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"That's why they hired me."
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    good value

    i feel at this level the stock is a good value and a reasonable risk.
    I feel most of the bad news is factored into the stock.
    EMAN is not the only OLED company with yield issues
    And I find this management uninspiring, and lacking credibility

How does a company that generates revenue of $900k Q1 and has a $4 Million Dollar loss deserve such a lofty valuation? MicroVision Announces First Quarter 2015 Financial and Operating Results

5 reasons why HoloLens could put Oculus Rift, Vive and Google Glass in the shade

"Would you like to go for a spin with enhanced night vision or without?"

9 Ways Smart Glasses Can Increase Employee Productivity

Kopin Corporation to Announce First Quarter 2015 Financial Results on Tuesday May 5th

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"I'm As Mad as Hell at Paul Cronson and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore!''

This is my first post, but let me assure you I have been following this board for many years. I have been accumulating Eman shares for the last 17 years and am not at all happy with how the company is being managed. I would challenge any of you to find another 27 mil revenue non-profit company with so many employees having salaries over 250K.While they have amazing technology, they have shown no ability to produce at a profit without R&D contracts. I have sent Andrew and Paul emails asking if there is a plan to become profitable and I do not receive responses back. I struggle to believe that as a CEO, you could be a good steward of a company resources when HQ is in Washington, Design is in California and the factory is in New York. Seems like a wasteful way to manage a company that is consistently losing money every quarter. My opinion of the BOD isn't much higher than upper management. They make 80K for a single meeting and several conference calls per year along with the options gravy train. Hard to remember anything significant that they have done in the last several years. I am hoping for change, but am losing confidence. My 60K in shares are voting against every proposal at the ASM. I know I doesn't matter in the big scheme, but I am voting my opinion on how the company is being managed. I am praying for a buyout. Less
Sentiment: Hold

Microsoft Build 2015 HoloLens

Dan Cui was in Berlin Yesterday at IDTECHEX 2015, fulfilling a commitment? Someone else was there repping Vuzix, looks like Dan's talk was on the General Smart Glass Market

"Me too!"

"Get me some Wearalitys"

This explains the impact of Defense cuts on eMagin's Revenues...Scaling back of FELIN and FIST (Opt hardest hit)

in their favor, though, is their ability to lighten the load of soldiers in the field, even with the power savings realized by more efficient devices, however, there are still to many batteries used and misused. Pixnet, however, guarantees eMagin stays in the game as DARPA designs past systems which adversaries already are fielding. Necessary for the US Military to continue to "Own the Night."  Making displays for Pixnet is what the ManTech Award is all about.

- Social Media - Augmented Reality with Daqri and Metaio #04

The Smart Glasses Revolution is (Still) Brewing: APX Labs’ Eric Johnsen

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What It Feels Like to Shoot With the Military’s Experimental Smart Scope...SPI Uses eMagin Displays in Their Thermal Weapons Sights

This Computational Weapon Optic has to be the reason that TrackingPoint has made no inroads with the military apart from a dozen or so PGFs purchased for testing. And I believe this scope similarly is bad news for Kopin's as of yet unreleased PATS System. Attributes of the Scope outlined in SPI link.

 SPI CORP is engineering a computational weapon optic system for the DARPA TransApps CWO Program that will revolutionize modern warfare by providing highly advanced thermal imaging & night vision capabilities as well as maximum situational & orientational awareness for the modern military operator.  The system is slated to be ultra rugged and shock resistant, waterproof and have long range capabilities beyond the current thermal imaging technologies available on the market today.  The program is on track to literally “change the scope of modern warfare” with SPI’s innovative leadership combined with DARPA resources and will undoubtedly pave the way for further enhancements down the line to support our Armed Forces nobly.

What does this even mean?...People be trying to shovel an Oculus Rift up their nose? Ah, maybe there is a virtual nose tie-in... Virtual-reality architecture will be "more powerful than cocaine"

Virtual reality interactive demo of Ty Hedfan by IVR Nation

VR company Jaunt is starting a virtual reality movie studio

Who needs Dan Cui with Ron Mertens on the job? Hey Ron, I would like to invest in the Che Guevara Optical Opportunity Fund that ships AMOLED Microdisplays to Belarus so NVGs they Can be Transshipped to Revolutionary Movements Worldwide

sign up everybody.

Andrew Rosen, Doug Hughes, eMagin Crewe got out of B-More Just in Time, Hopefully the "Protesters" will spare Little Italy, Corned Beef Row and Pimlico

Yes, it's a bit of a mixed bag shaded ever so slightly towards the "PPS really sucks" side...Top Wall Street Stories: Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), Nabors Industries (NYSE:NBR), Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE), eMagin Corp. (NYSEMKT:EMAN), Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)wards

eMagin Corp. (NYSEMKT:EMAN)’s stock on 20 April moved down -0.62% to the closing price of $2.24. Its fifty two weeks range is $1.860 – 3.740. The total market capitalization recorded $55.97M. eMagin Corp. (NYSEMKT:EMAN) monthly performance is -16.25%. On 15 April, Dan Cui has been named vice president of business development for eMagin Corp. (NYSEMKT:EMAN)’s head-mounted display (HMD) group. The company has developed multiple HMDs for both military and consumer uses. It is now completing a next-generation prototype with 2000 × 2000-pixel resolution and a >100° field of view that features organic LED microdisplays.

Monday, April 27, 2015

John Carmack thinks motion sickness is a 'real problem' for Oculus Rift ...(First noted here January 2014)

Carmack can't hear you, he's still talking

No Curt, you haven't left anything out...

Smell-o-Vision Kickstarter, What's in those Fragrance Cartridges?

The Future of Games Will Focus on Escaping From Reality—and Improving It

"Man oh man, this thing could use a radical reconfiguration"

Enterprise Augmented Reality App Market to Reach $2.4bn in Revenues by 2019, Growing Tenfold from 2014

Google Glass in the ER? Health care moves step closer to Star Trek

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Google sends a Glass-like mystery device through the FCC

Bearing in mind that internet slang is boorish, hackneyed and reductive I would just like to interject here LOL and LMAO!

Oculus DK 1 & 2 Users Playing at What They Really Are, Lab Rats..PUT YOURSELF TO THE TEST IN VR LAB RATS ON OCULUS VR SHARE

The History of APX Labs, As Told by Smart Glasses: 2011-present

How augmented reality and virtual reality will generate $150 billion in revenue by 2020

GIANT FISH ATTACK IN VR! Subnautica Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gameplay...

Florida uses latest ‘augmented reality’ technology to go after lionfish

Tennessee Aquarium to use new virtual reality gear to promote virtual river conservation

Friday, April 24, 2015

Looking Forward to his First eMagin Presentation: InsideAR 2013: Dan C. Cui - Serving and Creating a Great Experience for ...

Examination of the Hand using Google Glass with Dr. Abraham Verghese

Italian Eyewear Maker Luxottica Working on New Version of Google Glass, CEO Says

Thank You Waz for Obtaining an Answer to Question #2 with Such Alacrity, You Really are the All Knowing and We Should Add All Merciful Waz

"No Problemo, You Have Two More Wishes"

The Pro is I make a lot of $$$ on the Social Good Thing, the Con is I don't make a lot of $$$ on the Social Good Thing..Oculus’ Founder on the Pros and Cons of VR for Social Good

eMagin Annual Shareholders Meeting to be Held in the Phone Booth at the Corner of 61st and Broadway June 4 2015 (Bring your own victuals)


eMagin Corporation






June 4, 2015

at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time

61 Broadway, 32nd Floor
New York, New York 10006

Not the Onion, A Silicon Valley Audition Tape Gone Terribly Wrong " His line was "This disturbs various GL state to render to an FBO" and an hour and a half later he's still talking

Too Bad Mr. James Could Not Identify the Maker of the eMagin HMD used in Intelligent Decisions DSTS But That's Right Bro It's Shrinking, Not the HMD the Gulf..

 Apparently DSTS is spreading to Europe as well

Hi Curt, I'm Glad You Enjoy Your Visits Here When You're Not Drowning Small Animals, Cutting Yourself or Plotting Revenge Against the Neighborhood Kids Who Cut Across Your Lawn to Get to the Park ..Psych study: “trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism”

Immersive Training Spreading Across NATO CUBIC's COMBATREDI (Uses eMagin Ruggedized Z800 Type HMD)

Scott Gets His eSight Insurance Companies have to get on board with this thing

I wonder if Calipari hands Mary her paycheck under the table (benches oculus for not being in playing shape, "big, heavy thing")

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Question #9

there was another company that partnered with eMagin in the execution of the Focus Group. Who was it?

The best way to get the Answers to 1) and 2) is to invoke the amazing mystical powers of...

"Waz the All Knowing"

eMagin Investors Predictive Analytics Survey

"Well, How Many?"

eMagin Investor Wunderlic Test Part 1.0

"Am I Half Empty or Half Full?

8 Burning Questions Concerning eMagin's Past, Present and Future (Some Dan Cui Content)

1) date of earnings
2)date of ASM
3) results of focus group(and hopefully a list of attendees) 
4) naming contest for new ihmd
5) rollout of the ihmd
6) why did JC go to Goog
7) why did Dan C. come to Emagin 
8) sales .. like how many units is esight selling ?

1) what's the diff?

2) I predict it will be June 4th 2015 at Broadway and 61st Street, BYO Victuals
3) They told us the result, they liked the wide FOV of the Oculus, did not like screen door effect and weight and size of the device, they did not like the Zeiss Cinemizer, low resolution and narrow FOV, they liked everything about the eMagin iHMD guessing they did not tell the penniless college students the price tag, probably would not like that, the participants in the focus group were area college students with an interest in video games, you will never get "a list of the attendees", employed as "consultants"
4)I would like to know when the "naming contest" is as well
5)me too
6)to be an Optical Architect
7)to do what he did at Vuzix and Myvu, introduce leading edge technology, raise the visibility of the company and use his extensive contacts, sales ability and reputation to engage with potential partners and get them on board
8)probably dozens by now


Google Glass 2.0: New patent gives us the most likely depiction we’ve seen yet

Oculus Rift Unlikely to Ship to Consumers in 2015

what's holding things up?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3rd Shelf Down

There FOTF goes/not goes again

Campbell says I'm grounded too expensive

"Let's say you are one of a much maligned and chronically depressed handful who for years has owned a stock called $EMAN and you need a virtual hug..."

This is kind of ironic ain't it? Maybe eMagin will provide therapy for the malady that they created.

DSS 2015: photonics 'crucial' for next-gen warfighters

MINI's X-Ray Glasses: VR For Driving...Wow, what a dynamic presenter!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

After using that Rupert Old Boy you will be Fairly Unbalanced

Microsoft is making HoloLens games — and attacking virtual reality’s momentum

That's not true, as an eNigma Investor I already live in an imaginary world..We'll Soon Live in an Imaginary World


Another Phone for Your Phace with Owl-Like FOV..Google’s Chief Technology Advocate Joins as Wearlity Sky CEO as Kickstarter Passes $60,000

If you just happen to be in LA Mr. Cui, give em a call

Since there is nothing else to obsess about except the hiring of the new "Face of the Franchise" Disclaimer: Rampant Speculation,( Even the Oracle at Delphi Had to Find a Way to make Chicken Entrails Interesting)

 a couple of allusions in the PR stick with me. The first was pointing out the FOTF's success in raising the Market Visibility of Vuzix. No small task, they are even, if possible, a less sexy Upstate New York story than eMagin's.  So he rode the beginnings of AR mania into a significant investment from a whale. He is obviously a very good salesman. THIS> THIS> THIS is eMagin's biggest need apart from the ongoing manufacturing issues. In fact if Comrade Cui can raise the visibility enough while selling the concept that AMOLED Microdisplays are the future of AR and VR that concern could be made obsolete by an acquisition.  To me in the last CC the Joy Boys were just not that interested in the far future. At the previous CC they joked about setting up multiple manufacturing lines but chortled "it won't be us."
 Why in the PR mention LCD and LCOS as the competition for placement in VR HMDs? I know of no such devices for Virtual Reality anywhere. Kopin rushed out and hired Mr. Iba when they caught wind of what eMagin was up too. They are from outward appearances just beginning the process. So why no mention of Oculus and large display Dive Mask HMDs? That was what the Bellevue College Focus Group was all about wasn't it? Nobody is thinking about Microdisplays at present save a very few. It's just the "Dog that didn't bark in the night" thingy. Maybe they just forgot. Or maybe they know those devices are obsolete as well.

Microsoft's HoloLens' Release Date, Features and News: Relationship Between HoloLens and Xbox Discussed by Phil Spencer

Recent research into the head mounted display market regional outlook, application analysis and market growth to 2020

eMagin Milestone of the Day, Awesome

"10th Lowest PEG Ratio in the World but not resting on my Laurels"

Technology Demand: Why will people choose Virtual Reality?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The ACES Compliance Summit: Anti-Corruption | Export Controls | Sanctions

seems a little odd that eMagin's General Counsel is participating in this summit unless the technology is being targeted for acquisition by less than friendly entities. There have been recent cases where individuals obtained thermal devices and attempted to smuggle or smuggled TWS and Digital Night Vision to Russia, Belarus and the M.E. Former Navy SEAL was just arrested in CA for similar. So it's a lively market. A technology in demand.
Everybody remembers MOH Awardee Dakota Meyer's freakout that BAE was transhipping Fused TWS through an Emirate to Pakistan. Never was a report on that after Meyer left the company. That could have been PTSD or the situation was remedied to his satisfaction and he clammed up.
Anyway I was not aware that anyone has of yet replaced Susan Taylor but I guess they have one. A lot of eMagin OEMs going, BAE, Raytheon Exelis, Elbit et al so it is a pervasive problem.

If you are so inclined Nominate eMagin...

For their untested except by some College Students from Bellevue University and some Poohbahs from companies you have heard of, for their unnamed, unseen, radical configuration of an Immersive Head Mounted Display with Flip-Up Capability. Maybe they need a new Hardware sub-category, not quite a Unicorn and not quite a Kentucky Derby Nominee, somewhere in between.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Two Crazy Russians" either made Billions of Rubles on their Knock-Off Oculusky Riftsky or the Virtusphere Dream is Over

FBL, check this out

easy to set it up, make it as basic or involved as you wish, it's free, I don't have to open for comments, next thing you know sobdatruth, curtoblaine, emanscam types will find a new outlet for their pathology and I'll have to moderate and kick people off like I was a controlling little martinet. If you do it I'll post a permalink and feature stuff you publish. The keywords come naturally, because it's Google they show up prominently in Search Results. You will have readership in no time. Talk about all your companies. There's only one other sector related blog and that's Wearable Investing which is quite useless. Give it a shot.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ms. Kohin's Filing

Ok Margaret, what is up? I'll Guess Options

7 Interesting Facts About The Javelin Missile System | eMagin Display Inside the CLU

If you told me eMagin would have a part in repairing our broken Society...I would say, most people would say they couldn't fix their own Deposition Tool much less Society, oh yeah? Who's laughing now..How virtual reality is going to fix society and humanize social media

but the "humanizing the Social Media", THAT is a server to far, right curt?

So is Jerry Carollo working on VR or AR as an Optical Architect at Google?...I guess it could be both..Google's Works with Cardboard program promises 'awesome VR' for everyone

Dan Cui, better than NASCAR, demo the iHMD for these two guys, mega-buzz, infinitly better product placement than the POS Oculus cameo in last weeks "Silicon Valley"

Andreessen is a consultant for that HBO program so there it was in all it's nausea inducing cracker box glory.


NVIDIA's Light-field Glasses Prototype demo @ Siggraph 2013

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Man, eMagin has filed some real stinkers Trademark wise, most abandoned...ready for the name the iHMD Contest because anybody, almost anybody could do better than these, Cronson dreamed them up no doubt, of course who could forget the the Jonses Eyebud

"Still a mystery to me why it never caught on"

The Eyewitness, The Private Eye, Veracity, Private Eyes (guess that would be the Binocular Version of the Private Eye).

NEW on Roundme: VR Headset Support

Chris Grayson is a keen observer of the Wearables Sector (Meteorologically speaking)

eMagin Hires Dan Cui as VP of Business Development to Bolster HMD Effort

But he's got top billing...Not go or wear a different Polo Shirt?

The Fact of the Matter is That the Only Microdisplays That Jerry Carollo has Ever Designed Around are eMagin AMOLED Displays and Now He is an Optical Architect at Google

that is the larger point that various "interested parties" want to obscure by their semantic hand wringing and carping.

Intel Capital Invests in World Viz, "Where Virtual Becomes Reality" They sell eMagin, Sensics among other HMDs & other VR Related Products

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Sales Model at eMagin "No to Sales Guys, Yes to Prototypes"an approach that makes perfect sense

Why Vuzix even sponsors NASCAR and eMagin's answer below

Why would Mr. Cui leave such an up and coming company like Vuzix, wow, look at the company they keep, for a backwater, unknown, stealth, seemingly lifeless bunch of inhabitants of Palookaville called eMagin Corp?

How a Troll-Spotting Algorithm Learned Its Anti-antisocial Trade

Trolls are the scourge of many an Internet site. These are people who deliberately engage in antisocial behavior by posting inflammatory or off topic messages. At best, they are a frustrating annoyance; at the worst they can make people’s lives a misery.

Kopin Corporation Promotes Bill Maffucci to Vice President of Defense Programs..Kopin pivots to Defense?

Jerry Carollo's old Intevac buddy climbs the ladder.

Wikitude and Vuzix link up in a strategic partnership "Face of the Franchise" in Action

Sensics, eMagin OEM, Official Maintainer of VRPN

way to go Yuval

The Ironically named Yahoo Message Board Poster, zeroletdown, has a long history of disseminating misleading information or outright falsehoods

that, in his mind, serve his day trading purposes and desire for recognition as an "expert" on the subject. Do Wide Area Night Surveillance Cameras have eMagin displays in them? Do Intensifier Tubes have eMagin displays? Do PVS-14s have eMagin displays? Do Nose Mounted FLIR on Rotary Wing Aircraft like the Apache have eMagin Displays in them? Yes, according to zeroletdown they ALL have eMagin displays. There's many more examples but you get the picture.

Uh-Oh, has somebody else mistakenly filled out his Linkedin profile indicating he is a presently employed at eMagin?, Dan Cui apparently, like Jerry Carollo the poor man has no idea where he works, fact check please! can anyone confirm?

Vice President Business Development, Head Mounted Displays at eMagin  

Get a Pilot's Eye View of the F 35 Head Up Display... Yeah but don't fly within 20 miles of a thunderstorm because the thing will blow up if struck by lightning

How Google Glass could reform healthcare

Monday, April 13, 2015

Virtual Reality - Coming to a Display Near You

Brightline Interactive Teams With Toyota for Virtual Reality Driving

NAB Show: Peter Guber Calls on Broadcasters To Embrace Virtual Reality

So Here's an Intelligence Test That Was Administered to the (Ironically Named) Poster Zeroletdown From the Yahoo EMAN Message Board

Keep your own score, Honor System in effect. Good Luck.

1) How many fingers are being held up in the picture below.

2) This 16th President of the United States known as "Honest Abe Lincoln" was Chief Executive during the American Civil War and fought to preserve the Union and Free the Slaves. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth and is celebrated on Lincoln's Birthday. What is his name?

3) When somebody says on their Linkedin Profile that they are presently working at two companies i.e Google and eMagin they are probably only working at one. If the position with eMagin requires said employee to "report to the CEO of eMagin" on the work he is doing at Google he probably meant to say "I have nothing to do with eMagin, I do not know why I typed those words, I must have been drunk."

"I sorta look like Roy Orbison, don't I?"

1) False

3) South Dakota

If you got all three questions wrong, freak out, you are Zeroletdown.
If you answered all three correctly you are just fine.

PS: The same poster has for years consistently misidentified devices that utilize eMagin microdisplays. He still, after all this time, does not know the difference between Direct View NVGs and Fused Systems.

When Great Minds Cohere

Is it possible BMW could make them look a little less Euro-weenieish?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Blind Woman Sees for the First Time in a Decade!

Don't Know If This Means Existing HMAs are Somehow Deficient and Require Replacement & Upgrade or this is a Generational Upgrade to Improve HMAs for Newly Produced Enhanced NVG IIs..Exelis : Special Notice - 10-- **NOTICE TYPE: SYNOPSIS OF JUSTIFICATION AND APPROVAL (J&A), INTENT TO MODIFY CONTRACT(S) W91CRB-10-C-0177 (Exelis) and W91CRB-10-C-0179 (L-3)** Justification and Approval (J&A)

FELIN Sagem Future Infantry Soldier System Fantassins Equipements LIaiso...

Maybe SAGEM Will Drop In 37,000 DSVGAs Where the SVGAs Used to Be..Sagem To Upgrade French Army's FELIN Soldier Modernization System

ViewLink MyVu VizCom Headmounted Android video-streaming system

Microsoft Should Release A Virtual Reality Device Focused On Core Gaming Market

Google Glass Partner, CrowdOptic, Granted U.S. Patent 9,020,832

Xbox boss adds his voice to VR dissenters

“X-ray Vision” may be coming to a car near you: BMW partners with Qualcomm (and Osterhout) to bring augmented reality to the MINI Interview with Dan Cui, VP of ...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Purebuds Earphones from Amazing Tech Products Inc on QVC TV

Keith Washo is the Senior Director of Alliances at Vuzix Corporation Replacing Dan Cui Who Has Made His Way to eMagin Corporation.

Mr. Washo is a published Author with a background in Tech Sales not necessarily in Hi-Tech or wearables. So Dan Cui IS in the fold, his breezy approach, contacts, Myvu and Vuzix experience and successful record of building partnerships globally is a perfect fit for eMagin a company that badly needs a "face of the franchise". Up until now if you asked me to describe eMagin Management's personality in one word that word would be "austere." Mr. Cui is most certainly not austere. And his Innovation Inspired Pursuit Sales philosophy should work a hell of a lot lot better than Gary Jones Viral Marketing and whatever the eMagin Sales Team is doing now.  No offense.
Little Vid above of Mr. Washo doing his sales thing. Will we see him on QVC or Shark Tank flogging Ar Glasses?

Larry King Plays Oculus Rift & GTA Online...If Oculus Had any Remnant of a Coolness Factor Left in It's Dated and Nausea Inducing Design It is Now Gone..."Next Up the Comedic Genius of Tom Arnold, Stick Around!"

Augmented Reality and #GoogleGlass on #WearableOnAir

OK, who's trolling Mr. Cui on Twitter? John Damen, aren't you the guy Red Sox fans said "Looks like Jesus, throws like Mary and betrayed us like Judas?

Vuzix next generation Smart Glass design...Dan is a very good salesman which indicates that at some point eMagin will have something similar to sell

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Discussion at Yahoo Vuzix concerning Mr. Cui

#CESlive: Vuzix Brings AR Glasses to the Masses

Fingers Crossed It's True, eMagin Needs This Man's Skills

Dynamic leader and entrepreneurial executive with a wealth of expertise in the orchestration of start-up launches and growth ventures within the technology industry. Proven track record of driving sales and new business development through the design and execution of innovative marketing strategies. Expert in the identification and analysis of diverse operational issues and business models with demonstrated ability to employ continuous process improvement to elevate performance and boost productivity. High-energy motivator, skilled at building and leading talented cross-functional teams forward to excellence. Strategic initiative-taker and catalyst for sustained growth, quality and profitability within competitive markets both domestically and internationally.

FBL Does Some Twitter Archeology and Discovers This...Can't Imagine This Means Anything Other Than Mr. Cui is Jumping Ship to eMagin Because Nobody Writes about the eMancipation Proclamation or Our New eMployee

Deep Situational Awareness Thought of the Day

To defeat seeing through dense foliage, Sensor CoI is exploring the use of Laser Illuminated Detection and Ranging, LADAR, technologies. Simply put, LADAR creates 3D-image pictures using laser range-finding sensors, he said. Powerful algorithms are used to merge many images and separate the signal from the noise, with the signal being "focuses of interest" and noise being jungle clutter.
LADAR technology is being married up with OLED, or organic light emitting diode, micro-displays to provide suitable images, he said. OLED screens are small but pack surprisingly sharp imagery on them. They also work at night.

UPS and Fedex, Flower Deliverers, Pizza Guys, Chinese Food Guys etc..How Reality-Altering Glasses Could Save the Postal Service Millions

Why augmented reality is expected to be four times bigger than virtual reality

SPIE DSS eMagin is an Exhibitor...Bringing the iHMD Guys?

Obscure Algorithm Issues "Strong Buy" Alert for Obscure Company

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Below Keltner


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