Saturday, December 31, 2016

Old Irish - Virtual Journy to Irland

Looks like the Alligator Capture Has an Easy Path to a Free Spark

the guys who are afraid of Trump and Susqatch, lame.

Ari Pressler is in the Thrall of Jabba the Fan, Night Vision and Thermal Sights? Uh, no, the last time you looked was 2010? The Script has Flipped (Except for the wire bond screw up), eMagin Dominant, Kopin a Distant 2nd in Future Military Programs

"Since their first LCD CyberDisplay products were introduced in 1997, Kopin has delivered over 30 million devices to a wide range of customers including Nikon, Olympus, Recon, Samsung and Vuzix (which also offers Headsets based on Waveguides). Their Kopin CyberDisplays have been the microdisplay of choice for advanced night vision goggles and thermal weapon sights used by the U.S. Army. "

2017 Prediction: OLED Microdisplays will bring sleeker consumer AR & VR Wearables

Friday, December 30, 2016

Sorry, Jim, Lurk, Jim has a voice that sounds like you from time to time. Hope you do not mind I am putting it up.

Great assessment. My additions would be more of a watch list.
Watch for more information on the night vision technology they are using in Blaze products
Watch Apple, dozens of Apple engineers became linkedin connections with Andrew in August and it continues
Watch InsightfulVR, again a linkedin connection with Andrew and the AMD connections
Watch WaveOptics, links to BAE tech, Blippar, Kip (not sure if they are into more than refractive)
Watch ML, very small chance here but they have dabbled in OLED microdisplays and have linkedin ties
Watch expanding China activity --customer ordering WUXGA displays reported in 2nd qtr
Watch for possible buyout

--and some bad things to look out for
Watch for possible bankruptcy
Watch for Sony/Epson/Samsung stepping up as competitors
Watch for hiring a better marketing person/department

i think it's lurker Jim

add DPD to military in 2nd Half of 2017 and expanding medical device market

AMD Ryzen™ powers VR and Mixed Reality

Virtual reality growth slows

Torch Season Opens

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

LCD vs OLED, yes we know, the reason Kopin ditched LCD

Where are they getting them, Olightek?, even the Chinese don't want them.

A good VR experience requires a high end display that features fast response time, high resolution, power efficiency, light weight, and more. OLEDs are the perfect choice for VR displays - especially due to the technology's low latency (as opposed to LCD displays, which are notoriously slow).

A resurgent AMD sees huge potential in VR: An interview with David Bennett

I hope he is right about this, the finding and rule would have to agree that Torch does not have a "military" function. Wow Lurker very fine find. Even if they did find a military use, surely direct export to first responders, LEO, Fire Etc. for Civil use would be outside the ambit of the Rule.

eMagin respectfully submits to DDTC that the Proposed Cat. XII Rule is a vast improvement for eMagin’s OLED devices because the new rule would eliminate that “catch-all” paragraph (e) and because such display devices – which in and of themselves have no intrinsic military functionality at all – are not listed in the “positive list” format of the new rule. These two positive changes would therefore eliminate any ITAR jurisdiction over eMagin’s OLED devices, allowing them to be regulated solely under the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”) as administered by BIS. That, in turn, allows eMagin, as a future exporter of these devices, to follow all the identified advantages of ECR, including easier and faster export trade with U.S. allies such as the NATO member nations, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Speaking of Flir They Made Some Noise at CES Last Year with...

their plug-in cell phone module that made the phone a Thermal Imager. Sold for $249, a little less than Spark.

Ghost Hunting is Big This Year at CES, FLIR Has One as a Keynote Speaker, Jason Hawes, Not a Ghost)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

F-35’s $400K Helmet Still Blinds Pilots on Night Flights,(Have to turn it way up at low light levels, washes out symbology,no contrast,NEXT!) TOPICS:Amphibious Ship Carrier F-35BF-35C Green Glow Helmet Joint Strike Fighter Landing

Good grief, "Green Glow" gets it's own tag with this article. Why the Admiral was brought on eMagin's Board...

One discovery made as the F-35C Navy carrier variant and F-35B Marine Corps “jump jet” variant wrapped up ship testing this year was that the symbology on the pricey helmet was still too bright and distracting for pilots landing on carriers or amphibious ships in the lowest light conditions, Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan told reporters.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Footsteps or the sound of the Pelleton passing them.

Competition is good but Patent Pending is not determinative

Did they rush this out? Showing components at a Consumer Show seems odd. Available to OEMs for demonstration? That may be what they are doing but a Booth for Displays and Noise Filtering Chip does not make a lot of sense. Buyers go there, heads of Sales Departments, people on the Retail side. They go there looking for product. Maybe Solos is a product they can demo that could attract some attention. The Whisper Chip and OLED Display would be more at home at S.I.D. or S.P.I.E. Are they hearing footsteps?

Breaking News! Guttag now sees LCOS Displays in Magic leap! Last Week eMagin! Next Week, Kopin OLED!

Rony must change displays more often than he changes his underwear.

Love the new pitch, ONLY, like the Gyros, Chinese, Korean, Sushi, Hoagie, Free Delivery Restaurants always have the best food

Dr. Fan, really, they are easy to make. It's a Merit Badge for Eagle Scouts. No problemo

These statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the following: there may not be demand for our micro OLED products; our micro OLED technology may not perform as we expect; there may be issues that prevent the adoption or our micro OLED technology; manufacturing, marketing or other issues may prevent either the adoption or acceptance of our products; the Company might be adversely affected by competitive products and pricing; new product initiatives and other research and development efforts may be unsuccessful; manufacturing delays, technical issues, economic conditions or external factors may prevent the Company from achieving its goals

Kopin says "Me too"

I guess it's all or nothing Jimmye

Big Tweet

Guess we still Needham

Boger has been running Microdisplays down for years. Big fan of larger panels. Here's the result. (A few still have eMagin Displays, the "smaller" HMDs)

Don't know how large the first run was but backordered now to December 29

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

eMagin Torch = GoPro for the Night:Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Zipline Runs 2 and 4 GoPro HD

eMagin Event, CES, 5 Stars on Trip Advisor/Ziplines for Everyone - Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

At last, Reality TV, Alaskan Cops, Where the Hell is Bigfoot?, The Mystery of Why the Mystery of Oak Island is on TV will be rid of the crappy green, narrow FOV, NV Footage

And a New Media Group, Share Vuzix so maybe Non-Stop Publicity, Better Than Non, I Guess

Oh, THAT's why DC is pals with the Ghost Hunters Guy, Never Thought of the Paranormal as a Target Market, It's a Way to Remind People They Are Afraid of the Dark but Now They Don't have to Be. Interesting Approach, Our Early Ancestors, Lions, Tigers, Now Ghosts

eMagin Corporation to Showcase BlazeSpark and BlazeTorch at CES 2017...Zip Night Event Too

Ah, the Social Network Rollout, Win Both, Win Either

Monday, December 19, 2016

Will this disappear like other "signings" that happeneddidnothappen in China? Time will tell!

FWS-I in the Wild...Learning on an M-240..509th soldiers among first to train with new technology

you've been called out Rony

Just Friends

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hopefully the party next year can be catered and not in the double wide...Merica...

OLED Display Forecasts 2016-2026: The Rise of Plastic and Flexible Displays...LCOS vs OLED!

New applications in wearable devices such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are also coming to market and provide new opportunities for suppliers of OLED displays. Sony, Oculus, and HTC have already announced new VR headsets based on AMOLED technologies. For AR glasses, OLED microdisplays are a major contender against existing LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Starting to Detect a Pattern Her With DC and Ubimax (retweeted by Dan Cui)

Well, that's good (something interesting in here, silicon photonics)The Future of Mixed Reality Is Much Bigger Than Magic Leap

Dr. OK seems a good deal more trustworthy than Abovitz or Guttag at this point. All of the Magic Leap "Demos" have been called into question. One of Abovitz's first acquisitions was Weta Workshops which is the maker of the Demos. They provided effects for Lord of the Rings. Good at creating Fantasies, among others.

Gene Munster’s last Apple note predicts AR wearables will replace the iPhone (Piper Jaffrey reputedly one of the 3 Analysts that "follow" eMagin)

Only 4% More and It's Time to Buy!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Umm, uh,,, It does not sound like Dr. Wittels in this case would be referring to Asian Companies

the Trumpster wants to target US companies that out-source manufacturing outside the US, Ford, Carrier, Apple et al. I believe the companies that supply wafers to eMagin are Asian entities. Unless she was speaking generally as to the climate post Nov 8 the only way to interpret that as to cause personal anxiety would be that an American company is making Trump ties, umm, err, building a Factory in China or say involved in a Joint Venture building a UX Factory in like someplace like X'ian, which I believe is in China.

Remember Samsung, No Heat on the Face...or Fire

Interesting , why is Jill Wittels worried about this? Le's ask Lalet Jose. Conflicted here.

Jill Wittels, chair at eMagin Corp., voiced concern about the pace at which companies could replace factories to offset the impact of tariffs and build more jobs for Americans. “Imposing currency restrictions and tariffs on goods coming in from China, South America, or other parts of Asia would be highly disruptive,” Wittels said. “You don’t instantly create replacement factories in the U.S. at a comparable cost.”

A Very Well Produced Pop-Up Advert For Recon Jet, Christmasy, Holly Berries, Make a Great Gift, Next Year?

Hope eMagin can come up with a decent media campaign for the Night Vision Devices. Classy like this one for Aspen, Killington, REI Types, Hunting for Cabelas, Tactical for the Preppers and Border Militia Playing Soldier Types, Shot Show, etc.

Unlike Fiskar ML Did Not Squander $200 Million at the expense US Taxpayers

Magic Leap executive jumps ship following damaging revelations of start-up ( But Karl Guttag was convinced the video indicated that OLED Displays were used in the ML device (that was created by a special effects lab), Ron, please don't ally yourself with Guttag, your reputation for integrity and all)

Magic Leap fake video, fake news.

Wave Optics:Understanding AR 1: Field of View

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Walter, why don't you contact them at the email

you are talking to a widget, first ask if it is available where you live. From the calculation cost I would say you are far from East Fishkill.  Or anywhere for that matter. The earliest State Dept finding anticipated January, probably longer because I hear their will be a new administration coming to DC. And many Foggy Bottomers are headed for the ash heap of history.

What! $300 for shipping the Torch

IMG_6786 BlazeTorch™
Available On:
December 30, 2016


Coupon code
Apply Coupon Update Cart
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Subtotal $999.00
Worldwide Saver (UPS): $335.20
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AMD shows how Zen—now renamed Ryzen—is its best chip family in a decade

Despite some analyst speculation that the PC market is slowing, AMD is aiming Ryzen at three markets that seem poised for growth: PC gaming, which some analysts say could see 35 percent growth from 2015 through 2020; virtual-reality PCs, with expected 10X growth by 2020; and e-sports, which is experiencing a strong uptick in audience.

Oculus CEO Steps Down to Head PC Division, Founder Palmer Luckey to Shuffle Too

"Hey Palmer, you missed a spot."

Not very confident that Torch will ever be sold beyond the US Domestic Market

Monday, December 12, 2016

Is Rony the New Palmer?

Only because they named eManistan first..Head Mounted Display Market to Reach $30.64 Billion With 6.4% Cagr Forecast To 2022

Maybe Uerkwitz was on to something, first the AF-1 Program and Boeing and now the F-35 and Lockheed

Some Analysis of Magic Leap Tech Without the Bias (That said I believe Optinvent Uses an OLED Display in Their AR Glasses, I'll call it a dispassionate presentation)

The claimed system will have a very high cost and very low yield in comparison to other display technologies like OLED, LCD, etc.combined with collimated beam systems.

Why Qualcomm believes that the future of VR and AR is mobile

Friday, December 9, 2016

And Paul Reynolds Fires Back!

Not again...if you need to hear it type simpson in the search box

Elbit has a lot of nerve saying Raptor will not block your vision, what about Recon, Solos..


Everysight Test Pilot (AMOLED Display)

2016 was supposed to be the year of VR. Instead, augmented reality ruled

Khaled Sarayeddine (CTO, Optinvent) Developing with Android for Smartgla...

Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was

"And what is this Mr. Guttag?" "Obviously, it's a Himax LCOS Microdisplay."

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A tour of ODG’s augmented reality ambitions

Is This the Next Wonder Stock? Investors Keen on eMagin Corporation (:EMAN) (You bet, I wonder about it all the time) and yes I have doubly confirmed that Elbit Everysight utilizes OLED Display)

New US Weapons 2016 - US Soldiers Training With Revolutionary Virtual We...eMagin HMD, Looks a lot Like Torch Don't It?

It is inevitable; Dismounted Soldier Training System for Civilians;Zero Latency Raises $7 Million for Expansion of ‘Warehouse Scale’ VR Tech

Advanced Micro Devices Soars on Rumored Intel Deal: Kopin Divests Recon, Acquired By Intel, Intel Divests Vuzix, Intel Rumored Acquisition of AMD (Gaming)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Turtles All the Way Down | Sturgill Simpson

We knew that didn't we Sturgill, reminds me of a song

well, it's open season for spark

Osterhout Group Liked

Army thermal sights for .50-cal connect to helmet display

Friday, December 2, 2016

POINTR on ODG R7 Smart Glasses

Apple Smartglasses with an iPhone 6

Pokemon Go played on Augmented Reality Glasses

At the Time Uerkwitz Had No Idea His Fear of Defense Cuts, Particularly Those That Enhance Situational Awareness in the Sphere That eMagin Supplies, Night Vision, Surveillance, Rangefinders, Thermal etc. are Totally Unfounded: Mattis on Force Transformation

worthwhile if you have the time and interest.

Sleeker and Lighter: That's a Big Jump From 20% See-Thru to 80+ See-Thru

Osterhout Down Thru the Years

In Romania?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

RBS 70 NG - Transforming the battlefield: I think this is the Missile Defense System for which eMagin will provide displays , everything fits, upgraded optics, ongoing customer, timeline, SWAP, think Javelin for low flying aircraft and accelerating orders from, ahem...the Baltics among many others.

Here Comes Ralph, He's Going For It. He said 5 months ago the Consumer by January 2017

Have a look, Page 15 of Sport Aviation

It's going to take some time to qualify ODG-7s for Commercial Pilots but Revolutionary, perhaps, Skylens is well on it's way to large adoption. Aeroglass, the Airbus Version


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