Friday, January 31, 2014

BAE Systems To Unveil New Q-Warrior HMD At Defexpo 2014

Agnostic as to the display in the HMD but we have our suspicions. C'mon India buy something for Krishna's sake.

"There's A Flag On The Play!"

Pentagon Chief Tester: F-35 Software Remains Seriously Flawed

eMagin will get their High Brightness displays in the HMDS if Lockheed can figure out how to fix the software, cannot fly at night because the Night Vision visual acuity is so bad, "swimming" symbology, constant brightness adjustments required, what a mess.

"The system displays navigation and weapons information as well as the location of enemy aircraft based on radar feeds. According to the report, Lockheed Martin managed to fix problems with jitter in the display, but these fixes introduced instability or “swimming” of the projected symbology. Also, night vision acuity was unacceptable and light leaks into the helmet required pilots to fine tune the symbology brightness, adding to their workload, the report said."

Thursday, January 30, 2014

TrackingPoint™ Names Robert L. Starer as Vice President of Sales (eMagin Digital Display)

"TrackingPoint's PGF technology has changed the shooting experience forever," said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher. "Bob is uniquely qualified to understand this technology and how it relates to commercial hunting markets, defense and law enforcement markets. Bob will lead our sales force as we charge ahead to make TrackingPoint an industry leader.”

Enterprise to try on smart glasses in 2014: Deloitte : Apparently The First Adopters Will Be The Blue Man Group : And Of Course If eMagin Is Involved It Has To Be An Untold Story

Or as CEO Sculley Said "Important Use Is To Prevent "Forktruck" Drivers from running over their colleagues." Damn those Forktruck Drivers! But I imagine he knows what's in the pipeline.

 "Enterprises this year will begin to experiment with wearable computing as a way to increase safety and productivity in the workplace, according to Deloitte."

"The untold story for 2014 is going to be about the application of wearables and smart glasses in the enterprise,” said Stuart Johnston, Deloitte national leader on technology, media and telecommunications.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"I Never Meta HMD I Didn't Like" Except "The Bucket On The Head That's Not Friendly To The Brain"

From Ray Kurzweil's Blog:
I really like the CEO's take on the OR: "A bucket on your head vs. aviator glasses? So how does it stack up against Google Glass? Meta says it will have 15x the display of Google Glass, with 3D (not just 2D), and will recognize hand gestures. And Oculus Rift? “That’s a ‘Matrix machine,’” said Meta CEO Meron Gribetz in a fun interview with me on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 . “You put a big bucket on your head, blocking you off from the real world and people around you, in simulated reality.” Gribetz, a neuroscientist, is not very happy with VR and user overload. “I got into this field as a neuroscientist, researching vision and natural user interfaces,” he explained. His goal: create a non-invasive visual interface that is friendly for the brain and avoids cognitive overload. (So now I know what to call my condition.) “The Meta is a natural machine, which uses the things that have evolved to manipulate our environment, namely, our hands. You reach out and you manipulate holograms,” Gribetz said."

American Technologies Network, Corp. Wins the Predator Xtreme Reader’s Choice Award

ATN's Thermal Devices house eMagin AMOLED Microdisplays.  Worst Nightmare for Coyotes and Coy-Wolf and Coy-Dog Hybrids.

eMagin To Eurosatory In June

It's a Biggun.

Athanasios Zardakas Is Not At All Happy With All This "Glass" Talk

The Tech Version of "Drinking With Bob."

Height, social comparison, and paranoia (Daniel Freeman) :Stunning Virtual Reality Breakthrough! Napoleon Had A Napoleon Complex! Shaquille O'Neal Does Not!

PrioVR at CES 2014 : I Want To Use This While Running On A Virtuix While Wearing An Oculus Rift While Using A Razer Hydra While At Luckey Palmer's Super Bowl Party After An Embarrasing Appearance On "Shark Tank"

Volkswagen 4DX Simulator With Sensics zSight (eMagin SXGA Inside) HMD

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Virtual Reality Patent Landscape Analysis

Oculus Rift: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome : If You're Borederline Psychotic Before You Play The Rift...

It only gets worse. This is some world changing stuff Luckey. Nobel Prize on the way.

Speaking Of Dinosaurs : Kopin Has A New Website Where You Can Play "Find The Fossil" "When LCDs Roamed The Earth!"


Canon Mixed Reality (2013) : Can Make A Dinosaur Climb Down From Their Pedastal And Walk Around Your Feet

Army Testing Tracking Point Smart-Rifle Tech

Great, previous reports made the general statement that the "Military" has procured a number of TrackingPoint PGFs, kind of nebulous, nothing to get excited about but the report that the Program Executive Officer is the procuring agency indicates there is serious interest in testing the TP System for military use. PEO-SRSE's job is to quickly evaluate, develop and field advanced equipment for Special Operations Command. With all the smoke blown from various quarters that TrackingPoint is interested in supplying the average or below average, well heeled hunter with a much higher kill ratio it's obvious this system's most beneficial use would be to replace legacy systems in the military, the purists don't like it but there ain't no stopping progress. Now, TP your next job is too fabricate a fused system.

"McGarry wrote a Jan. 15 piece on Tracking Point for DefenseTech, but PEO Soldier just recently got back to us.

“The Army purchased six Tracking Point fire control systems to begin exploring purported key target acquisition and aiming technologies,” said PEO spokesman Alton Stewart.
“The Army is considering buying additional Tracking Point weapon Systems pending of funding. This purchase would allow the Army to evaluate, test and analyze the commercially available, non-developmental item to assess the capabilities this system could bring to the soldiers and to assist Army requirement developers to define future fire control requirements.”

We Are Waiting for Eugene To Buy One And Tear It Down To See Who Made The OLED Viewfinder: Fujifilm X-T1: new compact DSLR packed with innovation

The XT-1 features a ground-breaking piece of technology in the form of its viewfinder. Because the X-T1 is mirrorless, the viewfinder doesn’t use a pentaprism like conventional DSLR models; instead it has an OLED electronic eye-level viewfinder with a refresh lag of just 0.005 seconds. This fast refresh rate, which Fujifilm claims is one tenth the speed of conventional digital cameras, offers a lifelike experience from an electronic viewfinder that can keep up with fast-moving subjects or when panning. With a 2.36-million dot resolution, the OLED display promises a crisply detailed view of what’s being shot thanks to four display modes.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Samsung Said To Be Planning ‘Galaxy Glass’ Computing Eyeware This Fall

Samsung 'Galaxy Glass' wearable reportedly set for September reveal

Idle, Rank Speculation Based On Previous Post

Google CEO traveled to Korea to chat up Samsung about OLED displays for Google Glass

Came back, hat in hand, Google doubles down on LCOS displays. see Himax news

Jerry Carolla, eMagin VP Business Development, makes multiple trips to Korea in roughly this time-frame. Speaking of frames, it might be worth adding that Jerry designed the Intevac HMDs which look like this:

Persistent rumors of Samsung Smart Glasses

When asked at Needham Conference if anyone was interested in their IP, eMagin CEO Sculley said no not IP but MANUFACTURING, yes

At same conference Sculley mentions Samsung as predicting that cost of OLED manufacturing will soon be lower than LCD, :" if you don't believe me then believe them" he said, more or less putting eMagin and Samsung on the same Chessboard.

When asked at same conference if Samsung was a competitor, Sculley answered with an emphatic NO. Yes, I know what I am suggesting.

Firms turning to 'smart glasses' : Here Comes Samsung

Disruptions: The Holodeck Begins to Take Shape

This is why I believe a device that gives you access to Virtual Worlds like a Head Mounted Display, one that is consciously put on and taken off, is far preferable to being able to be live in or appear to live in a virtual world without boundaries, one of our own creation. The psychiatric community already has a name for that condition, Schizophrenia. Paging Dr. Frankenstein. I get that this whole VR thing is very dicey in any form.

"Dr. Kaku warned that there were dangers with this technology. “One day, people might prefer to live in a virtual world rather than the real one,” he said.
That is what happened on Star Trek. In one episode, Lt. Reginald Barclay becomes dependent on computer-generated versions of his colleagues for friendships, preferring virtual relationships to real ones. He ultimately requires therapy from Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi, the ship’s counselor, to wean himself off the simulations and back to everyday life."

Already the gleam in the eye of "Mr. Virtual Reality" Luckey Palmer creator of the Oculus Rift and his minions:

"Meanwhile, we ended the interview by asking Luckey to imagine a virtual world he'd want to live in.
"A better version of the world we're in today," he said.
And how would that happen?
"By allowing people to be whoever they want to be. VR does a great job of that."

Thumbs Up on Hands-Free IT

Friday, January 24, 2014


First look at our TP AR 762 (eMagin Inside)

American Technologies Network Corp. Introduces 2014 Product Line at SHOT...

 Thor & COTI house eMagin OLED Dis[plays

CEO Sculley Said eMagin's Displays Could Be Used in Automobile HUds So Here's More Than You Might Ever Want To Know: MIT Seeks to Enable the Ultimate Heads-Up Display for War and Peace Jason Mick (Blog) - January 23, 2014 10:00 AM

TRACKING POINT XS4: Shot Show 2014 Range Demo

Authentic Even Down To Barfing Over The Rail In High Seas: Big Pic : The U.S. Navy Tests A Virtual Reality Headset

Intercepted Transmission from the USS Unicorn

"Testing, Testing, Yes Sir, The Mail Buoy is dead ahead, deploy the Skyhook for retrieval."

Leaked: Fujifilm's Upcoming X-T1 Looks like a High-end Retro Mirrorless Camera

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inventor Of Oculus Invented It So He Can Be Somebody Else And Live In a Different World, Weird, and If It's Not Out In 2015, Well, "Something Has Gone Wrong"

"Turning Heads" and Stomachs I might add. "So you can be somebody other than who you are stuck being." This guy needs an intervention.

DLD Conference: Metaio presents an Augmented Reality Museum Tour

Russian man who sought to buy restricted thermal rifle sights (eMagin Inside) to leave United States

I thought they were trying to procure a few ATN TWS for Ratnik to reverse engineer in Russia, no, looks like they were here to obtain enough TWS for an entire Spetsnaz brigade. Good Grief. Guess we should be flattered.

"The agent stated that Kvinikadze had a Russian friend with him at the show when he met with the undercover agent. During the meeting, Kvinikadze's friend said in Russian to tell the agent that they needed 3,000 of the sights that can cost around $10,000 each, depending on features."

Ted Leonsis' vision on tech and sports: Wow fans

This type of application is Microsoft's impetus for their "Project Fortaleza" they indicated they wanted up and running by June 2014, World Cup Brazil, Microsoftasaurus still seems to lumbering nowhere in a hurry.

Shot Show 2014 : Range Day - Shooting 960 Yards with Tracking Point System : Look Ma No Hands!

We Are Going To Find Out Sooner Or Later What New Camera Utilizes an eMagin XGA096 Display in Their EVF

What if it was next Wednesday?, link to post from ema lurker at

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hands on with Vuzix Glasses at CES 2013503

Vuzix is even more creative than Kopin in rationalizing the need for a large obtrusive mount for the display. Vuzix Rep: "Oh, it's mounted like that to negate the effects of sunlight", ah, yeah this is why we are waiting for High Brightness Displays. These do not hold up to any kind of scrutiny.

The Future of Car Servicing BMW Augmented Reality Glasses

This Has Got To Be Bullshit : AMC Popcorn Vendors Have # Of "Federal Agents" On Speed Dial.

Federal Agents from the Department Of Homeland Security, question Google Glass user for possibly recording a Jack Ryan Movie with a crappy Low Res Camera? Granted things may be slow in Columbus Ohio at the ole Federal Agent Office but really, "C'mon man."

eMagin At SOFIC Conference In May : Tampa

Look Out Jaywalkers: NYPD Training With Raytheon's (eMagin Inside The HMD) Virtsim

The Search For Actually Useful Apps On Google Glass

NordicNeuroLab :Visual System for fMRI Contains eMagin OLED Displays

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hunting with Smart Rifles - Announcing the TrackingPoint 750 Series

Explorer Story: Patrick Jackson [through Google Glass]

Honeywell and Total Fire Group is already doing it better albeit more expensively but users don't have to worry about forgetting they are wearing it and having it melt to their face upon entering a burning building. Of course the only known HMDs in the World are OR and GG so what else is new?

How to build virtual reality goggles : Oculus Uber Alles!

It's the Dive Mask Olympics, every Nation will have an entry. At this point on the Judges Card the Toilet Paper Roll Variant from Egypt has a slim lead over the Two Mad Russians Portable Virtusphere. Next, in the Starting Gate, Mauritania.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Camera Operators Nominate ‘Lone Survivor,’ ‘Gravity,’ ‘American Hustle’

EPIC Camera Pictured with Bomb OLED VF (eMagin Inside), this guy appears to be shooting Lone Survivor with it's ubiquitous granite rocks, the fight scene with it's multiple camera views and handhelds in the middle of the action ala "The Landing" in "Saving Private Ryan" is mesmerizing. A cascade, literally of action in "Lone Survivor","Defending the Hill" is Little Round Top, "Pinned Down" is Custer's Last Stand then "Assault on the Village" is the Alamo. As these events are from 2005 so there was no eMagin stuff in it, an old FLIR Scout and some PVS-14s, couldn't help but think with a Tracking Point XS1 Shah would be dead and the Team safely away.

Driver's Google Glass ticket overturned

TrackingPoint, I'd Be Looking At Ways To Integrate DARPA's VAPR Program (Remotely Melting Electronics)

 into your scopes ASAP. These, I'm sure have a bright Red Bullseye on them. (See Arms Smuggling Convictions In Wyoming and Pennsylvania by Belorussian Nationals). A potential headline "New Pulsar SmartScope Available Soon"

Oculus' best practices explains how to create a VR experience that doesn't make people sick : Pending Legal and Medical Review

Pretty much all of it aimed at preventing
Simulator Sickness. Did they ever think to pick up the phone to ask a Neurologist," what happens to the brain when it's isolated from the body." Marc Andreesen, I would like to sell you one lane of the George Washington Bridge.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wearable Tech Pioneer Predicts Google Glass Future

Wearable Technology Market Will Ship at Least 10 Million Units in 2014, 100+ Million by 2020

"Of the wearable tech form factors cited, smart glasses will likely generate the most revenues, from sales of about four million units at an average selling price (ASP) of $500."

Another Thing That Surprised Me At Needham

was how CEO Sculley was so agreeably disposed to talk about their own Z800 HMD, eMagin's Red Headed Stepchild, in such a positive way. And when asked if  Gaming HMD was "years away" he immediately came back with an "Oh, no I don't think so." Could that mean the Digital Version they referenced a while back is coming down the pike? 50,000,000 Serious Gamers, he said.  Even mentioned the demo they did for Carmack and Bleszinski with the WUXGA prototype Rosen slapped together.

3D Glasses Take Flight

Meanwhile Zeiss Cinemizer OLED 3D HMD makes inroads into the Quadrocopter and Octocopter Market. This cannot stand! This is in fact a pretty popular hobby. Everybody will be flying their own drone with these type HMDs before too long.

SHOT Show 2014: Smart Rifle

Google Glass OLED Samsung display tipped for consumer model

That was a pretty hot rumor last Spring, Larry Page's much ballyhooed trip to meet with the Samsung Poohbahs as Glass Explorer was gearing up. A Samsung OLED Microdisplay in Google Glass? I admit I lost a little bit of sleep over this. Not that there weren't other companies down the road that eMagin could partner with but that would shrink the addressable market significantly.
 At the end of the Q&A at Needham as Sculley walked away from the podium somebody asked, barely audible, "Is Samsung a competitor?" Sculley countered with an emphatic "NO."
There's two other threads floating around that presentation I'm trying to sew together, many repeated mentions of Google Glass, more than I ever heard before in a public forum and in the Slide Show, audio only, that pictured customers, he mentioned a Korean Company but for some reason did not say it's name.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Seems Appropriate That "Lone Survivor" Was Shot Looking Through An

eMagin Display with Epic's Red Bomb OLED Electronic Viewfinder.

United States Augmented & Virtual Reality Market to Grow at 30% CAGR Till 2018 Says TechSci Research

This sounds like the Research Paper Sculley cited at Needham, no mention of eMagin but with this stuff we know they are sine qua non.

SHOT Show Product Spotlight - ATN Corp. - 2014 SHOT Show (+playlist)

The COTI uses an eMagin display.

2014 Corvette Stingray Head up Display

If it's good enough for an F-35 should be good enough for a Stingray.

Abbott Labs Must Be Putting eMagin WUXGA Into These Corneal Topography Lasik Machines I Guess Or SXGA

Authentically clueless here. But if it works here why not Intuitive Surgical? Piece of cake now that they are familiar with the rigors of a FDA Audit.

Smart rifle means hunters never miss1145

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eyetracking in Sensics zSight HMD observed with Webcam : This is What People Do In Indutrial Parks In Columbia Maryland When They Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Thanks Yuval, did you manage to jam some cell phone displays in that zSight?

Eliminate Doubt From 100 Yards and Out!

Remington doing a nice push for the 2020 (I'm 70% sure eMagin is Inside) at Shot Show. Nice diorama, the Rockies, shoot that Mountain Goat in the middle of the Coors Advert.

I Don't Want to Pick on eMagin's Erstwhile Competitors Too Much, Oh Hell, Yes I do.

Of course I'm biased, but as Dorothy Parker said about California, "There is no there there." No revenue, no products because as Schneider said " They did not want to have to deal with customer complaints and phone banks", thought that was a very strange thing to say." Their business has become selling Reference Systems, a lot of PR centered around, what else?, a "Kopin Wearable Tech Center in Cali" and the hope they can attach themselves to a Mega-Trend like, you got it, WEARABLE TECH. The same old song and dance as to why they're pretty much out of the military's Field of View. Why?  Because Soldiers want Clip-On TWS, a complete non-sequitar, last CC he said Future Weapons Sight wouldn't work out because the scope required too many wires? WTF? Schneider did mention the A/R display they hope to integrate into the M25 and USMC Precision Sniper Rifle but his demeanor as to the prospect was, meh, "let's give it one more shot." Quick to cash in on another trend the new A/R display is meant for scopes that display all the info a shooter might want, wind, barometric, distance, lock-on reticle, sound familiar?  No wonder as Sculley said, "Kopin is mad at us."
And now that LCD and Kopin has been largely driven off the field Sculley next goal seems to be to make Himax "mad at us."

Research and Markets: 2013 Report on the International Microdisplay Market - Forecasts to 2016

"The Microdisplay market is currently witnessing an increase in the number of near-to-eye application devices such as camcorder viewfinders, digital camera viewfinders, video phones, and HMDs. As these devices are integrated with microdisplays, the increase in their demand fosters the demand for microdisplays, thus driving the growth of the Global Microdisplay market. Furthermore, the demand for near-to-eye application devices stems majorly from the Consumer Electronics sector and the Military and Defense sector. Since these sectors are among the high-growth sectors, the Global Microdisplay market will have higher growth prospects during the forecast period."

Great Presentation

Lots to digest, please, have a listen at link below.


Machine is "operating well"

Improved Encapsulation Machine

Talking to numerous companies about High Brightness Display for Google Glass type devices

Showing Companies Prototype Device to Be Connected to Cell Phone or any Video Input

LCOS cannot compete with power saving abilites of OLED didplays

A seemingly gratuitous mention of Microdisplays deployed for Heads Up Displays in cars. Maybe not.

WUXGA at this point primarily for Training and Simulation but moving towards Gaming

Will have no motion artifacts or blur and will be Immersive

Smaller form factor will be superior to bulkier LCOS Engine and Housing

Kopin "Mad at Us" for eating their lunch

High End Japanese Augmented Reality using their displays, probably Canon

"The Hobbit" filmed with OLED Viewfinder, finally back door Red Bomb EVF Announcement

HMD for Industrial Use on the way

Yield improving and anticipate continued higher yields

Talking again about ability to make millions of displays, for consumer mentioned $35, cost to produce per display. Superior OLED displays with higher functionality obtain a higher selling price than LCOS and LCD microdisplays

No mention of the two large Military Contracts in waiting but a reference to the Military interest on I2 and IR. That dovetails with my Exelis Enforcer Fusion Theory.

Lots more, listen if you can. Great Job Guys

Why do we get car sick? | Greg Foot | Head Squeeze : Team OR: There ain't no cure for Brain Isolation. You Better Take Your Problem To The United Nations

U.S. Military Begins Testing ‘Smart’ Rifles : A Little More Color

"It’s not hard to see why more than 30 government and law enforcement agencies have requested demonstrations of the potentially game-changing technology since the company debuted the rifle at last year’s show."

eMagin at Needham Conference, New York : 8:40 AM EST This Very Morning

Link to Webcast

Startup claims the US military is testing its computer-guided 'smart' rifles

I hope Mr. Schauble, Oren not Jason, who made this statement yesterday was not being carried away by exuberance and the setting. There must be a reasonable expectation that the military is seriously interested in the rifle or else he would've not made the claim. Fingers crossed.

Remington 2020 Digital Optic System : This Remington Rep Is Stoked Abot The 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kopin Has Not Thrown In The Towel On Potential Military Business

"aimed at" not contracted for M25 or PSR, the phraseology is a little murky, I will be listening to the Needham Conference to see if they flesh this claim out a bit. Powered by 2 AA Batteries but for how long? No problem handling that much symbology for an eMagin display with known power savings but the battle may be rejoined to one degree or another. However since eMagin appears to have Future Weapons Sight in the bag this might end up in the niche platforms they mentioned or it might not end up in anything. Trying to re-enter the military market after ignoring it of late might indicate the Golden-I may be experiencing Macular Degeneration.

SHOT Show 2014 Media Day- Tracking Point AR15?! - FateofDestinee

HMD Du Jour 2.0 en Francais

Laster uses OLED Displays but ones likely produced in Grenoble France.

HMD Du Jour, Is Taiwan Taipei Again?

Army Azerbaijan to produce new optical surveillance systems, including thermal sights

Aselsan, The State Owned Turkish Defense Manufacturer licensed to Army Azerbaijan Optical Systems including Thermal Weapons Sights. eMagin Corp, supplies the display to all three Aselsan TWS, the BOA pictured above.

SHOT Show 2014 Media Day at the Range: A rifleman’s paradise : Bob Owens

"Here’s a quick pictorial review of some of the most interesting arms I was able to fire.
I’ve been saying since I first saw the TrackingPoint XS1 that I thought the company’s claim that they were marketing to civilians is a ruse… and Oren Schauble, their Director of Marketing, tells me that I’m dead wrong.
While they are indeed showing some rifles to the military for potential contracts, Schauble says that their bolt-action precision guided rifles (PGRs) are flying off the shelves to well-heeled businessmen and collectors who enjoy shooting at long ranges, and are becoming something of a status symbol. Obviously, I misjudged the market. It is the first time I’ve been wrong, kids, and it won’t be the last.
It  took longer for the factory rep to explain how the system works than to actually use the rifle, which is scary simple and deadly accurate. There is a small red button on the triggerguard, covered by my finger in the photo above. Once you have your target in sight, you tag it by touching that button, and the rifle’s sensor’s do all the work. You then bring the crosshairs back up on target and squeeze the trigger. The shot will not actually break until the crosshairs are perfectly aligned to the firing solution.
One shot, one hit at 1,000 yards with a .338 Lapua that I’d never touched before.
I have to admit it… I’m impressed."

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