Saturday, February 28, 2015

Virtual reality is taking over the video game industry

Osterhout Design Group Colab Presentation

The Future of Retail? Fortunately, No

Save the Shoppers, Ban the Dive Mask HMD

BCF Firefli (eMagin), Used with Easi-Scan for Large Animal Vets, Novel Approach, Scottish Inventors Could Have Been Deep in the Single Malt When Thay Came Up with This,Baseball Cap Doesn't Look Like the Most Stable Platform (You too Golden-I) but it must work

More Oculus Rift Fun! They Should Box This w/ Virtual Guillotine and Die in a Plane Crash!

Nauseous : )

eSight at 81 Minute Mark (subtext-Low persistence and latency are the keys to solving Motion Sickness)

Nvidia Preparing to Reveal new VR HMD at GDC 2015

The Steam Universe is expanding

Valve to partner with HTC on the Steam VR headset


Friday, February 27, 2015

eSight Featured on The Dr. Oz Show (eMagin Displays) This is awesome

The Rise of Wearable Technology

Ford Explorer: Interactive Print Ads

Crayola's Color Alive Easy Animation Studio Demo

The Emerging Challenge of Augmenting Virtual Worlds With Physical Reality

The DeanBeat: The promise and the peril of virtual reality... Starts with Laughter, Ends with Nausea

Ban Dive Mask HMDs...For the Children

Yes, don't eat Lasagna before using

Oculus is the New Ipecac

Family of Weapon Sights (FWS)

These are the eMagin enabled BAE devices that have been locked up in Government Accounting Office Jail over protest(s) of award by General Dynamics. It's the procurement version of a Basketball Coach loudly and profanely getting in a Ref's face, invariably the next call will go that teams way.
Should be out soon.

The eSight folks are doing a great job getting their name out there

BAE Systems - Q-Warrior Digital Helmet Mounted Display For Soldiers [360p]

Apple looking for hardware and software engineers to build virtual reality displays

One of the positions, titled "Sr. Display Systems Engineer," seeks a candidate who will work with software, electrical and mechanical engineers on virtual reality hardware. Duties include testing displays for virtual environments, working with display vendors on custom hardware, designing and selecting hardware and software components for "a variety" of VR environments and developing software for display support.

Military Optronics, Surveillance & Sighting Systems Market 2015-2025

The drive towards highly advanced individual warfighter systems is currently picking up speed in both Europe and North America, where land forces are looking to equip the individual soldier with the optical devices, personnel protective equipment, and intelligence capabilities to enable them to perform on the modern battlefield.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eyelit Inc. Releases Advanced Dispatching for its Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

New York, New York — Yvonne Felix’s Experience in the Big City...eSight

"What Has Roth Got?" (Dyslexic Samuel F.B. Morse)


We Shall Give $1 Million Dollars to Anyone Who Can Tell Us What We are Supposed to Do with This Damn Thing...OCULUS DRIVING VIRTUAL REALITY INNOVATION THROUGH $1M CONTEST

castAR - Share your 3D world as it springs to life

eSight, les lunettes qui redonnent la vue! French & English (eMagin Displays)

The "High End" OLED Display in the BCF Firefli is from eMagin: BCF Technology launches Firefli monocular ultrasound image viewer

Get a Pilot's Eye View of the F-35 Head-Up Display - AINtv

Another Bullshit Metric Dreamed Up by Chip and His Merry Band of Algorithms at MySmartTrend but you may be surprised to learn that eMagin (EMAN) is in the Movies and Entertainment business

See How MedEx Uses Google Glass

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Virtual Reality - The Next Gold Rush?

Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices to Explode from 3 Million Units in 2015 to 55 Million in 2020, Says ABI Research


Here's a teaser for Valve's virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift beater


Heart-warming video captures moment blind man sees (eSight) wife for the first ti...

Magic Leap clashes with Microsoft over augmented reality health risks

Near-Eye Light Field Displays

Rony Abovitz, Magic Leap, "Ask Me Anything" Reddit

Magic Leap CEO: Augmented Reality Could Replace Smartphones

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Virtual Window in an HMD-Google Patent

The Next Big Thing: New Realities, presented by CNET - SUPERSESSION FULL...

NVIDIA's Light-field Glasses Prototype demo @ Siggraph 2013

Good News for a Change


Bernard Kress: Optical toolkit enables wearable displays : Tip of the hat to FBL

I really do wish somebody like this poor dude would sue Oculus/Facebbok

Elbit’s ClearVision Enhanced Vision System and SkyLens Wearable HUD – AINtv

The Skylens Houses an eMagin Display, Agnostic on the Others at This Point

Leo Demonstrates Google's Cardboard Virtual Reality: Still true after all these months

SONY - Smart Eyeglass & Eyeglass Attach - Augmented reality glasses

With an eye on clinicians, Atheer Labs raises $8.8M for augmented reality glasses

How can this be per previous video?

Facebook, Oculus & the Future of VR at 2014 Paley IC Summit Asked about DARPA and current usage of VR at 20.00 Minute mark ie the Military and Neuro Effects of the Device question ignored completely, these guys are Bullshit Artists

Valve Showing New Virtual Reality Hardware at GDC - GS News Update


Monday, February 23, 2015

Valve's SteamVR hardware heads to GDC

castAR - Share your 3D world as it springs to life

Snapdragon 4K Video Contest: highlight reel and judges announced

"Yes,Mr. Zuckerberg...What? for a Lousy $2 Billion You Expect This Thing to Work? Are you Nuts?" Oculus Rift Creator: “Don’t get too hyped on the possibility of seeing [VR input] at GDC”

Google shuffling engineers on Glass project, ‘new team’ developing next version under leadership change

Volvo XC90 Behind the Scenes - Volvo Virtual Reality : Really? Google Cardboard, Help is on the Way

Digital freedom: Virtual reality, avatars, and multiple identities: Jim ...

Oscar Nominees Hint at Virtual Reality’s Future : Or How eMagin Will Save Hollywood

At the eSight Launch - Global News

Brian tries eSight for the first time.

InsideAR 2014: Ori Inbar (

eMagin Z800 Worn by Soldier/Patient

Introducing the Qualcomm Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear

Augmented reality will (eventually) reinvent how we see the world

The first key to that change will be an upgrade in display technology.  AR screens will evolve from small “glanceable” displays to ones capable of overlaying information on your entire field of view, while new apps will allow that content to interact seamlessly with the real world. That way you’ll be able to focus on the AR image and where you’re going simultaneously.

New Hand Held Thermals from Thermotechnix , the SVGA is eMagin

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Qualcomm Vuforia Featured Apps: Winter 2015

That's it, doesn't get any better than the last 5 posts.

Great movie moments - Unforgiven 1992

Goodfellas And Then He Kissed Me

Raging Bull - Joe Pesci & Robert De Niro "Hit Me in the Face"

I Coulda Been a Contender - On the Waterfront (6/8) Movie CLIP (1954) HD

The Envelope Please

  The Oscar goes to ema_lurker for AS Connections 1&2. There's no way to think about those contacts and not think that eMagin will be bought out by Qualcomm.  I always wondered how eMagin thought they could supply the giants, the Googles, Microsoft, Amazon and the Facebooks of the world. They alluded to this possibility at the end of a recent CC when asked about  new lines and they joked "well I can imagine that much production but not for us. " It's why they were so lah de lah about a possible cash crunch at years end. A lot of other crucial people need these displays, the military and a number of small important vendors as well, eSight, Trackingpoint, Penny etc.. The only way this can happen is if the big manufacturing dog in that list of contacts buys the company. Intel threw in with Vuzix which was a reach as they know where the competition is going,  This outcome seems in terms of a Licensing deal or Buyout like a certainty now.

Lurker please write your speech on one of the other message boards. "I'd like to thank all the little people who helped make this happen."

Visual, audible, and/or haptic feedback for optical see-through head mounted display with user interaction tracking- Qualcomm




Samsung Gear VR Review: A Shallow Dip Into the Virtual Pool- "Plagues"

The headset itself is lightweight and comfortable, though it left me feeling motion sick after about 20 minutes of wear. This is an issue that plagues every VR headset on the market right now.

We may have found Web 3.0 — it’s Virtual Reality

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Magic Leap REVEALED: $542m startup shows off its augmented reality glasses for the first time (although it currently needs a trolley full of parts to work


eSight and the Legally Blind

Talk is cheap Mr. Carmack

Talk is cheap Mr. Carmack

State of VR MVR AR Union Address 2015:Intel REALSENSE Oculus Rift Gear V... Ha! "Talk is cheap Mr. Carmack" and "These HAVE to get smaller and lighter", Hear, Hear, My good man

Airman wears Enhanced Night Vision Goggles (eMagin Inside)

Reality of the Virtual- Oculus Rift Spokesman Audition #5: Yes, He Just May Be Crazy Enough, er, More Than Enough and He'll Work For Psilocybin Mushrooms, Santo Wood Incense and Kale Chips

Apple May Lead The Charge In Virtual Reality Shopping

Sony to Begin Major Morpheus Push With "4-Hour" GDC Session


Car Sick Part Deux

5 Minutes Part Deux

Virtual Reality Could Be Coming To Your Facebook Feed

Virtual Mountaineering with Project360 | Euromaxx

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Game Developers Conference will shine its light on virtual reality, e-sports, and Internet hatred (interview)

Penny C Wear Interactive Glasses

Penny: Sculley's Swedish Linkedin Connection

I'm seeing a pattern here with eMagin. There first foray's into A/R are serious undertakings. The military of course, eSight, assisting the seeing challenged and here Penny. Their creator Mr. Lundstrom was inspred by time spent in the hospital and befriending a 17 year old girl shackled by quadriplegia.

The Story of Penny - Erik Lundström from Swedish Institute on Vimeo.

Very Interesting eMagin CEO Andrew Sculley's Linkedin Connections (thanks again to lurker)

Scott Bulua IP Counsel at Facebook. Is Facebook/Oculus trying to get out from under Oculus Rift's doomed design? Sculley mentioned that he felt all future VR HMDs would use microdisplays instead of large panel displays.  Facebook must have figured out by now that Carmack and Associates are no closer to a solution for simulator sickness then Palmer Luckey was when he taped a cell phone display to his head in his parents basement, got dizzy and barfed up Mom's Home cookin'. eMagin licensing the optics and displays to Facebook would be a real game changer and would enable Facebook to pull their $2 Billion worth of Virtual fat from the Oculus fire. Speculation but certainly possible.



5 Minutes

Healthcare is about to go virtual

smartsort @ TNT Innight

eSight Comparison Chart

Peter Diamandis: Keep Your Eye on Virtual Reality in 2015- Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock...

Google already seeding early next-gen Google Glass prototypes to select partners

Thursday, February 19, 2015

FOX 10 News |

Epic Games head believes VR will 'change the world'

"There are some amazing things happening in VR right now, and a lot of them haven't seen the light of day publicly at all," Sweeney said during a phone interview this week. "But next year is going to just be a watershed time for VR."

Is Virtual Reality Really the Future of Video Games? Stop Nitpicking Andy

The problem is, use the thing for any longer than ten or 20 minutes and you start to feel like you might die. Turns out having a block of plastic lashed tightly to your skull isn't that comfortable. You start to feel hot, sweaty, and claustrophobic, and the foam cushion around your eyes becomes stifling. Sometimes you feel like you're going to hurl. The Rift's health and safety documentation describes this as "VR exposure", which is yet more proof that we are living in a harrowing cyberpunk dystopia.

Virtual Therapy: Technology Helps Heal Minds and Bodies : PTSD Treatment w/ eMagin Z800

Will Consumers Adopt Virtual Reality? | Tech Bet | CNBC

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Your Thesis Has a Strong Empirical Foundation. Self-evident. It's Not too Soon to Call You Dr. Kenkel

My Eyes Freak Out

Sure, blame it on the demos

Facebook is working on virtual reality apps for social experiences "We're probably a long way from everyone having these headsets," he said. You can say that again bub.

"No, you don't look like a dipshit, not at all."

After All These Years They're Still Doing These Cattle Calls, Is the Herd EVER going to Get to Abilene?

Roth Conference 2015- eMagin Listed But Official Site Says Names of Participating Companies Will Be Released Closer to the Event FWIW

Mary Lou Jepsen TED Talk

It's a Small Kodak World-Thanks Lurker: Pete Jameson ODG

Diego Berta : eMagin CEO's Magic Leap Pal

Magic Leap A startup is betting more than half a billion dollars that it will dazzle you with its approach to creating 3-D imagery.

People with impaired vision want eSight Glasses Badly :Blind Karingal mum making candles to help raise $18,000 for special glasses to see kids for first time

Sony's SmartEyeglasses Are Here, and Even Dorkier Than Google Glass

Global Wearable Electronics Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2014 - 2020

Rockwell Collins Firestorm (U.S.); Rockwell is unveiling a "Wearable" Version of Firestorm at IDEX, AR Glasses with Dense Symbology-Guess, WUXGA OLED

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Battle of the Traders Rohrschach Tests : It's Not an Art It's a Dismal Science : Stocktwits, the Name Just Fits Like a Glove

Dispatch From the Front

Apple Joins a Myriad of Others in the Virtual Race to the Bottom- Patent from 2008, But Still, Seriously? Apple wins patent for a head-mounted iPhone virtual reality display

Colt Canada's Next Generation Bullpup Prototype Rifle

Exelis Takeover Another Crowning Deal For Hedge Fund Activists


Here’s the latest pair of smartglasses you probably won’t want to wear

SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1: true augmented reality

Monday, February 16, 2015

Unite 2014 - A Rocketship for the Mind

Harris & Exelis to Merge

should have no material effect on their Defense Business. Will strengthen both during Sequestration and continued threat thereof. Makes sense that they would look not to compete now in the same space. Better to cohere Harris' strengths in Communications and from eMagin's POV integrate Exelis Electro-Optics into Harris' Battlefield Network. A great fit for ENVG and i-Aware, Individual Soldier System Etc.

Sure to be a Seller's Market at IDEX 2015 in Dubai

eMagin Customers, Exelis, BAE, Intelligent Decisions, Sagem, Raytheon-Lockheed (Javelin) and a bunch of others.  The Qataris, Turks, Saudis will be buying stuff for ISIS and the rest buying stuff to kill ISIS.  Middle East, it's just business.

Sony SmartEyeGlass Attach Augmented Reality Glasses Hands On at CES 2015

Super Travel Sick

"Full Immersion Without Getting Sick!" Great Slogan, Everybody Gets That

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Photorealism - the future of video game visuals

4k screenshot

Super Huge Cool Pain, Another Oculo-Schizo

Phil Martin finds this chart meaningful for some obscure reason

Tang and the Clan-Patent application title: PATTERNING OF OLED MATERIALS

Special Operations Develops ‘Iron Man’ Suit

This surprises me. Whats up SOCOM?

Suit Sensor Challenges
Another challenge is with the suit’s sensors, officials said. One problem deals with latency -- the time between when a sensor detects something and when it is transmitted to the brain. Night-vision goggles are immediate -- there is zero-difference from when the sensor picks it up and it hits the eye.
“When I move my head, the picture is with me all the time,” the engineer said. “The problem with current visual solutions right now is when I move my head, it lags and takes a second to catch up.”
Today, even the best prototype sensor solution still creates nausea after being under it for 30 minutes.
The task force never forgets they are developing this suit for real people, for comrades in arms, and they have constant interaction with operators, officials said. “The last thing you want to do is build a suit that nobody wants to get inside,” said one task force member.

Esight exam for legally blind 10 year old

HEAD-MOUNTED DISPLAY - HIGH RES - HMD2A- SXGA OLED (nVisor ST50)-Unsurpassed visual fidelity in a lightweight, ergonomically friendly device that is both easy to use and comfortable to wear.

this model replaces LCOS Version HMD1.  User cases at bottom of page in blue. Biopac is a reseller of this Modded nVisor ST50 which has eMagin SXGA OLED displays

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lyme Disease took his eyesight away, eSight Eyewear gave it back (eMagin AMOLED Microdisplays) : And if he yanks that .45 on his hip there's a good chance he'll hit ya, before eSight not so much

If the Goal is $500 they are in good shape


Suddenly, Violently

But it's not Oculus Rift

What the World is pining for is an HMD that doesn't make the user sick

eMagin (EMAN) Increased Positions

DIY Virtual Reality HMD made from Lego

If I am right and Google's Marketing Strategy, Cardboard, Mattel is to undermine Facebook's credibility as a Virtual Reality innovator then look no further than Underwater Oculus and Lego Oculus. The public is doing a damn good job of this themselves making the Rift look like a joke, which actually, it is.

Caliendo As Ditka

Yet another but this one has Coach Ditka thrown in

Cmoar= "See More", very clever

Shark Punch: A Virtual Reality Game for Aquatic Rehabilitation: Oculus Finds it's Logical Conclusion: They will have to drain the pool momemtarily

I don't know if I would call this "showing off"-Panasonic is working on a VR headset and even showed off a prototype already

Friday, February 13, 2015

Microsoft Hololens - augmented reality glasses (functional parts)


They Will Win (LOL)

Apache Helicopters in Full Scale Production with Intevac’s Digital Night Vision : eMagin Display Inside the Intevac DNVG

DARPA's future war looks like a video game

Google Glass Experience Review, 1 Year 1/2 Later!

What's up Doc? :Warner Bros. Digital Chief Predicts ‘Tens of Millions’ of Virtual-Reality Devices

Thursday, February 12, 2015


The VR race: who's closest to making VR a reality?

All Night

Had a Go (Part Two)


Had a Go (Part One)

It's not outside the realm of possibility that Jerome Carollo, eMagin VP, Special Projects

is at Google smoothing the transition of the Immersive Head Mounted Display he invented to mods Google might require. Could be it. Timing is right. Slow the roll on Google Glass theory for now. In light of Google's ever increasing interest in VR and their desire to grind Oculus into a pile of black dust, which would serve it right, might make more sense. It's 8 Miles From Jerry Fletcher's, I mean Jerry Carollo's workshop to Google X.

Can you imagine the uproar on the interwebs if any of these Display Companies VP of Special Projects

was working as an Optical Architect with Google?

1) Kopin
2) Himax
3) Microvision
4) Vuzix

No doubt this head-worn is an outgrowth of advances Elbit is making with Elbit Everysight

consider eMagin enabled Skylens as a kindred technology. Shamir Meir in the past has mentioned consumer use as well for this tech. Stated goal.

Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 93): What is OSVR? with Razer’s Chris Mitchell & Sensic’s Yuval Boger

Never Happen with This Design: Good Luck John, If anybody can talk something into existence it's You

Brian Williams Invented Virtual News, 60 Minutes Takes a Closer Look

The Goal as always, as little combat as possible as safe as possible, Pat Tillman's Legacy :SQUAD X CORE TECHNOLOGIES SEEKS TO BRING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES TO THE INFANTRY SQUAD

Drone, Robo-Mule, TALOS

Artist Concept sure looks like Tanagram's (RIP) early drawings. SXCT designed to enhance a Dismounted Soldier's adaptability, survivability and effectiveness in a Net-Centric Battlefield. First it was Land Warrior then NETT Warrior then PIXNET now SXCT.  How do you say SXCT?

The POV is a Soldier Looking though an HMD, How is That Mantech Contract Progressing eMagin?

IF (Help is on the Way)

Just Flew In From L.A. and Boy are My Arms Tired

7 Interesting Facts About The Javelin Missile System: Interesting Fact #8 is the Javelin has an eMagin Display in the CLU

Colfax City Police Force Receive Night Vision Goggles to Aid in Searches

Specially Configured to Locate Donuts in Low Light and Through Obscurants

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

UCF researchers use virtual reality to aid PTSD victims

Subject Wears eMagin Z800

Apple Granted Patent for a Wearable Presentation Device

Google Has a Booth at GDC

Maybe you have already made your point Google, please do not injure the Moms

Maybe you have already made your point Google, please do not injure the Cubicle Slaves

Maybe you have already made your point Google, please do not injure the kids


Zuckerberg is a mark: Mark Zuckerberg says a real estate developer is trying to extort him