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AMD's Roy Taylor Talks Battlefield, Teases Polaris News

"Major Manufacturer? Hope You're Correct..Global Printed Electronics Industry 2016 Market Research Report

8 Major Manufacturers Analysis of Printed Electronics
8.1 Emagin
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Product Picture and Specifications
8.1.3 Capacity, Production, Price, Cost, Gross and Revenue
8.1.4 Contact Information


SA Photonics Completes 2015-2016 Navy SBIR/STTR Transition Program With “Best of the Best” Honors, (AR/ VR Models, eMagin Color WXGA OLED)

SA Photonics demonstrated its SA-92/S augmented reality product for customers to experience firsthand advanced training and display systems. This optical see-through head/helmet mounted display (HMD) provides very high resolution and wide field imagery with a 92° instantaneous field of view. SA Photonics also demonstrated a new HMD that mounts to eyewear and interfaces directly to an Android phone. Additionally, Forum attendees were able to explore SA Photonics’ SA-62 virtual reality HMD with an immersive Apache helicopter training exercise.


VR Cafes in China (Why does she have he hand clasped over her mouth?) A Company Serving 100 Million Gamers Wants to Help Bring Your VR Game to China


Digitimes Research: Growing HMD devices stir up development of professional VR application market

Professional VR applications apply to a number of industries including aerospace, medicare, CAID (computer aided industrial design), architecture and image production, using VR simulation processes to reduce system risk and to improve efficiency. Professional VR applications utilized Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) solutions previously, but the popularity of CAVE systems has been low because they are expensive and also not easy to transport and assemble. However, HMD VR devices are much competitive in price and also portable, luring more professional VR operators to shift from CAVE systems to HMD VR devices, Digitimes Research said.


Capsaicin Brought To You By AMD Radeon™ Graphics

AMD’s Macau, China event NDA gets lifted June 29th (This is what others are expecting re AMD's June 29 expiration of the NDA)


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Lurker, Instagram. Elbit, Raptor, Everysight


  • begemannracing
    @dobenatwork This doesn't need to sync to your Garmin. This will replace your Garmin completely. This has all your data in it. HR, power, cadence, speed, gps, temperature. Everything that is in your head unit, is in these. PLUS a camera. This is essentially a Garmin,... a GoPro,... and a pair of glasses all wrapped up in one item.

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Do not know what Insightfulvr is but a couple of days after the eMagin's AR/VR iHMD Patent is issued

 we will find out what Layla Mah and friends at AMD- Liquidvr have up there sleeve.


Vision Summit 2016 Keynote

So the twist is that when released it will (thanks fbl)

be Virtual and Augmented Reality almost AT THE SAME TIME! Headsetpalozza! Flip it and rip it. Certain folks will defecate a brick.


Hooray for Bollywood!

Is the Mobile HMD mentioned at the recent CC remain on track for introduction in 2016?

The reality of AR/VR venture capital


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Apple is Playing The Long Game With VR – And It May Work


That was a couple weeks ago but somebody seems to have actually thought about it : Thursday, 26 May 2016 eMagin announces first quarter 2016 financial results eMagin are encouraged by expanding end markets for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Night Vision applications leveraging the company's OLED technology


Not to mention any names...

Then there’s the unfashionable headset. There is sweating that the weight of it can cause. And some users report nausea and dizziness during a virtual reality the experience.


The Only Thing I can Construe From This Is That Hemingway Faked His Death and Is an eMagin Investor


VR Ready:Lord of the Rings +Jungle Book,+300, it'll work, please don't tell Peter Jackson


V-22 Osprey Elbit Systems Helmet Display at Sea-Air-Space (Interview)

Solos, moving right along, should have named it Bikeulus Rift

pretty clever marketing campaign. Certain Pledge Levels will get you a Solos at a discount. Nice layout, well produced videos. Awaiting eMagin's Social Network Rollout, he said this year, let's draft the Peloton.


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Opt, if you are going and get a chance (I have asked questions of the Group in the past that were too specific, keep it vague but one that might be telling)

like, "Does such in such have an OLED microdisplay in it?" If you don't use brand names or the "e" word you could get something interesting. I would like to know if the HMD rolling out this year has another companies name on it? Does it plug into a phone? What would something like that cost? If you are feeling smart-alecky ask em if it's going to be on  Kickstarter? And if they give you 16 more...

Getting held up is exciting?

Huh, Kopin's Solos is a Kickstarter project? $8,969


Thanks Comrade ema_lurker ------->>>>>AR glasses, OLED microdisplays could replace LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) as the main display technology.

"yes, really"


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Thursday, May 19, 2016

New from IR-Defense--SNIPE-IR – OLED eMagin

The OLED Emagin micro display is used on the SNIPE-IR guaranteeing superior image quality even in smoke, dust or dark conditions. 


NETT Warrior was never meant to stop with a wrist-worn PDA, next PIXNET, the Autonomous Vessels are wow

Digital night vision

The Army has recently seen important advances in night vision; this would go a step further and several degrees lighter.
PIXNET is a helmet-mounted camera that digitizes infrared capabilities. That saves a ton of weight; while an Enhanced Night Vision Goggle weighs around two pounds, the PIXNET camera weighs a fraction of a pound. It also would offer more settings, and be set up with a transmitter that could someday connect its signal to any of a series of devices, from a goggle to Family of Weapon Sights to a broader information technology platform like Nett Warrior.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Mobile and Online Gambling?


Photonics SA-62/S AR HMD w/ Flip up Visor, (eMagin OLED, Basis of USMC AITT)


Forthcoming Standalone Virtual Reality Devices to Extend Opportunity Beyond Mobile and Tethered VR


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Accounting Manager eMagin Corporation - Hopewell Junction, NY


Son of Eyebud

"In terms of expanding our end market reach, we are already underway in designing and developing product in our HMD Group, leveraging our OLED technology in both the headset and mobile device format. "

I bet this guy knows who that Asian customer is...


How will virtual reality change our lives?


Soldiers Will Soon See Thermal Weapon Sight Crosshairs Projected Into Night Vision Goggles


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

12:20PM- 1:30PM Lunch
Session III: Head-Mounted Wearables
This session will cover the latest innovation in head-mounted devices including applications in the emerging area of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), bringing together business professionals, market analysts, and industry leaders involved in AR/VR technologies to discuss the products, applications, developments, emerging trends and market potential of these devices.

Panel Discussion - Moderated by Dan Cryan, Senior Director, Media and Content, IHS 
Dan Cryan
Senior Director, Media and Content
Andrew Sculley
eMagin Corp
Ernesto Martinez
Head of Wearable Technology
Jonathan Josephson
Quantum Interface
Q&A by Dan Cryan
Senior Director, Media and Content
2:50PM- 3:10PM Coffee Break

Display Week Session 62.1

Thursday, May 26
3:10 –4:30 pm
Room 103

Session 62.1

Invited Paper:
Directly Patterned 2,645-ppi Full-Color OLED Microdisplay for Head-Mounted Wearables 
The world’s first directly patterned full-color OLED microdisplay with >2600 ppi will be presented. This display is built on a 1920 x 1200-pixel CMOS backplane and uses RGB emitters, eliminating the need for color filters. This technology results in very-high-luminance microdisplays ideally suited for wearable AR and VR applications.
A. Ghosh,
E. P. Donoghue,
I. Khayrullin,
T. Ali,
I. Wacyk,
K. Tice,
F. Vazan,
L. Sziklas
eMagin Corp., Hopewell Junction, NY, USA
D. Fellowes,
R. Draper
U.S. Army RDECOM CERDEC, Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, Fort Belvoir, VA, USA
"Not kidding, saw it move!"

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don't be mr. in-between

Dublin Blues. Guy Clark.

We are Everysight (Elbit) - www.everysight.com (OLED display)

Heads up: How intuitive interfaces will revolutionize situational awareness

"A lot of moving parts"

Head Mounted Display (HMD) Market Is Expected To Reach $ 11,793.3 Million By 2020 : Radiant Insights,Inc

San Francisco, May 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global head mounted display market is expected to reach USD 11,793.3 million by 2020. Reducing silicon wafer costs have directly impacted microdisplay prices, which form a sizable percentage of the resultant HMD cost. As a result, declining microdisplay prices coupled with growing demand for wearable, lightweight devices are expected to be key driving forces for the HMD market. Defense services are a key contributor to global demand, wherein head mounted displays aid in security, imaging and tracking.
  • Key companies operating in the market include eMagin Corporation, BAE Systems, Vuzix, Rockwell Collins and Seiko Epson. Major manufacturers have started developing products targeted at entertainment purposes; additionally, geographical expansion is expected to be a key growth strategy.


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Who dat? eMagin AMD 4k? Chinese Clones? Who dat?

submitted  by Z800emagin
and better than rift in some ways too.
I used to play with a dual input emagin in 2009, the z800 on quadro video cards. Oblivion elder scrolls. The optics were amazing, so clear. It was the best gaming ever, even though the lag and framerates gave me headaches after awhile. I now have extensively used the consumer rift and vive. No headaches, but the god rays in both deter from the experience. I am very positive though these issues will be fixed soon, emagin and amd are working on a new 4k microdisplay hmd that has far superior optics to rift and vive. Then there will be Chinese clones that will fix this issue too soon. So buy an hmd, the lab is the most awesome game experience I have had. Be hopeful that soon mane hmds will be out without God rays like cv1 rift and vive.

Virtual reality — from the living room to the classroom


China’s Virtual Reality Market Will Be Worth $8.5 Billion and Everyone Wants a Piece


Photo Engineer


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HMD Rev! Whoopee! (Significant) Product Launch!

Tell us more?

New Rev Segment?

Andrew pulled an Obama, Marine Corpse

Luciano Pavarotti - La Donna È Mobile (Rigoletto)

EMagin posts 1Q profit (Have not seen those words strung together in a while)


The WUXGA Could be for the AITT Training System Supplied by SA Photonics

<< Back
eMagin Corporation Announces First Quarter 2016 Financial Results
HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 2016-- eMagin Corporationor the “Company” (NYSE MKT:EMAN), a leader in the development, design and manufacture of Active Matrix OLED microdisplays for high resolution imaging products, today announced financial results and corporate highlights for the first quarter ended March 31, 2016.
“I am pleased to report that we had good performance in the quarter and continued to make solid progress. In Q1, we recorded $7 million in revenue including $1 million from a commercial sector strategic licensing deal that we announced in December,” stated President and CEO Andrew G. Sculley. “We remain encouraged by the expanding commercialization potential of some of our newest product efforts including, among others, our WUXGA display technology, and our leading 2Kx2K microdisplays. Some of our newest WUXGA displays are already shipping; and our 2Kx2K microdisplay prototypes will be ready for sampling by customers in Q4 of this year.
“Discussions continue with several companies who are interested in incorporating our display technology into high-volume production applications.
“We made further progress on yield and through-put improvements in our production processes which enabled us to build additional inventory to meet customer demand. We continue to focus on improving manufacturing by strengthening our production resources and adding equipment to achieve better results. As our yields and through-put improve, we see the potential for lower unit costs.
“Finally, we remain committed to furthering our industry leading technology and continued to invest in our R&D and Sales and Marketing during Q1. Our cash position remained strong at the end of the quarter and our balance sheet remains debt free.”
Q1 Business and Product Highlights
  • Won contracts worth several million dollars each for the U.S. military’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III (ENVG III) and Family of Weapon Sights – Individual (FWS-I) programs. We are supporting the qualification testing for both programs and anticipate entering the production phase in 2017.
  • Won a contract with a prime contractor valued at approximately $800,000 for a laser range finder system and have begun delivering microdisplays in the production phase of the contract.
  • Booked new R&D projects worth over $800,000. One project is for continuing improvements in our direct patterned ultra-high brightness technology. The second is for the development of a new display backplane that offers lower power consumption and a higher frame rate demanded by military and consumer markets. And the third project is focused on building display samples for a customer developing a new consumer virtual reality headset.
  • Received production orders for two new projects, one for a U.S. Marine Corps application and the other with a large Asian company using our WUXGA full color display in a new product.
  • Shipped a new version of our WUXGA microdisplay product with qualification scheduled to be completed by July 2016.
  • Delivered sample displays for over twenty new projects including military and commercial avionics applications.
First Quarter Results
Revenues for the first quarter of 2016 were $7.0 million, an increase of 17% from the first quarter of 2015, and included$1.0 million of licensing revenue from the agreement signed in December.
Product revenues (primarily display sales) totaled $5.3 million, 4% more than first quarter last year. The higher product revenues were primarily due to product mix as customers purchased more of the Company’s higher priced advanced microdisplays. R&D contract revenues totaled approximately $706 thousand, a decrease of 20% from the first quarter last year. The lower revenues in the quarter reflect the late award of a key R&D contract which will be performed in Q2 instead of Q1.
Gross margin for the first quarter was 48 percent on gross profit of $3.3 million compared to a gross margin of 39 percent on a gross profit of $2.4 million in the same quarter last year. Excluding the profit contribution from the license revenues, on which there were no cost of revenues during the quarter, the gross margin for the first quarter would have been 39%, comparable to the prior year quarter.
Operating expenses for the first quarter of 2016, including R&D expenses, increased to $3.3 million from $2.0 million in the first quarter of 2015. Last year’s quarter included approximately $500 thousand in favorable effects from a reduction in the allowance for bad debts and the reversal of the Company’s vacation accrual. This year’s first quarter reflected higher spending in our HMD effort, higher legal expenses and costs associated with the consolidation of the Company’s finance and procurement functions.
Operating income for the first quarter decreased to $22,000 from $329,000 in the first quarter last year. Net income for Q1 2016 was $14,000, or break-even, as compared to $320,000, or $0.01 per diluted share in Q1 2015.
At March 31, 2016, the Company had approximately $9.1 million of cash and cash equivalents compared to $9.3 millionof cash and cash equivalents at December 31, 2015.
At March 31, 2016, the Company had no outstanding debt.
“Looking into 2016, we are encouraged by what we believe to be expanding end markets for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Night Vision applications leveraging our leading OLED technology. We believe our technology approach in these markets remains superior to the competition,” continued Mr. Sculley.
“While military product sales held steady in the quarter, we believe that future growth in this segment will be largely driven by newer contracts and programs that are currently under review to receive funding for next generation technology.
“Our military contract R&D efforts, where we work closely with the U.S. government and with international companies on designing next generation requirements and specifications, position us well to capture these new production contract vehicles when awarded. Overall we feel eMagin’s presence in both domestic and international military markets remains quite strong.
“For 2016, we are focusing on the following objectives:
  • Expansion of our presence in major military programs and overall customer count,
  • Further progress on display sales under the commercial licensing agreement that we signed in December,
  • Advancement of discussions with high volume production partners to incorporate our technology into displays and other products,
  • Continued progress in manufacturing improvements,
  • Consolidation of our finance and procurement functions from our Bellevue to Hopewell Junction facilities,
  • Potential new product introductions in the commercial sector to leverage our leading display and headset technologies. These new products have the potential to provide revenue this year.
“We look forward to updating you on our progress during the year,” concluded Mr. Sculley.

Charlie Rose/ Virtual Reality


Q1 2016 eMagin Corporation Earnings Conference Call (You said, "Looking Forward to Great News", We are as Well.)


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Breakout of ENVG-III Progress and Timetable to Deployment...Harris is Exelis, L-3,DRS and BAE


  • 2QFY16: Reliability Growth Test 1
  • 3QFY16: Reliability Growth Test 2
  • 4QFY16: Type Classification – Standard
  • 1QFY17: ENVG III Full Materiel Release
  • 1QFY17: ENVG III Full-Rate Production begins
  • 2QFY17: ENVG III Fieldings begin in accordance with Headquarters Department of the Army G-8 priorities
  • Harris Corp. (Roanoke, VA)
  • L-3 Warrior Systems (Londonderry, NH)
  • DRS Technologies (Melbourne, FL and Dallas, TX)
  • BAE Systems (Nashua, NH

  • 2QFY15: 
    Contract awards to BAE Systems and DRS Technologies for ENVG III
  • 3QFY15: Critical Design Review (CDR) for DRS ENVG III design
  • 4QFY15: CDR for BAE ENVG III design
  • 4QFY15: Early User Assessment
  • 1QFY16: Production Qualification Test
  • Great Advice From Reddit on Avoiding VR Sickness (Doesn't seem to be getting better out there in Oculustan)

    A few notes on helping with VR sickness:
    • don't play hungry
    • don't play full
    • don't shake the base of the sensor
    • don't drink booze, beer, sake, or wine before hand
    • avoid disembodied head situations, in general i'm not a fan of the keyboard, mouse or controller movements
    • don't play on a slow computer
    • don't set the graphics settings too high
    • do set the settings low enough to keep the graphics from droping below 90 FPS
    • do move your head to look at stuff
    • do use your hands to move, leap motion, etc...
    • do play games where you are inside of a cockpit, somehow this feels better
    Also, getting nausea, seems to get worse faster the more you push it. So if it starts, even subtly take off the headset rest for 5-10 min, go on a walk and come back to it. Sometime's I've pushed it and ended up not being able to play for hours and having a lingering sort of hunger.
    I've also had friends get prescriptions for motion sickness, and you would need to take the drugs before you start playing. I personally would rather not take such medications, but my friends who naturally get motion sick in every day life say they are able to play VR this way.

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