Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kopin Guy: "No, they are blinded by OLED, their actual eyeballs literally pop out!!"

"Dammit, I told you to get a rheostat NOT a dimmer switch!"

@trashcanman its not a glow problem its a dimmer switch that needs to be manually shifted by the pilot landing at nights vs day. Bullish

I think I found Kopin's Twitter Sitter

@trashcanman Btw, the truth is the govt has sole sourced F-35 and FWS to kopin. But kopin management said nobody likes sole source. nice try Bullish

Monday, September 18, 2017

Silicon Valley is great at suppling material to the writers of the HBO Comedy of the same name...

like "The Wire" the scripts write themselves. UploadVR, ugh.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement but we'll take it (not much in the way of particular knowledge of the sector but a dense Green Glow surrounds this company and his take makes sense as a cursory understanding)


Kopin, you might have to hand over those Dynasty vases you confiscated from the guy (you know) for this act of Industrial Espionage

Their new Twitter Sitter Has a Screw Loose, eMagin Inside! Thanks Jim (Just repeating crap and not knowing the products)

Developers need to learn how to build augmented reality applications: Author from CNBC.

Possibly upgraded since last specs published..LG SteamVR Headsets Resurfaces At Korean VR Festival


Friday, September 15, 2017

AMD's Vision for the Future of Technology

Apropos of Defense Companies Tailoring HMDS to Consumers: Steve Costello, 100,000 option man...

Steve Costello
Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy
Mr. Costello joined eMagin in September 2016 with over 25 years of experience in sales and sales leadership roles with various technology companies. Before joining eMagin he served for 1½ years as VP of Community Development for Aras Corporation, a PLM solutions company, after his previous employer engineering software startup SpaceClaim was acquired by Ansys. Prior to the acquisition Mr. Costello spearheaded all aspects of sales strategy and execution for five years as VP of Sales (Americas). Steve has successfully commercialized military technology in Industrial, Enterprise and Consumer segments with companies that include BAE Systems and DigitalGlobe. Mr. Costello earned his MS in Marketing from Bentley University and BS from Babson College.

Six15s Darwin AR Glasses uses eMagin displays, I think all their hmds do as well, the ad looks a little like John Wick III but good gun ballet is hard to do

What if BAE and Elbit and Six15 came out of the wild blue yonder and showed the Silicon Valley types how to do this? Be cool

H.C. WAINWRIGHT THINKS EMAGIN’S STOCK IS GOING TO RECOVER (think it's real could be a rogue algo)


I wrote this 3 years ago so AS knows now the Army Air Corps became the USAF in 1941, yes, it's understandable as events in eManistan occur at glacial speed...(But the Kopinistas Truth Squad might be even slower to process this or are just in denial..."NO WE ARE NOT IN DENIAL!")

Customer Announcement AS gave us at the end of the Q&A. For the first time in public AS alluded to the JSF F-35 "situation" in reference to the cost of a Helmet in development he mentioned or words to the effect that the display in a $350,000 Helmet is not going to be inexpensive. Actually he was low-balling the cost. The recently cancelled BAE Helmet Program cost per Helmet was Approximately $350k. But Lockheed pressed hard for the Elbit Helmet and won the argument over a cost conscious Pentagon. The Elbit-Rockwell Helmet's cost is in the $500k neighborhood. I heard a rumor elsewhere that a better display is in the offing for the F-35. Sculley mentioned obliquely the program as not a large but one with a High Dollar Display, that fits, because I believe the display will cost north of $30k per. Testing for the F-35 is done at Pax River in Maryland, that fits and coincidentally Paxtuxent Naval Air Station is where the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is Headquartered. And of course it is they who are footing the bill for the High Brightness Displays's development. I construe that the eMagin folks are looking forward to this not only for the high cost and high margins but it's a pretty damn prestigious placement. Thanks Andrew for the Missing Link. Army Air Corps, Air Force, Navy, so what. 

WORLDS MOST ADVANCED US Military F-35 Stealth Aircraft Documentary "WE can't tell you how good it is." Opt, remember it is on average 3 Helmets per pilot

National Guard, USAF Now USMC, IronVision, DAS for Armor (Seeing a trend here)


IronVision Helmet Provides Sight Through Armored Tanks HD

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Partnering Strategery


eMagin Ruggedized HMD..How the U.S. Military Is Using Augmented Reality to Bolster Troop Readiness

"Due to the rapidly expanding industrial base in virtual and augmented reality, and government advances in training technologies, the Army is moving out to seize an opportunity to augment readiness,” Col. Harold Buhl, Army Research Lab Orlando and Information and Communications Technology program manager, said in an Army release Aug. 8. “With STE, the intent is to leverage commercial advances with military specific technologies to provide commanders adaptive unit-specific training options to achieve readiness more rapidly and sustain readiness longer.”


Navy Lab Tests GunnAR Helmet with Bunker Hill Crew (Come a long way from when training was standing in a rowboat trying to hit a Clay Bird, little dated but trend for AR training for gunners is being embraced by the Navy)

just a modified AITT adapted for Sailors but it is growing fast. It is cheap and it is effective. And it is Thermal so we know it's origins.


Skylens. F-35, Apache. Lucas said that winning the F-35 Socket would open many doors, BAE is a natural. Incidentally, "Brick" said at Tailhook that there are more and better displays coming after the "Fix" accomplished with an eMagin OLED in the F-35


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

10 Quintillion! Why stop there?!

Release the Liquid Crystal Bots!

ODG Augmented Reality SmartGlasses + the Future of Media-Tech with Keith...

Ok, if you say so...

Tailhook 2017 Symposium - Update on F-35C testing from LM test pilot: eMagin OLED ELIMINATES GREEN GLOW: Whole Vid is Hot but OLED Discussion Starts Approx 5.25 min

Elbit was Marketing Skylens, Digital NV, Clearvision to the National Guard Last Week, Next Week, USAF w/addition of F-35 Helmet to the Booth


Now we are calling Elbit's HMD "Raptor" Again

Friday, September 8, 2017

I see the man on the right having the same difficulty focusing on the tiny eyebox as Airport QCode Loading Guy. Woman on left, same. Same difficulty I had when I tried it, sorry guys both configurations will soon prove ridiculous.

It's getting ugly! Pissing Contest Underway!

Only Irma Can Stop the New, Improved, Acceptable, Green Glow Free eMagin OLED in the Socket F-35 Helmet! (Green Glow Typically Occurs at Night Making it Difficult to See Certain Objects, Yeah! Like Aircraft Carriers, Thanks Lurker)


Who killed Land Warrior, Ralph Osterhout, that's who, why did he do it?

The Reason

Hold it steady, try to focus, dim, heavy, keeps sliding down my nose...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Oppenheimer still views Himax as overvalued, keeps $4 price target ( Himax must have heard that Kopin was going to take all there sockets, oh no!, where are they going to take them!)

wait, Uerkwitz follows eMagin, not Kopin...



ah, now it all makes sense


Picky, picky, picky...

Maybe, Kopin and RoadtoVR have some kind of a relationship $$$, can anyone picture eMagin Tweeting about their own stuff? Nah, me either. If they did they would quickly scurry into the closet place of concealment.

Augmented Reality Is Coming To Your iPhone Soon (HBO)

Oh yeah, Google is waiting for the same...

A high-res OLED microdisplay from e-magin, suitable for a HMD (or a Watch). The image is projected into the waveguide which spreads it over the plastic lens in the glasses so you can see it in front of your face.

Yes, they are waiting for DPD High Brightness OLED Displays among a couple of other advances...

Supporting Naval Aviation: Elbit Systems of America's Advanced Capabilities and Solutions on Display at Tailhook 2017..Enhanced naval aviator situational awareness for flight missions during day, night, and degraded visual environment.

  • Pilots using the F-35 helmet-mounted display achieve greater situational awareness with the integration of three advanced technologies: head-up display, helmet-mounted display, and visor-projected night vision. The F-35 Helmet Mounted Display system is a member of the Visor Projected Helmet Mounted Display family that includes the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) Classic, Digital JHMCS, and JHMCS II. These helmet mounted display (HMD) systems are offered through a joint venture between Elbit Systems of America and Rockwell Collins, Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems LLC (RCEVS).
  • In addition, the Digital JHMCS allows F/A-18 aviators to aim sensors using the targeting reticle in their helmet mounted display. With the JHMCS Night Vision Cueing and Display System, F/A-18 aviators can cue weapons and sensors in low-light and low-visibility situations.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

eMagin to Present at Rodman & Renshaw’s 19th Annual Global Growth Conference on September 11, 2017 in New York City


Air Force Academy Falcons Sign-On Now That They Have Faith in the F-35s Helmet's Operational Capability! Pretty Neat

Matt Miesnieks Has Changed His Opinion in the Last Year or So..There’s really not much point to AR products that only work indoors. The whole point of AR is that you can get out & about & wear them as part of your daily life. The optics need to work outdoors on sunny days, and be sharp enough to read text. FoV is less important to AR than VR as the utility use-cases aren’t as immersive as games which depend on peripheral vision. FoV mostly matters to avoid the distration from clipping the content. Today the state of the art that can be manufactured in volume is an OLED microdisplay powering an injection molded waveguide. Single focal plane. We’re a year or two away from nicely functional better displays, and probably another year or so after that before those better displays can be manufactured in volume.

The Augmented Reality Market Opportunity - Panel at AWE 2016

(Google Bought Eyefluence a Year Ago)...Jim Marggraff (CEO, Eyefluence) The Next Frontier of AR/VR/MR and Unlock...

Rockwell Collins Gets $109M DLA Contract for Fighter Pilot Helmet Display Spares (F-35 then F-18, F-16...)


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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Reckon the Texas National Guard Could've Used BriteNite and Skylens Last Week, National Guard, Great Market for These Devices, Must Have Qualified for the Military Use Post ATR & Leonardo/Westland

  • Enhanced pilot and aircrew situational awareness for flight missions during day, night and degraded visual environment.  Through the advanced technology of the Digital Eye Piece, National Guard pilots flying the F-15 and F-16 aircraft are able to transition easily from day to night operations while in flight, providing the advantage of a 24/7 helmet mounted display capability. In addition, BrightNite offers a multi-spectral panoramic solution that assists pilots in flying and landing in degraded weather conditions by delivering crystal-clear visuals of the landscape, flight data, and mission data to both eyes of the pilot. SKYLENS displays high-resolution flight information, images, and video on a high transparency visor.

Top 3 Emerging Trends in the Military Night Vision Device Market: Technavio (Covert Company Serving the Covert Community)


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Swim Goggles

So, smaller than a Dive Mask

However, sources with knowledge of Magic Leap's hardware told Business Insider the design shown in the patent was close to Magic Leap's product in its appearance, but the real hardware is bigger and bulkier, with a section in the middle of the lenses to hold the depth sensor. One person who has previously seen schematics of Magic Leap's product said that the current design has one camera in each arm, not two as illustrated in the patent filing, and that they are "thick-rimmed like hipster glasses," but with bulkier arms.
Investors and other VIPs who received Magic Leap demos in the spring said that the headset they tried was smaller than modern VR headsets but bulkier than other glasses technology like Snapchat's Spectacles. It was described as more like swim goggles worn by swimmers with slightly larger lenses.

And yet...

Today’s technology has pushed VR even further, and researchers continue to make environments more and more lifelike.
One crucial component to making a VR experience more realistic, is low persistence OLED, which has become the technology of choice for viewing devices that help users with “maintaining presence in VR.” Other important factors associated with this viewing experience include tracking, low latency, high resolution, and high quality optics.

Lightfields:FoVI 3D

FoVI3D will talk about their integral imaging approach for making a light field display. Powered by a 2D array of OLED microdisplay and microlenses, the system offers vertical and horizontal parallax with an image appearing in a tabletop format (see Light Field Display Papers at SID – subscription required). This second generation approach should be a big improvement in image quality over their previous demonstrator.


The same thing that did in Land Warrior will do in the Realwear HMD. Difficult to focus into that mono eyebox with both eyes, isn't it? The ambient light has to be just-so doesn't it? Disorienting isn't it?

Yes, get them into the classroom, BTW if you go to Verizon Store and ask nicely they might sell you a Daydream for $40 USD

Peterborough Homes donates e-glasses to legally blind girl

Exhibit A

really, don't look at me for unbiased advice on a certain Massachusetts based microdisplay company...

"Move-In Today!"

eMagin has had their share of docking the boat into a Safe Harbor. But nothing that I knew at the time that was demonstrably not factual. They strung us along on the SNUP but came clean when the evf  came a cropper and was met with a yawn. Wire Bond, manned up.It will be fun to monitor the LCDOLEDLCOS Company's foray into OLED. Anybody who buys their timeline is imo might be open to purchasing the above.

pretty sure that is the idea

Google's ARCore is the answer to Apple’s ARKit

Google vs Apple Inside the AR Octogon

Introducing the Render Token from Render Token on Vimeo.

Thanks Ron, I almost forgot about the dropping of that other shoe...It seems like the OLED microdisplay market is heating up. Kopin recently announced its entry into this market (and already secured a first design win) while eMagin is also gearing up to increase production capacity as it hopes to provide OLED microdisplays to consumer AR and VR HMDs.

There goes the Moral High Ground. Kopin and Vuzi Last Week, Now eMagin Investors are Asking Palmer Luckey to Buy Them

Somebody will have to sell down-market displays, might as well be Kopin. Not sure there are enough Belarusian Thermal Sights to Warrant That Investment Size. Two years is the near horizon for them, best laid plans...

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Monday, August 28, 2017

F-35,now using (present tense) OLED Microdisplay (eMagin)= NO GREEN GLOW

The Gen III HMDS is a joint venture between Collins and Elbit Systems. Collins is now using organic LED (OLED) – similar to technology used in cell phones and televisions but in a micro-display configuration, according to Lockheed – to solve the green glow problem.


First F-35A Squadrons To Get Full Combat Capability In September

-"Twenty-six of those 108 aircraft will require a software-only upgrade, according to Harris. In addition to software modifications, 19 aircraft will also require new signal processor cards which the service says will take an average of three days to install and test. The service must install 18 aircraft with a newer helmet mounted display system, in addition to the processor cards and software, which will take 15 days to install. 

“The remaining forty-five aircraft will require significant hardware modifications in the form of a Tech Refresh 2 modification,” Harris states. “This modification consists of twenty-six major components and takes approximately 30 days per aircraft to install and checkout.”- 


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Courage of Engineering Saved the F-35 Helmet, 500 pilots now agree it's a success -Billie Flynn, Top F-35 Test Pilot (No clock, maybe 10 minutes in and sensor fusion discussion further on))


Compare & Contrast. Right Jim, Kopin is on a PR Offensive. Here's eMagin's Version Their Proto of Two Years Ago. Can eMagin Blow a Two Years + Advantage? Oh, you know, EVFs, Wire Bonds. Smokin' SNUPs, Dear Jeff...


And Magic Powers Which Create Green Glow That Shrouds the Pilots Eyes and Gives Engineers Magic Heebie-jeebies and No the Software Fix Did Not Work...Super Helmet, Not Yet, the Navy Needs a Quick Fix Here. People are Starting to Think They Should Draft Coast Guard Auxillary to Pilot Their Destroyers.

Vuzix Cries Out to Pebble, Kopin Cries Out to Intel. eMagin Investors Have the Resiliency and Character to Confine Their Frustration to Kicking the Dog and Firing Off Angry eMails to JL!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

US, ROK, Japan to Deploy Over 100 F-35 Fighter Jets Near North Korea by 2020s (eMagin Inside by Then, Sooner)


CMO Forum at SID Display Week 2017

Uh-oh, now Vuzix has shareholders doing cold sales calls to nobody on Twitter, maybe a better #hashtag would help. Like the D Zieler inspired hashtag... #What's in your Socket?... Something about Vuzix. Do they think they are the only company that can do Waveguide? Couple of somewhat larger companies out there I think.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations...Stupid Algorithms...Actual Headline: Stock Propelling Higher as it is Gapping up: eMagin Corporation (:EMAN)

The TechCrunch Podcast: Augmented reality’s promise...why do they keeping asking this Miesnieks guy stuff? He doesn't know anything, does he?


Matt Miesnieks (post below) is the same guy who asserted "Today the state of the art that can be manufactured in volume is an OLED microdisplay powering an injection molded waveguide."

and said this, "And a watch"...huh? (BTW, why is it always spelled wrong? e-magin

A high-res OLED microdisplay from e-magin, suitable for a HMD (or a Watch). The image is projected into the waveguide which spreads it over the plastic lens in the glasses so you can see it in front of your face.
Hi Matt, good point.
Mark Farragher
Agree Mark. I’ve actually talked to developers who have used Apple’s prototypes of the 2nd device, so they are coming. But… these prototypes had a display, but didn’t even have a camera, let alone ARKit. UX was more like Apple Watch on your face. But they did look cool & hard to tell apart from RayBans (aside from the rough 3D printed frame)

Apple's Next iOS will deliver a Big Win for Apple Regarding Augmented Reality that Leapfrogs Microsoft's HoloLens


Silver Lining...The Technicians are always wrong...

you guys are really flunking Share Price.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Aberration caused by the Eclipse

AR+VR Investor Panel with OMERS Ventures, Super Ventures, IDEABOOST and ...

Kopin’s ‘Elf’ Headset is Impressively Compact, More Than 3x the Pixels of Rift and Viv

Ah, doubling the brightness is too much trouble, just change the name to The Eclipse

The demo I was shown through the Elf prototype was a SteamVR game called InMind 2 VR. In the demo I was looking at models of brain neurons. The first thing I noticed when I put on the headset was how dark the image was. I could see fine, but it definitely seemed darker than it should be. When I asked Kopin about this they said that the display isn’t finalized and they expect to double the brightness by the time they are manufacturing them for sale.


Exclusive clip: Destination America, Tremendous! explore “Haunted Towns...Looks like the Show Goes On

A lot of classic tools have gotten better and better over the years, so the quality of thermal imaging, night vision, digital recording, environmental meters, etc is really fantastic these days and we like to stay as current as possible on those.


Facebook-"waveguide display with two-dimensional scanner", Matt Miesnieks (SuperVentures)..."Today the state of the art that can be manufactured in volume is an OLED microdisplay powering an injection molded waveguide."


Alex Gomez

Head of Software Dev Took over for Dan


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