Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Build a Virtual Reality HMD for $20! Tutorial Overview Video by O...

This guy is OTL, make it for a $200, you can make it for $20 : Zuck on Oculum Detritus but no mention of barf, have you really tried it Zuck?

ZUCKERBERG: When you put on the headset and you try it out, you really do feel like you’re there within seconds. Then you realize that the system that’s delivering this experience is using commodity hardware with cellphone screens, and can be manufactured for a low number of hundreds of dollars, and this can be in a lot of people’s hands. It’s something that people talked about for a long time, but I think now the economics and performance are finally there where this could work.

eMagin to Present at the Sidoti Semi-Annual Microcap Conference on May 9, 2014: It's faint but there is a heartbeat

eMagin Terminates License Agreements and Settles Litigation with Global OLED Technology, LLC

TrackingPoint Labs - Tracking Moving Targets

Psychiatric Patients Thriving In Post-Oculus Economy: Wild Earth in VR with the Cyberith Virtualizer + Oculus Rift + Wii Mote ...

Ahead of E3, Microsoft registers "Xbox AB" domains

Google Glass 3.0 could be the Oculus Rift you can wear to work: Or how to use your Dishwasher to clean your gutters, nonsensical headline but Google looks to be taking a shot at the Enterprise with these

the Battery Pack must be in the backpack.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maxwell Technologies is Among the Companies in the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry With the Highest Revenue Per Employee (MXWL, TRMB, RSYS, EMAN, IPGP)

PlayStation®"やってみた""やってみよう""やってやる"ラボ Lab.01

PlayStation®"やってみた""やってみよう""やってやる"ラボ Lab.00 :Arigato Mr. Asimo

You've never seemed so ridiculous Luckey, just find a mechanical horse and put a quarter in the slot, THIS is how Oculus Rift is changing the world? Beyond lame

Using an iPhone and augmented reality to teach medical students: Work with glasses too

Motorola Ventures announces trio of deals : Looks to integrate Recon Instruments (Kopin LCD) HMD into First Responder Toolkit

eMagin people, ahem. These guys have been reading your mail.

"One of the key challenges is the lack of acceptance of microdisplay-based products. As a result of the high cost and delayed launch of microdisplay-based products in the market, the adoption of such products are low among consumers. Moreover, some of the microdisplay-based devices are yet to be commercialized therefore, hindering the growth of the Global Microdisplay market."

Improperly designed, that's probably Google Glass' problem and it's sure as hell Oculus Rift's problem: Research firm: Wearable tech devices are being designed improperly

Maybe eMagin is just being prudent on their slow march to a quality design but hurry up anyway this is getting tedious.

"Governor, don't forget eMagin in East Fishkill." "Imagine East Fishkill. What are you talking about?"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

5 NRA convention finds to make you go 'Wow!' : TrackingPoint PGF (eMagin Inside) 2 for 2, US Navy SEAL Sniper 1 for 4

Glass Augmented Reality project by Stanford & Droiders

Brace Yourself For The Headless Sharpshooter: army found the money ($770 million) to buy over 50,000 of the new ENVG II (eMagin Inside), which cost about $13,700 each:Electronic Weapons: Brace Yourself For The Headless Sharpshooter

The earlier thermal imager was also very popular, but carrying both night sights was not. At first, the plan was not to equip all combat troops with the more expensive combined sight. That soon changed once user reports came back, praising the ENVG and describing how much of a life-saver it was. Not all non-combat troops will have an ENVG, but every unit will have some. The army found the money ($770 million) to buy over 50,000 of the new ENVG IIs, which cost about $13,700 each. ENVG III is not expected to cost much more. The digital rifle sight enters service in 2015 and is basically a thermal sight that is an add-on for the existing day sight for rifles and light machine-guns.
The SENVGs were equally expensive and difficult to produce and special operations troops (Special Forces and SEALs) got them first. The new technology in Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggles will be included in weapons sights as well as vehicle night vision equipment. Same with the new all-digital equipment.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ori Inbar on Singularity 1 on 1: Augmented Reality Will Change Every Asp... (and Ori gives a shoutout the Lincoln Electric Virtual Welder (eMagin Inside) as a prime example of A/R at the service of the enterprise

Jaron Lanier: Who Owns the Future?

Head Mounted Display Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2019

Increased penetration of HMDs in the consumer market coupled with declining prices of components such as microdisplays is expected to fuel market growth over the next few years. Microdisplays are one of the key embedded components in every NTE (Near-To-Eye) devices that are coupled with an optic system for providing enlarged, high quality image in front of wearer's eye.

Шутник и Oculus Rift \ Oculus Rift Prank: I'm sure Facebook has a vigorous enough legal team to handle lawsuits brought by persons injured while wearing the Oculus Rift

Wearables in the Enterprise:Gotta keep those Forttrucks runnin'

Wearables also enable users to take real-world actions by providing relevant, contextual information precisely at the point of decision-making. In a warehouse, for example, smart glasses enhanced with augmented reality can guide workers who need to find, move, pick, pack, and ship products.

3 Reasons Why Google Glass Will Be Successful

Enterprise Wearables Will Avoid BYOD Pitfalls

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Silicon Valley" Episode featuring this thing could write itself: Virtuix lands seed funding, readies to ship new virtual reality gaming devices

Survios virtual reality zombie game demo: just go outside and play wouldya?

"Silicon Valley "is hilarious, I hope they pick up on the Oculus Rift and the Cottage Industry for dorks it's spawning.

Grayson take on VR Landscape: Facepalm has Mockulus, Google has X apparently, Apple IP and Microsoft Jaron Lanier at Microsoft Research amd ODG's Patent Portfolio

Hey Grayson, it's no great shakes that you bought Oculus before Zuckerberg, you should be wearing a paper bag over your head.  This is a stew, the bottom 3 will all migrate to AR or Mixed Reality, Oculus is the Lone Ranger as a tethered enclosed VR peripheral, a very expensive dead end. Waiting to fill in the Eyewear for the bottom two. If eMagin is going to break into HMD for consumers it will be with one of them. Apple and Microsoft will have to differentiate from Google and all the miserable press they are getting on inadequacy of the LCOS display. That will preclude LCOS as a possibility for them. For Google it was the only game in town, they may be stuck with it if the other possibilities, OLED and LCD ,are grabbed first by others. That from a quality standpoint would immediately shuffle Google to 3rd place barely ahead of Facepalm.

Or anywhere else for that matter:Virtual Reality (Oculus) For Gaming is Going to be a Fad – Michael Pachter Wedbush Securities analyst believes Oculus Rift and PS4 VR Headset won’t have much application in gaming

it's "vestibular motion" but who's counting.

Fixing Google Glass: A prescription for perception: Other than that what's wrong with it? The Backlash Continues...Another writer who has no clue that the military has been developing this capability for years

"Oh, did I mention the horrible battery life, the lousy audio, the terrible low-res display, and the fact that when you use it for any length of time, it gives you a splitting headache."

Like Sculley said"you may not wear Google Glass, I may not wear Google Glass but the Warehouse guy will, the forktruck driver will etc"
Yes the Verticals is where it will be initially used:

Vertical has always been the killer app for wearables. And in vertical scenarios nobody cares if you look bizarre wearing one or if the user is pointing a camera at you.
In combat soldiers are going to depend on such a device to give them situational awareness on the battlefield, and in a hospital a patient has more pressing concerns than some weird-looking medical equipment the doctor is using at bedside or at the operating table.

Continued Growth Expected In Head Mounted Display Market

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Major VR Head Mounted Display Update! Gyroscopic Mouse Head Tracking!:Billionaire-in-Waiting and deservedly so, absolute genius

That does it, I'm forming a Militia

All eMagin enabled and we'll hear about it when they get the damn wire bond issue straightened out: JIEDDO CSM gets hands-on experience with present and future Soldier equipment

Afterwards, Carabello saw the future of Soldiers’ individual weapons and sensors. In a darkened indoor range on Fort Belvoir, the CSM donned an Advanced Combat Helmet with a mounted Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III. He next handled an M4 with an attached Family of Weapon Sights–Individual (FWS-I) variant. He instantly stepped into the Army’s future.
The ENVG III and FWS-I allows Soldiers to fire their weapons at night without bringing the weapon to their eyes. With the M-4 at Carabello’s waist, the FWS-I sensor wirelessly transmitted the carbine’s aimpoint to the ENVG III display.
Before Carabello fired, Maddi offered his assessment of the ENVG III and FWS-I.
“It’s going to fundamentally change fundamentals,” Maddi said. Shortly afterwards, a series of loud pops preceded starburst flashes down the darkened range. The target was visible only to Carabello because of the ENVG III. The FWS-I allowed him to put 10 out of 10 rounds center mass on the target.
“All in the kill zone,” said a pleased Carabello. “That’s going to completely change the way we shoot.”

Google Glass and What Has Gone Wrong: You get one guess

The poor resolution becomes an even larger problem when one realizes he or she is viewing the image right in front of  their eyes. It is also extremely easly to see the screen pixels

It is also a fact that screen brightness is most often much too low in the majority of situations

The actual glass which sends an image into a person’s eye scratchs so easily that it is really not even worth taking it out of its case.

Fraunhofer high-resolution and high brightness OLED microdisplay

5k Candelas but still need filters for smaller pixel pitch, OK, eMagin's High Brightness Direct Patterned Color VGA was to be finished this month so the race is on to get OLED into Google Glass and the like. Fraunhofer to present their findings at SID in June.

Smart Glasses Rival Google,industry_consumer,aid_272899&dfpLayout=blog

The imminent age of virtual reality is an illusion

APX Labs Raises $10M to Bring Wearable Tech to Work

I thought this must be from The Onion's Special Head Mounted Display Issue: Norwegian Battle-Lab Drive M-113 Via Oculus Rift Augmented Reality Goggles

Instead of walking into walls while wearing the Oculus in five short years you will be able to drive into walls and knock em over!

This concept shows great promise. [although] We found the goggles to lack the screen resolution to see well at a distance, [the goggles] can also cause a certain degree of dizziness for the vehicle operator, but overall we believe these issues can be improved fairly quickly” Major Ola Petter Odden, of the Army’s Combat Lab told TU. “The Battle Lab believes the system can be operational in as little as five years.” Odden said that within two or three years such an application could ruggedize and mature for military qualification and get ready for within real traffic.

So Sony Supplies the People's Liberation Army Maritime Strike Force with HMDs for flight training eh? (maybe eMagin can work that into the advertising copy when the new digital HMD hits the street)

you have destroyers patrolling the waters around the Senkaku Islands don't you Japan? Sony is a bunch of traitorous money grubbing bastards.

eMagin Investors, before you vote the proxy please fill out this simple questionnaire so Management can take appropriate action. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TALOS Collaborators

any number of these could integrate the Optics, Rockwell, Raytheon, Thales among others. National Public Radio, Red Bull as contributors? SOCOM now recruiting sleepy touchy feelies?

Microsoft: virtual reality needs a cure before we put it on Xbox : In other words responsible companies know the Oculus is a Vomit Machine :Augmented Reality is the cure

"That's a hard problem to solve. You're using technology to trick the human brain to do things it's not supposed to do. That's why people get headaches. We have to find the right way to do it."

Tapping Your Inner Robot : And Forktrucks!

Already, there's evidence from a Columbia University study that augmented reality glasses can save time and energy for maintenance workers. And in February, the U.S. Navy invested in AR glasses technology to speed up training. Augmate, meanwhile, says it is working on prototypes with a retailer, an automaker and a pharmaceutical company, "the largest companies in those industries," and plans to launch pilot programs later this year. "There's going to be rapid evolution of this technology," Austin says. "In my mind, this is giving workers a fighting chance."

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Nonsensical Reporting Continues:Oculus allows Granny to take her last walk, anybody can tour Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment, interact with fake friends with your avatar on Facebook and believe it or not revolutionize the Battlefield

by allowing soldiers to walk into walls. We need a Regiment nicknamed the "Wallwalkers." Not one thing in this article makes any sense.

 “Oculus is about interacting with potentially the real world but in a virtual setting. You’re walking through the real world.  You’re not going to walk around with Oculus on, or you’ll walk into a wall.”

I agree with your general assumption but as to the sales potential of Golden-I or Kopin LCD Displays

General Assumption
  • Wearable Technology is becoming generally accepted by analysts as the next growth area in tech and is already attracting vast amounts of capital from investors. In particular, devices with a head worn form factor are expected to see explosive growth over the next five years.

But this graph and it's Billion $ Target is wildly speculative and wholly unlikely given the poor ergonomics and limited applicability of the Golden-I. Augmented Reality is the future in the Enterprise and Professional Applications, not the little black box bobbing in front of your eye that's the Golden-I. Juries out until eMagin breaks out their High Brightness Eyeware then let's more reasonably gauge the competitive landscape.

Google, eBay, eMagin, who DOESN'T lump them together? Everybody but the Puget Investor I think

Saturday, April 19, 2014

News Flash for the Daily Mail: She is NOT experiencing the outdoors, the propaganda is getting more absurd on a daily basis

I don't always agree with Orwell but in this case he has a point: Related: Virtual Reality, Palmer Luckey, Distraction, Online "Friends", Zuckerberg, Delusion as substitute for reality, Soylent Green is People, Dive Mask, see post above

Chris Grayson, Wearables Guru spoke to s bunch of VCs in NY recently to give then his take on the State of Wearables at present

and a little display company must have begged him to be in the slide and he said "OK, you can just stand down in the corner with Microoled but keep your mouth shut." Anyway a lot of this is neither here nor there. Vuzix and Laster do not live off military contracts, he certainly could have cited eMagin in that blurb as one who does but... keep your mouth shut. I like that he singled out Liteye as a potential crossover to police and security, Golden-I takes up too much space, Pupil is much more interesting and as to be expected Kopin, Himax and Syndiant get billing over eMagin but that will not last. Anyway, thanks Chris, this is all part of the educative process that's finally getting going .

Friday, April 18, 2014

This guy thinks it's Hammer Time but who really knows with this stock?

The Oculus Rift Propaganda Machine Rolls On: So the "best minds" in HMD Design "Luckey, Carmack et al", creators of the Oculus Rift are all under one roof at Facepalm

and someday they will come up with something smaller, lighter, more comfortable, less obtrusive than the Oculus Grift even though there are many examples of HMDs that already are all of those things. I'm telling ya the ignorance about this sector is staggering and I also predict when Facebook comes out with an HMD that's a copy of the Zeiss Cinemizer all the morons in Tech World will scream "Genius!", "Nobel Prize!" "Palmer Luckey is a Demi-God!".

"The ability of the technology to get smaller, cheaper, more comfortable and less obtrusive is unlimited where your timeline stretches across multiple decades, especially now that the best minds in virtual reality and wearable displays are collected in one company with the full backing and support of Facebook."

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This may or may not represent an upgrade to display currently in the JHMCS

No idea what this device is, image from DSA in Malaysia

Daryl Dieno is not a fan of Google Glass or this may be a Plant by the OLED Microdisplay Association of Bellevue Washington "Higher Brightness, Greater Contrast, Longer Battery Life Coming to a Face Near You"

take #4 for example:

"The Google Glass may display an image in your eye, but it looks like the image from one of those iPaq Pocket PC handhelds from ten years ago. Google could have at least included a 720p HD display, but chose the cheaper route."

Manportable Radio System Combines Night Sight and Sound: ISS- Jagwire, SpearNet, i-Aware

Yeah, don't blow it: Conclusions of Henry Fuchs Keynote, Godfather of Virtual Reality, Presented at recent IEEE VR Conference "unproven and unconvincing to most people" but ends with the Palmer Luckey schtick, VR will change the world!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Good thing Oculus/Facepalm has Ironclad Patent Protection for the Greatest Invention of all time to protect it

from opportunistic imitators. Tech World has advanced untreatable Oculomania.

Several drawbacks including picture quality:It is fairly bright in ORs maybe a higher Res display with higher brightness and contrast is a good idea: Potential use of Google Glass in surgical settings

From Summer 2012: LCD or OLED Displays

In Crimea, Russia Showcases a Rebooted Army: Thermal Sight Components from Turkey/France (US Made) or Belarus (Chinese Made)?

"The radios were one part of a broad element of Mr. Putin’s military overhaul: the replacement of equipment carried by individual soldiers. Known as the Ratnik program — from the Russian word for warrior — the upgrade includes new helmets, flak jackets with bulletproof plates, ballistic goggles, kneepads, uniforms, and communications and navigation equipment, as well as thermal and night-vision sights for firearms."

Failure Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Google Glass; Moral don't let Drama Queen's too close to keyboards

The writer might want to reconsider the premise of his article as the Google Glass One Day Sale appears to have been pretty successful especially the Cotton colored version, cotton? I guess that's the white with little black speckles. I agree with his conclusion i.e. these devices are generally tested and perfected from the top down. Top integrators and developers in his scenario are the military, government followed by business. He seems to not know that this is exactly what is happening, the field work the military has done, no doubt, influenced and will continue to influence Google as they perfect the device . From Land Warrior to Nett Warrior to Q-Warrior, to I-Aware, to all the new JTAC Systems from Raytheon and BAE, Liteye, from Top Owl from Elbit for Rotary and Rockwell for Fixed Wing HMDS Systems these near eye devices are not novel, they are proven and the same general capabilities will be available to civilians in the near term, instead of Blue Force Tracking and Distributed Aperture , it will be where's my teenager at the Mall, where is the nearest available Parking Place and is this Thai Restaurant any good? This is generally the form and function Google Glass is taking and it will be a success because it's the best way to get a large readable image to your eye in the smallest possible package in the most foreseeable  circumstances, the old Max-Min Imperative. Technology will out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Galaxy Glass? Samsung patents what looks like a wearable augmented reality rival to Google Glass

Hmmm...I wonder what the Waterproof rating is on this iWatch, 100m, 200m, 300m? As good as a Rolex Sub or like a Drug Store Watch

Moisture is OLED's greatest enemy so I wonder what Sealing Processes LG is using to make this watch impervious to water damage. eMagin CEO Sculley said last CC that their OLED Sealing Process is the best by far.

Google seems to be aware of the problem: Google Glass update improves battery life, removes video calls ahead of one-day sale

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey Interview - Pax East (Part 1): You have to wonder if this guys ever watched a Football Game with his pals or has any kind of social life at all, everything with him is about escape, needs an intervention and they look at him like he's some sort of oracle

No Shit Sherlock:Google Glass: New hot item, to get stolen

A kind of fever has seized Tech World: Oh that way madness lies...Mobile Gets Serious With Hardcore Gaming Accessories

Great, now you can throw up all over the otters and wildebeest: David Attenborough Documentary Heading to Oculus Rift

Research and Markets: Global Microdisplays Market 2014-2018 with AU Optronics, eMagin Corp, Kopin Corp. & Universal Display Corp. Dominating

DOMINATION! So this is what domination feels like.

What eMagin investor cannot relate to the last paragraph?:

"Further, the report states that the Global Microdisplays market is facing many growth inhibitors, and one such major challenge is high manufacturing costs. Manufacturing a display is an expensive process, and it includes R&D costs and the cost of the advanced technology used. However, vendors are TRYING (edit) to implement technologies at a lower price to reduce the overall costs."
Amen, bro.

And Yuval take a look at the synopsis of this report

look at the Market segments and see where a large display may be applicable, if we concede 1 and 3 in the consumer market what does that leave?, hint, everything else:

Head Mounted Display, by End-use
·         Defense
Ø  Air Force
Ø  Military
Ø  Navy
·         Consumer market
Ø  Video gaming
Ø  Augmented reality
Ø  Virtual reality
·         Others
Ø  Automation
Ø  Medical practices
Ø  Safety practices
Ø  Sports
Ø  Others (police force and design)
Head Mounted Display Market, by Type:
·         Helmet Mounted Display
·         Wearable glass

Why have two types of HMDs: those with OLED micro-displays and those with flat-panel displays?: Yuval continues to grind this axe down to the handle

the large panel display for HMD vs microdisplays, immersion vs resolution, lower cost vs higher cost etc. and arrives at the conclusion that:

"Ultimately, there would be many more HMDs that are based on flat-panels, but there are unique professional applications that would continue to prefer OLED micro-displays."

 That may be true if the universe of the HMDs he's referring to are for gaming. Sculley said it himself , "There are 50 million serious gamers in the world". If the majority of them end up buying an HMD with a 5 inch display then he may be right. But that's quite a leap to take when not one of these devices has been successfully tested and marketed. Not one has passed Medical Review. Microdisplays on the other hand have been used successfully in tough conditions for a decade. So I disagree with his premise that a large untested system that's tethered to a computer will have a larger addressable market than then microdisplays.  Only a microdisplay will work for Augmented Reality and Mobile Media. Nobody will walk around with a Dive Mask, no doctor, no forktruck driver, no pilot, no commuter, no anybody dangling from their belt or taking up most of the room his her purse. It's ludicrous and only makes sense if you consider gaming the only addressable market out there where large panel and micro displays are in competition. It's large panel that has a unique application, Virtual Reality in the Metaverse. A lot of people may use it but like Zachary said when asked what Facebook's purchase of the Oculus Rift meant,"The Rift is the rift between $2 Billion and something of value."  Yuval if you spend your life in an Industrial Park in Columbia Maryland you may come to think of the world as an Industrial Park in Columbia Maryland. Don't let yourself get Zuckerberged.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I never Meta an Augmented Reality Wearable I didn't like: Meta attracts big investors for new augmented reality glasses

Apple Continues to Tweak an Apple TV Video Headset Accessory

Oculus and Google Glass other then being head worn displays they have something else in common

they both have camp followers who are attempting to piggy back on their notoriety and to capitalize on their shortcomings. Oculus is the King with dozens of imitators.  Shortcoming, it's obvious anybody can make a serviceable version of the Oculus with COTS components in a day or so that is in performance is indistinguishable from the original.
 Two companies now have seized on Glass's Battery problem with their own "solutions". Speaking of Elvis first to market was Glass Sideburn.
"I'm caught in a trap, I can't hold on because I love you too much baby..."
Neat huh? Now as Russians seem to always be on the ground floor if these "solutions" like the Two Crazy "Virtusphere" Russians were first with a knockoff of Oculus here we go with another Google Glass Battery "Fix" because "2 hours of usage of such a great device is not enough."

Elvisontech with Microoled I believe

OK, if you say so, Amazon Phone one degree of separation from eMagin?

"To offer such technology, OLED (organic light emitting diodes) could be used.  We’re just speculating, though, simply knowing that “images on the smartphone would seem to float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles,” according to the paper.  But if we’re right, it’s just another boon for OLED-related stocks like eMagin (EMAN) — a recommendation made to subscribers of The Cheap Investor in May 2012."

eMagin can always count on the Puget Investor

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Virtual Reality Therapy May Reduce PTSD Symptoms: Patient wearing eMagin Z800

Wearable Eyes Turn You Into Emotional Cyborg: Novel use of OLED Displays, Paul Campbell could use these when talking to disgruntled shareholders: from the Land of Hello Kitty

Titanfall Producer says Oculus a No-No for the Game because barf: No problemo it's only the most addictive game ever

good luck repealing the laws of Physics Team Oculus. I predict that when it's released in 2 years it will look like a Zeiss Cinemizer or eMagin Z800.

McCoy said Respawn has a few Oculus Rift development kits in the office, and that he even has one at home. He described VR tech as "really cool," but not for a game like Titanfall.
"I don't know that people are going to be able to keep their lunch down," McCoy said. "Maybe in a titan because you're stuck to that horizontal plane. But if you're trying to wall-run and look down six stories, I think people are going to barf everywhere."
"I think [VR] definitely has awesome uses; I don't know that Titanfall is one of them," he added.

Reading the comments here of Yoshida I really wonder if Sony baited Oculus and Facebook into this plunge into VR

because Sony sounds just like George Zachary when describing the hurdles Oculus will have to overcome to make the Dive Mask a viable "platform". Like the guy said "How is this thing a platform:" Yoshida says, "Including our own prototype". I think he's burning the bridge before anyone crosses it successfully. Ok eMagin how you gonna do it?  PS: Sony said they picked the name "Morpheus" because he was the Greek God of Dreams. I wonder if they really chose it because they know that fully immersive Virtual Reality IS just a dream.

“Virtual reality of the past, including our own prototype, has been very difficult to use in terms of getting headaches and becoming nauseated,” he continued. “Those early prototypes had larger latency and the positional tracking may not have worked as well. I feel really sorry for people developing virtual reality stuff – they have to test it!”

Kopin Pupil Optic SmartGlass: this is not bad, leaps and bounds superior to the Golden-! lurking in the background, nothing on specs, battery life etc, Kopin has an office in the UK, who knew?

pointedly did not want to talk about the resolution of the Pupil's display.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

TrackingPoint is using a Kopin Display (800X600)

in the new AR platform the others remain eMagin displays.

Why Apple Hasn’t Missed The Boat On Virtual-Reality

It's only fair that Apple has hired former Yves-Saint-Laurent CEO to work on "Special Projects" as Team Oculus employed Frenchmen Jacques Cousteau as their inspiration.

I guess eMagin is holding their ASM at the Law Office because the previous venue was damaged

                                   "smells like the men's room in Grand Central in here"

too bad it was so intimate being able to talk to their lone shareholder one on one. Another year when they could hold the meeting in a Phone Booth.


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