Monday, November 30, 2015

Of course no AWE China Videos

Call me "Dan the Invisible Man" Cui

made it out of the country.

Google Aura

Nothing Yet

Thursday, November 19, 2015

These smartglasses don't make you look like a cyborg, while giving you pilot-level stats

The CEO of Everysight, Asaf Ashkenazi said in a company release that this is just the beginning. “Raptor is the first step in our greater plan to create a full line of smartglasses.” Something to look forward to for those who aren’t into biking.

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Worth Repeating/ re Elbit Everysight

Scully seems to have given a big hint in that direction.

Scully 3rd Qtr 2015
One of the areas requiring our R&D effort is augmented reality, or AR. Higher brightness is required for some application. And here, the easiest one to understand immediately that we are involved with is the display in an aircraft that – aircraft helmet that reflects off a visor in front of the pilot’s eyes. And again, as you probably remember, this is I have got to see icons on the screen, so I don’t have to take my eyes off the outside world and I have to compete against sunlight. And in night, it has to do full night vision. And this is for both military and commercial aviation. And I will remind you that there is a company, one of the
four top companies working on commercial.
But think for a minute about a consumer application. If that same image can be reflected off a pair of sunglasses, it wouldn’t need to be as bright and you and I could have augmented reality on our glasses, our sunglasses and this is where the 800 nit color OLED architecture could be important for these AR applications and also for applications in the industrial segment like inside a warehouse, etcetera.

Jeff R's #eSightMoment

Emily tries eSight

We are Everysight -


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

EYEWEAR VIEWING DEVICE Thomas Richard Davies, London (GB); Kenny W.Y. Chow, North Point (HK); and Kenneth A. Kokinakis, Naples, FL (US) Assigned to Kopin Corporation, Westborough, MA (US) Filed by Kopin Corporation, Westborough, MA (US)

Why would he leave for a Dead-End Job at eMagin? Is he chugging Ouzo 24-7?

APX Labs Grabs $13 Million For Enterprise Smart Glasses Platform

Has Google Revealed its VR Trojan Horse?

MidwayUSA Brings on Armasight (eMagin Displays in Armasight Thermal Products)

MILLOG LISA animation

How Appropriate, Milipol in Paris Exhibition This Week, New Fused Sight From Qioptiq (eMagin Inside)

good chance this sight or other Qioptiq Sight was used in the pre-dawn raid to kill or capture suspected organizer of Paris Attack.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Looks a lot like Skylens, I Mean Hololens

don't it?  Didn't Sculley mentioned AR + Sunglasses a few times in the recent Conference Call from Hell?

Elbit Everysight

This Israeli Defense Company Is Making Smartglasses (Raptor) for Cyclists (Competition for Recon et al)

calling Elbit a "Drone Maker" is like saying BMW makes Steering Wheels.

Facebook’s Engineering Executive on the Evolution of the Oculus Rift


Using Virtual Reality to Teach Tomorrow’s Engineers

Google Glass team is working on a wearable that isn't glasses

3 Things NVIDIA Corporation Management Wants You to Know

Monday, November 16, 2015

Vets Dealing with PTSD, eMagin Z800 HMD, Let's Get the iHMD into Service, Deserve the Best

GUILLERMO DEL TORO | Virtual Reality | TIFF15

PlayStation VR panel discussion at #PlayStationPGW

I didn't notice that Cui's "Toys in Development" Tweet

carried the #hashtag "augmentedreality" so  I assume an AR Glasses prototype is to be revealed in the indefinite future. Not the recent CC from Hell but the previous contained a nuanced reference to eMagin AR Glasses as a product in waiting.

Sierra Pacific Inc Lower Res Cameras LCD, High Res eMagin OLED

Brands Look Far and Wide for a Niche in Virtual Reality NOV. 15, 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015

Who is they?, this part of the discourse somewhat convinces that the identity of the Tier 1 is known as prep is underway to get them in the door. Whoever them is. Fingers crossed, it's not a bill of goods

Now the expansion of capacity I mentioned above will not handle the volumes this year once tell us they will need. But it is a needed step for our current customers and these are both display customers and development customers and it’s also needed for the HMD group. It is a first step in preparation, however for the Tier 1s demand. Improving our current efforts will allow the better design of next generation equipment for implementation with the foundry partner. With this in mind, we are discussing these markets with a number of potential partners. We are also searching for a new VP of manufacturing with a background in scaling up processes similar to our OLED display processes. We have hired a new CFO, Jeff and very happy to have him with us and he comes to us with great manufacturing experience, including scale of efforts. These efforts today are needed for our future success in AR and VR markets. And they are clearly needed for our success today and in the near-term next year.

I can imagine Mr. Murdock from First Washington

hunched over his computer hitting the SELL Button.  AS offered a shoulder to cry on but Murdock seems to grizzled to take consolation in that.

Mr. Cui Throws a Bunch of Carrots Into the Donkeys Feed Bin

Oppenheimer Reiterates a Perform Rating on eMagin (Gotta land one big one)

Otherwise eMagin Flounders

Uerkwitz noted, “EMAN reported 3Q15 earnings with a weak top-line performance as management diverted resources away from production into development contracts. This theme will likely continue as management believes future product revenue opportunities hinge on these contracts. Bottom line: eMagin’s end goal is to land one large customer. In the meantime the company will continue to fine tune and improve its microdisplays and land small scale government contracts. We reiterate our view that significant near- term revenue contribution from consumer AR/VR is unlikely due to design cycle and capacity constraints.”

Kip and Dan Go Way Back

Kip assigned to lead the iHMD Project, Dan presumably heading the "other" HMD project likely to be AR Glasses.

New report explores the global head mounted display (hmd) market report to 2020

The Goal Posts Are Ever Moving

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kip COO of Waveoptics, Partner with Blippar

Kip Co-Invented a Patent With None Other for John CC Fan, Pupil Probably

Kenneth "Kip" Kokinakis

We need MORE than Question Marks Today

Augmented and Virtual Reality Panel

NextVR..Comcast, Time Warner Invest in Virtual Reality

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jesse Schell’s 40 predictions for VR by 2025 (Prediction #51, We Should Pretty Much Know Where eMagin Stands By 2025)

Tahj Mowry dishes on the latest in virtual reality in 360

Night-Vision System for Army Soldiers Demands Unusual Collaboration Between Industry Archrivals ( No not eMagin and Kopin)

Kopin was touting qualifying their displays for FWS-1 but the dual qualifying is a common PEO protocol in case one manufacturer falters in hitting their scheduled delivery or something unforeseen happens e.g. wire bond. Competition is good.  These devices do and will contain eMagin OLED displays.

Soundcloud...Layla Mah, Invention of AMD Liquid VR on Why VR Makes Certain Folks Queasy

Virtual reality app allows buyers to walk through an apartment before it’s built

So You Can Blame a Floyd Mayweather Punch to the Solar Plexus Instead of the Stupid Dive Mask for Throwing Up All Over the Floor

Everyone's Deepest Desire Revealed...Hello Kitty

Q3 2015 eMagin Corporation Earnings Conference Call (Live) 11/12/15 at 4:45 p.m. ET

Monday, November 9, 2015

They bought the wrong damn company

Let's see who can Facebook sue to get the money back?

et al

Sad Trombone

Schadenfreude to the Max..Mark Zuckerberg: Virtual Reality Will Develop Slowly

Virtual Reality in Gaming Market to Expand at 39.2% CAGR From 2013 to 2019 Thanks to Rising Disposable Incomes of Users: Transparency Market Research

It Sure Does...

Rooting for "Other" Here

The Critical Mass Of Virtual Reality (Having the Odd Thought that the eMagin Boyz Actually Timed the iHMDs rollout accurately)

Friday, November 6, 2015

This is fairly cryptic

Riddled with bullet holes, running on fumes, rudder shot away eMagin's F-19 begins it's descent to Q3 CC Thursday next

Is Virtual Reality the Future of South Korean Cinema?

NFLPA Better Get Involved or There Players Will Soon Have an "Oculus Protocol" in Addition to the Concussion Protocol (Solution pictured in Photo of the Tweetster)

Oculus sees electricity as "major obstacle" for VRs future (the excuses are flooding out of Menlo Park)

"Look,when I called Oculus world changing I meant MY world not yours"
Both ears, at least an hour, insert, turn, repeat

Pay the man, rimshot

In Space Nobody Can Hear You Barf...

YouTube now lets you watch any video with a VR headset

PlayStation VR video reveals final specs, reaffirms 2016 launch date

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