Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Scary True Story

The weight of the HMDS System + the weight of the NVGs were a contributing factor in the death of an F-16 Pilot while ejecting. Airspeed plus the weight of his helmet broke his neck. Have to get smaller, lighter with better optics.

Kopin Corporation Reports Third-Quarter 2013 Operating Results and To Drive Home His Commitment to "Wearable Computing"...

Dr. John "CC Rider" Fan donned his own creation for Halloween, a costume that celebrates the Spirit of Wearable Computing.  John has alerted Taunton Residents that instead of Candy or Pennies or Apples with foreign objects embedded in them he would prefer Stock Options when he raises his pillow case and exclaims, "Trick or Treat!"

The Scariest Time of the Year!!!

Yes, it's almost time for an eMagin Corporation 

Yuval Boger Blowing Hot and Cold Again

Previously he proposed that low cost optical systems like the LCD Screens in the Nausea Inducing Brainchild of an idiot savant, not my characterization, somebody else, might be "good enough" for many applications precluding the need for higher quality optics. Now having given it some thought he is able to see the problem of cost related to reducing distortion in the cheapo optics, so in HMDs as in Life there is no free lunch. These HMDs with their maniacal following will find their devotees less maniacal when the MSRP is not much different than systems they sneer at like the Zeiss, the Sony and yes the eMagin Z800.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Product Du Jour: Aselsan Guard

"Halo Military Supplier Denies That The New US Military Helmet Is Based On 'Halo!'" Of Course It's Not Based on "Halo". It's Based on The Oculus Rift

Any idiot could see that. There is a potentially pertinent part. Yes, just like Google Glass. No, not like Google Glass. like ENVGs integrated into the Individual Soldier System's Helmet that's coming down the pike. Pictured on Right. Boy, this Amanda Marcus is quite a wordsmith, eyeball, HEaDs-UP.

Integrate electronics: A 'HEaDS-UP display (similar to Google glass) can be flipped down in front of a soldier's eyeball to give mission status updates, battlefield maps, GPS locations of squadron leader, Medevac, etc ... Basically, updating, integrating and enhancing the already developed 'Land Warrior System'.

Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display Review.

Hyper-Kinetic Review of Sony's New HMD by a Member of the Church of Oculus. It is available at the Sony Store, $999.00 as we await eMagin's rumored Digital Z800 while not holding our breath.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Canon MixedReality : Getting a little closer...

Integrating the Real and Virtual Worlds Cutting-Edge Imaging Technologies

They actually call it a Microdisplay on their revised MREAL page. It's commonly believed by me that this Mixed Reality HMD contains microdisplays made by eMagin Corporation. The smaller form factor is accomplished by the positioning and design of the free form prism. Developers take not, in the future it won't have to look like a Motorcycle Helmet or Dive Mask.

Product Du Jour: SVGA+ Rev2 OLED-XL Thermal Camera from Comnav

Only a Month In and I'm Contemplating

a Major Change. I'm thinking of Re-Branding, MIW&PBMW may morph into OLED-Disinfo. The thrust of the new site would be to highlight as much Dis-Information as I can about the OLED Industry. Possible Headlines:

AUO to Partner with Hanes on Development of OLED Undergarments

Flexible OLED, Fad, Gimmick or Both?

eMagin Develops Microdisplay so Small Can't Be Seen with Naked Eye

LG Opens First OLED Fabrication Facility in Somalia

Bomb Destroys LG OLED Fabrication Facility in Somalia

Or maybe I'll put it in a Newsletter and see if there are any sucker... er, customers out there.

Could it be that eMagin's real goal all along was to monopolize the Virtual Welding Market?

First Lincoln VRTEX, now Fronius?

ADEX about to open in Seoul SK

and here's a couple of sharp dressed Uniformed  mannequins both referred to as
Korea's "Soldier Of The Future",the one on the right ain't happening but the guy on the Left looks to be wearing an L-3 Insight Fused Goggle with an eMagin Display in the Thermal Monocle he's looking through.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jobs at eMagin Corp.

Equipment Maintenance Technician

The role of the equipment maintenance technician is to support manufacturing in front and back end operations. Service and repair tools and provide periodic maintenance of production tools on respective shift

Temporary Manufacturing Operator
Immediate opening for Temporary Operators for approximately 6 weeks on 1st and 2nd shifts. Must have manufacturing background

eMagin is an EOE M/F/D/V

PEO Equipment Piece of the Week: Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG), AN/PSQ-20 By ddawson – October 28, 2013

eMagin still inside after all these hours.

All this pub for ENVGs what next?, Exelis Ads on the Jumbotrons in Times Square? Might come in very handy in the City That Never Sleeps.

TrackingPoint, Future of War,This makes more sense now.

Cubic Corporation a few ago developed and tried to sell a through-the-scope system wherein Friendlies in a War Zone could wear a Sensor that the scope would recognize with a particular type of icon and color which would preclude the possibility of a Friendly Fire miscue. I remember asking the guy if they could figure out a way to tag the enemy so from that point they would be recognized as such. He laughed, I blushed, I was embarrassed to have proposed something so outlandish. But this concept is just what the folks at TP are working on with Image Recognition Technology, really interesting stuff. The Heads Up Display Screen is from eMagin.

TP CEO Speaks:
Smart rifles have embedded wifi and USB ports to enable hardline connections with other smart devices, including communications gear. Smart rifles currently do not have native GPS, but can have GPS plug in via USB that enables geolocation of the rifles themselves and of tagged targets via onboard sensor arrays (compass direction and range input from laser rangefinder). This will enable the tracking of targets after they are taken down, targets that are tagged and then leave the scope’s field of view, rifles lost in combat, positions of soldiers and more.

And more:

Oculus Rift Hands On Made Scott PUKE!

Don't look at the whole thing, the last minute tells the story.

How Gauche is This? Color organic light-emitting diode display device USPTO Patent

CNBC:Night (vision) shift: Exelis adapts to new US realities

The Real Future of War

TheNight Vision Goggles described and pictured here contain eMagin Displays.

"Can high-tech night vision goggles help change the nature of global warfare?
Defense contractor Exelis is certainly betting on it. At a minimum, the company thinks advanced tech devices—such as night vision goggles—will help improve military intelligence in a world where less money will be spent on bullets and tanks. Surveillance and intelligence gathering are expected to be linchpins of U.S. military research and development activities, amid the winding-down of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Because In Space Nobody Can Hear You Barf- Redux"

No wonder Yuval Boger is freaking out if a result of sequestration is NASA using a $300 Dive Mask rather than a $20K Sensics zSight. Of course, NASA should consider the potential liability for Nausea related Lawsuits.

Javelin, Raytheon, Indian Bureaucracy, the Omnishambles of it All.

'E carried me away
To where a dooli lay,
An' a bullet come an' drilled the beggar clean.
'E put me safe inside,
An' just before 'e died,
"I 'ope you liked your drink" sez Gunga Din.

Why Terry Gilliam called his Epic Anti-Bureaucracy Film"Brazil" and not "India" is a mystery what with Britain's history with the Raj and all but there it is Indian Leviathan feeds on itself. Never a done deal. Probably only because eMagin is tangentially involved. And the Strategic context makes it all the weirder as the Taliban is withdrawing as well from Afghan to Kashmir, it's going to get very hot in there very soon. Pakistan will encourage them as surrogates. How bright a red is that on the Pentagon's Digital Map?

The fallout from the AgustaWestland case can also be seen in the services’ procurement plans. In April the MoD delayed the army’s plans to spend 150 billion rupee ($2.3 billion) on Rafael Spike non-line-of-sight anti-tank missiles because of sensitivities at sole-sourcing such a big contract.
It is also impeding recent attempts by the U.S. to kick start the military-industrial relationship with Delhi. The Pentagon – in the form of outgoing Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter – has promised to co-develop at least two systems with India: a successor to the Javelin anti-tank guided missile and the next-generation EMALS catapult for launching aircraft off carriers.
The chances of either of these joint developments getting off the ground are severely compromised by India’s inability to sort out its basic procurement relationships with foreign vendors, as the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) noted in a September letter to the Pentagon that was provided to IHS Jane’s.
The USIBC letter complained that India was imposing "unfeasible delays" on signing defense contracts and that foreign defense companies had little post-delivery liability protection. It pointed to the M777 deal as a key example of the problems being faced." 

I wish I could have summed this up as well as Rob Curtis Gearscout Blogger at

Rob Curtis writes:

"The system has the ability to make nearly anyone a 1,000-yard marksman in the right conditions, and presents the possibility of a one-man sniper team.
Before anyone goes off on the “batteries will fail” or “technology like this will never be reliable” rantpath, just look at the vast amount of electronic gear our troops are already deploying with. Night vision, GPS, communications … these are all examples of electronics that were made to work on the battlefield.
TrackingPoint will be no different. The issues this system faces are cost, night vision compatibility and wind detection technology. If any two of those three issues are addressed, I can see TrackingPoint’s tech, or that of it’s competitors, taking it’s place on the battlefield."

Proposing the TP Scope as a key component in Battlefield connectivity I thought was a bridge a little to far. The idea that a soldier would raise a rifle, look through a scope in a war zone to look at data is, um, strange particularly when a chief concern of the military is Green on Blue, Blue on Blue Friendly Fire Incidents, it makes no sense. Sudden gusts of wind, lack of thermal or NV capability and cost sums it up pretty well. Would this be useful in the kit of one soldier in the squad, absolutely. No reason it could not be carried by the Squad's Designated  Marksman and be a very useful tool when called upon. The Military is pretty far down the road on comprehensive systems like the Individual Soldier System that can do a hell of a lot more in a much smaller package.

CASTar, new HMD looking for Kickstarter Funding

and their presentation asserts less nausea than great unnamed company with Quasi Goth-Latin name. Nice little nerd war kicking up between these nascent HMD developers, nasty tweets and all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Intelligent Decisions Recognized with William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation Award : Simulation & training pioneer receives honor as a leading tech company in central Florida

"Intelligent Decisions recently relocated its Orlando office to 3050 Technology Parkway to accommodate the space and locale requirements of its growing Simulation & Training Division. The Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), a Program of Record with the U.S. Army, simulates a high fidelity training environment to prepare warfighters for combat. These game changing technologies are also making an impact in an expanding range of markets including law enforcement and healthcare."

DSTS uses a ruggedized eMagin Z800 in their training. 

AUSA: Helmet of the Future? |

Revision's new "Halo" Style Helmet dedicates a port to the "New Enhanced Night Vision Goggle", ENVG is made by Exelis and L-3 at the moment and utilize an eMagin Display in each.

 AUSA: Helmet of the Future? |

Friday, October 25, 2013

Microsoft drops AR/VR Hint

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Microsoft is developing wearable technology similar to Google Glass, backing up a report from last summer. In the Egde interview today, Harrison was asked outright if Microsoft is working on virtual reality or augmented reality technology.
"We wouldn’t make any specific announcements here but we've put USB 3.0 ports on Xbox One for a reason, which is that we want high bandwidth communication with other accessory or companion devices," Harrison said. "I'm not going to speculate but we definitely designed the platform to extend over time."

Samsung patents design of smartphone-connected 'sports glasses'

Oculus Rift DevKit hands on & impressions! The Monkey Exits The Church of Oculus and Asks "Where's the Bathroom?"

The Next Army Tech Evaluation Delayed, But Leaders Insist All is Well

A dirty little secret is that at present there is no NETT Warrior Program fielded or functioning, no budget, no plans to attempt to implement it, it is Tactical Vaporware. The search for that seamless battlefield is still going on in the Desert Southwest and it well may be that the System our Exelis friend presented last night, the Individual Soldier System will be the one that wins out.|head

Helmet-mounted displays to improve pilot situation awareness: Patrizia Knabl

Somewhat academic at this point. SPIE academic, mais no! The Elbit HMDS for Rotary Winged Aircraft for example, the one they recently sold to Korea already can do this, maybe this green lights the system for widespread proliferation Stateside. I think an eMagin WUXGA could handle all this conformal symbology in a walk. Don't you?

"A sample of 62 helicopter pilots provided ratings and suggestions for improvement. The biographical data obtained in the survey revealed that 59% of pilots had experienced severe spatial disorientation at least once and 75% reported having encountered at least one brownout during flight. Given the rather high occurrence of spatial disorientation, and the fact that a NATO study revealed that brownout is responsible for about 75% of helicopter mishaps,1 the results clearly endorse the importance of augmented visual support."

OLED Pioneers and Present?, Erstwhile?, eMagin Research Partner Elected to HOF

"Tang and Van Slyke invented the OLED, which now is commonly used in electronics display screens."

Not commonly enough!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exelis Individual Soldier System at AUSA 2013

This is the NVG that won the Italian Design Award, the Goggles do Data Reception and Transmission all networked to Spearnet, the Tactically Seamless Networked Battlefield, eMagin display in the NVG.

I've Followed and been a Shareholder of eMagin (EMAN on the AMEX)

for a long time, as the old canard goes, longer than I care to remember. It's funny, eMagin has had an unusual trajectory in it's relatively short existence. Of course, it participated in the insanity of the bubble, that was way before my time. I found it when it was struggling for existence but I found the technology so compelling I felt that it would have to win out over it's competitors in time. But I've noticed the industry wide phenomenon, OLED anything is difficult to make and very difficult to make economically. And eMagin has certainly shared the difficultly that any number of OLED manufacturers have encountered.
 There was a shared expectation among investors that the new machinery that eMagin installed would overcome the challenges of producing microdisplays in yields high enough and economically enough that could grow the market and the company and do so profitably.  But it's pretty clear that as a pioneer and we know it's pioneers that always get arrows in their ass that it has been and is a rocky road. So, as the Quarterly approaches I expect the usual, manufacturing progress slow but measurable, no earthshaking customer announcements, hopefully the naming of a competent, effective new Director of Manufacturing but there will be something, something will be amiss, I don't know what that will be, big problem, small problem, medium sized problem, made up problem, but whatever it is it will read like this the next morning :

         Seventh Cavalry!!!  
     Disaster in Montana
     All Feared Loss, 10,000 
     Sioux!!! Custer Dead!

Aselsan Scout, A Prize Winner, eMagin OLED Inside

Impressions, VR Sickness, & Dev Kit 2 - Oculus Rift Review : Just in time for Halloween, A High Priest of The Church of Oculus Explains It All to You. Don't watch it. Please don't watch it.

Virtual training opens for the dismounted Soldier

Intelligent Decisions' DSTS has seemingly overwhelmed the competition in simulation and training. Quantum3D another eMagin customer was always at the Army's Annual Meeting, conspicuous by their absence this year.  The DSTS system is at the facilities below and they are adding new sites every month. The optics are a ruggedized eMagin Z800.

  • Fort Benning, Ga. — Two systems
  • Fort Bragg, N.C. — Three systems
  • Fort Bliss, Texas — Two systems
  • Fort Campbell, Ky. — Three systems
  • Fort Hood, Texas — Two systems
  • Fort Lewis, Wash. — Three systems
  • Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
  • Fort Pickett, Va.
  • Fort McCoy, Wis.
  • Camp Casey, Korea
  • Fort Stewart, Ga.
  • Fort Carson, Colo.
  • Fort Riley, Kan.
  • Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif.
  • Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
  • Camp Grayling, Mich.
  • Fort Drum, N.Y.
  • Camp Atterbury, Ind.
  • Fort Knox, Ky.
  • Fort Dix, N.J.
  • Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa.
  • Fort Wainwright, Alaska
  • Fort Richardson, Alaska
  • Camp Shelby, Miss.
  • Grafenwöhr, Germany
  • Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Product Du Jour: Rockwell MicroView™ 35T with eMagin SVGA-XL See-Through

(FT4) Full Panasonic GH 4K camera specs : Another OLED EVF enters the market.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Remington 2020 test fire

Remington 2020 Training part 2

Remington 2020 training Part 1

TrackingPoint ShotMade Tour Heads to Houston, Phoenix, Tampa and Dallas

Speaking to Former Army Snipers they are, shall we say, skeptical as to the Military Applications of the TP System, concerns are System failure, relying on batteries, ruggedness and I think their pride. Things change, they'll change. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Coming to Your City but you have to be Big & Rich to buy one. eMagin display in the HUD.

If There was an Emergent Theme at AUSA this Year it Was This:

 General Dynamics has Semi-Autonomous Weaponized Robots with Chain Guns, Northrup too, Drones Everywhere, palm-sized to Cessna Sized, iRobot is working with DARPA to build hands for TITAN, CROWS, BOOMERANG, all sensor based weapons systems. The Koreans had a Sentry Robot on display that patrols the NK border, science fiction, science fact.

Oculus Rift Calls It What It is: Virtual Vertigo

that's it Luckey, Play To Your Strength, it will appeal to the Bulimics in the Game-o-Sphere. Although, it's a little more real than virtual.

Vuzix Develops and Ships Next-Generation Holographic Optical Systems to U.S. Military

Vuzix JTAC vs Raytheon JETS, winner TBD


When Raytheon exhibits you can't call it a Booth, it's more like a Zip Code. You could fit 30 or more conventional booths into the space they occupy. I went over there however, to check out Air Warrior, their new system for Helicopter Pilots for increased Situational Awareness in flight and on the ground. They had even sent out a little PR to note it's presence at AUSA. It's presence amounted to a video giving an overview of the program and it's goals. Oh well. There was an eMaginocentric device though on the floor as the picture above can testify. I got to fire the Javelin Trainer pictured above (I got it Yuval, it's a "simulated weapon") and in doing so managed to learn some interesting things about the FGM-148 Program. They are convinced that the deal with India is fait accompli so that will take up the slack created by the withdrawal from Central Asia. BTW Javelin's mode of departure from Afghanistan is a new and experimental one. All the Systems will leave together and arrive together at a central depot where not the missiles but the CLUs will be sent to their destination by private carrier. The military is actually using some common sense in recognizing that the CLU although classified as a munition is harmless and unusable without the ability to unlock it. Anyway that's beside the point. Saving $ is a good thing.
   Raytheon had bought 3 different eMagin Displays to try in the Launcher and have settled on the new XGA. As near as I could tell that will be the only design change for the Next Gen Javelin. So, in real terms India  will not have much to do in terms of development.  I'm trying to get a handle on numbers but no can't do. The Indian Army is huge. Javelin seems destined for the mountainous border areas with Pakistan and China to be deployed with what India is calling a Mountain Strike Corps.  Javelin's surveilling ability plus better performance in high altitude & cold temperatures, is why it won out over it's competition. India has talked about thousands of systems but we'll see. Generally the Javelin is designated 2 per platoon. The trainer they had at AUSA was an original one from long ago but it certainly gave the flavor of firing one. The CRT display looked like a primitive video game but the new trainers have identical optics to the fielded ones. The Trainer is sold with the package and it takes a week of training to get soldiers proficient.  I was hoping to see a Raytheon Clip-On Thermal for light weapons but they were only showing the old clunkers. The most impressive Clip-On there had to be the Vectoronix (eMagin Inside) Clip-On. They have shrunk it to extent that if in your pocket you might forget it was there. It was good to visit the FLIR Booth as I heard the bracing statement, "We buy a lot of displays from eMagin." I thought, please buy more. The eMagin booth was pretty busy yesterday, I thought, please sell more.
 Yes, Burris is working on a new Smart Scope and Barrett is sticking with their Computer served scope for the time being. Oh, Raytheon is working a Joint Project with Kongsberg for a vehicle mounted Javelin. I'll take one.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This has to be from the Tech Version of the Onion and yet it is not...

Microsoft Co-Hosting a Virtual Reality Event For Oculus Rift in November


Microsoft reportedly testing its own Google Glass-like eyewear

Dave Melcher Exelis CEO Talks to Vago

Russia to start future soldier system mass purchase in 2014

Alrighty, we'll see what happens:

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is planning to start mass procurement of the locally manufactured future high-tech soldier system in 2014, the country's defence minister Sergei Shoigu has announced.
Shoigu was quoted by RIA Novosti, saying: ''We have practically finished work on the Ratnik gear and will start purchases of series-produced equipment for our army next year.''
Developed as part of the soldier military equipment (BES) programme, the Ratnik infantry soldier kit comprises more than 40 components, including firearms, body armour, optic, communication and navigation devices, life support and power supply systems, as well as knee and elbow pads.

Remington Defense at AUSA

 Remington Defense builds and markets firearms to the military. They are featuring  a couple of guns, the 300 Blackout and surprisingly to me, hanging over the mantle as it were, prominently displayed was the Top End TrackingPoint XS2. So it was pretty clear that if the gun was being displayed to the Military it was available to the military. Schauble, the TP CEO was these guys boss before he set out on his own, they think the guy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Ok, that's that and I feel comfortable saying the rifle has a big future in the military on the other hand I asked one of the guys at the eMagin booth if the Remington consumer model, the 2020 had an eMagin display in it as well. Whoa, Safe Harbor time, he hemmed and mumbled and that was the end of that. I don't see how it could not be as the HUD is apparently identical to the TP version but there you go. If he said yes we could safely put Remington in a customer slot which would look pretty damn impressive on paper. Regardless the Remington Rep said people were lining up to buy the Smart Trigger version and noted that their is a lot of money in Texas and a lot of Texans go hunting, not just Whitetail but on Safari in Texas on Game Preserves where the Eland and Sable Antelope play. He named a couple of early adopters, Rick Perry and Jerry Jones, those sort of Big Hat Texas types. This is why TP is buying a big place North of Austin to get these things out the door.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oculus Rift

had a talk with a leading HMD designer guy today and of course I shared my petty little obsession with the Oculus Rift. Obsession, because, I could never believe that something so Jerry-rigged and cheap could ever represent anything like real value. First off, I have to retract that Sony stuff related to a possible patent infringement with Oculus because there is NOTHING Patentable in it's make up. It's a re-hash of a twenty year old design that was abandoned, why?, because it made everybody puke sooner or later. Increasing resolution, decreasing latency, software fixes only delay the inevitable, that to wear the Rift or similar is a guarantee to cause simulation sickness to one degree or another. So let the Austrians and the Japanese and the Yemenis for that matter, let everybody make their own Rift and throw out the Ipecac Syrups, the stomach pumps, throw it all out. If somebody swallows Strychnine or Rat Poison just slap a Rift or Rift-like device on their head and stand back.

Interview with CEO of DRS

he explains the tensions very well in Budget Constraint time, the rush to cut rather than produce considered cuts based on strategic priorities, the challenges of globalization, very interesting today talking to Reps and their frustration with the strictures that ITAR imposes on them and just our luck the most onerous strictures focus on sensors, night vision and thermal. So Javelin, took a while but it's finally going to make it in the Export Market. It took a long time too, longer than we might suspect to get iAware to Italy. Hopefully, with this precedent succeding purchases will be pro forma. With complex systems like ENVG and Future Thermal Weapons, which really are of a piece, tight budgets mean governments will buy them one platform at a time until the program is finished. That said, he makes the important point that Data Fusion, that is, making the Netcentric Battlefield seamless should be priority #1. And that of course is what ENVG, iAware and Future Weapons Sight are all about.

Observations on an Abbreviated Visit to AUSA In Our Nations Capitol.

I didn't have a lot of time, I'm going to try to make it back tomorrow but I got a chance to see the Exelis line of eMagin enabled devices, that would be Spiral, iAware and a new product which is a Binocular NVG with the ability to send and receive Data Transmissions. This one had just won a design award in Italy so the attraction is strong to these devices for Soldato Futuro. Led me to ask the Exelis Rep if the rest of NATO will follow suit, an "I know nothing" moment, asked the guys at the eMagin Booth the same and got the same stoneface. I predict Denmark is next. Everybody had Laser Target Designators, the only one new to me was the Vectoronix Sterna Precision here:

Many TWS but learned everybody is waiting for GEN III which will be smaller more powerful, more resolution and coupled with GENIII Enhanced will be state of the sate of the art, maybe Raytheon is in on this, maybe. I think we can look for SXGA in next GEN Javelin and the jury is still out on the final display for the F-35 in the Rockwell/Elbit HMDS and I would not be surprised if the LCD display is displaced by something like a WUXGA. The Avionics Market awaits with their higher margins. There is no manufacturing capability in Russia to make an OLED Microdisplay so in offering my theory of a cannibalized FELIN I was not met with any resistance. A few more notes later.

U.S. Soldiers Train Using Virtual Reality : Aussie Magazine Checks Out DSTS from Intelligent Decisions (eMagin Inside) HMD.

Sony Patent for Optical Distortion Correction Hints at PlayStation HMD

Very similar indeed to little Oculus Rift. I may be cynical, I may be very cynical but I don't think Sony is above attempting to draw a innovative start-up into a legal battle which would knock said little company on it's heels and perhaps drain it's meager resources in a Patent Court fight. An Austrian Company has already come up with a near duplicate of the same Distortion Correction System and now Sony. I don't suspect a Kickstarter campaign for Rift's Legal Fees would be particularly successful.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

InsideAR 2013: Kevin O'Sullivan - Smart Glasses in the Aviation Industry

This is where the stories as to Airport Personnel use of Data Glasses for Augmented Reality came from.Yes, quite a bit more ambitious than Notifications and Weather Reports.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Army has pretty much stopped listening to the P.M. Barnett's of the World and their grand overarching visions of conflict

and are listening to thinkers like this Kilcullen guy as they accelerate training for Urban Warfare as the battlefield moves to city centers, 9/11, Boston, shopping malls,  Westroad in Nebraska, Kenya, poverty zones, the Favelas in Rio, Damascus, Gang warfare in Chicago. They have learned the lessons of Fallujah, Sadr City, Mexico City, Athens on and on. What's troubling but somewhat reassuring is the blending between the military and law enforcement here and abroad. The equipment that was only available to Special Forces a few years ago is now wanted and sold to Police Departments in American cities. Look at the Exhibitors at the Association of Police Chiefs this week in Philadelphia to see the rapid pace of Law Enforcement Militarization. A lot of the same companies will be at the Association of the US Army next week in DC. Let's face it, it's a medium intensity world war with a rapidly changing Theater.

Introducing Remington® 2020™ – A Digital Optic System for Greater Confidence and Accuracy Over Extended Ranges

Remington Press Release announcing the Remington 2020, their collaboration with TrackingPoint. TrackingPoint is an eMagin customer so presumably the HUD in the Remington consumer version will have a lower resolution eMagin display. Instead of claimed accuracy to 1000 yards they say 500 yards for the 2020. The Outdoor Life Video below does a great job showcasing the System. That floppy eye cup would drive me crazy. Available at Cabelas, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro and other fine retailers, go buy two today.

Avegant Virtual Retinal Display: Prototype hands-on

LCD, Oculus Rift, Google Glass mentions but no OLED, this is intended as a competitor for Sony's HMD or the Zeiss Cinemizer and is aimed at the Consumer who wants a Media Viewer. A Virtual Retinal Display without lasers:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Report from InsideAR: Augmented reality getting real-world applications soon :Dusan Belic

A report from Inside AR reporter where they just wrapped up their Conference in Munich. I agree with the premise that AR will find verticals like the one he cites, airline employees processing boarding passes with the added responsibility as the last line of security for the aircraft, facial recognition, security alerts etc., targeted applications with a commensurate quality requirement beyond Google Glass type notifications and weather reports. When it happens for eMagin in AR it will be in these verticals.

Aviation Warrior: Disembark. But Never Disconnect.

This is the Raytheon Version of Scorpion, they call Air Warrior, the System for Copter Pilots they are cooperating on. Additionally this System has a wearable computer and a Wrist Worn PDA.

Virtual Reality Training for Military and Law Enforcement Immersive Training with Raytheon VIRTSIM

A little ballet, a little Band of Brothers Musicale, a lot of eMagin Z800s, this is really cool, blending the trainees outward appearance and what they are experiencing in the training scenario. Someday this will filter down to the kids to get them up out of their chairs, natural extension of First Person Gaming. Need a big basement or just confine movement to a controller on the rifle.                

Tests of new Russian Thermal Sight

Ratnik is Russia's Future Soldier Program. SAGEM has supplied the Russian military with FELIN Suites since 2012 for testing and it looks like things are moving along. FELIN uses eMagin displays in their Monocular displays, some skullduggery here, I like it. On second thought the sight looks like an Aselsan Boa, so maybe the sight is from Turkey and the HMD from France. In which case both would contain eMagin Displays. Rampant speculation on my part but there is some smoke here therefore there must be fire. This would be a clever dodge around ITAR restrictions which seems to be an urgent necessity these days.    

Thales Expands and Changes the Name of its US Business

 Visonix is of interest here. They make the Scorpion HMD which uses an eMagin Full Color SVGA. The Scorpion is the HMD of choice for the F-22 Raptor and Visonix is working with Raytheon to develop the Scorpion for Helicopters.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Job Listing for a New Director of Manufacturing at eMagin Corp in E Fishkill NY

is no longer listed at Simplyhired where it first appeared but remains at the Society of Information Display. So as usual EMAGIN is an...


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