Monday, October 31, 2016

Ori Inbar (AWE Co-Founder): Opening Keynote at AWE Europe 2016 (3-9 months to get in)

Challenges for Smart Glasses Adoption Panel

Hendrik Witt - CEO, Ubimax: Enterprise Smartglasses Projects

I rest my case

A hell of a lot better than Unlucky Palmer Luckey's Foray into Soldier Mod with Norwegian Tankers

Speaking of ANZACS, having a look through a Javelin CLU and eMagin display

Microdisplay War is Breaking Out in the Blogosphere!

Derrick M. Zieler is mad as hell and not it taking any more. My petty insults of Kopin's 20th Century Technology, Dr. Fan's verbal incomprehensibility and Kopin's fluffing every small project they undertake as the greatest scientific achievement of the Modern World is not going unanswered. I applaud his efforts. I do not know Derrick's Middle Name for for the sake of Poetic License I will call him Derrick Michael Zieler. DMZ for short, as he safeguards the ever widening Technological gulf between the Past and the Future. Bon Chance DMZ, you are going to need it. First Salvo came in this AM in the form of a chart (BOOM) that depicts every AR Near Eye Display and Smartglass between 2017-2020 will be Kopin's Golden-I. This approach is the Tactical Equivalent of Inflatable Tanks. Somewhat convincing from 10,000 feet, laughable when observed from the ground.  "The Wearable Era" sounds already like "The Golden Age of Radio" or "When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth."

The "Latest NVGs" to Australia? Their Latest ASF and SOCOMs are two different categories of devices.

It's Insight Technologies so it could be either Thermal or Light intensification. Insight was bought by L-3 around the same time Oasys was bought by BAE. Both at the time and since have used eMagin Displays in their Dismounted Soldier Thermal Devices. The "Thermal" in the description refers to wide area surveillance not the NVGs. Drivers no, Medics certainly could use them but cost is prohibitive. Agnostic on this.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

So Wave Optics was off to Seattle to meet with Partners...

Wave Optics follows on Twitter

Microsoft Hololens and Fracture who is doing a lot of development work with Hololens, Tom Emrich of Superventures  who has worn the eMagin iHMD in his Twitter profile pic.
Some of the Gang from AWE 2016 that were in Asia with Comrade Cui on the stage at the "signing" that required clarification.  Dan Cui, Kris Kolo, Ori Inbar.
Not too many degrees of separation. They follow 42 Twitter Accounts and it's not hard to draw a fairly straight line from many of them to, well, you know.

And where's the Easter Egg to summon the Palmer Luckey Zombie?

Guy Falls During Virtual Reality Demo

The Nose Knows

Meanwhile, Palmer Luckey's Japanese Stepchild is Making Pop Proud

Palmer Watch: Day 34 (The report was that "Zuckerberg and some friends went to the bottom of the sea")

When the world was his oyster and now he sleeps with them

San Francisco...? ODG? Seattle...? Hmm...won't hazard a guess.

Pitch@Palace 6.0 People's Choice - WaveOptics

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Did this really have to be clarified? Regardless, may just be an aftershock

To Honor the Armistice , Signed on a French Railroad Car on November 11 at 11AM eMagin's CC will on that very day be held exactly 98 Years later..eMagin Corporation Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call to be Held on Friday, November 11, 2016

Oh, Jake Francis is not a free-lancer, been at AMD 6 years. Ok then.

Filmed on location in Markham Ontario, Suburb of Blue Jays, where AMD is because "it's a proud Canadian story."

Fellow Tester? Canadian, Into the Blue Jays, Toronto, Ring a bell? Software Gaming Specialist. Extreme metalhead, veteran eSports competitor, ultra PC enthusiast, framerate junkie. Opinions are my own.(sounds like the perfect testerator)

Testing 1.2.3.

Mr. Schwandt was in the group that first tested eMagin's iHMD, college students (gamers) from Bellevue College in where else? Bellevue Washington. That was in Summer 2014. Now it seems that it's in the hands of the most (see photo in post below) tech-savvy and accomplished gamers in the world. Final test, I think. Surmise, he is in a similar test group, but much more sophisticated, but this time not for eMagin but AMD.


Mr. MW


 as a longtime shareholder presumably you have endured like many have, the stumbles and delays that have been too many times this company's most memorable events. Satella's fits and starts, "waiting for the pull" from the VR and AR Markets, the interminable ramping of the SNU Precision, it's fits, starts and hiccups and subsequent mask issues, wire bond issues, sequestration, add your own favorites to the list, big fun.
    As someone who has lived through all that, I gotta say, to throw the towel in now before the "affordable" products that are to be released before year's end and their first consumer device at CES in a decade? I cannot fathom that after ALL this damn company has put you through. Just an opinion. Been there, felt that.


In fairness this is not very interesting either

not interesting

The Black and White Days Are Over Dr. Fan; Not Going Down Without a Fight



Vuzix M300? asked, dodged, No comment on M300, OLED now?

F-16? No, OLED? Yes.

Solos? Yes, Softbank. Encouraged. Active brand? What, Superman? Stay tuned.


Seeks clarity on mil business. FWS-I, in many mil programs, Forth DD, maybe moving into training and sim existing platforms. Been to Asia, refers to consumers as "Big Nuts", I demand apology, Military nut. How they gonna crack that consumers nuts. "Oh that's helpful", guy hangs up on him. 

Curtain falls and falls. Orchestra plays Intermezzo from Cavalieri Rusticana

I am feeling it Dr. Fan (like the long pauses, so earnest)


And Whisper Chip

Funny, like Mertens he never mentions Defense related products, weird.

Have a chance here to evaluate DZ's clairvoyance

Hooray for Bollywood!..How AMD Is Roping Bollywood Into VR

Kopin Provides Business Update and Third Quarter 2016 Operating Results (Mañana)

"Every time I say wearables,, haha! so you wake up, drink whiskey when I say Golden-I, you will be clean and sober at end!"

New mention, taking a shot at FWS-Crew. Presence at CES. As always, things are heating up in Asia, may require clarification, Scott Sight, HUD for Firefighters, Fire Warrior the OLED version never sold a lot, few Fire Companies can afford them. Solos, lots of competition on the way. Let's hear what Dr. Fan has to say.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cheap 'mixed reality' headsets that support AR and VR are coming in 2017 (there's that word again)

Big meanies...

And now Microsoft has an affordable VR HMD (Lucas used the word "affordable to describe the forthcoming eMagin HMDs, draw conclusions at your own peril)

we know what happens with HMDs that are described with the word "cheap", don't we class?

AMD’s Virtual Reality Cinema Journey with Baahubali

6x9: a VR experience of Solitary Confinement at VR on the Lot(3 Hots and a Cot Not)

Kopin Corporation to Announce Third Quarter 2016 Business Update and Financial Results on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Google Acquires Eyefluence: An Eye-Tracking Startup With Big VR/AR Implications

AMD Simplified LiquidVR™ (In case you are wondering)

At last! First LiquidVR Game

ODG Horizon?

And Ginger Snaps and Fight Through It and It's My Fault If I Throw Up and Bonine and...

AMD Simplified: Virtual Reality

Microsoft CEO says mixed reality is the 'ultimate computer'

works if you push the button/vr in hollywood w/ Trump content

ABC Virtual Reality on the Lot at Paramount Studios from Remington Scott on Vimeo.

sleek, but some goofy stuff going on in FLA with those guys

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just like you're there and...drunk!...Nosrtovia!

Ah...the slope of enlightment


Choo, Choo

The future of VR: from virtual reality goggles to UHD VR glasses

The AR Opportunity - Tom Emrich, Partner at Super Ventures at We Are Wea...

Citi eyes a trillion-dollar industry in virtual reality technology Sony Chief of Computer Entertainment "We had the right technology", right, sure, whatever

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Assignment to the Tick Pilot was not optional and none of those companies generally viewed as eMagin peers were included. Imagine the tradionally low volume of EMAN had something to do with their inclusion

 off to a rattling good start, blood sucking by the Ticks today.

I don't know if many will be jumping on the eMagin Bandwagon until they demo an HMD that can accommodate vergance mismatch and has fluid tracking

I know nothing about this stuff but it looks like those shifty MMs took out a bunch of stops capitalizing on the confusion. Hunch. Good Job SEC curtailing the shenanigans of those wascally wascals .

Good luck Elmer

High-Speed Traders Fear Regulator Spilling Their Biggest Secrets (Is the Tick Program a way to data mine the activities of High Frequency Traders?)

SEC, looking out for the little guy since October 3rd 2016!

No extra charge

I remember that, Oculus right?

be fun

AMD Details Radeon Pro Pipeline for Cinematic VR Content

Tick Size Pilot Program Implementation Plan

Good news, the program last 2 years

5 Things You Need To Know About The New Tick Pilot Program (Why not, everything happens to eMagin?)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

"I (Kip Kokinakis) was delighted to receive this ASSIGNMENT"

President HMD Division

eMagin Corporation
 – Present (1 year 3 months)Hong Kong / Hopewell Junction NY USA
Responsible for the Companies direction in Head Mounted Displays. Emagin is a leader in OLED Micro Displays and is at the forefront of VR and AR revolution. It is an exciting opportunity and the right time to bring wearable products to market. As a pioneer in HMDs for over 10 years I was delighted to receive this assignment. Stay tuned.

The Definition of "Assignment"


1. The act of assigning: His assignment of the tasks seemed unfair.
2. Something, such as a task, that is assigned: What's the math assignment for tonight? See Synonyms at task.
3. position or post of duty to which one is assigned: The journalist took an assignment in China.

Field in View: Simulator Sickness Plagues VR, But How Do You Cover It When You Don’t Suffer From It? (Give Drive Club a try, THEN you'll be able to speak authoritatively)

Sony PlayStation VR review: Broken promise...everybody demands cheap, this is what you get...

The PSVR negative reviews at least anecdotally and the number reporting illness are much worse than Oculus

Crime doesn't pay

8 Tech ‘Megatrends’ That Are About To Change Business- Weekly Mash-Up 156

Virtual Reality - Facts, Options And My Take On It - Friday Fumble (PSVR...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Longtime eMagin Customer

The World is discovering what Army Telemedicine (TATRC) & eMagin have been developing for years, BTW TATRC funded the initial development costs of eMagin's WUXGA display

Deja View All Over Again...

those are some sad hashtags

to be continued...

Neither could Brianna...

Delilah couldn't take it anymore...

eerily familiar

Friday, October 14, 2016

Yes, Turkey, being a NATO Ally has access to eMagin Displays and has used them in their BOA and some other snake named Thermal Sight in the past. Hope Duertete(sic) does not use them with his Death Squads but not holding breath

Wave Optics is suddenly coming out of the woodwork

I wonder if Uncle Roy mentioned eManistan to the Hollywoods in his keynote yesterday

FBL, engaging the LCD, LCOS Twins

And Fracture Does a Lot of Work With Hololens,

Kip Kokinakis Prez of eMagin's HMD Division also lists Wave Optics as current employer

Carmack has been a fan of OTOY for some time (Lightfields, see Ralph Osterhout's Vid on this page)

OTOY Enables Groundbreaking VR Social Features (OTOY and Oculus Collaborates_)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Some are feeling CNET is in the tank with Godzilla (Media Bias)

just junk

eMagin was doing their Beta testing on Gamers in 2014-2015, pursuant to that Sculley said "No sickness" evoked by usage of their HMD.

This is an SSQ, ever see one before Sony?
Sorry Michael, maybe your head is just to big.

This is brutal, they are going to have to pull it from the market. Any Beta Idots?

Kind of like a Chipotle Burrito Bowl

It seems that the ball is in Microsoft's court...

Welcome Back Tracking Point: SVGA OLED

Can we tag along Uncle Roy?

BBC went to SIS and found an expert who thinks he's in a James Bond move..."...and they want to dominate China and the Gulf of Aden and the Cape of Good Hope and flood the World Market with Hello Kitty Statuary and re-invade the Marshall Islands, damn them..."

"It's deja view all over again"

Oculus leases big R&D space in Redmond office park

Maybe Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov can share Palmer's Cozy Siberian Dacha?

"There's plenty of room guys...bring a sweater."

OK then...

Drive Club VR Review - It made everyone feel sick

Tested: PlayStation VR Review (Whoopee! Heaviest! There's almost no Screen Door Effect! Tracking Sucks! Drift! Judder! Instant Illness!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Uh-Oh, Mr, Video Game almost nearly got sick

No mention of Himax but we can read between the pixels...

Sony first with LBVR and IMAX in a few weeks

Microsoft HoloLens: Welcome International Developers and Partners

Might have to backtrack on all the DRS FWS-Sniper being all OLED

N2 who partners with DRS and has used LCD Displays in the past might indicate Kopin has a somewhat larger involvement than I thought in that segment of the Programme. We'll find out.

Bravo Lurker

Correction: Tonbo in Kerala, India

and Subsidiary of Sarnoff, Sarnoff developed the Original AITT (AR Training System) Display along with eMagin and what is now Six15 for DOD U.S. Makes sense, no fly by night, no pun intended.

10,000 Thermal Sights for Peru's New Assault Rifle (OLED SVGA)

competed with BAE and FLIR on the Sights so had to be as good as and probably cheaper.

Arjun (Tonbo) Shutterless Thermal Imaging CLIP ON Weapon (Nice Lurker, The Foriegn Sales, Singapore)Sight

Ralph Osterhout (CEO, ODG) What's on the Horizon (Ralph's Most Recent, from 18:50 on is most compelling)

The Prophet "A" from Karl Guttag's Blog April 2013 (No point in switching from LCOS to LCD is there? The Same Limitations Obtain, Additionally There Were No Direct Pattered OLEDs Extant)

You need to do some checking on the current state of OLED and some of your claims on pixel size are misleading as to the total BOM cost of a system Firstly you used the example of 3 micron vs 9 micron pixel – that is going to drive a high cost difference in optics – yes you could make an HD 3micro LCOS but the optics to take that out to say 65 deg FOV where you can use that resolution would be horrendous – resolution is useless if the MTF of the optical system means you cannot see the pixels due to distortion. The smaller the pixel the harder that gets and the wrong choice means not just added cost but weight and compromises in eyebox etc – Smaller is anything but better past a certain point. Even if the resolution is lower, you still have the same magnification factors so optics remains an issue. The truth is that whilst we can make chips and components smaller, we cannot address fundamental material issues on what light does through a material – some of the new work on new methods of building up optics shows promise but that will remain limited to military uses due to cost for some time. Also for most applications, and particularly AR, field sequential LCOS is useless unless you go to a 3 panel system and some sort of horrid to make cube – even then you are limited on the base frame rate since you have to dither to deliver grey scale. Also a LOT of LCOS solutions only really perform properly unless HEATED to 40c which is significantly higher power costs. It is not just an issue of being fixed to the head but that in a dynamic environment, between head and eye movement, 60hz FS is just not up to the task and the image will smear. I suspect this is because in your past was more focused on fixed projectors – HMD’s with head tracked VR and true AR will need non-sequential color at much higher than 60hz to avoid all manner of human factor issues – have a look at the truly nasty Silicon Micro Display ST1080 to see why FS-LCOS is not a fit. Even Google glass will need to solve this for just data let alone true AR which they are clearly not. An OLED panel with far better contrast ratio will be better fit for both night and day, temp means nothing from -45 to +70c (2 reasons that OLED is largely displacing LCD in military applications) and the MICROsecond non-sequential response times mean that it is ideally suited to VR/AR since you can take the frame rate and PWM high enough to eliminate motion artifacts without compromising on color depth. LCOS and LCD have their place but to really solve the human factors issues, OLED is going to be the best fit long term.

Monday, October 10, 2016

AUSA 2016: US Army orders ENVG IIIs

Shawn Black, vice president and general manager, DRS Technologies’ C4ISR business unit, said: ‘This is a very important programme for the army, and we stand ready to provide this incredible technology to our warfighters to ensure they have one more tool on the battlefield to not only keep them safer, but to make sure they are able to complete their mission.’

Successful Combination of Goggles and Weapon Sight

impressed when the Israelis take notice.

ODG OTOY "Project Horizon" AR VR Headset (360 Video)

Should You Buy PlayStation VR? (Most nauseating by far)

PSVR fail!! (Vodka, Corona and PSVR, what no Taco Bell?)

Don't buy PlayStation VR until Sony fixes the peripherals situation (Mashable not so sure)

Personally, I've exited every PSVR play session that ran longer than 20 minutes with a buzzing headache and noticeable pressure pushing in at the corners of my eyes.

PlayStation VR Review – Console VR Has Arrived

Who needs to answer this first shot in Console Wars?

Link for Previous Upload Review

PlayStation VR Review: The Future of Console Gaming Has Arrived

- Sleek, futuristic design
- Incredible comfort and ergonomics
- Affordable and accessible
- High-quality visuals and audio
- Simple setup
- Strong library of content
- Requires constant wired connection
- Occasional tracking hiccups
- Inaccurate Move controllers
- Required PS Camera not bundled with all unit- Lower resolution and FOV than Rift   and Vive

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