Friday, February 28, 2014

Exelis Night Vision

They report less demand for Legacy Night Vision Goggles but offset by increase in sales of Spiral (eMagin Inside) NVGs. Sales to Italy and an unnamed Middle Eastern country, (my guess, Saudi Arabia) of Individual Soldier System, Spearnet Radio, Jaguar Software and iAware (eMagin Inside) fused NVGs totaled $100 Million in 2013.

2014′s New Panasonic VariCams: Have to Wait for Eugene to tear it down

The EVF is an OLED Microdisplay. Who makes it? Sony and Panasonic have dissolved their OLED TV Partnership. There's that. In addition eMagin CEO Andrew, The Sphinx, Sculley has said over and over that Sony does not sell to others. There's that. More details about the camera to be revealed at the NAB Show in April. Like the cuckolded spouse, we'll be the last to know.

Microsoft Glass (Parody, Spoof, Prank)

Blippar show Minority Report style adverts using Google Glass The Blippar Future Apparently Will Be An Endless "Ate a Large Anchovies and Peppers Pizza and 1/2 Gallon Of Ben&Jerry's" Induced Nightmare

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oakley smart glasses are coming with Google Glass in their sights

It's An Awfully Big If

but  IF eMagin can produce displays at some point for the $35 that the famous, infamous, note at Oppenheimer suggested then that price target is right in line with the price Google is paying for Himax's LCOS displays. Add to that the higher performance and functionality of AMOLED displays vs LCOS and they will have a winner IF
can get it's ass in gear.

Wearable Technology: Why We Should Look to Businesses to Show Us the Way: Forktruck Driver Mention

"We’re at the early stages of the journey, but we’re already seeing forklift (forktruck) drivers, safety inspectors, law enforcement officers, emergency room nurses, and firefighters experiment with many types of wearable technology."

It's a Safe Assumption That the Report Mentions eMagin Primarity In Regard to the Avionics Market But The Sphinx Did Mention This Company at Needham Adding that the Automotive Market "Is Tough"

but we knew that already.

Odd Company, Some Of These Things are not like the Others

Other vendors mentioned in the report are Audi AG, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG, Daimler AG, eMagin Corp., Garmin International Inc., General Motors Co., Jabil Circuit Inc., Microoled, Syndiant Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., Visteon Corp., Vuzix Corp., and WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Qualcomm Blog seems to get it:MWC 2014: What Are We Going to Do with All that Mobile Broadband Speed? Need better display so come on little goofy niche player eMagin

"Head mounted displays are fairly promising. I’ve used several of them. Some work needs to be done on the display, and the UI. They have to come along [before the displays are widely adopted]."

eMagin To Exhibit at Augmented World Expo

Pretty much, Who's Who in A/R.

Vuzix Wins SBIR Phase II Award from the Office of Naval Research : With Partner Six15Technologies

I'm guessing they will use the same components as in Six15's Tac-Eye St which is eMagin SVGA

Michael Corbett, CEO/Portfolio Manager - Perrit Management :Pep Talk From eMagin's (no mention of same) newest large investor, playing the "inefficent market" angle, yeah, let's go with that

Special Forces 'Iron Man' suit prototypes arrive in June :eMagin OEM Six15Technologies Believe They Have the Inside on the Display

SAP and Vuzix bring you the future of Field Service :"Gentlemen Start Your Forktrucks"

Ooredoo to enter wearable tech device market

                          "Yeah, Oodredoo what's so funny?"

is it "Cutter" or "Qua-tar" or " Ka-tar", anyway that's where Kopin is going with that thing.

Global Market for Wearable Computing Devices Projected To Reach $30.2 Billion in 2018; Consumer Market Expected To Surge With 52% CAGR

eMagin at SPIE Defense

eMagin at 2014 SOFIC Conference and Exhibition

Gadgets Hands On With Meta Pro, The Augmented Reality Glasses With 16X More Screen Than Google Glass

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lumus and eyeSight deal brings gesture control to DK-40 smart glasses hand-on (video)

Google Glass Is Doomed : Uh-Oh, Short Battery Life and Heat on the Face among other concerns, subtext, LCOS sucks : But those Forktruck Drivers are gonna need such a device eh? Yup.

5. Battery life. Right now I want to use Glass for journalism. It works pretty well for that, if you watch my Sarah Francis video I filmed on Glass. But when doing video the battery only lasts 45 minutes AND it gets very hot.

Mobile augmented reality revenues to exceed $1bn annually by 2015, says researcher

LASTER Gives Away Augmented Reality Eyewear for Kickstarter Referrals

Sony shows off its SmartEyeglass concept at MWC 2014

Sony SmartEyeglass concept: official demo : Monochrome Green, as the world awaits high brightness color displays, and waits and waits amd waits

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hagel Urges Less Money for U.S. Army, More for Special Forces : eMagin Displays end up in TWS, ENVG, Rangefinders, Thermal Devices of many types for SOF so net plus for the Boyz In Bellevue if

Y.E.T.I. (Yield Enhancement Team Inc) can get their ass in gear.

Hagel, introducing the first annual defense budget request package that takes into account the planned end of combat operations in Afghanistan in December, said the Middle East will remain a focus for the military in the future and that special operations forces, which will be increased by about 4,000 to 69,700, will play continue to play an important role.

The Cuts Hagel mentioned were from Big Ticket items, looks like post Cold War cuts

manpower most dramatically, A-10 looks to be mothballed, that was an open secret,  Ground Combat Vehicle, ditto, nothing about Soldier Mod, these cuts make it incumbent on DOD that they stay ahead in Night Vision and Sensors as the bad guys are working overtime to catch up. Iran inked a deal with Iraq this week to sell them Night Vision Goggles just yesterday. Iran selling Night Vision to a putative ally, sucks. No old PVS-7s lying around anywhere?

Wearable Patent Battles Ahead:Damn Your Eyes Global Microdisplay As You Sue eMagin A Keystone Of The Coming Mobile Revolution! Stay Out Of Our Woods!

At annual symposium, Army focuses on boosting tech

“We believe, absent some changes in science and technology and how we fight, we are at risk of seeing many of the operational advantages that we have enjoyed being contested” in the coming decade, said Maj. Gen. William Hix, deputy director of ARCIC.
Some of the areas in which potential opponents are gaining: night vision, unmanned systems and standoff weapons that would make it more difficult for American forces to enter contested space, or deploy rapidly.

Augmented Reality Gets to Work

A Sortable Database of All Available Wearables

Oculus rumored to host its on virtual reality convention, 'RiftCon' : I don't suppose anybody in the Church of Oculus saw the potential for irony in that name

SAP, Vuzix aim to push wearable use in enterprise

"For now, the Vuzix goggles tend to be bulky, but Cui expects that to change even as augmented reality and back-end systems are integrated. "It's like the early days of the cell phones, but there's a great return on investment," said Cui. "You'll see the technology get sleeker and sleeker and applications that can deliver in the future."

Sunday, February 23, 2014

K-Glass with Augmented Reality : 800X600 SVGA Microdisplay


SmartDrive – The Smart Answer While Driving

Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality Apps to Drive Transparent Displays Market

No surprise there but where did this report come up with this? Some of the stuff in these Nanomarket Report seem to come way out of Left Field. But it raises all that  stuff about Google visiting Samsung, being rebuffed about OLED displays and subsequently Google going with LCOS displays in Google Glass. Sculley brushing off all competitors at Needham except Sony which makes me conjure up all kinds of crazy conspiracies, like why Jerry Carolla's frequent trips to Korea?

" These revenues will be further enhanced by transparent displays for wearables, where Samsung and Google have recently formed an alliance to supply OLED displays for Google Glass."

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wearable price, form factor need to drop to spur consumer attention : "High Resolution is Needed"

"(The) form factor must be small enough to build and embed into glasses and lenses; No. 2, high-resolution is needed; No. 3, cost... we have to break the $100 price point - (and) manufacturing must be $50 (or less)," said Fred Ishii, founder of Iron City Micro Display, during the event.
"(The) form factor must be small enough to build and embed into glasses and lenses; No. 2, high-resolution is needed; No. 3, cost... we have to break the $100 price point - (and) manufacturing must be $50 (or less)," said Fred Ishii, founder of Iron City Micro Display, during the event.
"(The) form factor must be small enough to build and embed into glasses and lenses; No. 2, high-resolution is needed; No. 3, cost... we have to break the $100 price point - (and) manufacturing must be $50 (or less)," said Fred Ishii, founder of Iron City Micro Display, during the event.

PS4 HMD To Be Revealed At GDC in September

Friday, February 21, 2014

The End Of The World As We Know It: Oculus Rift sales suspended as components run low: Oh! The Humanity!

Six15 Tecnologies: eMagin eNabled HMDs for the Warfighter

Why Google Glass will fail and why this won’t stop smartglasses’ success : Subtext: LCOS is NO solution for Wearable Computing

The Drumbeat grows louder, battery life, heat on the face, display failure, the solution is out there but they can't make them yet. eMagin will demo their OLED high brightness displays for this purpose at two roadshows this year to unnamed companies.

India Free Content: Video: Lympstone Marines anti-tank missile training in Dorset : Nice write-up on the Javelin's capabilities

Electronic Weapons: Night Vision Dumps Analog: eMagin Display Inside The ENVGs

"Luckey, don't you think we should edit out that part about "There's Nothing Out There Like It", my nephew built and marketed one just like It last week, the "Binoculus Thrift" selling For $49.99"

Zero Point Official Trailer from Condition One on Vimeo.

Research and Markets: Global Augmented Reality Market 2014-2018: Layar B.V, Mataio, Total Immersion & Wikitude Dominate the Industry

Yes, we know.

"Besides smartphones and tablets, other augmented reality devices such as HMDs and HUDs are very expensive. The high cost of these devices has led to low adoption in some of the high growth sectors such as Automotive and Consumer Electronics. Therefore, the high costs of such products pose a serious challenge to the growth of the Global Augmented Reality market."

Elbit Systems to Showcase at HAI HELI-EXPO 2014 : "Any Green Glow In There?"

A little more on Elbit's new Enhanced Vision System for Helicopters and Fixed Wing:
" Elbit Systems’ Clearvision is a complete, Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), covering the full flight envelope, that overcomes extreme weather conditions and low visibility situations – both day and night. Clearvision allows for intuitive out-of-the-window flying, minimizing the dependency on airport and helipads instruments, design to reduce landing minima and providing takeoff credit. The Clearvision display fuses conformal flight guidance symbology with synthetic vision presentation and high-resolution EVS video on a Head Mounted Display. The Clearvision suite has been selected by leading Part 25 platform manufacturers around the world and now introduced on rotor-wing aircraft."

" Head Mounted Display:
As a premier technology and innovations house, and as a leading supplier of Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMD), Elbit Systems provides cutting-edge electronic avionics systems and advanced cockpit technologies for commercial aviation platforms. Elbit Systems’ vast industry experience, solid partner commitment and world-class solutions are relied upon by leading aerospace companies around the globe."

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Perritt Management Group: Ultra MicroCap Fund

eMagin's largest recent Institutional Investor, 204K shares as of 12/30, actually seems to have a clue as to how to evaluate these goofy little niche companies like eMagin. Good Luck to them and to us.

SEC suspends trading in murky Bellevue tech firm

"Ha,Ha! Madest Thou Look"

Lego Kopin Man And Twitter Bluebird Collaborate To Repair A Utility Pole-Hashtag #lame, Looking For Product Placement With Bob The Builder?

Yahoo, eMagin Is Back In The Good Graces Of The Puget Investor, You're Saved!

Iron Man-style helmet will help soldiers pinpoint targets on the battlefield - and avoid shooting comrades by mistake

Good Thing Oculus Rift Has Ironclad Patent Protection To Guard The Greatest invention In The History Of The World From Those Would Exploit Luckey Palmer's Genius For Their Own Benefit

WHAT?!, Oculus, tell your Legal Team to get their GameFace on!

Kopin Pupil hands-on: Glass tech without geek looks: C'mon, These Were Rushed To Market, WQVGA, Two Hours On The Charge

same Resolution as Google Glass, just the 1950s Horn rim look differentiates and the noise cancellation capability. Just a chance for Fan to scream "Wearable Tech" even louder.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Needless To Say The Ball Is Now In Your Court


Not Bad Kopin, This Looks Like A Pretty Good Attempt:Kopin Announces "Pupil(TM) " the Latest in Display Technology for Smart Eyewear

 The Star of Their Santa Clara Event

Operation Motion Sickness - Episode 1: Effects of VR sickness on a guinea pig

Church Of Oculus Adherents Unnerved By Proliferation Of HMDs of Mask Destruction, Faith Shaken

but we thought it was just us and the two crazy Russians!".  Comments revelatory.

Q-Warrior heads-up display being tested in the field: Google Glass for soldiers

Thank You, Officer Murphy

Dr. John CC Fan's PHD Dissertation Unearthed : WEARABLE Technology as a Human Right

just kidding it's Steve Mann, yes THAT Steve Mann.

Elbit Systems To Unveil New SkyVis HMD At HELI-EXPO 2014

Elbit Systems will showcase SkyVis - new system, combining proven helmet-mounted display (HMD) with commercially certifiable line-of-sight (LOS) technology and daytime head-up display (HUD) capabilities at HELI-EXPO 2014, 24 - 27 February.

Falcon Eye handheld camera brings color to night vision videography

Kopin Event Announcement

Kopin Corporation KOPN +5.04% , a leading developer of innovative WEARABLE computing technologies and solutions, today announced that it will host an event to discuss major trends in the WEARABLE market and demonstrate Kopin’s new industrial and consumer WEARABLE reference designs. These designs offer a unique combination of functionality and form for WEARABLE display, optics and audio technologies. The event will be held on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time at the Marriott in Santa Clara, Calif. A panel of industry leaders will discuss the history of WEARABLES, the technologies and drivers in the market today, and how the future of the WEARABLES market will be shaped. Subsequently, the company will host a technology showcase to let attendees experience the latest in headset designs that are ready for the growing WEARABLE market.

Kopin Gets An Upgrade

Kopin Corp. (NASDAQ:KOPN) had its price target raised by Wunderlich from $3.50 to $4.50. The firm currently has a hold rating on the stock.

Fujitsu testing NFC smart glove and HUD combo: Smell The Glove

Icis: It's like Google Glass, but classy (And it's also like a Homeless Guy Holding A Cardboard Sign On The Median Strip)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

SOCOM’s Iron Man Suit Sees ‘Astounding’ Progress: Adm. McRaven

And TALOS is said to integrate Night Vision and Thermal into the Heads Up Display, wait and see how that is accomplished.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thank You Siri

In The Wheelhouse : RFI For Fused Low SWAP DHMD : Digital Helmet Mounted Display

The DHMD system will potentially consist of imaging optics, sensor, processing, and displays all mounted directly on to, or integrated into, an aircrew helmet. Note that this is an extension beyond current HMD systems in aircraft that are restricted to displaying symbology. Systems of interest to this RFI are more consistent with digital implementations of night vision goggles, which will seamlessly integrate imagery captured over multiple spectral bands and symbology information. Of particular interest under this RFI is the marriage of the capabilities of these two systems into one that surpasses the performance of either in terms of functionality while reducing Size, Weight, Ergonomics, Power and Integration (SWEPI). As a point of reference, key technical specifications for fielded night vision goggle systems as well as the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) are provided in Table 1.

Sagem Pitched FELIN To The Indian Army At The Recently Concluded DEFEXPO 2014

 Mort De Rire!

eMagin These Guys Need Some Competition : Glass display maker : Many big names working on head-mounted gear

Yes, we know LCOS resolution and contrast suck but so far they are the only discernible game in town.

New Game Technology - Live the Game

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sculley Mentioned Singapore In His Short Customer Round-Up At Needham

ST Technology/Engineering makes a line of Thermal Imagers called CORIS and a Thermal NVG called Helmis. These are the devices Sculley was alluding to.

Patent Troll Stalks The Greatest Invention In The History Of Mankind : C'mon, For The Sake Of The Children Just Kiss And Make Up

A delegate tries a Helmet Mounted System for helicopters by Elbit Systems at Defexpo India 2014 in New Delhi on Thursday

Don't let him try it on, it might lead you to believe they will buy something someday. The Ganges beckons.

High-tech wearable technology enables surgeons to ‘see’ cancer

Google Glass and now Zeiss Cinemizer OLED (above) have found their way into the operating room, anybody out there in eManistan have any intentions in this regard?" Bueller? Bueller?

Good Thing Oculus Has All That Patent Protection Otherwise Genius Inventors Would be Coming Up With Junk Like This

ChipSiP Smart Glasses Hands-On

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Military 'Smart Rifles' Could Change Modern Warfare : Like The Sound Of That : More Good Press For The Boys In The ATX

ADM Harry Harris, Pacific Fleet cmdr, used @google glass as a teleprompter for his keynote

In the Navy but no Oculus Rift Dive Mask! Ha!

Not Every Day An eMagin Customer Get's a Write Up From The BBC, More Good Press

and remarkably, it's free of any whiny hand wringing you might expect from the Beeb. Some good points made by Mr. Quentin i.e.
Army Magazine this month's Feature is "High Tech Answers To A Smaller Force" This weapon will contribute to that trend.

"But while this does not deepen capabilities, it has the potential to broaden them, improving the accuracy of larger numbers of less specialist personnel by enabling the 're-tagging' of a target rather than retaking of a shot."

And he endorses the "Ethical Kill" in a manner of speaking:

"Mr Quentin suggested the demand for such technologies was growing because of a tactical shift away from the use of suppression fire, used to fix an enemy in one position, towards a precision model.
"Precision is required when operating amongst populations, such as Afghanistan, where targets must be positively identified and civilian casualties avoided at all costs," he said.
"In such environments first-time hits and avoidance of collateral damage are paramount - it is not just about what you hit, but who you miss.
"Such systems, therefore, offer the potential to broaden the capability of forces' to deliver accurate fire on positively identified targets, but ultimately they can only be as smart as the personnel that operate them."

This Is The First Indication Seen That Microsoft HAS

acquired the Osterhout Design Group, "as the "Battle over Wearables" heats up. It makes the similarities between Microsoft HMD Patent and ODG's X6 Glasses that much more intriguing.

"The suit reflects the wearable IP battle that is brewing between companies looking to grab market share of the hot wearables & devices space. Last year, Microsoft beefed up its wearable IP portfolio to compete with competitors, Google and Apple with the acquisition of long-time emerging tech design shop, Osterhout Design Group." 

Exelis to showcase leading technologies at the Singapore Airshow 2014

Exelis must be confident they will be able to sell sensitive material to "friendlies" in Asia as the Pentagon pivots to the Pacific as they implement their "Air-Sea Battle" China encirclement strategy. eMagin enabled Binocular i-Aware and the Monocular Individual Soldier System shown in Singapore could find potential customers in Singapore, South Korea, Australia,  Malaysia, Philippines and as things heat up over territorial disputes, Japan.

Disruptive Tech: Opportunity Or Threat?

This is the case eMagin CEO makes from time to time, perhaps Google Glass and others will be not be embraced by the consumer but it's use is inevitable in the Enterprise and Deloitte seems to agree agree. Forktruck operators start your engines.

"The potential of wearable computing is tremendous, the firm says. Hands-free technology can reshape how work gets done, how decisions are made and how users engage with customers and partners. While consumer wearables are in the spotlight today, the report notes, Deloitte expects business to drive acceptance and “transformative” use cases."

Monday, February 10, 2014

eMagin Management Does Not Need A Precision Guided Firearm

They Never Miss, running out of toes.


From September Last But The Similarities Remain

Osterhout Design Group Updated Their Homepage

now the little red circles with the plus sign have a description of the X6 Glasses' guts. IR Sensor, GPS, Augmented Reality, everything he has described over the years. There have been no new reports on ODG's possible acquisition by Microsoft since last Fall.

Displays : "DualHD see-through displays with brilliant 3D imagery."

Microoled, eMagin or Sony?

Army Research Lab's "Project White Feather" Was The Genesis Of TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearm

Why wearable computing is waiting for A.I. : A new app for Google Glass seems trivial, but it represents the future of wearable computing Mike Elgan

vrguy Blog:"Your hotel room is 5.6 meters diagonal" and other VR marketing nonsense

Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's Not An EVF It's An LVF : How cute, your DSLR shoots 1080p? Panasonic’s Lumix GH4 does 4K

Panasonic has also added focus peaking to help users who prefer to focus manually (by showing the peak of focus as you adjust). In addition to the 3-inch vari-angle OLED display, the GH4 has a bright OLED viewfinder (Panasonic calls it the Live View Finder, or LVF) that’s incredibly responsive and accurate when we gave it a whirl during a press briefing. As we expected, electronic viewfinders in high-end cameras will become as responsive and useful as their optical counterparts, and the GH4’s didn’t disappoint. The GH4 has a highlight and shadow control function that lets you make those adjustments via live view.

The Police Can't Wait to Get Their Hands On Augmented Reality

and they'll need High Brightness Displays. Especially in New Orleans and  Miami, right?

Small Correction In The Record

OLED-Info reported that the eMagin guys said " They HOPE to return to revenue growth in 2014." They actually said "Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our manufacturing processes until we reach acceptable yield levels. As a result of these actions, we ANTICIPATE a return to revenue growth in 2014.”

CEO Sculley Dropped A Hint

on the problem we saw in the recent announcement. In the Q3 call he said words to the effect "Large volume orders" (these are the two big NV Contract orders for Raytheon and company unknown) were causing delays over testing requirements which conflates with the PR's "demands for exacting standards" from Defense customers.

Oh, Never Mind, "Put Off by Funds Crunch, Defence Firms Take Flight Out"

Industry sources said US firm Raytheon has already begun re-evaluating its presence in India and its expansion plans may not go through. It would, however, continue to have a liaison office in New Delhi to pursue business. Raytheon has over the years pushed for sale of its Patriot missile defence system, Javelin anti-tank guided missile and Stinger man-portable air defence missile system, but has had no success.

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