Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BAE Waveguide I assume the first iteration was Q-Warrior

Valve + Microsoft Team Up For VR! (29th June 2015) - ValveTime News Roun...

It is clear to me that Gangster Frank Seymon, (more with the animal masks) (Ed Note- Ray may have been wearing a kevlar vest)

killed both his business partner Casper and Detective Ray Velcoro, unclear  why he killed Casper (maybe Casper was blackmailing him and the revelation is worse than losing $10 Million) but after working Ray for years he knew he was most likely to follow the twisted, really twisted trail back to Seymon. He could see the entire field.

Interview with Richard Hendricks CEO of Pied Piper

Daqri Smart Helmet: Augmented Reality for the Workplace

They have found their VP of Manu/Packaging Engineer or confident winnowing process with in-hand apps will reveal the new hires


Monday, June 29, 2015

DirecTV Enters the VR Race, with a Focus on Sports and Music


NVIDIA Takes the Lid Off ‘Gameworks VR’ – Technical Deep Dive and Community Q&A

Virtual reality is coming, and it’s going to need high frame rates and low latency visuals.


Ah, Elbit is activley pitching Skylens to Commercial and Private Aviation (But not available until next year, eMagin Microdisplay)

Israel-Norway volcano project gets large grant from EU


Sculley did say development and qualification of these systems takes a while, you can look it up..Raptor Helmet Mounted Display & Cueing System (RHMDCS)

the F-22 is an odd bird, it's canopy is very narrow at the top so the HMD has to have smallest possible form factor so it cannot look like this:


Amazon Patent/ AR Glasses/Warehouse Picking


Matterport to Change Home Buying with Virtual Reality


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why Amazon Is Building a Google Glass Clone


Rocket testing from The Right Stuff

"Our Rockets Blow Up" SpaceX Lost, Hololens Among the Casualties Along With Food, Oxygen and Toilet Paper, Grief Counseling Team Heads to Bill Gates House, Give Up Musk, Let NASA Do It, Please Do Not Send Humans To Space in Your Crap Rockets, Maybe the Russian Ones are Superior

Microsoft’s HoloLens is heading to the Space Station tomorrow aboard SpaceX CRS-7

No it's space dust.

This is a long way from your promise to give the Oculus away free of charge in those heady Kickstarter days, Palmer have you ever thought of entering Politics?


This Is What The Next 5 Years of Virtual Reality Looks Like


Friday, June 26, 2015



PVS-14 vs Thermal Weapon Sight for Hog Hunting...No comparison GEN III vs Thermal (eMagin Inside, Feral Hogs are going Hog Wild Worldwide)

If it's true that even the Chinese aren't happy with Chinese made Olightek displays then the Yukons and the Pulsars and the Armasights of the world must not be either. It's hard for me to imagine eMagin selling displays to Belarusian interests but it that what EAR99 allows then I guess they will. Sculley said "global market for VGA displays used for hunting." OK then. Send em to Belarus.

Intel Buys Smart Glasses Maker in a Move Up the Value Chain


sounds about right...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patent for Scope that detects and corrects for downrange crosswind, apparently designed for hunting not military use (eMagin Microdisplay, wow WUXGA in a Scope) could be a Northrup-Grumman deal but they do not design for deer hunting, mystery, do not need WUXGA to shoot deer, cannot hunt deer at night anyway, a little subterfuge in the description


Reddit High Jinks

[–]teq3dw 1 point  
I heard eMagin's HMDs colors aren't as beautiful as this and don't come with a matching crotch-pronouncing suit either.

FOVE Gets Samsung Ventures Investment, Guarantees Lighthouse Positional Tracking


Magic Leap Needs to Engineer a Miracle




Fear mongers NEVER miss an opportunity to distort or mislead..IBM, GlobalFoundries deal to close July 1; new look for tech

The Genius-in-Residence must have thought "closing" means closing the facility rather than "closing" the deal.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

eMagin Inside

Augmented Reality Glasses Getting Closer To Reality


David Beard (Developer Evangelist) - Qualcomm Vuforia Tutorial at AWE 2015

Facebook Oculus To Drive 'Virtual Reality Revolution' (Piper Jaffray Alert)


We hope that's a hint...



eMagin manages to elbow it's way into an Overview of VR Headsets..VIRTUAL REALITY IS FINALLY GROWING UP

Two virtual reality veterans, Vuzix and eMagin, have announced new headsets coming in the next 12 months.


NGC15: Immersive Experiences - Virtual Reality NeuroGaming

"You will simply not believe how clear it is..." IR Defense Just Released IR Patrol/ IR Hunter eMagin VGA


Friday, June 19, 2015

Tim Merel (Digi-Capital) - The economic future of the AR and VR industry...

The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn't Fun, Says Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime

"It's justa no fun, Wheeeeeeee"

Could you elaborate?

Benning TV - Virtual Reality Enhances Field Training For Soldiers [480p]

Cavalry Scouts enter the Virtual Battlefield Arena (eMagin HMD II)


Virtual Reality and Simulator Sickness...Eerily this segment aired on the day Palmer Luckey was born...

Embraer Taps Canon’s MREAL System for Mixed Reality for Next-Generation Aircraft Production


Amazon patents Google Glass clone that may give warehouse workers cyborg vision


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thales Presents Virtual Reality Heads Up Display

Virtual and augmented reality devices to be $4bn market in 2018


Mr. Kopin provokes an interesting response from sharp AR & VR Analyst Matt Margolis

Who is Donnelly talking about here? Six15, Vuzix, Smith Optics, Rochester Optical? It's all too confusing

Skullduggery and Intrigue, the Wearables Space is getting more interesting, when will the big dogs bark?

Jay Kim (CTO, APX Labs) - Moving towards Hands-free wearables For Enterp...

Ralph Osterhout (CEO, ODG) Keynote at AWE 2015

Aviad Almagor (Trimble) - Developing for the Hololens

EA, Microsoft, and Ubisoft all Reveal VR and AR Side Projects at E3 2015


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This is provocative, SAGEM's Big Brother Featuring HMD at #PAS for In Flight Entertainment/AR/VR?, SAGEM Steady eMagin Customer, Sounds More lIke a Thales, Elbit SA Situation Than IFE

Barca Bound Dan Cui Takes Time to Note Some Industry Consolidation

What did the General say? You can't fix stupid...Extended Stock's take on eMagin, it's a wonder you even know how to breathe

I would just like to add that there really is no hope that you are pointing to.
The technology has passed them by, the product to market has passed them by, the competition is crushing them. Hard to compete with no product though. Losing contracts by the week.
I think we are looking at a lucky takeover at best but it will be well under 100m otherwise its probably BK11 Less
Sentiment: Strong Sell

Virtual Reality Takes Over E3

Ain't Globalization Grand? Ex-Pat Scot Bludgeons "Odious Street Sweeper" from the Jungles of Thailand Via Stocktwits


Not until until they are as unobtrusive as a pair of glasses..Ready Yourself for VR Headsets on Your Morning Commute


PC Gaming Show E3 2015 Conference 1080p HD Full Complete Reveal Announce...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

Designworks and MINI Sees Vision in Augmented Reality Glasses

Jerry Carollo has updated his Linkedin Profile (see he can do it in a timely fashion, wonder why he kept the eMagin/Google citation in his profile for such a long time)

"Hey look, it's Indiana Steam Punk Bain Jones!" "No it's just me, Jerry."
to include his being the System Architect/Inventor of the "Steam Punk" Goggles. Useful link to the right.

Google Patent See Through Display, Image Source is as usual catch-all, LCOS, OLED, LD etc


Thales Unveils Head-Worn Display for Business Jets


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AWE 2015 historic AR vs. VR Debate - Is the Future Augmented or Virtual?



E3 Preview: Virtual Reality Breakthroughs Drawing Hollywood to Gaming Confab


Vuzix iWear Video Headphones Available for Pre-Order...The Dance Floor is getting crowded


"First we would like to thank the little people like the guys in the Mumbai Boiler Room..." Himax's Front-Lit(TM) LCoS Module Wins 2015 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award


Yup, somebody turn on that firehose, do they come with Rose Colored lenses?

Paris Air Show: New HMD for civil rotorcraft


Packaging Engineer must be one of those jobs Americans just won't do, 40+ applicants for Manufacturing VP

Big fat zero for Packaging Engineer


AWE.tv Floor Demo with Lance Anderson, Vice President of Enterprises Sal...Must be Dan Cui's Replacement

AWE.tv Floor Demo with Nima Shams, Vice President, Head-Worn - ODG

Are virtual reality headsets dangerous? Users could injure themselves or even be mugged while wearing devices, developers warn (If you are dumb enough to blindfold yourself in public, say on the NYC Subway well then...)

  • Developers have said that because the goggles occupy a user’s entire visual field they are worried that they could walk into things 
  • They are also anxious that people will not notice somebody rummaging through their pockets and

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3124784/Are-virtual-reality-headsets-dangerous-Users-injure-mugged-wearing-devices-developers-warn.html

    Microsoft Missed Mobile, So Now It Wants To Own VR


    AWE.tv Floor Demo with Dave Roberts, Ph.D., Senior Scientist - Applied R...Lumus Display, no mention of the image source

    Monday, June 15, 2015

    It is kinda strange that Mr. Cui is flying to Spain for a Meetup,for all of three hours...

    maybe something else going on, smuggling Javelin's to Ukraine? Nah, probably a commitment he made while still at Vuzix.

    Greenbriar Boys - Amelia Earhart's Last Flight

    Now it makes sense, they must have said you can go but arrange your own transportation.

    Somebody tell Dan he doesn't work for Vuzix anymore, eMagin does not send people to places like Barcelona Spain

    Minecraft Hololens demo at E3 2015 (amazing!)

    YouTube Live at E3 - Complete Coverage All Day [LIVE NOW]

    To Infinity and Beyond! Six15 Version of Kopin Pupil Makes it's Debut...Somebody is going to have to hose down Derrick Zierler


    Elbit Systems introduces BrightNite for helicopter pilots flying in degraded visual environments


    Supervision? Thales says "Me too!" Thales SA would appear to be one of the unnamed Avionics companies Sculley mentioned


    Elbit Supervision


    Oculus App Store Will Require Pre-Approvals, Comfort Ratings, Tax... "OK, Looking at A bunch of polygons that may look like a fox in an Alpine meadow is OK, being eaten by a photo-realistic shark might scare you"


    Valve’s Lighthouse Room-Scale Tracking Illustrated IRL


    Saturday, June 13, 2015

    Sculley said "Depending on how fast they (whoever "they" is) wants to turn us on..Why Facebook can't wait any longer for the release of a new virtual reality headset

    Oculus can't wait because they sold the sizzle to their devotees before they had a steak that at least partially lived up to the promises they made .i.e. low cost, widely available at an affordable price, "world changing", blah, blah. So everybody stepped into the Rift and appear to be sated by the new look and design Microsoft controller, a toss in, Half Moon controller, new games etc. They avoided the staid and more serious environs of Display Week and AWE to cater to their base at E3. They have to keep up the momentum as Vive appears to be starting to capture the more serious VR enthusiasts, early adopters. eMagin's iHMD has dropped out of the conversation, for now. But in the back of Team Oculus' mind, however, is the sure knowledge that the iHMD was well received at DW and AWE. Cui statement in the Upload VR Interview should indicate to them that eMagin is a busy bee behind the scenes. Oculus is aware due to eMagin managements public statements on the success they have had demoing the iHMD vs Crescent Bay and Gear VR. Interesting that Oculus latest appears to morphing into something that doesn't look like a Dive Mask, it looks like a placeholder design to me. What's next?


    Friday, June 12, 2015

    That's OK, just don't get angry

    And Sonya Gets Some Return Fire

    Sonya Colberg, The Street Sweeper Has a Vast Following and Deservedly so...


    And then again maybe not...

    A Fun Read, The Admiral Directs a Naval Bombardment on Kopin's Safe Harbor, Fans the Flames, Flames the Fan


    Our revenues and cash flows could be negatively affected if sales of our Display products for military applications significantly decline...in 2013 some of our customers decided to purchase display products from our competitors for programs which we were previously the sole supplier...in the second quarter of 2014, we received unexpected orders for military products which resulted in additional military revenues in the third and fourth quarter of 2014.We expect those revenues to continue in the first quarter of 2015.We received the orders because a competitor was unable to deliver qualified products.We have been informed that the competitor has made improvements to their products and they are being qualified by our customers...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy


    oops sorry, it's Panik don't Panic.

    AWE.tv Interview with Nima Shams, Vice President, Head-Worn - ODG

    AWE.tv Interview with Dr. Steve Mann, (KEYNOTE) Chief Scientist - META

    Another Street Sweeper? Who makes the displays for BAE and Thales that's right eMagin does and none of the "key vendors" have an HMD for Gaming, the application with the biggest near-term upside..Head Mounted Display Market Growing at 49% CAGR to 2019, Say New Global HMD Research Reports

    if it's not short sellers, internet gangsters, charlatans and sociopaths it's idiotic reports like this.


    Thursday, June 11, 2015

    1080X1200 Samsung..A Look Under the Hood of the Oculus Rift Revealed in New Photos

    "Ready!, Aim!..." "Wait! don't I get a last request?" "Of course", "A barf bag if you please."

    this looks better Oculus Zelda, golf clap

    Thunderous silence after whatever Valkyrie Iceland outer space game

    in 2D the game demo looks awful, starfox in 3D

    Glossed over the old bugaboo, sim sickness

    There is a best design out there

    and they are moving towards it with twin OLED displays, smaller form factor, lighter materials.

    XBox is teaming up with them on the controller, Phil Spencer on stage, that's a surprise

    Improved Strap Architecture

    "doesn't hang on your face" Good Grief

    Smaller but still protrudes and is still big

    Two OLED Screens?

    Oculus still using a Cell Phone Display

    all the excitement is gone, people sitting on their hands.

    The Oculus Show is on the Air


    Great, The Street Sweeper is thought by some to have been founded by a member of the Gambino Crime Family and Now They Have Poor Little eMagin is in their Sights

    "It wasn't me"

    Elbit will have this as well at the Paris Air Show (eMagin Inside)

    SKYLENS™ – Packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device, as intuitive as a pair of sunglasses, SKYLENS is a revolutionary approach for today’s aviators challenges. Operational in all weather conditions, day and night, SKYLENS™ provides head-up information and minimizes dependency on airport instrumentation.SKYLENS™ is part of the Clearvision Enhanced Flight Vision EFVS family, displaying high-resolution information, images and video on a high transparency visor, providing superior see-through transmission.

    We see with the iHMD that the hockey puck on the back of the unit that contains the electronics provides balance and prevents neck strain, same thing here.Elbit Systems outlines Paris Air Show involvement

    the iHMD was developed for pilots so no surprise there. So Elbit is one of the avionic companies that eMagin is working with. There are two others, one is Boeing no doubt, the other must be either Rockwell or Honeywell.

    New Capabilities – DigitalJHMCS is alight weight and comfortable head mounted display (HMD), provided by RCEVS, a joint venture with Rockwell Collins. Offering an improved HMD Center of Gravity (CG) and balance and thus reducing neck strains, DJHMCS isplug and play, with minimal installation requirements and the ability to operate with the aircraft’s current tracker and Electronic Unit.DJHMCS can replace legacy JHMCS equipment with no A/C modifications required, thus reducing life cycle costs. DJHMCS offers advanced video and color capabilities in both day and night missions using a modern, lightweight, well-balanced digital HMD system. The system’s proven symbology, combined with color, creates a superior solution that provides intelligent vision in the cockpit. It provides immediate and accurate recognition of friendly, threat and unknown targets and areas to create a complete view of the air, ground and sea picture.  This is accomplished with sophisticated software that integrates accurate intelligence with images, video and sound. The technological upgrade dramatically reduces the logistic and maintenance requirements.


    The Dark Lord's Vomit Comet Continues to Haunt the VR Landscape..VC Investments Pour Into Virtual Reality Startups, But Payoff Looks Distant

    How long? At least two to three years, said Flinn (and that seems somewhat optimistic). One reason is that the hardware doesn’t have mass appeal yet, not least because some of the most prominent products such as those from Oculus and Magic Leap aren’t even released yet. “The No. 1 thing Oculus doesn’t want to do is ship a headset that makes everyone sick,” Taussig said, referring to the nausea common to the use of at least early VR gear.


    The Dark Lord Takes to Twitter to Ask a Deep, Deep, Deep Question ( Hey Sally, there's no such thing as consequences in VR, OK?)

    Wednesday, June 10, 2015

    Whoever is doing this keep going.

    Let's put Feintuch out of business.


    Hey man, you MIGHT be in the Welder's Mask...

    This cloak and dagger stuff Oculus is doing is somewhat intriguing

    leaked photos of an "ancient" Oculus design, so says the Dark Lord.  Big Presser tomorrow, "ancient" pictured oculus is a more stylized dive mask. Now design called ancient. Is this a hint of re-design that represents a departure from that approach? Just saying, eMagin Tech showing up on the Oculus Forum, Zuckerberg playing the "they will look like glasses" card again the other day. This week has been a little weird. If it looks like this, I hope eMagin's cracker jack lawyers are ready for action. In the countdown link the black and white picture seems to show one half of a binocular display. And it is not opaque but not blacked out. The other odd thing was Sculley and Campbell mentioned Oculus by name while discussing problems with the device on the latest Call, Opt related a similar discussion at the Annual Shareholders Meeting.  And Dan Cui dropping the bomb that eMagin is in talks with ALL the major headset companies...STOP IT, JUST STOP IT!



    AWE.tv Interview with Jay Wright, Vice-President - Qualcomm Vuforia (IMO, It's going to be these guys)




    Tuesday, June 9, 2015

    Brilliant Exposition on the State of eMagin By Mr. and Mrs. Opt (Report from Annual Shareholders Meeting)


    Live at AWE "Augmented World Expo" 2015 - June 9th, 2015

    The Empire Fights Back! (Did not like the Dark Lord Sauron stuff I guess, looks like an 0 that keeled over)

    A List of Major VR Headset Companies

    1. Facebook/Oculus
    2. Microsoft/Hololens
    3. Google/Magic Leap
    4. Valve/Steam



    Hands on with eMagin’s 2K prototype HMD

    All in all, the HMD was solid for exactly what it was intended to be – a tech demo showing off eMagin’s microdisplay technology and how it could work with VR. Cui says that eMagin is “in talks with all the major headset companies” about integration of their display technology. If Cui’s belief that these microdisplays will manage 120Hz in the near future proves true – we could easily see the form factor of HMDs reach closer to Zuckerberg’s vision much sooner than many may have anticipated.


    Seeing is Believing!

    Kreylos is very influential...

    Boardwalk's Firm is Humping the Inside Dope on $EMAN...A Penny For Your Thoughts?


    Unless you know something I don't

    Speed Networking and Breakfast w/ Dan is exhibiting by another name.  More selectively but exhibiting none the less. Free from the show floor wanderers who poke at a device and say "What's that?"


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