Friday, July 29, 2016

Garrity, you seem somewhat advanced in years to be into Adderall...

if not, you do a fine job mimicking the effects. You work five jobs plus all the hard work you do on various message boards. "Look, squirrel", he exclaimed!
It cannot be good for you. An intervention would do you some good.

Rock, wanna be a mole?

Global Gaming Reenergized: Augmented Reality, Location Based Gaming and Connected Toys Fuel Mobile Gaming, finds Frost & Sullivan

Angry Irish Man Cannot Find His Soup ( Och,Ye'll feel better when you're Frankenbissel)

This is really going to upset the Dun&Bradstreet Analysts

Virtual Reality in Cinema

First T-90 Across the Estonian Frontier is it!

There never was an "active" NETT Warrior Program.

The next jump is taking time but it will look like DARPA's PIXNET Program. To get an idea have a look at the Photonics SA62/SM, a see-thru monocle being driven by a smartphone, coupled to ballistic protective eyewear, THAT's what's next.

Demand rising for military simulation & training tech, virtual reality tools, and head-worn displays

People of Kopin, you should check out the new FLIR Scout series, give you a chance to say

"who do you own?, Leader,! IP!, BOOM!, all that stuff.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Apple’s Tim Cook On Augmented Reality: ‘It Will Be Huge’


SA Photonics 62/SM employs a an optimized eMagin WUXGA Full Color Display that was developed thru cascaded funding from TATRAC (Army Telemedicine) SOCOM (Spec Ops Command) and MANTECH.

"The single eyepiece is mounted to ballistic eye protection and driven by a smartphone using an MHL-HDMI adapter. The portability provided by the standard smartphone and accompanying electronics module allow for maximum mobility and flexibility. Additionally, the SA-62/SM has a horizontal eyepiece adjustment to ensure proper prism alignment with the user’s pupil. A large exit pupil provides for a comfortable viewing experience even while on the move."

If you can't get enough Boardwalk

follow him here at his blog where he uses the Nom De Plume, "Travis Johnson", evoking sort of a Stock Market Gunslinger vibe. He so reminds me of the description of the Floor of the Paris Stock Exchange in Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire Of The Vanities when Sherman looks down and sees "men baying for money." It's a good day if you are not living in his skin. Thoreau too, "Most men lead lives of quiet (or noisy in his case) desperation."

Watch the full Capsaicin SIGGRAPH livestream

NASA is building the next Mars rover in mixed reality

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fire Roy Taylor!

Just kidding, he is Roy Techwood, if you want specs try to listen to Carmack,  he couldn't sell ice in a blackout, way before he finished describing the chemical properties of ice, the ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and effects of climate change on ice the listener would be asleep and the ice melted.Taylor is selling a big concept and more than pixel density and 114 Degrees FOV he is talking to aesthetes and the creative class so he uses "beautiful", the same word grizzled Field Artillery Commander, General Seay, used when he saw the display the first time.  "Beautiful" from a General and a "salesman". The point, they agree.

The HoloLens Experience: Ms. Sneha in Short Attention Theatre:"So there I was in Old Mexico w/ 30K Inca Warriors...nope it's Rainbows and Goldfish for me...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Thanks Frank,3:00 Minute Mark: eMagin Headset/ Race to Realism/VR World Congress 2016: Roy Taylor (AMD) The Race to Realism

The Most Elusive Pokemon of All...the rarely found and if found ignored eMagilion

LED vs OLED – Part 2: What Makes OLEDs Better

LED vs OLED – Part 1: What’s Wrong with LED Technology? (General overview , the comparisons obtain when describing displays large or small)

There's a guy around who when describing LCD Microdisplays always uses the descriptive "Transmissive" as wow! Transmissive!. Like, the new "iMac Retro" with unique to the Industry "DIAL-UP Modem!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ARM Gives SoftBank a Stake in Tech's Future

ARM prepares for VR in 2017's phones with new chips

The future of mobile is in virtual reality

This just in...what an interesting thought ARM, is that you ams, walt, lurker?

Elbit Long View CR and recently released XACT TH(thermal)64 both use an eMagin OLED Display..Elbit Systems Awarded Approximately $30 Million in Contracts to Provide Observation Systems to a European Country

Long View CR

Elbit TH64

The contract doesn't specify the XACT model but if it's the 64 i.e. thermal then it does use an eMagin display. It has to be the XACT 64 that was rolled out last month. Sculley mentioned obliquely at last CC.  Exhibited at Eurosatory last month.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Google's rumored Mixed-Reality Headset

sounds a lot like Ralph's. After all Osterhout said recently, "in six months, here comes the heavyweights." He must have a fairly good idea what's out there on the Horizon.

CEO Sculley noted a drop-in NV solution for the F-16 a while ago. This is it. :Elbit completes night flight demonstrations of digital eye piece

eMagin has supplied displays for Elbit since the ANS-7 of long ago. Digital version full color Eye Piece for JHMCS Cueing and Night Vision.


Not shocked, Comrade Carollo takes his non-patent skills to X

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nice Panama

Form 4s, Brody, Wittels, Richstone, Cronson
Andrew Sculley: So the headset or HMD must be small for comfort like a pair of glasses. Hence it really had to have a microdisplay. The possible used example I want you to imagine you're sitting in a meeting room with some of your colleagues and chairs around the table and a number of empty spaces, all of which you can see through the pair of glasses you're wearing, which is the headset.
Imagine that some of your colleagues aren't in the room, but they have a video camera taking their video and sending it to your headset, so the people not in the room actually appear to you as if they’re in chairs around the table. Now in a still image, you call this is a photoshopped image, but this is a video of what the person is doing at that moment. And when you add sound, you have some virtual attendees at your meeting. So what do you need for something like this?

Ultra-Serious BAE buys in...

First F-35 Flight At Farnborough Airshow

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Microsoft CEO and Devs Agree: ‘Pokemon Go’ Could Truly Shine On HoloLens :Microsoft, Magic Leap, Dan Cui all say Pokemon is a GO

eMagin Patents Dual AR/VR HMD: Matthew Brennesholtz

It did not work out. So now I bash stocks on a message boards few read. But in my defense, those are some, you have to admit, pretty big words. (ed.note: Funniest Part, akin to GOOGLE!!!)

Seeks to automate the investment research process by gathering company and industry specific data: scrubbing it, assigning quantifiable weightings to it (based on various metrics) and delivering it in a user defined format. Our goal is to develop an investment/stock research engine, akin to GOOGLE (unlike theirs, which is cluttered and requires one to dig too much for locating gems). We intend to take the manual grunt work of analyzing investment opportunities.

that was fast...

Look on the bright side, the Yahoo "conversations" have been cooled off, no more "hot takes" and best of all for you and worst of all non-entities like the Janus of Frankenbissel and Boardwalk97 will have to find other work. Extraneous stuff, off topic will appear, well, extraneous.

"reproctical collocation of clandestine communication!"

What say you Captain Big word?

What do consumers know about AR & VR : Dan Cui Video Made in Prep for China Keynote at recent AWE Asia Presumably

Scary Fun

Abovitz and Cui; Pokemon (Cui Re-Tweet)

Retweet fro Dan Cui (eMagin)

Dan Cui (eMagin) in a Mixed Reality Tweet Storm


This Pokemon Go Thing Has Certainly Captured People's Imagination and It Seems to Be Holding Their Common Sense For Ransom, In the Middle of Nowhere I Saw a Guy Driving Pretty Fast Holding His Phone Out the Window Presumably Waiting to Capture Some Digital Will o" Wisp, Hope He Saw That Turn in the Road

Monday, July 11, 2016

Accenture Develops Mixed Reality Proof of Concept for Bombardier, Bringing an Immersive Aircraft Experience to Life
Bye Bye

Andrew G. Sculley, President and CEO of eMagin Corporation added, “When combined with our OLED microdisplay technology, users reach a new level of uncompromised immersive VR and AR performance. Our OLED microdisplays provide the high contrast, fast response time, vivid colors, and high pixel density (no screen door effects) required for superior VR applications while addressing the ultra-high brightness demanded for AR applications

We knew thanks to FBL now the world knows...and Kip speaks!..eMagin Awarded Patent for Switchable AR/VR Microdisplay-Based Immersive Headset

“One of our goals is to improve upon the current state of VR headset design,” said Kip Kokinakis, President of eMagin’s HMD group. “It is important to us that the form, fit, and feel of the headset enhance users’ overall experience, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the use of the product.” Kokinakis continued, “We also looked at the growing market trend towards mixed reality, or the combining of VR and AR, and designed a unique set of optomechanical elements for switching the headset seamlessly between VR and AR modes.”

Microsoft PC Gamer Survey
Watch video!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

$440k, 30k raise

And he has slicked up his site

eMagin's old pal Tony Havelka of TEKGEAR is doing a promotion

Is Virtual Reality About to Go Mainstream? Too Clunky? (consolidation a year away))

Elbit Systems Digital Eye Piece add-on transforms existing HMDs, NVGs into night-vision smart helmets

Cutting Edge Technology So Soldiers Can See Through Vehicles (British Aerospace This Time)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Just about a year ago, they were shooting for a 4Q 2016 release then as well, forgot that bit of the review

Man Hates Vuzix With Chart! (this guy trolls everybody that he sees as a competitive threat to Kopin) so...

Man Betrayed by Double Dealing Drone Racing Association!

Man Loves Vuzix! Must Have Kopin Inside!

Man Convinced Kopin To Control Drone Racing Worldwide! Millions and Millions Will Be Sold Any Day Now!

What's changed? Has Something Fluxed? From narrow FOV to "far from physical limits?"

Calling Captain Big Word, Calling Captain Big Word

"@#&% (shit)"

Does Dan Cui's Retweet of John Carmack's contention that eMagin's displays have "no physical limits" have any meaning in your High-Concept Universe?
Could it imply a relationship that has been years in the making? What's changed, Lightfields? TIR Prisms?

Fascinating ODG is working on a device to aid the totally blind to move about without a cane.

ODG Headquarters in 360 degrees (when ODG sold IP to Microsoft they were already on to the next GEN HMD, they did not sell the seed corn)

Johnnie Tang, Himax Analyst, stated that Himax "should" use LCOS in the next Gen Hololens, "should" as "LCOS would be the best choice", "should" as in "I think they probably will"" or "should" as in to "make my speculation seem somewhat reasonable and informed".

it appears Microsoft is weighing their options.

ATR, Elbit Developing Wearable HUD...Certification by next Summer, eMagin Microdisplay

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

When in doubt make stuff up, you mean the first one you've noticed.That's true if you don't count Silicon Microdisplay, Myvu, Zeiss, eMagin Z800/iHMD, SA Photonics, NVIS, Virtalis, Inition3D et al

Stock Gumshoe on the case, you mad bro? Kopin is a dungarees says Capt. High Concept, Mr. Big Word

Magin Hires Dan Cui as VP of Business Development to Bolster HMD Effort

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y.--()--eMagin Corporation (NYSE MKT: EMAN) hired Dan Cui as Vice President of Business Development for its HMD “head-mounted display” group. eMagin has developed multiple HMDs for both military and consumer uses including the Z-800 gaming headset which won the “Most Innovative” award at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. Currently, eMagin is completing a new, highly innovative, next generation HMD prototype with high 2,000 by 2,000 pixel resolution and a large +100 degree field of view which features OLED microdisplays offering multiple advantages over LCD or LCOS microdisplays.
“We are very pleased Dan is joining us to help drive our HMD effort”
Tweet this
“We are very pleased Dan is joining us to help drive our HMD effort” said Andrew G. Sculley, CEO of eMagin Corporation, “ He has a wealth of experience, working in the wearable space for the past 15 years. He has directed business development and sales and marketing for the HMD space at Vuzix Corporation and View Link Technology/MYVU. While working at Vuzix as VP Sales and Business Development Dan successfully raised their market visibility in advance of Intel’s investment in Vuzix and subsequent listing on NASDAQ. He also developed key relationships with SAP,, DHL, and a co-branding partnership with Lenovo.”

Because believing makes it so...

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Far From Physical Limits...

Last Wave of PlayStation VR Pre-orders Sells Out in Minutes...Millions at $400

Friday, July 1, 2016

Virtual Reality A Major Focus At SIGGRAPH 2016

There's a reason every Candidate at Marine OCS in Quantico reads "Ender's Game"

DSTS for Civilians, the Interview with Kevin Williams in Neil's Basement was terrific on this trend, possibilities and challenges, NO Baby Wipes!

Give it time, you'll get used to it

Project Fortaleza? That was to be up and running in time for the Olympics in Brazil, Fortaleza/Brazil, a small trouble for a troubled Olympiad..Xbox One VR headset rumours and news


N2 Imaging Systems Secures $81M Army Contract for Sniper Weapon Sights (Kopin has a previous relationship with UTC, these displays are likely theirs, if these funds have started maybe BAE, DRS and Harris will let folks know)

United Technologies subsidiary has ENVG Contract in had as well as FWS-Sniper,  who knew?

How about some higher frame rates then?...One Thing That Could Doom Virtual Reality: Vomit

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