Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AMD, Globalfoundries Change Terms of Business Agreement

AWE USA 2016: Smart Glasses – Opportunities, Challenges and Barriers to ...

AWE USA 2016: VR Investor Panel

Six15 has used eMagin OLED for the most part for their MILSPEC stuff, seems they would same use in their AR/HMDs built for the Enterprise Rich Ryan (Six15 Technologies) The Right Tool for the Right Job

VRguy podcast Episode 19: Dio Gonzalez, Principal Software Developer at Unity Labs (I hear there is a device out there that will solve the on again, off again, on again problem)

Thank you Yuval, this is helpful, now, waiting for the column where you admit Cell Phone displays for VR stink..VR on the battlefield, to the couch and back again — sort of

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to power the immersive computing era: AMD CTO

Others call it "Photo-Realism"

(Just who is Mark Papermaster:) DAC 2016 | Keynote: The Challenge to Develop Truly Great Products

Organic Motion Unreal 4 - EDGE - DSTS Integration (Alienware and HP VR Packs went to school on DSTS (eMagin HMD) Future of Gaming)

AMD CTO Mark Papermaster and Vice President of Alliances Roy Taylor Detail Future of VR at IFA 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Mort Sackler

Werner Herzog on Virtual Reality, the Future of Humanity, and Internet T...

Hello Kitty all the way down

So AR/VR Will be Big – What Does That Mean for the Display Industry? Norbert can't seem to begin to answer his own question,(No reason to read)

Separating Virtual From Reality: How ODG Is Pioneering AR

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

AMD is using this image in their latest...not dive mask, not quite cyberpunk

That question is more interesting than you know

Our Boy Roy Continues to Move & Shake Amongst the Swells.... Ford, AMD, High Fidelity to present at Immerse

AMD’s Corporate VP of Alliances, Content & VR Roy Taylor, who will touch on the advancements that need to take place in order for the immersive tech industry to realize its potential

And the new has words, letters and/or numbers... somebody break the drawing code! Thanks Frank

Word Mark DPD 
Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Electronic displays, namely, OLED displays 

Here's the old Trademark (still extant) of eMagin's Direct Patterned Display. DPD. Looks like do, re, mi, designed by BOD Cut-Up Paul Cronson

What Is Google Daydream? Virtual Reality Platform Service For Androids Slated To Launch For Fall 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

These are the guys Sculley referenced who want a larger display with higher resolution

Our Boy Roy is mixing it up...

it occurs that AMD and eMagin seem to be getting the Virtual Tiger by the Virtual Tail while Oculus seems under siege and a lot of their public utterances lately, Rubin, Zuckerburg, Palmer appear to be groping towards a path they can not  find or identify.

Monday, August 22, 2016

They could be liable for simply strapping this Model T to this poor guys head

Bought the wrong company, real, real, bad advice

"I gotta hightail outta Dodge and fast!!!, Giddy-up VR Horsey!"

Wonder if this has anything to do with Zuckerburg's Oculus Regret, Popcorn Time if Andreessen and All the Others Who Sold this Pig in a Poke Can Be Dragged into This Somehow

Too funny, gee , never saw this coming, "regrets I've had a few but too few to mention but I bought Oculus and they put me in preventive detention,".

Location-based VR, coming soon to a cinema near you

Friday, August 19, 2016

Career Opportunities: Member Technical Staff Equipment Engineer-Lithography (127626)... no idea what any of this means

eManistan prepares to invade Britain?

Pretty good use of the $$$

* Portion of proceeds from transaction will be utilized to fund company's growth initiatives with consumer AR/VR partnerships

OK maybe "crap" was a little rough

it's a bit galling to hear Doctor Fan claim the potential for "hundreds of millions" (there are just not that many F-35s) of dollars that would be generated by display sales for the F-35 when they can't get it qualified. The display that is now referred to as "pie in the sky" by Kopin acolytes was in fact a project initiated by the Navy to produce a 2k X 2k display which would be ideal for just this purpose. Let's see if the "fix' works, if not, there is another ready to drop into that empty module.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Whatever you say, Rubin seems as clueless as Roy Taylor is confident...Oculus head of content Jason Rubin on righting Rift's troubled launch, and the holy grail of first-person shooters in VR (another, how should I know moment)

Dr. Fan , you won't be able to say the Navy did not give you every opportunity to get it right, green glow hardware fix..Pilots to Test Fix for F-35 Helmet ‘Green Glow’ Problem

F-35C costs the Navy $337 Million dollars + the lives of Naval Aviators, jeopardized for a crap display. Strike Force Commander "hopes it works", "like looking through a dirty window", "contrast OK with ambient light" It does not need less contrast it needs more.. Sculley and Hughes know LCDs sucks for night Carrier landings.

20 weeks?

Say, NATO and the IDF cooperate in some combined operation, would it not be helpful to have a device that could connect networkcentricly (sic) one with the other?

Not pinching the device merely the image

I am dubious , if the headline said "IDF buys Microsoft Hololens to tear it down and see how it compares to Elbit Everysight" now, that would be credible

Snowlens would work

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Orthopedists Too!

CLANG! Intel Tosses Another Dive Mask into the Ring...

S-Class Interview with Nima Shams from Osterhout Design Group

Apple Core, good one Tim..Apple’s Tim Cook declares augmented reality a ‘core technology’ for the company
TeamViewer Integrates with Osterhout Design Group to Enhance Augmented Reality User Experience
TeamViewer announced its integration with Osterhout Design Group (ODG), maker of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) smartglasses, the R-7. With this integration, R-7 smartglasses users have access to remote technical support while in the field. Built on top of ReticleOS, ODG's Android-based operating system, TeamViewer QuickSupport enhances user experience by enabling easy remote connections for real-time support. With this integration, technicians have the ability to see exactly what a user wearing the R-7 Smartglasses sees, allowing for easy field professional guidance, administration and support. The QuickSupport App will be available through the Reticle AppCenter and requires a business or corporate license for download.

China’s Vanfund to Invest USD15 Million in AR Smart Glasses Maker Osterhout Design Group

Medical Applications

Baobab Studios looks to bring Pixar-style animation to VR (CNET News)

Monday, August 15, 2016


The Dark Ride Project, a historic VR archive

Jeff Lucas referred to the two products to be rolled out in Q4 as "affordable"

Shot down by "Friendly Fire" soon after takeoff

I always suspected that arguments as to high cost of eMagin oled microdisplays in a widely available Consumer HMD would be countered by a partner who would be willing to subsidize such a release as a "loss leader".  (Hopefully the NVIDIA/eMagin Blazing Angels type bundle is not the marketing model). Listening to Roy Taylor's last few talks and his "impatience" for such a Head Mounted Display leads to the suspicion that is what's is happening. Content, content, content.

2016 North American Augmented Reality-enabled Smartglasses New Product Innovation Award; And the Winner is Osterhout Design Group

If you fix it they will come

How Assassin’s Creed and The Martian are pioneering a new VR experience

Dlodlo’s VR headset almost looks like real sunglasses — I just wish it fit me... (Wearable tech for mannequins)

"So Rhonda, how was Boca?"

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How can this feller here emory craig write an article about Roy Taylor's/eMagin VR Hardware Interview and not mention eMagin? (the funniest part of the interview is when Roy says at the end incredulously "Oh, is this on the Internet?)

Craig must have gone to the VentureBeat/Ron Mertens School of Journalism

We know Roy likes the pixels, now, about that cost (this response is motivated by someone who has observed this company for some time and not very deep down in our bludgeoned perceptions we feel that eMagin really cannot make millions of display. miright?)

Golly Dean, how should I know?: Oculus VR's Jason Rubin: The Next Wave of Virtual Reality

VR on the Lot - AMD's RoyTaylor

Says it right after the eMagin 4k discussion "need to bring the price down so tens of millions will have THE headset" i.e. the one he was just talking about": AMD's Roy Taylor explains how VR will change entertainment

VR Society - VR on the Lot: (These people want the larger eMagin display and produce many in order to rapidly activate VR as a profitable business, reflexively this makes me think "Buyout")

Whatever it is let's hope it looks nothing like this...

Wearable Technology Could Change How Special Operations Forces Fight

Even better would be a heads-up display system.

At some point “we’re going to interface artificial intelligence with our operators so they are literally hands free,” Thomas said. “At the voice prompt they’re going to be able to say, ‘Siri or Son of Siri or whoever, give me this [situational awareness information].’ And it’s going to drop down to a heads-up display and they’re going to have everything they need because it will all be in some file.”

“What I’m really looking for here is one of the ones that does it all — day, night, laser protection, perhaps something that does some active transitioning,” Fields said. 

“It has to do it really fast,” he added. “We need to go from inside to outside, outside from inside, [and] the operators need to be able to not wait for their glasses to catch up with them.”

VRLA: Where Hollywood Goes To VR

Friday, August 12, 2016

Uerkwitz is excited too

A lot of views since Sculley referenced this yesterday, with 2 thumbs down, wow, Garrity could find it, amazing...AMD's Roy Taylor explains how VR will change entertainment

Just a guess, the US Army Trainer Could Be AVCATT, they issued a call for resolution beyond SXGA for their HMD, maybe

Two consumer devices, no solid sense of what it might be, Sculley sounded like the cat who ate the canary when discussing it though

Throw a dart

For AMD, evolution of virtual reality will depend on the software

But this is only the beginning. The real immersion in virtual reality will only be achieved when technology get to match with our own real-life experience: resolution of 15360 x 8640 (16K) to match with the capacity of the human eye, zero latency to avoid any discomfort and 144 frames per second to ensure that no one will feel bad after a VR session.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A telescope, a camera, a watch, rangefinder would not as Sculley said be " a unique situation, very exciting and deliver a lot of buzz."

Handheld Communications is their term of Art, the stuff you are discussing does not answer

Page 2 of Fact Sheet


Got into the way-back machine to see what these guys definition of Hand-Held means..(go-to definition from about 2007 onward)...Microdisplays can be built into handheld computers to display more information content on virtual screens without forfeiting portability or adding the cost a larger direct view screen. Microdisplays are not currently used in this market. We believe that GPS viewers and other novel products are likely to develop as our displays become more available.


Urkweitz covers Apple for Oppenheimer

and eMagin

Uerkwitz is excited


11% customer increase out side Guv Biz

yes, we know, 3:00 minute mark

a FEW companies working on VR Headsets with them

wow andrew is awake too

Jeff is awake

Cavalleria rusticana

“Another of our strategic growth initiatives to expand into commercially attractive markets has been to realign our sales and marketing resources to focus on high growth areas in the industrial, medical device and consumer sectors where our advanced optics and OLED microdisplay technologies are at the cutting edge of product development. We believe our new strategy is working as evidenced by some recent successes. During the first six months of 2016, we expanded our active customer count by 11% to 108 customers. And, in the second quarter, we were awarded an $825 thousand order with a major medical device company, the largest single order in this market in the Company’s history.
“Finally, we are excited about our upcoming consumer product offerings. We have leveraged our microdisplay and optics technology, combined with our manufacturing capability, to develop affordable, high performance wearable and handheld products for the broader consumer market. We plan to release two products in the fourth quarter of 2016. In addition to the expected revenue growth from this new channel, the higher production volumes are expected to lower our unit costs and raise our overall product margins.”
Our ongoing discussions with a number of Tier One companies are progressing more rapidly than at any time in the past and several are at advanced stages. These companies recognize that our direct patterning OLED technology provides the resolution, speed and brightness that are needed for their next generation of virtual reality devices in order to provide consumers the user experience they require. We are engaged in regularly scheduled product development meetings with these companies and have submitted proposals to develop displays to meet their particular requirements.

eMagin Corporation Announces Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We’ve worked with a company in New York called eMagin, which has a 4K headset for a while. 4K close to your eye is really beautiful. I won’t take anything away from what Oculus and HTC have done, but the jump from current resolutions to 4K is really big. That will happen.

2016 Silicon Valley - China Future Forum VR/AR . AI .Ÿ Biotechnology

AMD Capsaicin talk at SIGGRAPH 2016 on PTSD

Q2 2016 eMagin Corporation Earnings Conference Call (Live) 08/11/16 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Looks like a Hippo...eMagin SVGA, Crisp: Armasight Zeus Pro 640 50mm Thermal Weapon Scope Big Boar 2

Meanwhile back at the Dive Mask...

After listening to Kopin's CC They Should Change Their Name to Kopin/F-35

The question about potential delays in the program seemed to have unhinged Dr. Fan a bit. The weight question is still being hashed out inside the program. Not only the weight of the helmet (the tolerances are being shaved by ounces to make ejection safe). Additionally smaller pilots down to 135 pounds (read female pilots) are of particular concern to the program now. As constituted they cannot eject safely from the plane. Problems with the display are popping up as well as the contrast of the helmet does not allow for precise identification of targets. The program according to it's director has 18 months to iron these things out. Things can change.
The hyperbole of hundreds of millions of dollars of rev over the life of the program is totally unrealistic.  They have a portion of FWS-I, how much?, remains to be seen.  If they had any portion of FWS-S or FWS-C (Sniper/Crew) they would have ballyhooed that up and dow. They did not, that would indicate eMagin gets all of that.The last questioner appears to have hung up on Doctor Fan. Pie in the Sky?

Legendary Entertainment Bets Big On Mixed Reality With HoloLens and Magic Leap

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This... in Awesome Rocketship and 4k Headset would be awesome

Awesome Rocket and IMAX..Virtual reality is coming to your movie theater lobby

Apple iMac 2016 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Radeon Polaris 10 Chip Updates Now Make It VR Compatible?

AMD has built hardware at Samsung, could tap foundry for future products

V One is a VR headset with a surprisingly cool look (Kopin LCD in China, must have got the "China" memo)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Looks like a pair of sunglasses! suppose, if your a yenta from Long Island visiting Boca

Believe these have Kopin LCD Displays...Thank ya, thank ya very much

Forget Mertens Frank

he owns stock in the company so he over-compensates on the negative so Mr. Delicate Sensibilities can't be accused of fluffing it. He should sell and move on, cover lighting and shit. He kicked me off his "forum" for citing eMagin products used by SOCOM, NATO and others.  I make no pretense of equanimity but everybody knows that, waste of breath trying to engage. He won't retract it. Ron, still sticking to the claim that last September Microoled shipped a 150k displays?
I'm no journalist and neither is he.

I sent IR the Roy Taylor videos . Jeff replied "We are well aware of Roy’s comments. Appreciate your bringing it to our attention."

asked him about something similar about Taylor a few months ago and he answered cryptically "Did he use our name?" Well aware indeed. Thanks Frank
Love it.

That Awesome Rocketship thing might become a thing in China, betcha it will

That you Urkweitz?

"I've lived in Israel for a while, which clearly means I live in Biloxi Mississippi now"

Sturgill Fest Continues

Maybe collaborating (have worked with eMagin) for over a year

AMD’s Roy Taylor discusses tools for VR content creation at NAB 2016

Good Grief, another one. Ron Mertens believe the Present Perfect Tense indicates actions completed. Maybe he should be an editor at Venturebeat

we've worked is Present Perfect,  we have worked is Present Perfect, "we've" is a contraction of "We have". "We had worked" is Past Perfect represents an action completed. "We have worked with a company in New York, eMagin, for a while" indicates the action is ongoing.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Keywords...Imagine New York 4k, talk about infinite regression

Unscramble the letters to spell the name of unknown company

What else? You got an editor over there at Venturebeat?

Taylor: I love the hardware that’s out there. Without Oculus, I wouldn’t even be here. I completely applaud Palmer, Jason, Brendan and the team there. What they’ve done is fantastic. Yet as good as the headsets are, there’s a correlation between distance from the screen to the eye and the need for higher resolutions. We’ve worked with a company in New York called Imagine, which has a 4K headset, for a while. 4K close to your eye is really beautiful. I won’t take anything away from what Oculus and HTC have done, but the jump from current resolutions to 4K is really big. That will happen.
The movie industry doesn’t want you to be distracted by pixels. They want to get to 4K fast, and then to even higher resolutions. Higher resolutions will come. At the same time, the prices will come down.

Hurry Talon, big dogs are on their way

May have to re-calibrate expectations in that regard

Here's hoping that first VR isn't just Turtles all the way down

Troops can see through armored vehicles with Israeli firm's new helmet -...

Palmer, Is there anything you would like to tell us? Might go easier for you if you did.


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