Saturday, November 30, 2013

OLED-Enhanced Super Glasses Could Help Blind People See

Very Low Resolution OLED Displays in these Enhanced Vision Glasses Prototype. One of the prerequisites for these Oxford Researchers was to keep the glasses affordable. The concept and execution is vastly superior to the cheap components they are using but it's a start.

Metaio CEO Thomas Alt Discusses Augmented Reality For Smartwatches, Google Glass And More

JD: Vuzix has been around and creating wearables for a while. And even though they've been around longer, Google Glass, of course, gets much of the spotlight. But what's next in wearables? Are there trends you are following?
TA: Yes, definitely. There are many other companies considering wearable computing as the next big thing. Really, to have high fidelity in head-worn displays, you really need binocular, see-through displays - this is coming.

Friday, November 29, 2013

How Virtual Reality Will Change Gaming Your living room in 2018 : Hawken Oculus Rift Commentary


No Dramamine mention until 3 Minutes 50 Seconds left in the Hawken Interview.

Top 5 Companies in the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry With the Highest Revenue Per Employee (TRMB, RSYS, EMAN, RFIL, IPGP)

including Robert J. Kaizerman The Kaiser of Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Start-Ups.

"Robots Army in the Future" Watch It Now, Watch It Later, Watch It Never

Xbox One News GPU Increase Augmented Reality Glasses Coming

The Future of Screens: Why OLED Will Change Everything

The Future Of Screens: Why OLED Will Change Everything

"It’s not only rock stars that find good use for OLED. The military is also an early adopter, using microdisplays made by eMagin for training. Microdisplays are 1×1 inches or smaller and used in a wireless headset so the user sees a 2D or 3D interface that changes as they look left to right. The headsets are fairly lightweight and therefore easily portable. eMagin is beginning to apply the same technology for gaming, in which wearing the headsets would replace looking at a screen.
Another place OLEDs replace screens is for veterinarians, who could be on-site giving an ultrasound to cattle or sheep — viewing the ultrasound on a headset is much handier than looking over at a screen, a representative from eMagin said."

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Virtuix Omni Heading to Shark Tank Investment Reality Show Next Friday

The Nausea inducing possibilities are endless. Almost as bad as watching the Dallas Mavericks play the Milwaukee Bucks. For the entertainment value I hope the segment includes an Oculus Rift and is bracketed by Dramamine Commercials.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Epic Takedown of Attempted Smackdown of OLED for Near Eye Displays By Anonymous

From Karl Guttag's blog, noted defender of all Applications LCOS is taken on by "A". Interesting in light of the CEO of eMagin saying LCOS may be the display of today but another Technology is on the verge of supplanting it. From April but more pertinent now as eMagin's ability to ramp their manufacturing capacity is nearing lift-off.

First Guttag:
OLED – Larger pixel due to 3 color sub-pixels.  It is not clear how small this technology will scale in the foreseeable future.  OLED while improving the progress has been slow — it has been the “next great near eye technology” for 10 years.   Has a very simple optical path and potentially high light efficiency which has made it seem to many like on technology with the best future, but it is not clear how it scales to very small sizes and higher resolution (the smallest OLED pixel I have found is still about 8 times bigger than the smallest FSC LCOS pixel) .    Also it is very diffuse light and therefore the depth of focus will be low.

Now "A":

Karl – your LCOS bias is showing
You need to do some checking on the current state of OLED and some of your claims on pixel size are misleading as to the total BOM cost of a system
Firstly you used the example of 3 micron vs 9 micron pixel – that is going to drive a high cost difference in optics – yes you could make an HD 3micro LCOS but the optics to take that out to say 65 deg FOV where you can use that resolution would be horrendous – resolution is useless if the MTF of the optical system means you cannot see the pixels due to distortion. The smaller the pixel the harder that gets and the wrong choice means not just added cost but weight and compromises in eyebox etc – Smaller is anything but better past a certain point. Even if the resolution is lower, you still have the same magnification factors so optics remains an issue. The truth is that whilst we can make chips and components smaller, we cannot address fundamental material issues on what light does through a material – some of the new work on new methods of building up optics shows promise but that will remain limited to military uses due to cost for some time.
Also for most applications, and particularly AR, field sequential LCOS is useless unless you go to a 3 panel system and some sort of horrid to make cube – even then you are limited on the base frame rate since you have to dither to deliver grey scale. Also a LOT of LCOS solutions only really perform properly unless HEATED to 40c which is significantly higher power costs.
It is not just an issue of being fixed to the head but that in a dynamic environment, between head and eye movement, 60hz FS is just not up to the task and the image will smear. I suspect this is because in your past was more focused on fixed projectors – HMD’s with head tracked VR and true AR will need non-sequential color at much higher than 60hz to avoid all manner of human factor issues – have a look at the truly nasty Silicon Micro Display ST1080 to see why FS-LCOS is not a fit. Even Google glass will need to solve this for just data let alone true AR which they are clearly not.
An OLED panel with far better contrast ratio will be better fit for both night and day, temp means nothing from -45 to +70c (2 reasons that OLED is largely displacing LCD in military applications) and the MICROsecond non-sequential response times mean that it is ideally suited to VR/AR since you can take the frame rate and PWM high enough to eliminate motion artifacts without compromising on color depth.
LCOS and LCD have their place but to really solve the human factors issues, OLED is going to be the best fit long term.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TrackingPoint Announces "PGF World Records" Showcase For Smart Rifle Users

I hope this works out but a couple of the submissions by hunters using the TrackingPoint PGF are what you could call problematic, at least in terms of bolstering claims of accuracy or using an awful shot like this to help build the case that the System will lead to an an "Ethical Kill." The photo above is a screenshot from a TP video that made it's way into some of their promotional material. The Zebra is gut shot, still standing, not a good outcome for the Zebra or the hunter or the company. Maybe the guy was poorly trained or a shitty shot to begin with but this does no one or no animal or no company involved any good. NOT a Smart User of a Smart Rifle. The shot is only as accurate as the tag and the wind allows, so this is bound to happen but please give this dude a tutorial on the weapon and do not trumpet it as a success. Good to see they are still in business and have sold "hundreds" of guns although I believe that's in the low hundreds. But one eMagin display per platform so we hope things sort out. Pretty clear they have not given up on the consumer side with this PR, additionally they are advertising for a Salesman to the Carriage Trade, buyers, to whom, price is no object.

Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS), AN/PAS-13, 24,000 eMagin Displays for Medium and Heavy Thermal Sights In The Pipeline

 "eMagin was awarded a $3.5 million production contract for a new night vision program. The customer is the new sole source US Army provider of up to 24,000 thermal weapons sights for medium and heavy weapons over the next 3 years."

Mad Money: Exelis CEO on Great Opportunity in Night Vision, Relaxing ITAR Rules Opens Foreign Markets etc.

with a little Multi-Media of their State-Of-The-Art NV Devices behind him. General Melcher, could you brief us on how you accomplish all that capability in such a small device? OK, maybe some other time.

Exelis Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle (eMagin InsideTM-NVG)

Since eMagin Management emphasized Night Vision and being aware of the fact that the Military is anxious to innovate far beyond the capability of the PVS-7s of the world I think there is a puncher's chance  that this Exelis device is one of the Programs they mentioned as awaiting announcement.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Multispectral Camera
 System to Provide Soldiers
 With Enhanced Night Vision

A prototype sensor technology under development will enable soldiers to identify threats more rapidly in low-light environments and to share target images with other squad members. Consisting of several types of small multispectral cameras, the system will use smartphone technology in the form of a warfighter’s handheld mobile device to process and fuse the camera data into high-resolution color images for the soldier’s helmet display. That display imagery can then be transmitted wirelessly to other soldiers.

SID 2013 - The "Consumer Version" Of VBS 3 Will Not Use The SA Photonics HMD with Dual WUXGA eMagin Displays Priced at Around $50,000, Put On Your 3-D Glasses For Full Effect

Quantum3D To Showcase Simulation and Training Solutions At I/ITSEC 2013

Quantum adds Virtual Battlespace 3 from Bohemia Interactive to the Expedition Training System, like Call of Duty but the goal is not to teach the trainee to shoot but to think. VBS 3 is also used by Intelligent Decisions in the Dismounted Soldier Training System which is the US Military's prime contractor. The High Res HMD houses two eMagin SXGA Displays. Could I see a scaled down version of this in a consumer gaming setting some day? Certainlement.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brilliant Move Or A Ticket On The Titanic, Seasickness, Then That Damn Iceberg

The Army wants glare free, hands free, cable free in Other Words The Dismounted Soldier See-through HD Display with Wireless Interface (DSDW)

and that requires a Helmet Mounted Display something like this Rockwell Microviewer with eMagin SVGA but without the clutter. No cables, no snag hazards please. They want:

 A common input wireless display for dismounted Soldier applications would be a capability enabler. It would allow the presentation of Mission Command information such as situational awareness queuing, tactical maps, or sensor imagery. Additionally, video from other Soldier mounted sensors such as weapon sights, handheld targeting systems and sensor data from Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) could be displayed. Wireless transmission of this video is important, for remote video sources, and for human factors considerations - as tethered solutions limit mobility, and create snag hazards.

KIller Robots with Javelin Missiles, Dragonfish Armor, Bots Controlled By HMDs, Be Still My Heart

"The demonstration at Fort Benning required robots to accurately shoot a heavy M240 machine gun at ranges of up to 800m.
Other weapons fired by the semi-intelligent machines included a grenade launcher and even a Javelin fire-and-forget anti-tank missile."

The Javelin reference does not accrue to eMagin's benefit. Javelin is finding itself in new launch platforms like the Centurion Chemring for Maritime applications, the Chemring is like a giant revolver that can be armed with different missiles designed to deploy in waves for maximum effectiveness. It is in the process of being tested for use in CROWS for Stryker,i.e. mounted on an Armored Vehicle. And of course it's use by Dismounted Soldiers will continue to grow which will accrue to eMagin's benefit.

Friday, November 22, 2013

MILIPOL 2013: Rosoboronexport Presents Russian Special Equipment and Weapons

Have to obtain Tech transfers from Safran and Thales? I thought the Russians had this Ratnik Thermal stuff all figured out. I do not think the transfers discussed are going from East to West.

"During the exhibition, Rosoboronexport also holds negotiations with leading European defence companies, particularly with Nexter Group, Safran and Thales on industrial cooperation, technology transfer and localising production of some components for electro optical and thermal imaging systems in Russia."

Customer Du Jour: Under the Helmet of the VRTEX™ 360 Virtual Reality Welding System: eMagin Displays Inside The Mask

LCOS Strikes Again: Motorcycle HUD in Development

Optics from Holoeye.

7 Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Your Life

Let's go for eight ways. #8 eMagin makes it's shareholders some money someday.
Boss Sculley did mention taking a Walking Tour of NYC on the most recent Conference Call, that's #1 on the list.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

You're Guess Is As Good As Mine : Law Office Of Joseph F. Murphy

Are they making Designer Eyewear?

Six15 Technologies Is Trying to Get In on the Ground Floor of Talos

showing their Tac-Eye (eMagin inside) Monocular Display mounted on the Army's new Electronics and Display System-Upgradeable Protection Helmet or HEaDS-UP at a SOCOM event at USF near McDill AFB in Tampa. 50 companies showed up wanting to be a part of the Ironman Suit.

Maintenance improved by thermal imaging

FLIR GF304 has an eMagin Display in the EVF

Forecast International Predicts Key Land & Sea-Based Electro-Optical Systems Valued at $13.5 Billion over the Coming 10 Years

Night Vision devices will also continue to see high demand in the years ahead. Driven by ongoing demand by the U.S. Army for a wide range of advanced surveillance systems, the PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG-eMagin Inside) will be produced in relatively steady numbers through the rest of the decade. The U.S. Army in May 2013 awarded prime contractor ITT Exelis a $48 million contract for the system. According to the FY14 U.S. defense budget, $1.1 billion will be spent on the procurement of night vision devices through 2018.

ATN New ThOR Series Thermal Weapon Sight System Line-up for 2014 - Digital eMagin Inside

The entire system is built in the USA, (NOT BELARUS) utilizing Mil-Spec Lenses that make the ThOR battleworthy for most any mission, operation or outdoor activity. Each system features a digital menu that gives you a variety of options and adjustments allowing you to customize your system. You can select a number of reticle options as well as choose a reticle color best suited for your specific application. No more black reticles on a black and white screen – ThOR features a color OLED display giving you a sharp color reticle every time. Or switch to full color mode and overlay it with either a black, red, blue, white or black reticle depending on the conditions and the environment.

Moverio/Evena HMD In Development

Based on the Epson Moverio LCD Platform. Pretty clever.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Global Heads-up Display Market 2012-2016

This seems germane in light of eMagin's new emphasis on High Brightness Displays for HUDs and HMDs in Avionics for fixed and rotary aircraft, imagine that's how they happen to be included in this report.

"Commenting on the report, an analyst from TechNavio's Automotive team said: Many OEMs in the Aviation sector are seeking to procure heads-up displays as a means to expand the operational capability of aircrafts. For instance, heads-up displays can be used to counter poor visibility during adverse weather conditions. In such situations, heads-up displays are crucial in assisting pilots, thereby facilitating the improvement of operational capabilities."

TALOS - Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit - July 2013 Demonstration R...

India Continues to be Unable to make up It's Mind.

but the US sweetens the pot so...

Video May Have Revealed Microsoft’s Xbox One HMD

CEO Jason Schauble Forced Out at TrackingPoint But His Brother Stays On

This is curious. Apparently a cross section of employees were fired, typical downsizing but if it was a Board putsch against Schauble you would expect his loyalists would get the boot as well but no.  My theory, the guns were not flying off the shelf at Cabelas etc, so the company decides to retrench and reemerge to solely serve the Military Market.  Another factor is the trauma Freedom Group experienced after Sandy Hook. The murderer used a Bushmaster AR15 and that gun became the Devil's Right Hand in the Media and in the Court of Public Opinion. The first time somebody is shot from a distance, an assassination etc. would have guaranteed that the gun would be banned and everybody involved pushed through the meat grinder again.The TP XS1 not the Remington 2020 was displayed prominently by Remington at the last big Military show they did.  Maybe there is a foreshadowing of this on Oren Schauble's (Jason's Brother), Marketing Director of TP's, Linkedin Page.

"In 2012 I was brought on to manage all digital operations, public relations and marketing at VC backed startup TrackingPoint for their 2013 debut. Within 6 months after launch we had 3 million youtube views, features in every major tech publication, five figures of subscribers and outstanding online sales. I continue management of TrackingPoint's marketing efforts as we work to become the new premier company in the defense industry."

Smart Glasses Market Prospects 2013-2018

Osterhout Design finally makes a Big Time Report but ironically no eMagin. Not the Smartest Smart Glass Prospectus.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ralph Osterhout: Augmented Reality Glasses

The most recent reports are that Microsoft is in the process of acquiring the Osterhout Design Group. He who has thought longest and deepest about the practicality and applicability of A/R Glasses. Listen to his goals, infinite focus with crisp overlay, high resolution, sunglasses sized, small form factor for the optics and we could safely add to his criterion low weight and low power. Sculley said at the CC the other day that only eMagin Displays could achieve the brightness, low SWAP and small form factor necessary for this application. And the last thing you want to do Team Oculus  is isolate the brain from your environment like putting on a fully enclosed Head Mounted Display.

Intevac to Participate in the 2013 Interservice/Industry Training Systems and Education Conference

They'll showcase I-Port(eMagin Display) for the Training and Simulation Market

Product of the Day: Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle (TM-NVG)

Valve to Demonstrate Prototype VR HMD and Talk Changes to Steam to “Support and Promote VR Games”

So Valve seems to be gently moving away from a collaboration with the Dive Mask Company with the Quasi-Latin Goth Name despite the fact that Luckey "Lucky" Palmer shares the dais. So we await the "stunning experiences"  of Valve's Prototype VR Headset.

Pivothead SMART (+playlist)

TiCAM 750 Thermal Imaging Binoculars from Thermoteknix- Dual eMagin SVGA

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Grand Trackingpoint Conspiracy Theory

does not seem to be the case. Just about everybody seemed to agree on the company, smart, innovative with disruptive technology that was on the rise and with a new deal to sell the Scope to Remington things appeared rosy. Well keep your safety on, more layoffs, 30 employees and the CFO and that means trouble in Tejas. I wonder if there is a sense of the crowd that the lock-on, tag and shoot was a bridge to far for those who shoot for the "sport" and are not interested in a guaranteed outcome. "Change in Direction" could mean all-in on the Military side where "sport" is not the point
or the above is the New Coke of the Firearms Industry and they'll choke it back awhile and see if they can figure out what to do next.

Rise of the Machine | Marines Test Load-Bearing Robotic Mule for First Time

Product Du Jour - NVIS ST50 nVisor

nVisor ST50

The nVisor ST50 offers high-fidelity virtual and augmented reality developers and users a head-mounted display with unprecedented performance for a very affordable price. The nVisor ST50 was designed for the US Army’s Research and Development Engineering Command (RDECOM) to support virtual dismounted soldier training programmes. The Army required a lightweight, low-cost, see-through capable HMD that can withstand active daily training exercises for the soldiers. These same characteristics have widespread appeal in many high-performance immersive training and simulation applications. The nVisor ST50 is built around a new Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) microdisplay from EMagin. The microdisplay provides 1280x1024 pixels per eye in a low-power, compact design. The patent-pending eyepieces display the image across a 50° diagonal field-of-view with < 2% distortion, making the see-through compatible optics ideal for professional augmented reality applications that require precision alignment between real and virtual environments. The nVisor ST50 works equally well as a see-through or fully immersive display. A removable cover can be quickly applied to allow users the flexibility to develop both virtual and augmented reality applications using the same HMD. In addition, the nVisor ST50 supports standard motion tracking devices from Intersense, Ascension, Polhemus and others via a tracker platform mounted on the back of the HMD.

Oman, Jordan order Javelin missile system

First Look: Samsung Patents `Sports' Glasses-Finance Team Ogre

A Pilot's Perspective: The F-35 Helmet

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wild-Ass Rumor of the Day: Freedom Group Sold to…Remington: I Don't See How These Events Could Be Unrelated

if indeed the rumor is true that the Freedom Group, a Holding Company that owns a number of distinguished Firearms Manufacturers, Remington, Bushmaster, Panther, Marlin is being bought out by a consortium of Remington managers and paralell  Jason Schauble getting the heave-ho from Trackingpoint without any discernible precipitating event. Oddly, things from all outside appearences outside seemed to be going "great guns" at TrackingPoint as well as with the Freedom Group, the latter making money hand over fist principally with the every Ar-15 Bushmaster they could make flying off the shelves. Would not be surprised if Schauble was part of the Remington Cabal buying Freedom Group. Freedom Group has wanted to unload these companies since  Sandy Hook and many feel at least they were not enthusiastic trustees of these venerable brands or Gun Rights. Understandable on their part as they came under withering criticism from the aggrieved families and any number of opportunistic politicians after that horror. So a change in ownership seems just the thing. Might explain Schaubles departure if he is part of this group and wanted help reinvigorate these  companies with the kind of innovation he helped create with the Marine Corps, Remington Arms and TrackingPoint. As he has a pretty compelling back story and a ferocious defender of the 2ND Amendment it would be a nice fit. Just a hunch that this new situation could create more opportunities for "Smart Scopes" to find their way into other platforms and brands for hunters and the military, Future Of  War eh?. May be something, may be nothing at all. Regardless Freedom Group selling out to this group would be good all around.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm Guessing this Board Member Had a Big Say In Schauble's Departure.

I jumped the Gun when I surmised that the TrackingPoint Xact System (eMagin Inside) was to be integral to the Marines new MSR, now I think it's only a matter of time until it's there and elsewhere. First SEAL to ever head Spec Ops Command. What a pedigree, speaking of Big Says, we love ya General Seay but would trade you for this guy in a heartbeat.

Rumors Confirmed: TrackingPoint fired CEO, board wants “change in direction”, company says

Change In Direction? To what? This is a surprise, all the coverage, mostly positive they've been getting, just moved to a big campus to ramp production, the deal to provide the Scopes to Remington. Co-workers at Remington Defense worshiped the ground he walked on. There is another shoe to fall here.  They may be looking for someone with a more finely honed business sense, softer image, we'll find out.

"Dear Dr. Oculus"

" I got real bad sickness first few weeks of using Rift. To the point, I had to plan when I'll be using it, in case I'll be off for the rest of the day. Even after a month, dizziness and sickness were still strong. So I decided to try and take Dramamine before playing sessions a couple of times. While I still got uncomfortably dizzy at times, there was no sea-sickness feeling. And dizziness, that could normally last for hours, retreated right after I stopped playing.
Since I was able to push playing time to last longer, it seems that did the trick and train my brain to accept VR. I took Dramamine around 5 times and then decided to try Rift again without taking it. It worked. From there, problems with motion sickness kept improving rapidly and I have now real strong VR legs. Even when something catch me off guard, I'm ok within a minute I take off Rift."

              Signed: Nauseous In New Haven

Dear Nauseous In New Haven:

Although we applaud the progress you've made in acclimating to the creative genius that IS the Oculus Rift it's pretty clear from the description of your so-called "sickness" that you are one screwed up human being. To blame the Rift for your Dramamine abuse is sad but all to predictable for a postulant in the Church of OR like you. When you have a traffic accident do you blame your car or is it the maroon behind the steering wheel? Stop whining and get with the Program. We expect to see you on Sunday at The Church of Oculus Meet-up. Maybe you'll win a Door Prize. We are giving away a First Edition of Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health and a Case of Dramamine so you'd be well advised to be there.

               Signed: Dr. Oculus

The Sony PS4 Makes Its Debut

Rockwell Collins Demos JTAC Training with Live and Virtual Assets : SimEye SX45 HMD (eMagin SXGA Inside)

"For the demo, the JTAC was wearing a head-mounted virtual reality headset that allows him to look around the virtual battlefield.  Once he finds a target of interest, he can then use a pair of binoculars with a virtual image to identify the enemy ground-based vehicle.  This is then designated to provide targeting information for the airborne assets.  This so-called “nine-line” data (it is actually nine lines of data) is then transmitted to the Air Support Operation Center (ASOC), which was replicated in the room too.  The person at this station  must verify that the target is non-friendly and dropping ordinance will not cause any collateral damage."

Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm Leery Of Any Research Report That Says Kopin Dominates Anything But Nevertheless:Research and Markets: Global Microdisplay Market Report, 2016: AU Optronics, eMagin, Kopin & Universal Display Dominate the Industry

Do soldiers get too attached to battlefield robots?

                    "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Darlin' I'm Tellin' You Now"

Product Du Jour- eMagin SVGA- NVision TWS-13D-H

Why Did Sculley Bring Up Forklift Operators In a Warehouse a Couple Of Times...

           In the context of Augmented Reality? I do remember him mentioning Caterpillar by name a while back.

What No Roller Coaster! No Scary Bug-Like Aliens??? Useless!

I Am Actually Embarrassed For Them

Oculus Rift at I/ITSEC. In the same room with Intelligent Decisions, Quantum, Raydon, Raytheon, Cubic, Saab, real companies,serious companies, these guys have some, what is the Yiddish term? Chutzpah. Maybe the Navy and the Coasties could use a Sea Sickness Simulator as part of their training. Or since the meeting is in Orlando maybe they thought they were going to Disney World.

Sensics Now Selling eMagin Driver Boards

that's what their CEO was just advising others, like eMagin, to do.  I imagine they buy Driver Boards from MRA Digital, literally right down the street and make these Boards for their own products as well as selling custom configurations to developers. Interesting. eMagin, as well alluded to getting some added value out of a custom display they are making for a "High End" Product currently in development. I believe that the only sources for these boards for eMagin displays are Tek Gear, MRA and now Sensics. MRA is principal supplier of the Defense Industry.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

As If Anybody Needed Another Reason To Dissolve the United Nations

We Appreciate the Fill In The Blank

Defunct BAE 
Helmet, (R)

Customer Announcement AS gave us at the end of the Q&A. For the first time in public AS alluded to the JSF F-35 "situation" in reference to the cost of a Helmet in development he mentioned or words to the effect that the display in a $350,000 Helmet is not going to be inexpensive. Actually he was low-balling the cost. The recently cancelled BAE Helmet Program cost per Helmet was Approximately $350k. But Lockheed pressed hard for the Elbit Helmet and won the argument over a cost conscious Pentagon. The Elbit-Rockwell Helmet's cost is in the $500k neighborhood. I heard a rumor elsewhere that a better display is in the offing for the F-35. Sculley mentioned obliquely the program as not a large but one with a High Dollar Display, that fits, because I believe the display will cost north of $30k per. Testing for the F-35 is done at Pax River in Maryland, that fits and coincidentally Paxtuxent Naval Air Station is where the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is Headquartered. And of course it is they who are footing the bill for the High Brightness Displays's development. I construe that the eMagin folks are looking forward to this not only for the high cost and high margins but it's a pretty damn prestigious placement. Thanks Andrew for the Missing Link. Army Air Corps, Air Force, Navy, so what.

Enjoy The Musical Interlude

As eMagin is in the Drawing on a Napkin Stage of a Design for an Additional Machine

for the High Brightness Color display when it happens, I hope between now and then somebody besides SNU Precision starts making these things.

" (Sculley) Well, we need a significant increase in volume. Remember, we’ve said that the SNU will handle 10 times the volume of the other tool and that’s still a rational statement. Now that the things that are we’re playing sort of behind this. But as we think about what should we do next, we’ve already thought about what a design would look like for high volume and let’s not forget that when we do this ultra-high brightness color, that’s going to require some different things, obviously, so we’re already thinking about that, and then what would we do with the piece of equipment, we would take the new pieces of equipment and put the sealed system right on the other end of it. So that’s what’s going on a piece of paper, we’re thinking about that sort of thing, but that’s a while."

Q&A eMagin CC "And That's Where We're Going"

Unidentified Analyst
Is it fair for us to assume that you have made a purchase (approach) to the Googles, Microsoft and Apples of the world that connect them, at the – it’s pure engineering?
Unidentified Company Representative (Sculley)
If we have made any approaches to them, I probably couldn’t say such a thing, but let me say that we will, we have and we will continue to do our homework with these displays. Again, the good – best news would be – we get a prototype out there; first, the demonstration, then a prototype and then it, although, we can show people that a demo that we can actually put this OLED down in the right format to make this happen only an engineer would love what we have today. So we have to do it, so that business development people love what we show, so we have to show them a prototype and that’s where we’re going.

Product Du Jour:ClipIR (eMagin SVGA) Small Clip On Thermal Imager for Image Intensifiers

Oculus Rift is mind-blowing (if you don't barf)

I Really Wish Ron wouldn't Pollute His Very Fine, Very Highbrow Site with Stories like This

that's my job. In addition when you contribute positive articles about the Ocular Drift you are setting yourself up to be a party in a slew of Wrongful Barf Lawsuits.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TrackingPoint becomes first tenant at 130 Commerce Center, TP Sell This Dude a Weapon

If anybody ever asks you where the world's longest gun range is...

CEO Sculley did a number on LCOS

and it provoked some nostalgia in me that he did not bother to shoot Kopin and their LCD displays as much as a dirty look. Moment of silence. eMagin battled Kopin (Legacy LTWS, Top) for years, first to get a toehold, Oasys first, later Insight for Remote Viewer and TWS, then Insight, Elcan then Exelis and the rest.  Now eMagin dominates the space. And it appears as they plowed LCD under LCOS looks like the next menu item.  A long bill of particulars detailing the shortcomings of LCOS displays in Fixed and Rotary. Last weeks multiple crashes should have been enough to convince the holdout skeptics of it's shortcomings. But I was surprised we heard SO much about helicopters. Last we heard was a few CCs back when PC mentioned something, maybe in the future with Apache. I think the tell here was the hundreds of Monocular NV Displays the Army procured from Intevac, not only NV but Networked Data Transmission replacing the one the Pilot is wearing in the pic above. I believe Apache NVG is one of the two Programs mentioned in the CC, the other I assumed was the Future TWS but it was mentioned in a different context so I'm not sure. It could be the Dismounted Soldier NVGs that was displayed by Exelis at AUSA.  GENIII NV but with, like the Intevac, the ability to receive and transmit data. Maybe we will get those announcements someday. I think the Future TWS Program will be divvyed up between L-3, Raytheon and DRS, forcing  the latter two to send the last LCD displays in the warehouse back to Taunton. Real "Mission Accomplished" eMagin, nice job, period. Addendum, sole source provider for Future TWS, so that means just Raytheon for Medium and Heavy Weapons, the Light TWS which is the largest component of the Program should be spread between the three.

TrackingPoint's Xact System™ Precision Guided Firearm Earns "Best of What's New Award" from Popular Science Magazine

 eMagin Microdisplay in the HUD

eMagin Announces Third Quarter 2013 Financial Results

Nissan HMD

A New Weapons Sight Program You Say.

The Family of Weapon Sights (FWS)
program will give soldiers with individ-
ual, crew-served and sniper weapons the
capability to see deep into the battlefield,
increase surveillance and target acquisi-
tion range, and penetrate obscurants, day
or night. The FWS systems will use un-
cooled, forward-looking infrared technol-
ogy and digital low-light level technolo-
gies, and will have additional features to
provide improved offensive firing capabil-
ities, decreased transition time between
mobility and targeting sensors, and im-
proved firing accuracy. The FWS will in-
clude three variants: the
Family of
Weapon Sights Individual (FWSI)
for the
M16 and M4 series rifles and carbines, the
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and the
M136 Light Anti-Armor Weapon and
M141 Bunker Defeat Munition; the
of Weapon Sights Crew Served (FWSCS)
for the M240B series medium machine
guns and the M2 HB and Mk19 machine
guns; and the
Family of Weapon Sights
Sniper (FWSS)
for the M24, M110 and
M107 sniper rifles.
AN/PVS-29 Clip-On Sniper Night
Sight (SNS)
is a lightweight, in-line,
weapon-mounted sight used in conjunction

with the day optic sight on the M110 SASS.
It employs a variable gain image tube that
can be adjusted by the sniper depending on
ambient light levels. When used in conjunc-
tion with the M110 day optical sight, it pro-
vides for personnel-sized target recognition
at quarter-moon illumination in clear air to
a range of 600 meters. The SNS has an inte-
grated rail adapter that attaches directly to
the MIL-STD-1913 rail for quick and easy
mounting to or dismounting from the
weapon. Use of the SNS does not affect the
zero of the day optical sight and allows the
M110 SASS to maintain bore sight through-
out the focus range of the SNS and the
M110 day optical signal.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yes, it is TWS!


Managing ITAR/Export compliance reform for defense electronics suppliers

New ITAR Rules will have a significant effect on foreign market penetration, previously safeguarded sensitive technology transfers like "new" NVGs  and eMagin's bottom line. I'm sure their principal Defense OEMs are all over these rule changes.

Oculus Rift creator: Xbox One and PS4 are far too limited for what we're planning...

"We are going to rid the Virtual Universe of every Virtual Bug-Like Alien, malevolent robot out there , barfing all over your keyboard is a small price to pay for a Virtual Bug-Like Alien-Free, malevolent robot free Virtual Universe."

SA Photonics Introduces the SA-30: the World's Highest Resolution Head Mounted Display

"Designed for maximum image quality, with a 20/19 Snellen resolution (0.94 arc-minutes per pixel), the SA-30 has the highest resolution of any commercial HMD. It has a horizontal field of view of 30 degrees and was carefully designed to minimize peripheral obscuration. Users can easily view their surrounding environment, which could include a personal computer, desktop, joysticks/controls or another user, without it being obscured by the HMD. The WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixel) OLED microdisplays provide both high resolution and high contrast."

eMagin AMOLED Displays Inside 

India Again Considers Buying Israeli-made ATGM

 Whack-a-Cobra, who the hell knows?

Yuval on adding value, increasing profits with a little Hi-Tech DIY

the Z800 was and is an attempt at this and the Combiner Beam assembly for Exelis' ENVG is another attempt at diversifying.

OLED Market Boom: The stocks to own

"Another OLED stock likely to surge is eMagin (EMAN) – a recommendation made to subscribers of The Cheap Investor in May 2012.  Five months after the initial recommendation, Piper Jaffray initiated coverage with a $6 price target.
Remember this… OLED is going mainstream…
Any company involved with OLED is likely to benefit over the long haul."

Monday, November 11, 2013

India delays decision on Barak missiles...

 of course they did, the Raytheon Bribe must have arrived in the nick of time. This is good, the CBI Probe is still hanging over Rafael's head, this should move the process of approval for Raytheon's and Lockheed's ATGM Javelin through the labyrinthine Indian MOD  for approval before the Missile's are obsolete. The CLU of the Javelin Missiles Houses an eMagin AMOLED Display.

That's what makes us Different

Judge sets trial for Russian in rifle sight case

so the Ratnik TWS Program could have it's genesis in Cheyenne Wyoming. ATN Thermals all contain eMagin Displays.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sony New 3rd-Gen 3D HMD Now Available

first Zeiss OLED, then Sony OLED and then...? Bueller? Bueller?,24569.html

The Indian DAC is doing a Technology Scan On Rafeal Spike

vs. Javelin to determine the Anti-Tank Guided Missile of choice for the Indian Army. Goes without saying that with 1,914 Launchers involved we would prefer Raytheon's Javelin as the optic in the CLU is an eMagin display. Man, if you think the Pentagon's Procurement Process is mysterious India's is more Byzantine than Byzantium with bribes, leaks and Intelligence probes. I wonder if Ashton Carter's resignation had something to do with a growing possibility that the whole deal on all 3 technologies is falling apart.

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