Monday, September 30, 2013

Liteye's LZAD (eMagin Iside)

being utilized for Maritime Pointer. It augments the Sight to guide the shooter to the target, sort of a Remington 2020 writ small. Pretty handy in swells and bobbing seas I imagine.

 The Admiralty must have been impressed on seeing it at DSEI.

Another example of the fact I only will put up Positive

Chip "Smart Trend" Brian eMagin
mentions. Because sure as shootin' he will have one tomorrow that says "eMagin Corporation is among the Companies in the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry with Incredibly Low Self-Esteem."

"Oculus Rift Style Military Training"

now every VR System in the World is in the words of "Oculus Rift's Virtual Army" "reminiscent" of Oculus Rift even if preceded in development by a number of years. There are pages and pages devoted to the possible military applications of the Oculus Rift and they seemed to have chosen the VR Training and Simulation as the most likely to embrace the Rift at the outset.  It's possible that it could be used for Flight Simulation once refined, in fact, right now it may duplicate the difficulty F-35 Pilots are having with disorientation because they are unable to adequately  verify through their senses what the System is showing them. Everything in terms of situational awareness is on the HMDS .  Disorienting.Frustrated, many of the Systems are killed during critical operations because the pilots simply do not trust the System. The reason DSTS or VIRTSIM or Quantum 3D or Intelligent Decisions is NOT fully enclosed is so the trainee can, when confronted with a chaotic situation, like the soldiers did in the Indiana National Guard Video below, see peripherally or they can look down and see their feet or their weapon or the ground. They feel secure in their person. Additionally when a fully immersive device like the Oculus Rift is removed there is a period of adaptation and confusion much like the effects of sensory deprivation you might experience after emerging from a stay in a deep cave. There is no military program that would benefit from a fully immersive, fully enclosed HMD, stop the Cultish Madness.

These VR Training Exercises Now Rate Operational Names

this is Bold Quest, a little grandiose for a National Guard Training Center but nevertheless, you can get the flavor of what happens during these exercises. The Dismounted Soldier Training System uses a ruggedized eMagin Z800 as Helmet Mounted Display.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reality Overlays: Primer on HUD and HMD

Update: Pricing on Remington’s 2020 TrackingPoint Rifles

The scope reportedly costs $3,000 just to build, there's an expensive little TV inside I hear.

Big Ad Dollars Expected to Be Spent on Wearable Tech

and from the desk of Andrew Uerkewitz (sp?)

Piper Jaffray, one of the biggest Investment Banks in the U.S., recently projected that the market for wearable tech will hit $18 billion by the end of 2016. That is a massive jump from the $1 billion that was spent in 2012.
The firm even believes that wearable technology could surpass smartphones fairly quickly as the dominant gadget in the market. When and if that happens, ad dollars for wearable tech will skyrocket.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

John R. Coleman, We Hardly Knew Ye

- Improve yield  (that would be nice)
- ramp up volume  (that would be nice too)
- reduce downtime  ( no twiddling thumbs)
- plan for all possible contingencies (including Nuclear Armageddon)
- manage single-asset processes (sounds good)
- ramp up new manufacturing equipment  (teach SNUP Dog new tricks)
- deploy manufacturing mentality, methods and metrics including statistical process control (no idea)
- manage demand vs capacity (yes, more of each please)
- manage the supply chain from cost, redundancy, quality and availability standpoints (and do it right)
- planning for prevention rather then correction (an Apple one day would keep the Doctor away) 

My comments in Parentheses

BAE Helmet Mounted Displays

I don't know if they are talking about the Remote Viewer here or not. And it's probably too soon for Q-Warrior. Anyway BAE is looking for something to pitch for 2014. We wish them well. Little obscure, regardless we will be sure to tell Sneider at Kopin that it's WIRELESS.

"Going Wireless. BAE Systems is almost done delivering its Helmet-Mounted Display to the Army and is beginning to look at a second-generation product to pitch to the service next year. The company delivered almost 15,000 displays, which plug into the sights on heavy weapons and then clip onto soldiers’ helmets, allowing them to view thermal imaging or other displays without being hit by recoiling weapons, says Dave Smialek, BAE’s manager of business development for soldier and vehicle solutions. Once the company delivers the remaining 2,000 or so units, it will begin to focus on a second-generation product, which will feature a wireless connection between the helmet-mounted display and the weapons sights, as well as trying to reduce size, weight and power. Smialek says he expects the Army will put out a request for information in mid-2014, and BAE hopes to have its upgraded offering ready by then."

HMD Du Jour

Every soldier a sniper? Rifle may give the greenest shots deadly accuracy at ridiculous range

First of all I might have jumped the gun (pun) when I speculated that SOCOM had already designated the Remington Precision Sniper Rifle with the TrackingPoint Xact System to be the weapon included in the $80 Million contract recently announced. I did not account for the 4 million rounds of ammunition that was included. I'd like to say that with 5000 TP PGFs they could save $$$ on ammo and in this day and age when the Pentagon Brass walk around with their pockets turned out, well, that's not an insignificant expenditure. But, what's that I see at the crest of the hill?, why it looks like the cavalry is on it's way. Everybody who is anybody including Program Executive Officer wants to shoot this thing and they seem to be suitably impressed.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cue the "Jaws" music, here comes

"Bruce The Shark." Recon Jet has Kopin LCDs in them but Intel can swim where they like. Very interesting. Waiting for a riposte from significant other.

Liteye is really feeling it's Oats : Trumpeting their Liteye LE-750A on the Heels of America's Cup, using that yachting momentum.

First HMD in Space.

"only worthy to go to space aboard the international space station."

eMagin supplies the Displays for their HMDs Liteye having sold about 12,000 of them over the years.

Product Du Jour

Qioptiq Dragon, eMagin OLED

VR2000 Pro Dual HMD

Our Daily entrant into the HMD space. I'm assuming from the resolution XGA  (1024X768) and SVGA (800X600) that these are Olightek OLED.  It's a little disturbing that a US based company is buying Chinese Microdisplays but cost availability and the fact that VR Realities, well, you would not call it Best of Breed, It's a niche inside a niche inside a niche and the ergonomics, whatever.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Skipper Of Luna Rossa

winner of America's Cup World Series used a Liteye 720 HMD (eMagin Inside) to captain the vessel and manage to dis Google Glass in the process. Last America's Cup another eMagin customer, Intevac, provided an HMD to the Winner. All the way to the left.

Remington 2020 rollout today available at

Sportsman's Warehouse, Bass Pro, Cabelas and other top Outdoors Retailers. TrackingPoint is an eMagin customer, no reason to expect any other display in the more moderately priced model. Remington/TrackingPoint did a quick pivot away from TPs marketing of the scope stressing the remaining challenges in firing a bullet over distance. Windage is and will remain an issue as it's impossible to anticipate gusts and changes in wind speed once the bullet leaves the muzzle. They are selling it as an advance in accuracy not a guaranteed hit. Smart. It's a really nice website too that will cause gadgeteers and hunters to drool.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

615 Technologies anti-IED with Tac-Eye and XBox controller

eMagin in the Monocular Display.

If we hold out our Begging Bowl

can we get a piece of this?

Another Dive Mask HMD Swimming Our Way

to take on the Oculus Rift. There actually seems to be a startling resemblance but this one allows for positional tracking so nausea should be kept to a minimum, OR Legal Team brushing up on Austrian Patent Law.


Product Du Jour

I penetrated eMagin's Mental Firewall at SPIE Defense and learned that this EVF contains an eMagin SXGA OLED-XL(TM) display, if Jannard gives me a pair of Oakley Pit Boss I'll tell em who told me. This product should not be confused with the BAE Red-I Remote Viewer unless you are eMagin's CEO.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A new report predicts strong growth over the next six years.

For some reason the Synopsis of the Report represents the Head Mounted Display with Kopin's Golden-I but by the time we get to Dr. John CC Fan at the end Kopin is a software developer. BTW, David Akers wants his Face Mask back. This is the reality though:

"The largest end-use market of all, however, is likely to remain the defense sector, valued in the report at $319 million for 2012."

TrackingPoint Solutions: A documentary on the 1,000 yard robo-rifle that uses fighter jet technology (VIDEO)

Tracking Point or Tipping Point? A narrator not sympathetic to the concept of "Skill Free Shooting" takes the TrackingPoint Challenge and before he's finished he's ready to join up or at least buy a Duck Dynasty Tee Shirt. The TrackingPoint PGF's Heads Up Scope houses an eMagin Microdisplay.

TrackingPoint Solutions: A documentary on the 1,000 yard robo-rifle that uses fighter jet technology (VIDEO)

Monday, September 23, 2013

eMagin's largest customer is ITT Exelis contributing

approx. 15% of revenue. In particular the supplied program is the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle Program for which eMagin supplies the display and the Combiner Beam Assemblies.

Billionaire Hearts eMagin

Muhlenkamp, never heard of him either.

Why am I here? Corporation manufactures Microdisplays. Think of Microdisplays as little TVs that hang over your face. eMagin's principal customers are Defense Companies who develop products for near eye applications like Thermal Weapons Sights, Head and Helmet Mounted Displays, Heads Up Displays etc. ITT Exelis, Thales Angieneux, Elbit, Rockwell Collins are a few of these. These companies constitute approximately 75% of their market. They also sell to Industry, Medical and hope to soon enter the Consumer Market with Active Matrix OLED for Electronic Viewfinders in DSLR Cameras.  AS we enter the Age of Google Glass I anticipate that eMagin will participate in the coming age of Consumer oriented Head Mounted Displays. I have a particular interest in the Military side of their business so as the title implies that's what you'll see here for the most part. I am a Shareholder in this Public Company so if you detect some bias you are probably right.

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