Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sony executive heralds a revolution in virtual reality Tim Bradshaw – San Francisco: The Wave is Coming: by Way of Drudge

Samsung Gear VR: Gate to the virtual reality (incl. subtitles) First Review of Samsung VR to be Released Next Month, Speak Czech? You're in Luck.

Research participant for virtual reality study: No Animals Will Be Injured in the Course of This Study: Fluffy the Guinea Pig Dodges a Bullet, Student Badgers Not so Lucky

It’s No Game: Gamification Is Transforming the Call Center (Fighting Distraction and Providing Prompts, Real-Time Feedback, Milestones, Attainable Goals, Head Mounted Display a Perfect Fit)

The Virtual Realty Awards 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

This is a Penetrating Insight Mr. Sebastian Kuntz, Well Expressed

Smart Glasses: Component and Technology Markets: 2014

Just half?

Apple eyes virtual reality with new role

Vomculus: NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Sim Adds Rift

Apart from the Food Poisoning Thanksgiving Dinner was Outstanding!

Nic, It's No More Your Fault Than Somebody Dropping a Cyanide Tablet in Your Root Beer Float, Don't Worry, Oculus is not the Future

Entrepreneur Perspective: Vincent Lee, CEO, Lumiode

Two Solutions Presented That Could replace Himax LCOS in Google Glass, Innovega Contact Lenses and Lumiode LED Microdisplays, Wow an Emissive Display, what a concept.

One, the Contact Lenses, an absolute fantasy, the other, displays still in the experimental phase, a startup with 5 employees. No customers. So the invisible company (eMagin) that has an authentic solution continues living beneath it's cloak of invisibility.

What's wrong with Google Glass? Apparently just about everthing

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dive Mask Du Jour- God Head Apparently Aimed at Egyptologists, New Sub-Genre: I think this is supposed to make you look like Osiris: That'll having it flying off store shelves

We’re killing Google Glass by forgetting it’s just one big experiment

Debunking Myths Around Smart Glasses In The Enterprise

If You Think Virtual Reality Is Just For Gamers, Then You Should Look Again- Start with Games and Oculus has a long way to go, somebody will fill that vacuum

A whole new world: 5 ways virtual reality can transform business

Monday, November 24, 2014

Apple looking for app engineers to work on virtual reality experiences

The Segment That Got Chuck Fired- Desire to work with the Next Congress to Boost Defense Spending

'Seeing the Terrain' - Using Terrain and Anti-Tank Systems to Increase SBCT Lethality Against Enemy Armor


OMNIFINITY - OMNIDECK 6 Launch: Keeping in Mind that the "Two Crazy Russians" always Show Up at I/ITSEC with Their Virtusphere

ONR Makes Virtual Training Anywhere, Anytime, a Reality: AR Glasses for the Devil Dogs, True Augmented Reality, eMagin Inside

Incredibly, eMagin Poised to Offer Intellectual Windbags a New Stream of Informational Bullshit (Smell the Keyboard): Individual Empowerment through Emerging Technologies: Virtual Tools for ...

Had a Re-Listen to eMagin's Conference Call

on first heating missed the nuance in CEO Sculley's mention that "in time, we would like to see every V/R HMD use Microdisplays." Intimating that eventually even the device known as Oculus is or should be a candidate for AMOLED Microdisplays. Facebook has to know there is a remedy out there. Ditching the Cell Phone Displays would be a big step to getting out of the corner they have painted themselves into with their cumbersome and sickening design. That re-design would pull a lot of fat from the fire for Luckey, Carmack, Iribe and Zuckerberg. Drama.

The First Review of Pinc is in! It Causes Maddening Pain!: Pinc is a whimsical VR iPhone case that tracks your hands

Jaws Music, Perfect, Oculus Spawns Yet Another Horror, Canada's Turn

How eSight Works: eMagin SVGA

Beyond the specs eMagin released in regard to their Immersive Head Mounted Display the only "feature" they mentioned was "flip up". The eSight allows for that to enable peripheral vision, I suspect the "flip up" on the IHMD would allows for "reality checks" without having to wrestle the Dive Mask HMD up to your forehead.

Or Trapped in an Elevator with a Complete Whackjob, Counting the Seconds Until the Doors Open

Tech Trends Shaping The Future Of Medicine, Part 2

Top Trends in 2014 Eye-Wear: From Google Glass to Oakley Technology

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Robert Scoble Follows... The Dam is on the Verge of Bursting

 It's pretty clear that Oculus in their public statements of late are trying to shape expectations and goals. These latest statements are related to something they call "Optical" or in another case "Ocular" Computing which they propose has been the "real" goal of their device all along.. The original goal in the Kickstarter Days was to offer Gamers a Head Mounted Display at an entry level price. "We may even give it away" Palmer Luckey said right after the Facebook acquisition. Suddenly Luckey was not interested in money. He put on the cloak of a California Cyberpunk who just wanted to share his "world changing" device with the "masses." That was not his attitude after his very successful Kickstarter Campaign. $2.4 Million Dollars to develop the DK1. His supporters were ecstatic and got a free Tee Shirt to boot. In short order Zuckerberg, impulsively buys the concept after demoing a NVIS Head Mounted Display at USC and millions of dollars more pour into the Bank Account of Palmer Luckey. Asked about the Kickstarter Campaign in an interview last week Luckey said "Who doesn't like Free Money?"
 So in hindsight, it might have behooved Mr. Zuckerberg to look at the "Best Practices" Guidelines Oculus had released earlier. None of what is happening now with the device would have surprised him. The motion sickness, the poor resolution, the power demands that make it impossible to design an untethered Oculus Rift, the short demos they control knowing in the right circumstance with the right person being recorded a comment about dizziness or nausea could finish them off, so what can they do?  
 Up till now they were the benchmark. They have dozens of imitators. They were so confident in their leadership they sternly warned Sony and Samsung not to release a device that "makes people sick." Wow, that takes a lot of nerve. But now they are talking about "Virtual Reality" as the on-ramp to "Optical Computing." Optical Computing already exists. Stephen Hawking could tell us that with his Robotic Surrogate. Why the move away from gaming and all the other applications Team Oculus said would "change the world"? How about foreknowledge on their part that Microsoft was demoing an Immersive Head Mounted Display and that an obscure little company in Bellevue Washington was ready to show a prototype of an Immersive Head Mounted Display( that doesn't make people sick) to interested parties at the beginning of the year.
 Before the recent change in tone, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe was quoted as saying "We are trying to figure out what our product is." I can tell you two things it's not Brendan, a viable gaming peripheral or a viable computing platform.
My question to you Mr. Iribe is how are you going to get that $30 Million back from the University of Maryland? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

OCCULUS VIRTUAL REALITY: These Guys Are on Top of the Situation: I'm Just Worried How They Will React When the Memo Arrives "Oculus VR is Now an Optical Computing Company." Hell to Pay

WEBINAR Virtual Reality & Oculus

Kopin Gets a Head Start Exhibiting Their Stuff in a Museum "When LCDs Roamed the Earth"

Incredibly, eMagin is Poised to Save the Music Industry: Super-Humanizing: Virtual Reality, Music and the Coming Revolution

DIY Virtual Reality Open Source Future: Here Comes the Dodocase, The Oculus Killer (these guys should know that the Dodo was a large flightless bird that is now extinct)

Now Facebook Reveals the REAL Reason Facebook Bought Oculus: Yes, the REAL Reason Zuckerberg Wasted $2 Billion on a Device Anybody Can Make Out of Cardboard in a Matter of Seconds

is because they now see VR as the Path to Optical Computing and they will need Optical Computing Glasses and they have found these glasses should not look anything like Oculus Rift so they had to buy Oculus in order to understand that Oculus will not accomplish Optical Computing without a complete re-design. Brilliant. So they are pivoting away from Virtual Reality and their "Change the World" rhetoric because, simply stated, they are finally allowing themselves to take-in the fact that the Oculus Rift makes people sick "so can we change the subject please?"

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Oculus CEO (Bagdad) Brendan Iribe said that virtual reality headsets will eventually shrink to the size of a pair of glasses. And if you could control those with your eyes, you're looking at a computer interface unlike anything we've ever experienced.

HMD Unit Sales

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Out of the Frying Pan Into into the Fire

Incredibly eMagin Poised to Save the Virtual Reality Film Industry: Virtual Reality Filmmakers Say Questions Outnumber Answers — And That’s Okay

For starters, the resolution of the screens on mobile phones — the only devices supporting consumer VR at the moment — is lower than the film guys would like.
“The screen resolution is really perfect now if you hold it at arm’s length,” Christensen said of his Nexus 5, a premium Android phone. “When you bring it up to your eyes, with lenses, suddenly you need more.”
When phones are too close to your eyes, Dennis added, you get a “screen door effect” — meaning you may notice lines in the image that break the feeling of presence. 
“VR is something that all six major studios and other content creators take very seriously,” Urbach said. “At this point, everyone kind of gets it. They remember Cinerama: Three screens were more immersive than one. Movie studios understand that greater immersion is a big deal.”

    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Worth $1.06 Billion by 2018

    eMagin : Patent Issued for Independently Controlled Stacked Inverted Organic Light Emitting Diodes and a Method of Manufacturing Same

    Why Virtual Reality Will Break Out in 2015

    Merck: Quantum Dot Unlikely to Replace OLED in Display Industry

    Oculus Rift: Does the Emperor Have Any Clothes?

    Here's David Blaine, He will be crackers when he emerges

    Could it Be That the eMagin Guys are Timing the Launch of Their Immersive Head Mounted Display Perfectly?: VR must address motion sickness problems, EA warns

    Finally, a major player giving this issue the attention it deserves.

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    Ex-CEO? SEGA? OK but for our purposes we shall designate you an expert witness: Ex-Sega CEO: Virtual reality is now an investment reality

    Virtual reality is set to be the next seismic change in gaming, creating a multi-billion dollar sub-set of the industry, according to Mercia Fund Management’s head of digital Mike Hayes.

    Now Wall Street Will Make You Sick in a Whole New Way: Oculus + Wall Street = "Buy Me Every Share of Dramamine You Can!"

    Hmm. Huh...What...The Hell You Say, An Immersive Headset? TAKE-TWO CEO: GAMING ISN'T READY FOR VIRTUAL REALITY

    Zelnick added that Microsoft gave him a demonstration of its own virtual reality hardware. He said that, while wearing an "immersive headset," he interacted with characters that appeared to be real, but weren't. He continued:
    "We see no reason to innovate in terms of business models. We prefer to be a fast follower. No one else can make our intellectual property -- only we can. I'm happy to have other people spend loads of dough on R&D." 

    Some Familiar Specs in the Description of Intevac's HMDs, No Coincidence I Guess as Jerry Carollo Was the Lead Designer at Intevac Before Joining eMagin:Intevac to Participate in 2014 Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference

    I just hope the 2kX2k, 100% + FOV doesn't mean eMagin's new Immersive HMD will cost $9K Retail.

    And If That Doesn't Work, Go to a Cemetery at Midnight and Swing a Dead Cat Over Your Head Three Times

    News Bits: Palmer Luckey Wins at the 2014 World Technology Awards: Another Award for Luckey, so if this is what you get for "inventing" something that makes people sick then Jerry Carollo should be win a Nobel Prize for making an HMD that doesn't.

    Apple awarded patent for augmented reality devices with transparent displays

    SCULLEY ANDREW GEORGE JR filed this Form 4 on 11/18/2014

    Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    Incredibly eMagin Poised to Revitalize the Economy! Who would've thought, one obscure, seemingly insignificant little Tech Company is going to change the world. Now that's big time Oculus type hype.

    thanks Brian Shuster who spends most of his time in his virtual mansion. I'm suddenly pro-whack job.

    eMagin Customer:Lincoln Electric acquires EWI spinoff RealWeld training system for welder

    Making Cinematic VR A Reality

    5 Insights for New VR Developers from DreamWorks Animation Head of Technology Product Development

    Beat David Blaine to This Death Defying Stunt:This Guy Is Going to Spend a Whole Month Alone in a Room with Virtual Reality Goggles Strapped to His Face

    Consumer Virtual Reality Edging Closer: Oculus Iribe: Bagdad Brendan Always Makes Sure The Subject Does Not Wear the Thing too Long or Be Allowed to Hold a Controller When Being Recorded, Team Oculus Makes Sure They Do Not Set Off On Their Own or Otherwise...Erp

    Skip Rizzo on Medical Virtual Reality | USC Global Conference 2014

    Good Thinking

    NBC or NY Times, who is more clueless?, the Public is more interested in VR than AR at this point but as far as Oculus Moving into the Mainstream? No sir, not now or quite possibly never.

    ONR augmented reality system allows Marines to train anywhere

    An SA Photonics (eMagin Displays) LARS is the COTS HMD that is used.

    eSight technology offers life-changing electronic vision (eMagin AMOLED)

    The Last Time Yuval Talked Displays for V/R HMDs He Proclaimed That All HMDs in the Future Would Use Large Panel Cell-Phone Type Displays I Wonder How Many Dsights Sensics Has Sold? Count on Fingers at the Outside?

    Monday, November 17, 2014

    3 brands that have expanded into virtual reality: Made For Each Other: Mountain Dew and VR

    My Oculus Experience: Babe in the Virtual Woods "Gee, I was surprised to learn I'm not the only one who gets simulator sickness, I was High on Hype," Help is on the way.

    Virtual reality technology transforms design of UK warships

    I Guarantee Ya This Artifact Will Be in Your Museum Sooner Rather Than Later: Post-web technology: what comes next for museums?

    That'll Learn Ya

    Games, Movies, or Apps: Where Is Virtual Reality Going? Believe It or Not It Looks Like It's Going To Hopewell Junction NY

    How tech giants from Facebook Inc to Samsung Electronics Co are trying to win the virtual reality game : I'd Hazard that HMDs That Do not Make People Sick is a Much More Dramatic Technological Advance

    The flurry of activity in this space has been driven by technological advances, such as cheaper and smaller motion sensors and the ubiquitous and powerful smartphone, which can be dropped into a headset to easily become a virtual-reality screen, says James McQuivey, a media analyst with Forrester Research.

    Mr. Sculley, eMagin CEO Addressed All These Concerns in His Description of eMagin's Immersive Head Mounted Display

    including the "Brain Swoosh, If you're not successful then you feel sick."

    The first problem is latency. That is, the time it takes to monitor someone’s movement, update an image and get it back in front of the user’s eye. In short, if it doesn’t happen pretty much instantaneously … you feel sick.
    The second problem is sensitivity. For VR to really work, you need to monitor a person’s head movement in three dimensions. This means, if they turn around, or look up or down … and also if they lean forward or backwards.  If the developers haven’t got it right … you feel sick.
    The third problem is one of refresh rates. That is, how many times a second the image updates. A TV shows images at 25 frames a second; a video game at 30 or 60. VR needs much more in order to fool the brain into believing that what it’s seeing is real. If the refresh rate is too slow or variable … again, you feel sick.
    The fourth problem is what happens what you turn your head quickly. What we discovered with our DK2, is that if you don’t see what’s in between the two points, the brain ‘smooshes’ it into a blur. So developers need to simulate that as well. If they’re not successful then … you feel sick.

    Oh, Oculus has SOLVED Nausea Issues with the DK2: They must read the New York Times; Now that is news that's fit to print

    Cody Willard Not a Fan of Fan

    MozVR - Virtual Reality Website and Browser Demonstration " Like Watching an Old TV"

    Sunday, November 16, 2014

    Money for Nothing, Perfect Answer from the Idiot Savant

    You'd win that bet

    OCULUS VR won't ship Rift with motion sickness - Metakin News

    Web Summit 2014 Day One - Skip Rizzo and Gary Marcus: Skip, the hardware has not quite caught up with the promise of VR but help is on the way

    Microsoft is Developing Virtual Reality Technology

    Ashkelon Visor - Low Cost Wearable Heads Up Display (HUD) coming to kick... " This and all that public humiliation for the low price of $19.99."

    Saturday, November 15, 2014

    Thanks Don from Investor Village: Patents Purchased by eMagin's Directed Toward New Immersive Head Mounted Display

    This is what appears for 8644490 Call Center Routing?

    Thermal-imaging devices are key for night hog hunts

    A Look at Advances in Training and Simulation Future Force : Trainee Pictured Wears an eMagin Z800 (Pending)

    On the Conference Call when Sculley was talking about VR Apps for the Military he struggled for a moment. It's obvious he wanted to mention the Raid on Abbottabad which required a lot of Rehearsal using DSTS but obviously decided better not go full Rob O'Neill so he came up with the Somali Pirates. DSTS probably not used for that operation. The connection there was the Oasys Fused Sight that was used to kill the pirates.

    No-Brainer:At NATO Summit, Allies Consider Lethal, Nonlethal Aid To Ukraine

    NPR's Don Gonyea, who is guest-hosting Morning Edition, asked Breedlove if that meant NATO was ready to begin providing Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles.

    DSTS and Parasim Use a Ruggedized eMagin Z800 (Pending): Industry Shows Off New Army Combat Simulation Tools

    I can't think of an Army that's ragtag enough to actually use this piece of crap


    Worst Opening Line Ever: "There's no doubting the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is a superb bit of kit.":Oculus Rift hands-on: Don't expect to make money from virtual reality if you're an indie retailer

    I don't think anybody should plan on making any money from the Oculus Rift except  members of the Legal Profession and Folks who steam clean carpets.

    The Meme Has Steam

    Samsung’s flexible electronics could make its Glass rival less ugly

    Friday, November 14, 2014

    Seeking Alpha: Whatever : Haven of Knaves and Charlatans

    Meredith, I'm Urging You to Join the Incipient Class Action Suit in Order to Recover the Cost of Your Lunch plus Damages to Clothing and Floor

    Reddit thread concerning eMagin's soon to be Immersive Head Mounted Display, Generating some discussion, good

    No Joke Alison, it's the New York Times

    Virtual Reality Fails Its Way to Success: Who knew that the urge to puke could be rendered in such florid prose, wow, the NY Times, I guess has to justify the cost of the paper. "When I first spied Palmer Luckey he was clinging to the floor, moaning and,oh yeah, it was a dark and stormy night".

    I fell sick. Sick unto death, or so it seemed. The first thing that deserted me was interest in the spectacle; my own biological crisis monopolized my curiosity. The word “rift” thrummed in my swimming head. Uncanny illusions produced by the Oculus headset had indeed cleaved an unbridgeable rift between the evidence of my senses and an awareness of space and time deeper in my body.


    Ha! Sculley said

    Dive Mask to Describe Oculus and their ilk

    eMagin's (EMAN) Largest Institutional Stockholder First Washington of Seattle Added 92,000 Shares

    I remember a few CCs back First Washington was on the Call and their questions indicated a good deal of frustration of the company and it's prospects. Something changed.

    Insight: Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith

    "I'll Have the Elite Dangerous with a Side of Puke Please"

    The Four Stages of Oculus Grief: Pay the Man in Euros

    Delirium + Nausea = Oculus Rift

    They Use Vuzix not Glass, "Google Glass not fit fot warehouse." Bosch Shares Experience with Smart Glasses at #SAPtd Berlin

    could we get moving on those Glasses for Forktruck Operators Mr. Sculley?


    I'm Thinking eMagin's Partner for an Immersive HMD is Likely a Hardware/Software Company with a Strong Interest in Gaming, the Fact that They Live Down the Street Doesn't Hurt

    Desktop, Console, Flight Simulators, FPS, Sports, Racing etc

    Virtual Reality Is Making Me Fat! Oculus makes you fat, sick, smells bad, has screen door effect and makes you a stereoscopic depth fanatic, wait I have to pee and is impossible to set-up

    Obsolete in any language

    Thursday, November 13, 2014

    Virtual Reality Headset

    Last April 1st Microsoft issued a PR for the Microsoft Office© Oculu 2014 Enterprise Edition™ and here it is:

    looks pretty familiar eh?, a lot like the other myriad Dive Mask VR HMDs that show up on a regular basis. The name though, Oculu, April Fools Day, the great snark, the mocking, good stuff:

    “Imagine seeing pivot tables that actually pivot in 3D,” said Wayne Jarvis, a revenue accountant at a major reinsurance company. “Being able to use OutlookVR™ to send weekly status reports in a fully immersive environment is a total game-changer.”

    Total take down of these designs. I remember some years back, Microsoft looking at an eMagin Z800 at a Conference in Seattle. The CTO looking at it with mouth was agape. I think I'll nominate these guys as a likely bunch to partner with eMagin on their Immersive HMD, radically different, new paradigm, no health concerns, console maker, already in the "this design is crap" column. My pick.

    High Res, Wide FOV, No Smearing w/ eMagin IHMD

    and none of this!

    and no screen doors!

    Luciano Pavarotti - La Donna È Mobile (Rigoletto)

    eMagin Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results
    BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 13, 2014-- eMagin Corporation (NYSE MKT:EMAN), the leader in the development, design and manufacture of Active Matrix OLED microdisplays for high resolution imaging products, today announced financial results and corporate highlights for the third quarter ended September 30, 2014.
    Andrew G. Sculley, President and CEO, stated, “In the quarter, we completed the install of equipment for producing ultra-high brightness direct-patterned displays, we made improvements to the clean room and we performed scheduled maintenance on both of our OLED deposition tools, which had been overdue. These were important accomplishments but resulted in fewer production days which impacted revenues. The clean room improvements and the OLED deposition tool maintenance have already contributed to improved yield and we expect improved yield in the coming quarters. We also made impactful additions of other new equipment which has automated some production processes that were previously done manually. As a result, we were able to maintain our gross margin on a sequential basis from the second quarter despite lower volumes and expect our bottom-line performance to improve going forward.
    Mr. Sculley added, “We continue to work through the Q1 stop ship event with three of our customers. For the first customer shipments resumed in Q2 with no loss of revenue. Shipments to the second customer have resumed with the delivery of parts using a modified manufacturing process for qualification and test by our customer. Qualification of these displays was successfully completed and volume production has resumed. While we expect no loss of overall volume for this customer, some originally scheduled for 2014 will extend into 2015. For the third customer, we have delivered a product with a different packaging design that has successfully completed eMagin’s internal qualification process. Once the customer completes qualification of those parts in their system, we expect deliveries to begin in 2015.”
    “We made significant progress in several critical areas during the third quarter. First, we continued making great strides toward production of ultra-high brightness OLED microdisplays above 10,000 nits. This accomplishment will help to accelerate the penetration of our OLED microdisplays into new markets such as avionics and consumer headset applications. Additionally, we produced prototypes of ultra-high brightness direct patterned displays which we are demonstrating to our customers. eMagin is leading the industry in this effort for direct patterned OLED at micro-display pixel sizes. Also, we have begun work on a number of new R&D contract awards that will further increase our quarterly R&D contract revenue as well as accelerate our leadership in the development of ultra-high brightness OLED microdisplays. Historically, these government R&D contract awards have been instrumental in fueling our growth and we are excited about the resurgence of this activity.”
    “Finally, we just announced our development of a new virtual reality immersive head-mounted display “IHMD” that has 2K by 2K resolution, a wider (over 100 degree) field of view, and superior performance and human factors characteristics compared to any IHMD available today. We expect to have a working prototype available for demonstrations in early 2015,” concluded Mr. Sculley.
    Quarterly Results
    Revenues for the third quarter of 2014 were $5.7 million versus $6.3 million for the third quarter of 2013. Product revenues (primarily display sales) totaled $5.2 million, 10% less than third quarter last year. A scheduled maintenance period reduced the number of production days in the quarter. There was no maintenance period in third quarter last year. Also, a couple customers delayed delivery dates which postponed revenue to fourth quarter. Average selling price increased 22% and displays shipped decreased 29% from third quarter last year. The increases in average selling price were a result of changes in product and customer mix. R&D contract revenues increased to $529,000 from $62,000 last quarter but were $30,000 less than third quarter last year. eMagin announced an expected rebound in R&D contract revenues in the coming quarters due to certain new contract awards it has received.
    Gross margin for the third quarter was 31 percent on gross profit of $1.7 million compared to a gross margin of 35 percent in the same quarter last year and flat with the second quarter of 2014. The decline in gross margin from third quarter last year was primarily due to lower production volume and lower product revenue, offset somewhat by decreases in manufacturing expenses.
    Operating expenses for the third quarter of 2014 decreased to $2.8 million from $3.3 million in third quarter last year and$3.2 million last quarter. Operating expenses are comprised of R&D expenses and selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses. R&D expenses decreased to $1.0 million from $1.2 million in the year-ago quarter. The decrease was due primarily to the requirements of the respective R&D contracts being worked on in the quarter. SG&A expenses decreased to $1.8 million from $2.0 million in the year ago quarter primarily due to decreases in salary and other headcount related expenses. Total headcount for the Company decreased during the third quarter.
    Operating loss for the third quarter decreased to $1.0 million from $1.1 million in third quarter last year. Net loss was$1.0 million or $0.04 per diluted share, versus a net loss of $4.6 million or $0.19 per diluted share for the third quarter last year. $3.5 million or $0.15 per diluted share of the net loss in third quarter 2013 was due to an adjustment in the Company’s deferred tax asset.
    At September 30, 2014, the Company had approximately $6.0 million of cash, cash equivalents, and investments in certificates of deposit, compared to $5.6 million at June 30, 2014.
    Recent Corporate Highlights
    • eMagin continued deliveries of microdisplay products in third quarter to 71 domestic and international customers and performed funded R&D contract services for 6 customers.
    • The Company announced it has been selected for a number of new R&D contracts totaling $6.8 million over 30 months. The largest of these awards, a $6.45 million Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology (DMST&T) contract, is for eMagin to develop ultra-high brightness, high resolution full color OLED microdisplays at low cost. A second award is to develop an advanced low power microdisplay backplane that performs with a 30% reduction in power consumption. These awards will increase R&D contract revenues in the coming quarters and boost our OLED technology leadership in ultra-high brightness OLEDs.
    • The Company announced that it is developing an Immersive Head Mounted Display (“IHMD”) headset. This IHMD incorporates eMagin’s latest high-resolution OLED microdisplays and patented optics and enables a paradigm shift in the look, performance, weight, and size of Virtual Reality (“VR”) HMDs. The OLED microdisplay is the fundamental reason that eMagin’s IHMD is half the weight and size of its VR HMD counter parts. The field of view (“FOV”) of the IHMD exceeds one hundred degrees and can have resolutions ranging from one megapixel per eye (“MP/eye”) to four MP/eye.
    • In July, we installed new equipment with the capability to produce prototype high resolution ultra-high brightness OLED microdisplays. We fabricated a WUXGA ultra-high brightness (~7,000 nits) full color display with 9.6 micron pixel pitch. We believe this display has the highest brightness of any OLED display of any size or resolution ever demonstrated. Customers who saw this microdisplay were highly impressed and we already have orders for prototypes which will be delivered in Q1 2015.
    • Sample displays using our high brightness XLS and XLT technologies were delivered and are being added to the system architecture for both commercial and military applications. As a result of further R&D efforts, the lifetime of our high brightness OLED XLS technology was improved by about 25 percent. The full qualification of these displays is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2015. The increasing interest in our high brightness displays confirms that these displays offer advantages for applications that use low efficiency optical systems or must provide augmented reality in the daytime such as avionics and commercial data glasses applications.
    • eMagin’s R&D team has completed the qualification of a new seal structure that can increase the overall yield and reliability of the Company’s products. The new seal is already being phased into production for certain display types. We expect to expand this improved process to all display types over time.
    • eMagin completed production qualification of its new DSVGA display in the second quarter and began deliveries in third quarter to two lead customers. This display is targeted for the replacement of the long running SVGA+ product and will provide significant improvements because of its digital technology.
    • First samples of the SXGA096 product should be available in the fourth quarter. The SXGA096 will provide eMagin’s customers with the resolution of an SXGA display but with a smaller form factor and lower cost than larger pixel SXGA displays.
    • During the quarter we also received two major follow on orders from two different long standing customers which will have significant deliveries continuing into 2015.
    Based on current and forecasted market conditions, expected orders and current backlog, eMagin reaffirms its previous guidance that the last three quarters of 2014 are expected to have higher average revenue than Q1 2014.

    Here's when we got the heads-up that eMagin was testing an HMD for Gamers.

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    Who is Michael Schwandt?

    And why does eMagin have a High School Senior

     working as a consultant whose Field of Study is Maritime Pollution? Weird. Hope he's testing a Head Mounted Display 


    Ellen Richstone Adopts Another Small Vulnerable Stray Tech Company, Scratches It's Ear and Gives It a Dish of Milk: EveryWare Global Announces Appointment of Ellen B. Richstone to Board of Directors

    But, there are honest appraisals of Oculus Rift out there, the dam could break sooner or later

    I Hope eMagin Has a Marketing Plan for Their New Immersive Head Mounted Display

    Gary Jones' "Plan" to market the Z800 virally was a huge bust. There is no love for any device in the VR Blogosphere other than the Oculus Rift. They will do whatever to keep hands off their little Cargo Cult Totem. This site is a typical Oculus Pumper Site. They are either in the pay or in the thrall of Oculus as NEVER is heard a discouraging word about this awful device. I suspect the pay. Team Oculus, in order to survive, has to keep the Hype Balloon inflated 24-7. If eMagin's HMD proves to be superior or perceived as a threat to Oculus it will be a full court press to discredit it in this niche media.

    Preparing the enterprise for the wearable technology revolution

    Office of Naval Research Demos Simulation Training System

    Bonzer! At last! The Aussies have their own knock-off of crappy fresnel lens dive mask design that's headed toward the dustbin of history!

    Pentagon Integrates Technology with Wearable Equipment

    The "Why" of the Man Tech Investment for Next Gen eMagin Displays for Night Vision and range of Head Worn Displays

    “The U.S. military has figured out it can’t keep buying things the traditional way because it will never keep up with the marketplace,” he said. “They will have to buy more commercial, off-the-shelf technology.”


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