Sunday, September 28, 2014

Smart Glasses Boom Means New Business for Optical Components and Sensor Makers: You Think "Glass Looks Strange When Worn", Really?

This is important because spectacles—smart or not—are articles of clothing and the general consensus is that the current generation of smart glasses—Google Glass in particular—look strange when they are worn.  There is therefore a premium on any optical subsystem that can improve the appearance of smart glasses by, for example, pushing some of the electronics to the front or side of the head.

The Very Odd Lives of Oculus Rift Enthusiasts

At Least You Didn't Ruin Your Keyboard But Feel Free to Send Your Dry Cleaning Bill to: Team Oculus Attention: Idiot Savants

Smart Glasses vs. Smart Phones: Which Augments Reality Better? This Blog is in Esperanto When You're Not Looking

Audition Tape For Oculus Spokeman, Clearly a Perfect Fit: Oculus Rift Review and Thoughts

Google Glass Demo - DiscoverSimple Assist

Thursday, September 25, 2014

UR researcher Tang on short list of Nobel Prize likely winners: Co-Inventor of OLED, Was Collaborating with eMagin on a DOE Funded OLED Lighting Project

                                                                               no, not that one

                                                                                this, one

but haven't heard a peep about that lately. He was the Guest Speaker at eMagin's Analyst Day a couple of years ago, wow, that seems like ancient history, charming guy. Good Luck Tang.

Another Satisfied Customer

Qualcomm Moves to Change the World and Create Real Superheroes

Now imagine you put this capability into smart glasses that you would wear.  You wouldn’t have to hold your phone up to see what was going on, it would be displayed in front of you.  Someone walks up their name and relevance to you appears magically in front of you (which is kind of handy with Facebook friends or if you are like me and can’t remember names to save your life).

The Coming Virtual Lifestyle Revolution

Apple-IBM enterprise partnership the result of 8 months of wide-ranging talks

GM Takes Google Glass on a Test Drive: Waiting for headline "Late Tech Blogger Took Oculus Rift on a Test Drive."

So much for Oculus

What happened to "World Changing!", "One in every house!" "The Platform of the Future!" Now it's "We do not want iPhone Type Success.", "virtual reality is still niche - it's hard to service millions"

US offers big arms contract, tech to India: It's still India but it looks like it's going to happen

DARPA seeks a better way to see in the dark: The Display solution for this application is obviously Digital-AMOLED

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

and the Boogie Woogie Flu

Pay the man...

Ocean AR: The US Navy Project That’s Testing Google Glass: I wonder who is footing the bill for eMagin to get their Ultra High Brightness Direct Pattern Displays produced in large volumes? Naval Research Lab maybe?

He goes on to explain how his group is just working with the “first iteration” of Glass now, and that he expects Glass — and augmented reality, in general — to change a lot in the next few years.


If you say so.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey man, send the bill for a new keyboard to Carmack and Luckey, the idiot savants who spawned the monstrosity

Liteye & ISTEC ICE Sign Joint Agreement to Bring Digital Image Fusion Products to USA: Liteye eMagin Customer

The microdisplays mentioned are eMagin AMOLED

TrackingPoint at the Alamo : A little hokey, a little clever, eMagin inside all but the AR

Maybe there are enough crazy people for this thing to get some traction

Ron Mertens Muses on the Apple Watch:How Will Apple's OLED Watch Affect The OLED Market?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Using Google Glass for pre-hospital care enhancement

The Problem in a nutshell or in a nuts hell

Oculus Brings the Virtual Closer to Reality: The Cult is finally admitting they have no idea what to do with this thing called "Presence": will they ever admit it can't be done? "No" but why? Because $2 Billion

Atman Binstock, chief architect of Oculus, quite succinctly summed up the biggest challenges facing Oculus and virtual reality in general: “actually delivering compelling experiences and not making people sick.”

Introducing Sony’s SmartEyeglass and how to develop apps: 1000 Nits and you get that great Batgirl look too

A Clever Google Glass App That Wakes Snoozing Drivers

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When this guy retweets this the cat is very much out of the barf bag: 612K Techie Followers

The Wonders of "Presence" Revealed

Wearable tech startup Augmate picks up $2.8 mln : Now we're getting somewhere. UPS Drivers etc: NETT Warrior for Civilians


Missile arms refused to Irish troops in line of fire:UN soldiers not allowed to deploy 'Javelin' missiles against Islamists

Wouldn't want to upset them they might get violent

Yes but they are changing the name to "Crescent Bay", now isn't that soothing, don't you feel better?"

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The F-35′s X-Ray Vision Is The Future Of Naval (And All Other) Warfare

If you didn't sign the waiver call 1-800-SUETHEIRASSOFF

More from the Gang that couldn't puke straight: Oculus Connect Attendees Have to Sign a Motion Sickness Waiver

“Do not participate in or go through a demo experience if you have been consuming or are under the influence of alcohol.”
Not 10 feet from the front of the line, hotel waiters offered up free beers to attendees.

I guess now they can afford to be picky, 27 applicants and counting

Friday, September 19, 2014

Now this is interesting

So Northland Capitals Note "reported" yesterday at Seeking Alpha stated that "Google had tested Samsung OLED displays and found them not bright enough." The "News Reports" of this today all trace back to Wilson's Seeking Alpha hoax, this is the only REAL news report on the Analyst's note, no mention of OLED displays, brightness or Samsung :

On Google glass, the analyst said it looks like Google will be returning. "While there is still no word on timing for commercial release for a new version of Glass, Google has been making significant investments in personnel including Ivy Ross and the partnership with Luxottica. We believe that earlier reports of Google looking at alternative display technologies are accurate, but believe that the company may be returning to the Himax fold."

 That Seeking Alpha report was bullshit promulgated no doubt by the Jerk (sure that's not the blogger's mugshot) in the upper right corner of this page, the erstwhile Jared Wilson, who, no doubt is a fake identity to undertake just this kind of mischief on Seeking Alpha.

Apple Watch To Feature AMOLED Display Made By LG

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How does this make sense?

Larry Page visits Samsung in Spring 2013 ostensibly to see about the possibility of using Samsung OLED Microdiplays in Consumer Google Glass.

Comes away apparently empty handed.

Google buys stake in Himax Display and uses their LCOS displays in Google Glass. Reviews are mixed on quality.  Battery life awful, heats up causing shutdown, problems.

Ron Mertens reports Google is going to switch to OLED Displays produced by a small company affiliated with the French Atomic Energy Commission called Microoled. (Red Herring if I ever saw one)

On recent eMagin Conference Call CEO Sculley says that prominent Smart Glass Maker(unnamed but clearly referencing Google) KNOWS that they are looking to switch to OLED displays,  and just how would they know that  unless Google is one of the 10 companies they have been talking to about displays for Smart Glasses. He adds "They (Google) just have to figure out how to get there." he said.

Report today says "Google likely to stick with Himax as Samsung OLED not Bright enough." This sounds like a throwaway line from Google. Samsung had a prototype XGA out there a few years ago but since then not a peep about them. Why compare current tech with 3 year old displays? Having said that apparently a new Samsung Camera has an OLED XGA Display. Just to add to the plot. That's not to say that Himax LCOS displays aren't brighter than those. But they did not mention eMagin. It's an odd comparison to make.

We have already had rumors of Google switching to OLED Displays twice. And yet we have had not one rumor, nothing, that Google might contemplating a switch to the best performing OLED microdisplays on the market. That my friends is "the dog that didn't bark in the night." My conspiracy theory is that Google is once again making public their interest in OLED displays but "these darn Samsung displays are not bright enough, if we could just find an OLED display that is brighter..." that's how they get there.

Seeking Alpha So How Much Stock can you put in it? Samsung? What? Samsung?

Google Sticking with Himax because Samsung's OLED Displays aren't Bright Enough

The Meme Has Taken Hold

It Made Peter Sick and as a Bonus Rendered Him Incomprehensible

Meta 1 shipping today: New AR apps demoed

Qualcomm offers developer support for virtual reality and digital eyewear

I don't think "showing off" applies to the Oculus Rift maybe you were being punked

Did somebody say digital?:Augmented Reality Digital Headsets Get Real

Display Week 2014 Review: OLEDs

OLEDs are no longer on the way; they’re here.  At Display Week 2014, not only did we get to see how they have become established in some markets, we also saw how the technology is advancing rapidly in ways that can only expand their appeal in the future.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



The Hunger Game

Forktrucks:Warehousing and Service via Augmented Reality

Had to happen:You can now attach your iPad directly to your face to experience virtual reality: $49: Not The Onion

The Great Purchasing Manager Search Rolls On; 23 Applicants and Counting

Monday, September 15, 2014

Another $2 Billion + Gaming Acquisition : Minecraft to Join Microsoft

"Just slammed myself in the head with a Claw Hammer, surprised it hurt so much #ouch"

Yuval has a new gizmo: New SXGA (eMagin) OLED controller is optimized for emulated military equipment applications

Great Resource for VR/AR/HMD : He works for SA-Photonics so you know, he's going to like them but the eMagin OLED Microdisplays get some glowing praise

The SA-55, and its sister the SA-30, were the first full HD OLED HMDs I had the chance to use and it made me a firm believer in using OLED microdisplays. The imagery is quite beautiful. The colors are very brilliant and the blacks very deep. The FOV of the 55 also provides a good level of immersion and at the same time maintains an acceptable resolution.

Purchasing Manager - Mid Hudson Valley, NY eMagin Corporation - Hopewell Junction, NY - Greater New York City Area : Up to 20 applicants, surely one of these people can do the job

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marines TV - F-35 Stealth Fighter Helmet Mounted Display System & Flight...

Oculus CEO admits Oculus design is doomed, sorry Oculus Microsoft is years ahead of you in the "sunglasses department." How about studying Prior Art? Ever occur?

Marc Andreessen and Palmer Luckey exploiting the gullible and mentally fragile with Snake Oil Phony "Presence"

Samsung NX1 Mirrorless Camera Spotted : Hijacked From Ema Lurker at OLED-Info

Friday, September 12, 2014

Well Josh, you know what the definition of insanity is doncha?

Like to hear more about this as the Liteye 750A employs an eMagin Display : Great to see Liteye break into commercial.

In the Future of Wearables, the Device Doesn't Really Matter

SPECIAL OPERATIONS WANTS PORTABLE LASERS, BETTER NIGHT VISION GOGGLES :Yes, we want them to have high brightness digital color displays too but you have to understand these things take time for eMagin to accomplish

They are moving as fast as they can.

Another ringing endorsement

The Future of In-Flight Entertainment: Virtual Reality?

Vuzix, Rochester collaborate to prescribe fashion frames, lenses for M100 Smart Glasses wearers

Looks like Rochester Optical Lab is the "go to" for smart glass frame design, Kopin next.

LG says OLED TV yields at over 80%, WRGB puts it years ahead of competitors

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Good Grief Luckey, Shouldn't You Have Thought of That a Long Time Ago : How About Who Can Projectile Vomit the Farthest

There's Hope, a Moment of Clarity for the Idiot Savant Who is Out to Change the World

Google Glass review: Generally positive until the battery situation

Tizen Powered Gear Blink Release Hinted: Google Glass Rival Arriving Next Year?

Arthur, you are incapable of learning

That'll learn ya

Night turns into day: Army researchers enable night lethality

SEC Smashes "Late Filer Gang": Nearly Three Dozen Charged in SEC Enforcement Initiative to Root Out Repeated Late Filers : To busy coming up with a "DPD" Logo Cronson?, well maybe they'll let you bring your coloring book to the slammer!

SEC Chairman says " these scofflaws, these late filers must be deracinated, eradicated especially Cronson."

You mean not one of the 18 applicants is qualified? :We have an exciting opportunity for a Purchasing Manager with experience in semi-conductor manufacturing industry.

Paul Cronson Director :Respondent Failed to File Required Section 16(a) Reports on a Timely Basis

                                                                     $10 Reward For Apprehension, Armed with razor sharp wit

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I was under the impression this patent had already been granted but today reported as new: Apple Wins a Patent for an Oculus Rift-Like Display System

yeah, looks to me like this was granted in December 2013 but here's patently apple among many others reporting the patent as new, all of them, no doubt, panting for a new HMD to talk about. I am too. Those ARE microdisplays positioned in front of the eyes.

Press Release: Smart Wearables Market to Generate $53bn Hardware Revenues by 2019, Driven by Watches and Glasses finds Juniper Research

Kopin is in discussions with Rochester Optical Lab

I wonder if they are looking to market their own line of Smart Glasses similar to the Pupil. I'm tempted to say "Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil..." but they look like fine people.

Report claims Apple is setting low expectations for iWatch battery life

Solve the Battery Life Issue and the Rest Will Fall into Place

Monday, September 8, 2014

Don at Investor Village, While Excavating a Tomb in the Valley of the Kings

discovered an ancient papyrus from the Early Dynastic Period that seems to show that a Prince of the Court, called Himax, attempted to depose another Prince, Eman, as a rival and competitor for the Pharaonic Crown. Not much is known of Himax except he was power hungry and affected cheaply made bright green tunics which were said to be so bright they glowed. Eventually having lost the power struggle Himax opened a shop in the Bazaar that sold kitsch to unwary tourists. So ended the struggle for the Crown. The definitive account of this fictitious era was penned by Jaret Wilson,  Graduate Assistant in Photonics ,University of Dipshits Press.

Well, which is it?: Quite and Productive, Produnctive and Rewarding or Quite Produnctivly Rewarding?

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee), Hopewell Jct, NY – July 22, 2014
Pros: small company
Cons: poor communication
The typical day at Emagin is quite and productive.
I learned how to use a microscope and take apart and assemble machinery. The management has trouble giving direction and communicating what is needed. My co-workers are a great group of people. When you need help or have a question, they will help you. The hardest part of the job is a constant change of work schedule. The most enjoyable part of the job is creating new product for the customer. – less

Oh, it's your childhood's fault not the Idiot savants who peddle this snake oil

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Techno-Geek Scorned

Augmented Reality Can Better Inform Troops: Six15, SA Photonics, Liteye, Microsoft X6

any and all will use eMagin displays in the final product.

“As those displays keep getting better, you could see this incorporated into a pair of lightweight sunglasses,” she says. “This does not need to go in a traditional helmet. … We can integrate with any display that is out there.”

Now it's going to make you sick AND set your face on fire: Getting VR to Run on Android Is "Hell," Oculus' Carmack Says and coins a phrase "Bite-sized nuggets of entertainment" Yeah, he's a genius

According to Carmack, another challenge that surprised him was how important power management was not only to battery life, but performance. Taking full advantage of all four cores of the device's CPU, he said, overheats it within minutes.
Carmack said that the plan at the moment is that the device will notify users as it's about to overheat, giving them the option to either end the session there, or change to low-power settings if the game is capable of adapting to them.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ya think?

DAQRI Smart Helmet: Origins

"Now they're beating the tables with their fists chanting "OLED!, OLED!,OLED!."

The drumbeat grows ever louder...

15 Applicants Already: Better Get Your Resume in Quickly!

Friday, September 5, 2014

"Strychnine, not only does it taste bad but it kills ya."

Augmented Reality Experts Unveil Hardhat 2.0 : Skylens for the Job Site?

Global Head Mounted Display Market Expected to Reach $12.28 Billion by 2020

Sony challenges Google Glass with its new 'Smart EyeGlass'

Def/Aero Heads-Up Displays Expand Into Consumer Markets

Thursday, September 4, 2014

No way, Jose

The Language in the Trademark Application Particularly "Headset" and "Visor"

also knowing that eMagin Z800's website was indicates to me that the Trademark Z-4MP is the HMD CEO Sculley was referencing some months ago when he spoke about an HMD he wore while playing an FPS Game, he said "like he used to play with his son and, "of course", he added, "he always died" but he said "the experience was very immersive." Of course a Digital HMD would cut across all the described applications just as the Z800 used to do. Training and simulation, gaming, serious and otherwise. DSTS, VIRTSIM, PTSD Therapy etc. And the circumstantial evidence that eMagin hired at least one college student to beta test something, it only makes sense they would ask his opinion on gameplay with the device. Backing off the Google Glass thing, a competitor for Oculus that's "immersive" without the untoward consequences is just what the doctor ordered.

Hi Max

Pay the Man...

eMagin To Market Own "Google Glass"? Don at Investors Village Has Quite a Scoop: Trademark for eMagin Near-Eye Device For Variety of Applications: Thank You Don : Z Designation like Z-800 HMD, What Does 4MP Stand For? For Mobile Platform? Mobile Play? Have To Wait I Guess

Get Ready: Wearable Tech Is About to Explode

I Do Not Understand the Dynamics at Work Here, If Himax is a crucial supplier of a Key Component for the World's most recognizable Wearable Device i.e. Google Glass

why are they allying with a company like Optivent? Optivent until last week was  a Kickstarter project which had managed to amass $20,000 to develop their Ora-1 Augmented Reality Glasses. Weird. This "partnership" sure looks like Optivent is a beard Himax is using to indicate they are and will remain in the AR Glasses game. Like selling your Lambo for $20,000 so you can buy a Ford Focus. Causes me to recall eMagin Management asserting without equivocation that Google's plan is to transition to OLED Microdisplays for future iterations of Google Glass.

Team Oculus Heads Back to the Drawing Board, "Wait!, it's Samsung's Problem now!"

I guess there's a OLED Display there somewhere, all I see is a couple of Park Avenue Barney's Windows Animatrons with Bulemia

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where's Optivent?:Research and Markets: Head Mounted Display (HMD) Market to 2020: Products (Helmet Mounted, Wearable Glass), Components (Micro display, Camera, Control Unit, Tracker, Accessories,) & Applications (Defense, Industrial, Video Gaming)

Himax and Optivent : Not good enough for Radio Shack, Headed for "As Seen on TV!"

Himax Technologies, Inc. Announces Additional Joint Initiative With Optinvent SA to Create Next Generation Augmented Reality Glasses: Good Grief Himax Is Scrapping Bottom: No Problems with Google are there Himax?

Himax Technologies, Inc. Announces Additional Joint Initiative With Optinvent SA to Create Next Generation Augmented Reality Glasses

We are a manufacturer of microdisplays looking to grow our finance department

Google Glass Outlook Still Fuzzy Paul Campbell eMagin CFO "well, Google backed the wrong technology (Himax)."

On that score, as well, a new Consumer Reports review suggests Google still has a ways to go. Based on its own testing, the publication made a $200 smartphone sound a lot better than a new, $1,500 Google headset for taking photos, shooting video, sound quality and battery life. “Pictures shot in bright light were slightly oversaturated, images were noisy, and contrasts lacked depth and dimension,” stated the review. Ditto for video.
The magazine also pointed out that Google’s claim of one-day’s battery life for Glass for “typical use,” turned out to be only about three hours under what its lab testers considered “moderate” and “heavy use.” That includes things like following turn-by-turn directions, recording video and listening to music.


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