecurring engineering and technical support to forward fit/retrofit engineering change proposal #1007 into the aircraft. This effort will also provide for the delivery of eight helmet mounted display retrofit kits, spares, support equipment, tooling and training devices. Work will be performed at Ridley Park, Pa. (99.9 percent), and Fort Worth, Texas (.1 percent), and is expected to be completed in March 2015. Fiscal 2013 aircraft procurement, U.S. Special Operations Command funding in the amount of $15,597,818 will be obligated at time of award, none of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity.


Excerpt from Proposal:

The Naval Air Systems Command intends to issue a contract action under the Basic Ordering Agreement N00019-12-G-0006 with the Bell-Boeing Joint Program Office, 401 Tiltrotor Drive, Amarillo, TX 79111 on a sole-source basis for the conclusion of the NRE associated with ECP V-22-1007 as well as the delivery and installation of retrofit kits into CV-22 aircraft for a new Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system that provides enhance situational awareness; and additional capability including head tracking, day capability, and ability to display conformal symbols.

Relatively High EBITDA Growth Detected in Shares of eMagin in the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry (EMAN, RSYS, KEM, MEI, MEAS)


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ralph Osterhout: Future of Art, Technology and Design

Team OR Continues to Try To Strangle the VR Baby In It's Crib

and now we have an Austrian Version, a Russian Version,  a couple of American Imitators and Testimonials Daily similar to this one, great job guys marketing a 20 year old concept that's dismissed out of hand by serious engineers.

Tried an Oculus Rift Today.

After mentioning it for weeks, my company's CTO brought in a dev version of the rift for me to try during some downtime today. Now, I'm no VR expert, but not a stranger either. I played VR Wolfenstein in Vegas back in 95 and VR Pacman in 99, but haven't played any VR since. Needless to say, after 14 years I was excited.

Upon putting on the headset, I was greeted by a split up, jumbled Finder screen(was on a Mac). My first impression was that it does not handle non 3D content well at all. Soon enough, a demo was loaded up. In this one, you are a chicken running around a field. The immersive effect was excellent compared to how I remember previous VR tech. Unfortunately, it was marred by low pixel density that caused a very screen door like effect, and a blurry depth of field. Neither the CTO nor I could find a way to effectively adjust the focus. Pulling or pushing the front of the mask did a little bit but that was it. It was never very sharp except certain things drawn closer to me. (Note: 20/20 vision when last tested)

Next was a sort of 3D Pong meets Arkanoid that used head tracking to move the paddle. It was pretty cool but the bluriness made it kinda odd, and sometimes it would lag and stutter when turning which would really mess with the senses. I started feeling kinda strange during that one. I spent the next few minutes playing a demo where you walked around some spooky wooded area at night with head tracking controlling the view, aim/turn controlled by where you point the flashlight with the mouse, and your standard WASD controls to move around.

After a short time, I had to stop. 15-20 minutes of wearing this thing and I felt completely seasick. The screen door effect, poor focus, and visual lag during head movements just sent way too many mixed messages from the senses to the brain. The sickness lasted a good hour and a half after stopping my use of the rift. This made my job coding quite uncomfortable during that time.

eMagin Z800 Worn By Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Patient

using Treatment Modality of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy pioneered by Skip Rizzo at USC. Never heard of subject holding a weapon, must add an element of realism to the re-living.


Hey,a Stock Related Item

Just because it says EMAN-Buy, been awhile, could be one guy, drunk in his New Jersey basement but all the same...


Friday, December 6, 2013

New facility, expanded production. TrackingPoint Still On Point

despite a little turmoil of late. An eMagin Display at the Terminus of Every Brown Strap.

I wonder if CEO Sculley was referencing this program when he mentioned eMagin had a prototype that only an engineer...


would love when asked about shopping around a see-through HMD to Apple, Microsoft and Google. Maybe, maybe not, because he added they "HAD a prototype  that only an engineer would love but had to make one the business development folks would love too." As far as I know Program Executive Officer does not have business developers but it sure looks like this could be a dual-use application at some point. An attenuated version, of course, for a Civilian Market.


This virtual reality simulator makes your Xbox One look like a paper weight

yes, can't wait for the home version. eMagin AMOLED Displays inside the Helmet Mounted Display.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

360 Goggles: 3D world through your smartphone or The Flying Karamazov Brothers Chuck The Virtusphere and Invent the Oculus Riftski In One Day, Soon To Buy a Black Sea Dacha And Spend the Rest of Their Lives Laughing and Drinking Stoli Elit

Reported as News on Russia Today. This is a crisis that will dwarf the Cold War, the Sino-Russian War and the Russian Revolution when the people realize this is the VR Version of a Potemkin Village. On the bright side Ray and Sergei won't have to lug the Virtusphere boat anchor around anymore..

Freeman Combat Trainer : Aussies Have Their Own VR Small Unit Training System Among Other OLED Products

JTAC Trainer, Aircrew Trainer, Virtual Sniper, Vector 21 Trainer etc.

"1) VSS has created its own Helmet-Mounted Displays using the latest 1280 x 1024 resolution OLED technology. These feature startling visual quality and innovative optics to deliver an immersive virtual reality experience in CATS and other simulators. The first batch is being rolled out to the Australian Defence Force Army Aviation in the coming months."


"We are just now launching our international business in South America , Central America , the Middle East and Europe ," said Clarence Pape , Intelligent Decisions' vice president for training and simulation. "We've already taken small, but definite, steps in that direction, and we're using this show to expand that effort."

Intelligent Decisions is the Dept Of Defense Preferred Vendor for their Dismounted Soldier Training System. The Helmet Mounted Display they use is a eMagin Z800. ID is looking overseas as is Quantum 3D another eMagin Training & Sim customer. Explains why Euro RUAG wants a similar system to market to their NATO customers.


This is India’s answer to the Google Glass, umm, The Golden3RD-I, The Golden Temple-I, The Golden White Elephant-I

It's even the same color as Kopin's Mythical Beast. (Below)


"It says on my little screen here to looked pissed off"

I/ITSEC 2013: RUAG develops immersive infantry training system

RUAG demonstrated the Swiss version of VIRTSIM or DSTS, an immersive small unit training system with a Head Mounted Display. Their Gladiator System won "Best Training Program" this year at I/ITSEC. Gladiator is the Euro Version of Cubic's Miles System which is a man worn laser based live trainer. They partner with the General Dynamics and SAGEMs of the world so the HMDs are unlikely to come from Belarus. Can I recommend a ruggedized Z800?


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Virtusphere, running through limitless virtual space I/ITSEC 2013

Hard hitting Interview with one of the Karamazov Brothers who drag this thing around the country for no apparent reason. In the same category of products with the CornerShot Shoot Around The Corner Gun , The Nuclear Mortar and the Oculus Rift.



Research and Markets: 2013 Report on the Global Head Mounted Display Market Report - Includes Forecast to 2018

Increased penetration of HMDs in the consumer market coupled with declining prices of components such as microdisplays is expected to fuel market growth over the next few years.

Great News Luckey and Team OR!

over 23% (24%) of Users feel no effects of Motion Sickness while using the Oculus Rift!


A Young Boy, Growing Up In a Junkyard Dreams a Dream Of Someday Becoming The Michelangelo of Welding, Lincoln Electric and eMagin (Inside The Welding Mask)

make that dream come true. Not a dry eye in the house.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses: A First Look : Son Of Golden-I

We cannot walk around with a sizable percentage of vision occluded by the display and it's armature. A word comes to mind "liability." A monocle lacking a helmet or something large enough to stabilize the device, the old proboscis will do, is inherently unstable, like Golden-I any movement or "look away" will necessitate refocusing and/or re-adjusting the display. Note the demo in the video where the wearer has to hold the display with his right hand in order to read the display, just like many trying the out Golden-I.Then there's the old Land Warrior squint in bright light situations. 4 Inches at 14 inches FOV is much smaller then that spec sounds. But Good Luck to Mr. Travers and the good folks at Vuzix. Like eMagin the target demographic for their AR Specs seems to be people who work in warehouses. I hope the forklift operator high balling it on your right is paying attention to where he's going. Oh well, the more HMDs the merrier.

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