Friday, September 30, 2016

DRS has the $340 Million Contract, eMagin supplies the display for the Hand-Held Targeting System, BAE, also eMagin, has the other side of the contract, the amount so far undisclosed...

warheads on foreheads

Don't know how this report missed AMD, sick of these things but includes eManistan with First-World Companies, wow, even Yuval (Sensics) got in here..Virtual Reality Market Outlook: Technology, Solutions, Content, and Applications 2016 - 2021 NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

MTBS-TV: Interview With eMagin (July 2015,( First Time AMD-eMagin Connection Seen, Signage)


The evolution of LBE will start this year, with Taylor saying that “by the end of next year (there will be) 100’s of centers across America.”
One market that is already exploring LBE is China, where the company 87870 is installing egg-shaped pods in movie theater lobbies and beyond. The rapid development of China’s VR market is something we’ve been tracking, and as the formula is developed there it could become the model that the rest of the world seeks to emulate.

Method of implementing global illumination with oled displays

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Real Time Global Illumination - What Is It And Is It Possible on PS4 & X...

Oh, it's an Alliance of the those involved in the Virtual Reality Industry in China...

Ok, then

WHAT! Are you saying that eMagin says they are not actively engaged in cooperative activities with Ginwa Investment Group. But...but...but...

Rockwell-Collins Rolls Out IDVS at AUSA Next Week-WUXGA, Capabilities Indicate, SWAP etc eMagin OLED WUXGA

Maybe VR is not such a great idea. They even call it "Oasis". Living in Birmingham GBR might make an exception...

eMagin has a Booth at CES (simple deduction would indicate that means that they have a Consumer Device to Showcase). Little over 90 Days to Get Ready. Ready Player One!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just go away...

Very Concise and Informative Presentation Sir...

DRS all eMagin as well. The little defense company that uses Kopin's displays in FWS-I?, can't remember, can you?

Anybody remember Sculley's "Shoot around corners" talk of a few years ago? Wasn't Tracking Point was it? Good thing. Nice Video from the Folks at BAE all OLED eMagin Displays from DRS and BAE

The US Army's Master Plan To Track and Attack the Enemies of the Future FWS-I-C- and ENVGIII

Elbit Skylens (eMagin SXGA 1280X1024) Looks like they have dispensed with the Ski-mask and gone to a more

open system that looks a hell of a lot more comfortable and considerably lighter.

So Mr. Cui has not become a non-person (as of 20 hours ago), still pictured at AWE Asia, So Right to Left, iGinwa CEO Ivan Cui, Kolo, Mike Sparagen, Ori, Ben Vaughan, Dan Cui (eMagin) and ? Ban Ki Moon?, No , No idea

VIRTSIM Today? If it is it appears to be the same HMD that DSTS uses. Now Pro Sports.

VIRTSIM : Z800s in the wild, surprise, Raytheon still using them for VIRTSIM, VR Tactical Training Sim

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

But you're makin' me hungry

Bullish Big Mac, didn't even feel a tremor...

Bit into the lead-in for 60 Minutes, Cold War Stuff and King Abdullah

the Cold War was VG, when the man from Rand explained the scenarios he gamed he showed Russian Attacks besieging the Capitals of Estonia and Latvia, 400-500 tanks. He didn't explain a NATO offset strategy but pictured some Abrams M12A's and a longer shot over Javelin. Meanwhile back in India Tata and the MOD have yet to sign a JV (where have I heard that term lately?) with Lockheed and Raytheon.

PoCo firm creates world’s largest hologram

Pokestops drive footfall and nine other augmented reality charts

Himax crashes as analyst warns of slow sales for augmented reality client : little vulturing here, but the narrow FOV is a steady complaint re Hololens but there was Ginwa featuring it at AWE Asia.

SMOD 2016

Was it Super Ventures (Tom Emrich), Ori, or a Network Guy from Ginwa Who Got Carried Away?

Judder? Sea(Sick) World, Please not the children...

VR Society - VR on the Lot

Monday, September 26, 2016

Plausible Deniability :"eMagin says not actively engaged in cooperative activities with Ginwa Investment Group"

"Sculley was here..."

I know I can be a vulture but this guy constitutes an entire flock...

Just another day in eManistan that's "slightly warmer than usual."

Would you guys please clarify this one too? What does "Talking in the secret" mean? And the Apple Logo on the slide, is it? A. Just a coincidence B. Speaking in the shadows C. Just a screw-up that requires clarification or D. Just messing with us as usual

eMagin Display in approx. 2/3 of FWS-I and ENVGIII

I concede the Field for today, this Ham Fisted Approach to the "Social Network"

 is not inspiring a lot of confidence "Social Network" launch of the two products in waiting.

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown"

Let's parse it...

what the Screen says and what they don't deny is a JV with UXFactory. Like AWE Xi'an 2015 Mr. Cui's speech was babelfished into meaninglessness. Bit of a trend here from the Hidden Kingdom. Guys, whoever tweeted the photos out is the culprit. Chinese proverb about pictures being worth a thousand words. 

eMagin Corporation Issues Clarification...The Tweet is gone to...The eNigma Variations

eMagin Corporation, or the “Company” (NYSE MKT:EMAN), a leader in the development, design and manufacture of Active Matrix OLED microdisplays for high resolution imaging products, today announced that at the Augmented World Expo Asia held September 24 and 25, 2016, in Xi’an China it was incorrectly reported that eMagin is working with The Ginwa Investment Group and the Administrative Committee of Xi’an Hi-tec zone in a joint venture to promote augmented reality in China. eMagin is not actively engaged in any cooperative activities with The Ginwa Investment Group or the Administrative Committee of Xi’an Hi-tec zone and does not have any formal obligation to do so.

Nordicneurolab is a longtime eMagin OEM

Thanks Lurker

On the first day, the Xi'an High-tech Zone and the Golden Investment Group and three AR hardware and software research and development projects were signed, including the world's top SDK in education, and in the United States eMagin hardware R & D, and South Korea UX FACRORY artificial aspect of smart chip development and production signed a cooperation agreement. In addition, Xi'an Hi-tech Zone and AGORA Global Creative Center project signed the agreement.
Golden Investment Group in Shaanxi Province, the official said, Xi'an will be the conference as an opportunity to the entire industry, cutting-edge technology Floor AR Xi'an, Xi'an to build a global industry AR hatch and application base, from AR / VR mode industry introduction and exploration, to promote the transformation of traditional industries.

New England Patriots President: Augmented Reality Will Play 'A Big Part' At Gillette Stadium

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hmm...Microsoft...I wonder if Ginwa and eMagin will be producers of DPD displays for the Industry

Any guesses as to what

______nts Holding Group is?

I guess Ginwa Investments Holding Group. Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner!

People of Kopin, People of Himax...

"It's a Cookbook!"
there is no cause for concern or panic. I am optimistic this will not encroach on the Drone Racing Market or the Motorcycle Helmet Market. 

These days are over, sun's coming up in eManistan

And Ori Inbar Kicked it Off, He is standing behind the table at the Signing Ceremony

Dan Cui on the right, camera blocks man to his right, iGinwa CEO on the left and UX means "User Experience" which is what the slide with the Apple Logo is "about". molto mysterioso

That's the iGinwa CEO at Center Table at Signing Ceremony, it's them

And beneath, UX Factory sets up a JV to develop AR Hardware

Dan, please stop talking in the secret(presumably "about") but, "about" that Logo on the screen...

Palmer is good, not good at politicks, so much for the secret ballot, (Palmer you have to retract all of VR Metaverse relies on you, BS, we knew from the beginning, Luckey was the Chauncey Gardener of Tech)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Gotta ask, why are all the UAE's lookin' in? Abu Dhabi is in the UAE, correct?

you guys own waht? Globalfoundries.

I'm sorta likin' the contrarian Luckey, every weenie in Silicon Valley is freaking out, little snowflakes can't handle other POVs

Second from the left, I've seen him before, name on the tip of my tongue...

Your buddy over there, Mr. Big Word, Can't help it Bi-Polar Mania, narcissism and grandiosity rules the day

"It's right there in the PDR"

Forbes looks very professional, their pages sleek and stylish but in many cases their writers are months behind, don't know shit about what's going on...

I Believe this is called "lowering expectations", "see Facebook", "see Oculus", "see Palmer Luckey"..Sony CEO: Virtual Reality Is In “Very, Very Early Days ” And Requires A Lot Of Work

He can do what he wants but the people in Silicon Valley are now going to treat him like he is Patient X with Zika, Ebola, the Sniffles and The Black Plague, (Luckey we hardly knew you, back to the basement!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hand Kopin a Lemon and this guy will make Kopin Lemonade (Kopin Inside Google Glass, World's Greatest Vaporware!)

Complaint Filed in Denver District Court Against Wearables and IoT Company - Kopin Corporation

"It says right here in this tiny hard to focus on eyebox that I'm being framed!"

Google is working on a mixed reality headset, a new patent reveals


And that reminds me of a song...

Free Snacks at Oculus, Ginger Snaps, Free Snacks at Upload, DMT, Psilocybin

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jim, TBC means "To be confirmed", apparently it has been confirmed

Combustible Mixture (it tasted better the first time)

The least astute among us can listen to Mr. Taylor Presentation at DICE and see that the eMagin iHMD is the catalyst for AMD's aggressive entry into Virtual Reality

and he reason he cites X number of headsets Oculus, Vive et al will sell and then adds he believes that significantly more will find their way into the hands of consumers.

D.I.C.E. Europe 2016 - AMD's Roy Taylor Discussion of eMagin Headset Starts at 16:50 (Mertens, "have been working with" is the PRESENT Perfect Tense)

Food for thought from Jim

Pixel Phone

Monday, September 19, 2016

When I hear About Iceland I think of the Ring of Fire and That Reminds Me of a Song

Our Boy Roy is Going to Parachute and Parachute Out

Forget conference calls: You could meet colleagues in virtual reality within two years, claims expert

Saturday, September 17, 2016

4 Challenges Facing the Growing Virtual Reality Industry

1. Big, Bulky Headsets Look Silly bueno

Perhaps Kopin's R&D expense would not be so "impressive" if they like eMagin

had many of their most significant breakthroughs subsidized by the US Military, SOCOM, MANTECH et al. The "Pie in the Sky" Display for example was financed by NAVAIR and the US Navy.  And if by chance the Navy decides 4thDimension/Kopin display is holding up the F-35 Program and they switch to OLED then the best thing to do with all those patents will be to use them for wallpaper. When eMagin expands their manufacturing capacity with accompanying efficiencies that could very well be the end for Kopin. Tread lightly bro, the ice you trod upon is thin.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Because Yoga Man, Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly and Sociopaths Have To Sociopath...

Elbit Enhances Situational Awareness for F-16 Pilots

As the F-16 evolves, so does the JHMCS. One important modification Elbit Systems of America offers through the RCEVS joint venture is the addition of the JHMCS Digital Eye Piece (DEP). The DEP provides pilots the same cueing and display symbology used in the daytime while using night vision devices. The DEP attaches to existing JHMCS HMDs with no required aircraft modifications and gives pilots the ability to transition from day to night or night to day simply and quickly, either before flight or while airborne.

Layoffs Hit PlayStation VR Worlds Developer Sony London

IR Patrol XR Extended Range Thermal Monocular (eMagin VGA)

I thought EAR 99 would allow for the export of VGA Displays? No, the displays themselves not when a complete Thermal Systems accompanies them.

Fun Headline (trying to sell something), as if we didn't know..Option Market: eMagin Corp. Risk Hits A Towering High

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Shift Supervisor - Front End (Fab) eMagin Corporation, Yield Improvement Manager/Engineer - Hopewell Junction, NY

"Dr. Fan, Dr. Fan, I have an idea let's release the Golden-I with a new name! "Oh great, we can call it "Drone-On!" "Wearable, augmented, mixed, merged, total immersion, Pokemon Go, every reality there is reality!, cannot wait for next Conference Call!"

"Look out your window pal, I am watching you, however you are smaller and blurrier than I thought. And why do you keep jumping around?"

eMagin will have a Booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. They have not demonstrated a consumer device at CES since 2005. the, way, way, way "before it's time" Z800

It will be in the Sport Tech Zone so presumably it is a head worn device related to sports performance.Is this the one that "will deliver a lot of buzz"? Kopin will be there featuring SOLOS, a HUD for Bicyclists. Microvision, always stay in a Suite in the Hotel California, they check in but never check out and Himax will have no presence. Osterhout Design Group will have a Booth, Vuzix as well. Oculus too! (Need a mop in South Hall at Booth 26002).

Yes, see previous post

Palmer fashions a bulletproof alibi, to the effect: "I couldn't do it and probably should't have done it." $2 Billion for a old discredited design. Feeling the heat, stagnant sales, lawsuit, no longer VR Wunderkind

Monday, September 12, 2016

How many?

Roy went there...(Is Google Daydream "Oasis"?)

Sports Tech Marketplace

This may be a clue (what did all these companies do?, let's see who can make the best bike/motorcycle HUD, losers buy the winner dinner...

"Kato, quel est sport technologie?"

WaveOptics, (eMagin Prez of HMD Division Kokinakis Still Works, Advises, Consults There), Seems to be Working on Sport Related HUD as Well, Elbit, Solos, WaveOptics, Busy, Busy, Busy

Whoever wrote this PR has quite an imagination..Himax Technologies Announces Partnership with NUVIZ

Skully tried this and it did not pan out( Kickstarter fraud and lawsuits).  Insert Solos for NUVIZ and you have the same hyperbole characteristic of a Kopin PR. OK, Kickstarter. I am tempted to call BS on the $ raised. It's been on KS without a end time for over two years.Way too long for a product like this. Hey eMagin guys, here's hoping that the "Social Network" rollout of the new products is NOT Kickstarter. That ship has sailed.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

speaking of MIA Dan, the copy and paste maven is hors de combat for awhile

I entrust Stephen M Garce the high honor of keeping you guys in the loop until then. Auf wiedersehen. Raise your right hand garce.
"Green, Red, Blue Alert, Call 800-Wheredan"

I'm thinking today will not feel like a simulation Mr. Musk

The Uncompromising Platform: OTOY and ODG Bring Light Field Rendering to...

There are so many of these things seemingly released on a daily basis, it's getting ridiculous. Qualcomm's turn..After Intel, Qualcomm details its own standalone wireless VR headset reference design

to differentiate, this one seems to have a grasshopper with a cat-like face on the front.

Race to Reality: The Next Billion-People Market Opportunity On September 3rd, 2016 at​ 1 PM CEST/ 7AM ED​T, CityCube Berlin, Mark Papermaster, Chief Technology Officer AMD will give unique insights into the new era of Virtual Reality: "Race to Reality - The Next Billion-People Market Opportunity”.

have a listen. Sign up.

If this can happen then nothing will surprise me...Tata Power to make Javelin missile with Lockheed Martin(eMagin OLED Display in Command Launch Unit)

"You are telling me now the MOD actually did something!"

finally won out, ability to surveil is superior to Spike.

Yield Improvement Engineer

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