Monday, June 30, 2014

Heartening to see SNU Precision can still corral some customers :SNU Precision signs contract with SAMSUNG DISPLAY CO., LTD. : Easy to use, sets up in no time, very few kinks to work out.

Swim with the fishes using Project Tango and a head-mounted display

                                                           "Should have taken some Dramamine beforehand Luca"

AR changes reality for logistics

Moreover, drivers and staff at the parcel hub could be equipped with wearable devices to gain critical information on each parcel, such as contents, weight and destination. This would improve loading processes and reduce handling damages. Finally, Augmented Reality could also improve maintenance and repair services offered by logistics providers if workers are equipped with smart glasses that blend in step-by-step instructions.

That's a really good question

Bottom Signal Stocks : Bottoms Up!

Google I/O 2014 - Wearable computing with Google

Leo Demonstrates Google's Cardboard Virtual Reality: The Tech Guy 1096

The "Oculus Killer"

Eyewear Companies Like Atheer and Meta are targeting the Enterprise and not the consumer for the reason spelled out here

makes sense,  glasses make the most sense when the user benefits from being hands-free.  Mechanic, doctor, forklift driver, law enforcement as in the case of Osterhout X6 glasses. Or maybe Glass did itself in with it's crappy rollout, bad publicity and all. And BTW the LCOS display by Himax in many cases is "impossible to see."

"Don't get us wrong, the Google Glass display is cooler -- there are few things out there more impressive that a transparent, floating display -- but that cool transparency brings with it a lot of problems. Glass uses white text on a transparent background, which means it shows up best on a dark background. The high contrast white-text-on-nothing screens aren't so bad, but a lot of Glass interfaces use text-on-a-picture, which can be impossible to see depending on what you are looking at."

Sunday, June 29, 2014

When the Parent Company CEO of "Grand Theft Auto" Says Oculus Rift is Anti-Social Then It's Pretty Safe to Say Oculus Rift is Anti-Social

Local Navy Contract Awards

Lockheed Martin Corp., Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co., Fort Worth, Texas, is being awarded a $75,980,553 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract (N00019-12-C-0004) for the procurement of 252 helmet mounted display systems in support of the F-35 Lightning II aircraft for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and the governments of Japan and Israel. This modification combines purchases for the U.S. Navy ($33,541,274; 44 percent); the U.S. Air Force ($28,938,439; 38 percent); international partners ($10,103,656; 13 percent); and the governments of Japan ($2,264,917; 3 percent) and Israel ($1,132,267; 2 percent). Work will be performed in Fort Worth, Texas, and is expected to be completed in July 2017. Fiscal 2012 and 2014 aircraft procurement (Navy and Air Force), international partner and foreign military sales funding in the amount of $75,980,553 is being obligated on this award, $30,806,571 of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. TheNaval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity.

Friday, June 27, 2014

What 500,000 Soldiers Really Means: Not As Much As You Think - Hon. Brad...

Poetically Stated Opt, I think you nailed it

                                                                            "Would you like to join my Fan Club?"

The PR gave CC a chance to show everybody his war wounds and relive the Glory Days. I believe these displays are for Light, Medium and Heavy Weapons Sights for USMC from Raytheon, Raytheon knows Kopin Drop-In modules. I believe more factors were at work then were revealed in the very petty verbiage of the PR. Principally the new procurement philosophy of pitting supplies against each other to curb costs and insure competition is in play, this is the macro view, no Kopin, no playing one off the other, like it or not Kopin will still be around for awhile unless Mattel buys them. In addition worries about supply chain and having one company with one line supplying every display I'm sure provoked some anxiety at the desks, we understand that. I hope the S-3 is intended to capitalize a new manufacturing line but as you say things in eManistan have a way of "staying in the future."

Reinforcing the reality that enclosing the Brain and Isolating the Vestibular Labyrinth is just not a good idea no matter what your VR Headset is made out of, Palladium or Cardboard, It doesn't matter : Bravo Google. Brilliant

"As good as" is not saying much but this is a fiendishly clever ploy to undermine Zuckerberg and Team Oculus Barf

Army and sole-source for "vital " NV infrared sensor technology acceleration, beneficiary of one bid, L-3 Warrior Systems

transparency in Pentagon procurement all here in Black and White. It's for Focal Plane Arrays but as we see the process for this very sensitive technology is closely guarded.

Australian virtual reality startup welcomes Google Cardboard, but warns of its limitations : Wow, these Dive Mask Developers are really bright : Yes, if left out in the rain Google Cardboard will turn into mucilage :They can't figure out Google is mocking them?

Google Energizes Glass Hardware but Current Owners Won't Benefit From It : Consumer Version to be Released "Sometime In the Future."

sometime in the future, sounds like the reassurances Oculus is giving it's drooling basement dwelling fanboys.

EG5 Ralph Osterhout : Ralph told us years ago what was coming with the X6 Glasses that were demoed to D.I.A. a few days ago where Uncle Sam ponied up for 500 pairs

what's different? In this video from 3-4 years ago he described a Micro-projector running sequential RGB as the display's engine. Now, the Front Page at ODG describes "dual HD see-through displays with brilliant 3-D imagery."  Google Glass manages a low resolution monocular color image with Field Sequential LCOS but not binocular, not high def and not 3D.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google I/O Cardboard Demo

In this Kopin-eMagin Kerfuffle this new approach to procurement could have had an impact i.e. to spur competition between the two

Ah, Lithuania IS getting into the act, Next Latvia : "Any volunteers to be the lead tank as we cross the frontier into Lithuania?" "Nyet." T-90 $4.2 Million, Javelin Round $80k

Ancient History Like The IBM-eMagin Linux Watch: "But Wouldn't it Be Nice

of this long ago agreement led in any way to eMagin contributing to the display LG is manufacturing for the iWatch." The crazy man wrote.

Google's Cardboard turns your Android device into a VR headset : $2 Billion : I do believe Google Is Having Some Fun at Facebook and Team Vomit Machine's Expense

Zuckerberg, you sap
you can buy one of
these for a dime. No wonder Luckey's goal is
to give Oculus away.

Effectiveness Order In Effect, Your Shelf Is Effective eMagin So Get Effective Already

Google Is Sticking With Himax

improved battery to deal with power demand,27130.html

These Augmented Reality Specs Can Turn a Regular Joe into James Bond

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Military Is About to Get New Spy Glasses : Osterhout Drops the Big One : Be Still My Heart

Hot stuff, The Ralph Edition of Google Glass is getting the slow rollout.  Will be the best design as soon as they are available. But Microsoft owns the IP here right? Wither. Look who ODG is showing them too. Pedal faster Google. Way back when Goog was developing their Glasses I understood that they had brought Ralph in as a consultant but now I think they were just working off his concepts with that doof they forced out a few weeks ago now they have hired a very nice, very matronly lady and Diane Von Furstenburg to help sort things out. Google X peeing their Patagonias over X-6. Life is funny.

"The glasses then present data from the database visually in the form of structures, special instructions, clues, etc. The view was smarter and more useful than what you would see with Google Glass, but didn’t get in the way of the user’s ability to actually see, like a clunky virtual reality headset.“Augmented reality is the fusion of data and your real environment. We’re looking for an immersive feeling, but not virtual,” King said."

Irwin Engelman Departs, Ellen Richstone Arrives

Bye Irwin

                                      Hi Ellen

Interview with Ms. Richstone wherein she admits hating Dr. John CC Fan, referring to him as "that lying Son of a Bitch." We like the cut of your jib Ellen!

I think I've thought this through

The BAE and DRS business for FWS III are intact but IMO they lost Customer #3. I thought #3 was Exelis but it must be a more distant customer with a tenuous working relationship with eMagin, perhaps one entering a certain market for the first time, that would explain being so anal and demanding a display perform in conditions that heretofore have never been encountered. Who the hell is it? Or maybe it IS very urgent. Elbit is a big supplier to the IDF and the Israeli's have to be jacked getting ready for what's coming. Maybe they didn't want to wait in line behind BAE and DRS. Real need would explain this but Kopin jerks have to get in their petty little snarks. Never a dull day in eManistan.

Just about every Kopin PR attached to a military order always say the need was "urgent" "great urgency" seems part of their usual boiler plate when they announce

what's bothering me though is Kopin's PR of being able to meet certain "stringent requirements" citing the reason eMagin apparently lost out on the business., This hearkens back to the difficulty with eMagin's Customer #3 discussed at the last CC, who is "very interested in using OLED" but the "demands for this product was beyond what eMagin was able to accomplish at the time". So Sculley said they were putting processes in place to meet this "very difficult environmental requirement". The requirement seemed to be about the efficacy of the displays sealing and interconnects. I find this worrying. The Kopin number, 9 Million, is large enough to be one leg of the expected Trifecta of Night Vision Contracts slated for eMagin this year. The problem is I have no idea what spec concerned with heat, humidity, impermeability gives LCD any advantage over OLED except perhaps a lower out of the box failure rate or inability to deliver #s required or meeting the "difficult environmental requirement." I am flummoxed, I am not aware of any ongoing TWS Program that has numbers this big attached to it.  So, sinking feeling it is a new program which looks like it's going to let Kopin back in. They are scrappers, assholes but scrappers. We need to hear something from eMagin management on this. We're waiting.

PS This companies long term future is tied to the Ultra High Brightness Displayed it recently demoed but for now Military Business is their bread and butter. And I don't want them to cede anything to Kopin without a fight.


is reporting Himax LCOS displays are in Lenovo's "Glass-Like" product. Lumus connection there too apparently.

Wait a minute, would Google be willing to let Himax supply another major HMD entry into the market with the same displays that are in Google Glass?

What's on your mind? : Mark Zuckerberg's and Palmer Luckey's Metaverse Will Make Scott Thomson's Life Perfect Except for the Simulator Sickness

Top Smart Glasses Face off Panel at AWE 2014 Vuzix, Epson, Optinvent, At...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It ain't good and it ain't

needless to say it's the usual, stake out a marginally extreme position and guard it like a dog guards a bone. Yes, the loss of $6 Million in Revenue is a lot of money, a Quarter under the troubled and nascent SNU Regime but what is left out of the discussion is the fact that eMagin starting in Mid-April is delivering on the largest contracts it's ever had. As of now the contracts for FWSIII total $800 Million plus and eMagin will derive a percentage of that total, roughly 7-9 % over the stated 5 years of the Contract. That leaves one other company in the mix who also delivered to eMagin a "Stop Shipment" Order. So the Contracted amount should grow by 33% or so. I believe that company is Exelis/Vectrus who have IMO the NV Monocular Display portion of the system. My own theory is that Kopin was so anxious to besmirch eMagin's reputation with their former customers they traversed into a place maybe they shouldn't have. My pet theory is that it was a supply chain problem /delivery problem brought on by eMagin's desire to get the FWSIII deliveries going after the screw up with the wire bonds that set this little train wreck in motion. So I think the company in question is Raytheon and they have had a previously longstanding relationship with Kopin during the whole Bridge Program Deal for TWS II and eMagin may have pushed them to the back of the line and Raytheon said cancel the POs and we'll get the displays elsewhere. I remember talking to a Raytheon Rep at AUSA and lifting one of their TWS Lights said, "Only eMagin now right?", he glared at me and said "Both Kopin and eMagin qualify for this scope." Raytheon and Kopin, both, could have been pissed about being left out of FWS III and this may be a factor in all this. Wouldn't be surprised. Never am, at people's ability to be vindictive. Raytheon complains and eMagin wants to keep the peace and says we'll cancel the POs, do your thing. BTW, there are no LEDs involved, the only displays that have qualified for any of these programs are from Kopin and eMagin. Please look at the Multi-Spectral and Thermal on a Chip (from Raytheon, oops, that mey be dicey) stuff coming down the pike, that's going to be OLED displays, count on it.  John, Mr. Raytheon. I blame you, kidding.

Lenovo’s Glass rival just hit the patent office

Kopin Inside? eMagin Inside? Himax Inside? Microoled Inside? Oh, nobody will admit it, eh?

Six15 Tech is still collaborating with TALOS Development, thought they had been dropped

eMagin Inside AFAIK unless they've switched to Kopin or Microoled or Olightek or Himax

VIRTUAL REALITY PANIC : Great Idea Being Able To Simulate One's Own Death As Indistinguishable From The Actual Event

Knowing that most users of the Vomit Machine are most likely drug users, legal, illegal or self medicated, Team Oculus Rift wants you get into deeper touch with their Limbic Brain and disrupt things in there a little bit. What a scrumptious can of worms this will open. Get ready for a whole new category of Mental Disorder, Virtual Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Monday, June 23, 2014

HOLDINGS STILLWATER LLC, of eMagin Corporatio Buys $1,030,000 Worth of $EMAN – #Form4 #InsiderTrading

Unfortunately Kopin is getting $9 Million more out of this and eMagin $9 Million less, the Bozos

Kopin Got Their "Pound of Flesh" in Today's PR

Sculley's right, Dr. Fan is mad at the goofballs in Bellevue. The "Virtually No Returns" was a slap at eMagin's "Stop Shipment" problem with FWS III to DRS, BAE and an unnamed Company which recently spun off it's Gov Services Business and named it Vectrus.  Loss of military business is a bit of a shock as eMagin seemingly had that sector locked up in it's entirety.  News Services reported BAE and DRS' participation in Future Sights III having gotten DOD's permission for them to announce, now as we have been told deliveries have resumed eMagin has to convince those companies to let them announce. Hopefully questions of reliability related to the previous "wire bonding" or some other cause will be then shoved into the past. Shameless huckster that I am I'll note that Kopin is more than capable of timing a P/R to take the sting out of the coming TWS III Announcement. There's some history there.

Microsoft patents wrist-worn flexible bracelet to go along with their Augmented Reality Glasses

Fab Five: The First Round Of Google Glass Certified Partners

City airport is world’s first to test Google Glass

Oh Shit: This Is Coming Out Of eMagin's Displays but VGA?, this is not out of TWS III but Raytheon or L-3 TWS

From The Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites : The FIRST Wrist-Worn Computer Was a Collaboration Between IBM and eMagin

I Know Where They Will Get The Microdisplays :A--Multispectral Augmented Visually Enhanced Reality Imaging Capability (MAVERIC)

Estonia To Procure A Cure For Russian Tank Columnitis as Should Latvia, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine et al. (eMagin Iside The Firing Post)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Bridge to Far Here TrackingPoint : Future Weapons Sight III which has this capability will be fielded to SpecOps First Then Brigade Combat Teams

but good luck with that going forward. Both systems use an eMagin display and good to see, not see, two eMagin displays on the cover of Popular Mechanics. Exelis ENVG, eMagin, atop the soldiers helmet and in the HUD on the TP PGF.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wunderlich Has Been a Long-Time Kopin Follower

presumably they follow the sector as well but you have to wonder with these comments, they, like so may others share a basic misconception about the relative merits of LCD and LCOS versus OLED Display. "Our understanding of the problem" is the polar opposite of the Truth.  "Not enough brightness for outdoors"? Remarkable ignorance here. It's amazing they settle for their "understanding" without finding out for themselves. They betray no knowledge of what is on the horizon. And people seek out these guys for advice?

"While OLED is proven for larger displays, it has been less successful in delivering enough brightness for microdisplays used in outdoor equipment. Our understanding is that problems involving long-term reliability for all colors remain to be solved. Google may be working with a supplier that has solved these problems, but we do not believe such products are currently on the market. Therefore, OLED may be targeted by Google for usage further in the future than implied by supply chain stock volatility."

Friday, June 20, 2014

"Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?"

Here's What I Learned About Google Glass After Hanging Out With A Bunch Of Early Adopters

Battery life is still a problem for a lot of Explorers. During his presentation, Dr. Sahin asked the audience how many Explorers felt limited by Glass' battery life. Most of the crowd raised their hand. Like any other tech product, Glass' battery life varies depending on how you use it. So, for example, taking video frequently will burn out the battery quicker than if you only used it for checking notifications. In my own experience, Glass lasted for about five hours with mixed usage.

eMagin Inside All These BAE/OASYS Thermal Rangefinders etc.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eighth Annual Conference: Creative Disruption: Strategy, Technology and ...

It's Fun Watching Oculus Figure Out That The Type of VR They Seek In Their Own Private Metaverse is Undoable

“VR is going to need much higher frame rates than consoles, although even for consoles or traditional PC games, I don’t think 30fps is smart,” Luckey said. “It’s not a good artistic decision, it’s a failure.”

so VR God Palmer Luckey says it has to be 60 FPS or higher to be "Art" but that will render their precious "Presence" to be perceived instantaneously as unrealistic. Think of the CGI sequences in the "Desolation of Smaug" as an example. Nasty, unwatchable, jittery and at that speed no game will run smoothly thereby increasing the likelihood of VR Sickness. Who knew $2 Billion could buy this much entertainment?

Microsoft rumored to have put Project Fortaleza augmented reality glasses on hold

I thought they got what they needed IP wise from Osterhout, guess not.

"Microsoft has no problem at all in the development of the device," however, a fair portion of the patented technologies involved do not belong to Microsoft itself. It's the necessary licensing reportedly that's keeping Fortaleza from consumers."

Big eMagin Customer Acquires Medium Sized eMagin Customer :Intelligent Decisions Acquires Fully Integrated Virtual Simulation and Training Platform Leading Provider of Simulation & Training Systems will Debut New Asset at Eurosatory

Quantum3D's business has been foundering a bit as ID has for the most part captured the domestic market and driven Quantum3D to pitching largely Asian Militaries in recent months so this acquisition is no surprise. Both companies use ruggedized eMagin Z800s and no doubt will buy the Digital version when eMagin makes it available. This sector, Training and Simulation, is #1 buyer of Head Mounted Displays and ID is expanding globally. The downside for me is the need for an ever increasing militarization of Law Enforcement from MRAPS to Combat training. I think Mayberry even has a SWAT Team now and Deputy Fife not only has "a bullet" but has qualified with a Sig Sauer 226 and has a pet Malinois named "Otis."

ASHBURN, Va., Jun 16, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Intelligent Decisions , Inc., a premier global IT systems integrator, today announced the acquisition of rights, assets and intellectual property related to Quantum3D’s ExpeditionDI product line. Used in the original development of Intelligent Decisions’ highly successful Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), ExpeditionDI is a man-worn, fully immersive, team simulation solution for infantry simulation and training. Its open architecture platform for integrating simulation and game software enhances the capabilities of the DSTS and allows Intelligent Decisions to offer the U.S. Army a true end-to-end tactical training solution for dismounted personnel.
“Procuring the ExpeditionDI platform allows Intelligent Decisions to offer our customers a more comprehensive and immersive training capability by coupling our industry leading simulation solution with a mobile, fully integrated and highly advanced platform for full fidelity infantry simulation and training. This acquisition will also allow Intelligent Decisions the flexibility to rapidly expand field solutions tailored to other military branches and law enforcement agencies,” said Harry Martin, president and CEO, Intelligent Decisions.
As a completely self-contained and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system, ExpeditionDI combines cost-effective training that is deployable anywhere with an unmatched level of realism that leads to more effective instruction. Further, the acquisition puts the company in the unique position to meet the demands of a global market that requires man-wearable systems to be compact, maneuverable and fully integrated.
“Intelligent Decisions is eager to work with worldwide distribution partners like Antycip Simulation to deliver customers in Europe and around the world virtual simulation solutions that are seamlessly deployed and fully compliant with the requirements of the market,” added Martin. “ExpeditionDI satisfies these requirements by affording customers a solution that is not only powerful, flexible and highly immersive, but also fully integrated, compact, rugged and highly mobile.”
Intelligent Decisions will reveal this new asset to the public for the first time while participating at Eurosatory in Paris, France June 16 – 20, 2014.

I think I know why Team Oculus will eventually hire more people than McDonald's "Maybe this guy will know how to cure Simulator Sickness, maybe this guy will know how to cure Simulator Sickness, maybe this guy...

Saker (eMagin Inside) Qioptiq's Fused Clip=On Thermal Sight is Going Digital

Monday, June 16, 2014

And that's why they will only use color cued symbology in Military HMD

Kopin Corp. sets its sights on smart eyeglasses

eMagin Inside

Eurosatory 2014: FLIR Systems Introduces Three New Thermal Imaging Products

Oh, a Strike in France, Qui Savait!

Vlad The Invader Hasn't Ginned Up Interest Yet

Tipped From Lurker at OLED-Info Blog Insight Techology most likely supplier of these Thermal Sights therefore eMagin Inside

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'll believe it when I see it :US looking to bolster Indian defence with Apache helicopters and Javelin missiles : eMagin Display in the Command Launch Unit of the Javelin

Competition for Javelin, likely to house an eMagin Display, shoots hot and cold targets :Eurosatory: MMP, the future guided weapon the French Army expects to field by 2017

Salesforce connects wearable tech to the workplace, launches Wear

Money for Something :eMagin S-3

Gotta believe the Prospectus when it says the only competitors out there for OLED Microdisplays are Olightek, Microoled and Sony. NO SAMSUNG. Therefore the Samsung rumor is bogus. Coincidence? The rumor that Google is in the process of switching to OLED displays in Google Glass is contemporaneous with:

Demonstrations of OLED-ULT displays are currently being performed for key customers with interests in ultra-high brightness microdisplays for applications as diverse as aviation head mounted displays, smart glasses, and commercial augmented reality applications. “eMagin’s ultra-high brightness OLED-ULT technology was designed specifically for transparent near-to-eye applications demanding ultra-high brightness, full color imagery with extremely high contrast, compact size and very low power, such as avionics helmets and smart glasses applications” saidAndrew G. Sculley, president and CEO of eMagin Corporation.

While You Were Away : eMagin Demonstrates First Ever Ultra-High Brightness DPD Color OLED Microdisplay

This still looks a couple of Quarter Notes with a Whole Note jammed in the wrong place but it will look good, very clean, very discrete embossed on a pair of AR Glasses. Paul Cronson cements his place in Design History.

TrackingPoint Closes $29 Million Round for Precision Firearms : eMagin Customer is Thriving

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Computex: Google Glass rival and other wearable tech seek sales : Hey SimEye, I think you need a counter-balance there like a bag of Sakrete

Computex: Google Glass rival and other wearable tech seek sales

Himax Counters

If you are a Short Volume Aficionado you can check it out here

Vuzix depicts eMagin's CEO's Vision of Augmented Forktruck World

Too Bad the LCOS Display in the Google Glass reduces the visual acuity of the OLED display in the scope

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick calls Oculus Rift "anti-social technology"

More eMagin HMDs more Intelligent Decisions DSTS "It's Super Realistic"

Intelligent Decisions only uses eMagin HMDs

So this is how they did it, Exelis Patent that provides a clip-on device, I assume for FWS III, that prevents the enemy from seeing aiming light : Patent Issued for Clip-On Target Designation Sensor to Night Vision Goggles

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Either the ironically named "SNU Precision" is fubar again or there's a smoking hole where the Fishkill Campus of IBM Used to Be

As if we and everybody in Duchess County didn't know...

Rudimentary, back of the envelope, guesstimate on the ENVG III FWS

65,000 total systems reflects present day SOF numbers. Hagel set to grow Spec Forces to around 70,000 as reflected in 2015 Budget he submitted to Congress. This could account for the rumor, there's that word again, that when all is said and done FWS will exceed $1 Billion if SOF continues it's YOY growth. Each FWS, monocle and sight should run about $350 per display, Guesstimate $12,500 per System. So $700 per system for the OLED displays.  $700 x 70,000 over the 5 Years of the contract as presently constituted = $49,000,000 = roughly $10,000,000 per year if spread evenly over the life of the contract.  So that's the DRS/BAE portion of the triumvirate that were involved in the stop shipment orders, who is the third and how big is there program? ENVG II runs thru the end of Fiscal 2016 so that program eMagin continues to supply.

The Battle of the Rumors Rages on

Google will replace the LCOS Displays in Google Glass with OLED from either Microoled or Samsung Display. As the only consistent reference in these two rumors is a display switch from LCOS to OLED somebody at some point has to say Google is switching from LCOS displays to eMagin OLED displays because apart from Olightek they're the only company unmentioned so far. Wait, hot new rumor. Google to switch from Himax LCOS displays to Olightek OLED Displays reports from China say. That way Google can "buy them by the box."

How (eMagin Head Mounted Display) virtual reality could save your life during a disaster : Kidding, trying to get some of that Oculus Rift "We will change the World" Line of Bullshit Jump Started

Intelligent Decisions wasn't kidding when they said they were poised for rapid expansion. Even with all the Oculus/GoogleGlass Hype, I am as guilty as anyone, Head Mounted Displays for Training and Simulation is the largest market for HMD globally. Of course the article swerves in to Oculus mentions at every possible opportunity "Oculus will be used for PTSD, blah, blah, blah" even though the eMagin HMD pictured is the HMD of choice for PTSD treatment followed by the Sony HMZ-T

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Delighted to see from their SEC Filing of Today that eMagin does not use "Conflict Minerals" obtained from The Republic of the Congo

"Blood Tin" as it were, now, if they only treated their shareholders as humanely.

#6 : Don't turn it on.

TrackingPoint working on dumbed down version of Future Weapons Sight, somebody should tell them this is already in the pipeline

Can't see the efficacy of this capability in a hunting situation, just tinkering I reckon.

I'd say today's action is a combo of the Rosenblatt note, the Kopin High Brightness Displays at SID and can start a counter-offensive anytime now eMagin

Dr. Fan plays his High-Brightness Card ( backlights, that's cheating) : Kopin Extends Industry Leadership with New Line of High-Brightness Display Solutions for Smart Eyewear

Well, they're not showing any Microdisplays :Samsung Display OLED at SID2014

Display Week Exhibitors : Kopin, check, Samsung Display check, eMagin check, Microoled, no, Sony no, Himax no

"I'll give you $10 Billion for it!" : Valve's VR headset revealed with Oculus-like features

Monday, June 2, 2014

Google Glass Samsung OLED Microdisplay Rumor. Curiouser and curiouser

Questioned frequently on the topic of rivals eMagin CEO Sculley has never cited Samsung as a competitor, given the chance in a public forum to confirm them as a competitor he said "No, they are not." He has mentioned in the past Kopin and Sony as competitors. Never Samsung. Jerry Carollo, VP of Business Development has made frequent trips to South Korea in the last couple of years. His skill is designing HMDs upstream from eMagin's manufacturing processes. Curiouser and curiouser.

Seeking Alpha on Samsung/Google Glass Thing

Rosenblatt Reports Google is testing Samsung OLED Microdisplay

To reiterate, eMagin CEO Sculley was asked at the end of Q&A at the Needham Conference "Is Samsung a competitor?", Andrew Sculley CEO of eMagin states emphatically "NO". At same conference he was asked if there was anyone interested in eMagin's Intellectual Processes", he responded, "No, only in our Manufacturing Processes." At the same presentation he  he was asked if OLED could be produced more cheaply than LCD. He responded "If you don't believe me, believe Samsung when they say OLED can be produced cheaper than LCD."

Global demand for head-mounted displays to reach $12.8 billion by 2020, forecast says

Round and round we go, where it stops...

USMC continues AH-1W upgrades

A more recent, USD11.6 million contract calls for Elbit Systems to provide helmet display tracker system (HDTS) kits for the aircraft. "The HDTS improves flight safety by providing greater situational awareness," said Hanzelka. The system includes enhanced night vision, weapons sighting, and weapons control capabilities.
Using 3D symbology and geological digital terrain information, HDTS provides pilots visual approach and drift cues to enhance situational awareness. It also allows pilots to monitor their instrumentation on the helmet instead of having to look down. The HDTS contract is being performed over a two-year period.

"And that's a Walrus behind you": How Google Glass could change the way we view art

"Palmer what exactly is Virtual Reality's Moral Imperative?"

Then for some reason somebody asked the Mental Patient a question...embarrassing, hard to watch.

Introducing the Sensics zSight 1920-199 : Yuval takes a break from his Oculus Type HMD to make one with eMagin WXGA

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Odd Microoled Fact Du Jour


Microoled operates at the direction of the French Atomic Energy Commission.

Sorry but The Extreme Future of A/R does not look like Golden-I

                                                                           "Who asked you anyway?"

Google Glasses: "They Make Me Feel Powerful"

And, another metric, the loons that are attracted to Oculus Rift are Batshit crazy

Has Microsoft paid $150m to compete with Google Glass?

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