Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Some Eastman-Kodak Grads with a design for an Immersive HMD that reduces the 'propensity" for Motion Sickness inherent in other (not mentioning any names Oculus Samsung) HMDs

Enlarge, Cut Out and Wear Around Home or Office


Head mounted display market: global industry analysis and forecast 2020 outlined in new market research report...Yeah, I'm sick of these too but they keep pumping them out

Growing need of high-tech products in the applications such as defence, aviation, and military is expected to drive the growth of the global head mounted display market. Advanced microdisplay technologies, demand for improved video gaming and entertainment experience, and developments in virtual and augmented reality are some of the trends driving the global head mounted display market in the near future.

Q sight - Q warrior futuresoldier systems

VPTS - Virtual Parachute Training Simulator

Microsoft now hiring for HoloLens HoloLens development ramps up


Microsoft has a Few Hololens Job Openings...If you would like to view job openings simply type "Hololens" in Search Box


Virtual reality -- how the metaverse will change filmmaking | George Blo...Old but the film part is interesting

Oculus Rift Consumer Version Release Date Finally CONFIRMED By Palmer Luckey; Launch Date For The VR Headset Coming This Winter 2015...The Caveat Being "Confirmed by Palmer Luckey"


Monday, March 30, 2015

Epson Moverio BT-200 - Interview with Rochester Optical...Those Moverios are UGLEEE

Smart Glasses & Drones in Wholesale Distribution...With Some Forktruck Content

Google Inc YouTube Integrating 4k And 60FPS Videos


Brian tries eSight for the first time.

Deloitte Predictions’ Duncan Stewart on Virtual Reality, unplugged

"I Predict You Will Read This Caption"


Report - Global Microdisplay Market 2012-2016


The Future of Screens: Why OLED Will Change Everything

It’s not only rock stars that find good use for OLED. The military is also an early adopter, using microdisplays made byeMagin for training. Microdisplays are 1×1 inches or smaller and used in a wireless headset so the user sees a 2D or 3D interface that changes as they look left to right. The headsets are fairly lightweight and therefore easily portable. eMagin is beginning to apply the same technology for gaming, in which wearing the headsets would replace looking at a screen.


Microsoft HoloLens - Possibilities

Both are lacking Hardware and Software, Don't think "Die in a Plane Crash" & "Virtual Titanic" are going to propel VR to Mainstream Acceptability...Facebook’s Oculus: How “Disruptive” Will Virtual Reality Be?


Friday, March 27, 2015

Trend Briefing - Oculus Rift...Please... Somebody Build a Serious Product for These Corporate Giants


What is VR? Podcast


"Oh, It's Lousy Every Day" Feel Ya Bro

Rise of the iSoldier...Q-Warrior of Interest


Take that Oculus... eMagin will be shipping "something" too in small quantities in 2015! We anticipate

10-K                "Only one per customer please!"

Headsets (“HMDs”) Our Z800 3DVisors™ headset was discontinued in 2014 and will be replaced with our Immersive Head Mounted Display (IHMD), which we anticipate will be available in small quantities in 2015.

Facebook Announces Virtual Reality Games Are Coming In 2015

"You are going to be able to play VR Games on SOMETHING shipped by Oculus this year."


A Little Disorientation, a Little Screen Door Effect, Samsung VRs Turn..Hands-on: Facebook’s 360-degree video is nifty, but nothing special


Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Biggest Challenges Left In Virtual Reality, According To Oculus

 Even in the impressive Crescent Bay prototype, you’ve only got a 90-degree field of vision, while your eyes are normally capturing 280 degrees. To remove this “binocular” effect (and any visible pixels in your vision), you’d need better lenses and a display with a resolution higher than even Apple’s new Retina 5K iMac, which starts at $2,499. It’s not hard to imagine Oculus getting closer to that ideal spec over the next several years, but it’ll happen with gradual iteration and improvement (and will require early adopters to keep buying high-end rigs for development and gaming).


OK, We'll See What Happens..Facebook Inc says Oculus Rift will be available this year, featuring ‘teleportation stations’


Facebook’s Big Challenge to Make VR a Social Experience


No, you need new hardware type

USAF starts researching helmet-mounted cueing for F-22


Army Working on New TWS for Snipers


Zuckerberg's Facebook F8 Keynote in Three Minutes

The Future of Sharing on Facebook: Virtual Reality, Messenger as Platform


Is a Virtual Nose the Fix for VR Motion Sickness? Can't make it up


I want the Best Buy Mop & Bucket concession..."Attention please, Clean Up in Gaming Department"...Samsung Gear VR Heads to More than 100 Best Buys for Demo and Sale


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Erik Lundstrom is the CEO of Penny, Makers of Interactive C-Wear AR Glasses, They Use eMagin SVGA (800X600) Displays, Scania is a Manufacturer of Trucks and Buses

Illuminati, Satanist, Mind Control Machinist Lays Out Plan for World's Subjugation ( The Future will make you nauseous, woozy, dizzy and sick)

Facebook to support 'spherical' videos in News Feed, Oculus Rift headset


3 out of four devices mentioned have eMagin displays the other TWS has a goodly number

Smart Glasses to Surpass Smart Phones Within Ten Years


You Expect Us to Believe You Could See That Tee-Shirt Before You Put It On?..Tyler’s Honeymoon: Touring the Wax Museum with eSight


Smart Glasses Won't Hit The Mainstream Till Our Bosses Start Buying Them


SpherePlay - A social network for virtual reality experiences...This actually looks like a great idea

Virtual training system provides Army South Soldiers real world skills...The HMD for DSTS is essentially a Ruggedized Z800 but with two SXGA displays


Don't Know Who M. Slater Is But This Sounds Like Complete Horseshit... but If Andrew Sculley Can Be Convinced He's Steve Jobs or Bill Gates It's Worth a Try

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Endorsed By eMagin Investors Everywhere

"What do you think Derek?" "Oh , for sure, uninvent it, do it last week"

Yes Mark, What Exactly IS the Plan for Oculus? "Well, we can't decide whether we should reinvent it, uninvent it or disinvent it."..Facebook Rumors Abound As F8 Begins: What's The Plan For Oculus, Messenger And WhatsApp?


Oculus Rift FaceBook Illuminati Satanic Mind Control Machine...I Knew It, First Time I Laid Eyes on Palmer Luckey I thought Illuminati, Satanist, Idiot Savant, Zuckerberg Too

Secret Video of Oculus Satanist, Illuminati, MK Ultra II Mind Control Experiment

A Blind Man Flies A Plane For The First Time

Friends Don't Let Friends Borrow the Oculus

Two Near Fatal Mishaps Courtesy of the Trainwreck Known as the Oculus Rift

Some Speculation concerning eMagin's iHMD over on the Oculus Reddit Forum


Putting Wearable Displays to Work in the Enterprise


Augmented Reality: Easy on the Eyes


Google Glass May Not Be Dead, But It Sure Needs A Complete Overhaul


Monday, March 23, 2015

Google Glass isn't dead, it's being 'made ready for users,' says Eric Schmidt



VR Rule #1...Zero Latency (or close as physically possible)

VR Rule #2...No Vomit

How fitting, SS Oculus Rift Has Struck an Iceberg and is Taking on Water, Every Savant for Themselves!..die on the titanic, and do it with full oculus rift support


The Industrial Augmented Reality Revolution - Powered by Metaio

Did Google shoot too high with its Glass ‘moonshot,’ or not high enough?


“I couldn't even guarantee you a 10% chance of a hit anymore” - Capps (and then he goes on to comment on the state of the Game Industry Biz and the hurdles to be overcome if VR is ever going to hit the Mainstream...

VR experienced as a novelty, this is apparent with Oculus, lot of testimony that it's used for a short time then shelved, nausea, 80% returns on Samsung VR, knew it had to be high, did not know it was that high, Oculus' reputation for making users sick is now part of the culture, so he says in so many words, ditch the divemasks, don't release anything until you know it doesn't make people sick.
  So, eMagin and their iHMD. I hope their testing went beyond a focus group comprised of students from nearby Bellevue College.  I hope they put people in Roller Coasters and Formula 1 Cars. In describing the reactions of the focus group  participants to the four HMDs he mentioned Field of View, Resolution, Size and Weight.  He did not say anything about adverse reactions or the subjects filling out a Simulator Sickness Survey. But, if it's true that users did not experience the discomforts that are now in the process of ruining Virtual Reality's reputation then it's not too much to say that Jerry Carollo design could save a nascent industry. To be fair Steam/HTC maintains that their HMD doesn't cause Simulator Sickness but I'm skeptical, the isolation is as complete as the earlier Dive Mask HMDs save some holes in the side of the eyebox that allow for some ventilation and light to the periphery. The problem of size and weight remain. All the admissions that the Oculus Design is flawed have now become industry wide. Palmer Luckey has no clothes. Recent hires indicate that the companies that made large investments in VR,  Facebook, Google know they need a new approach. That points to exactly what Sculley maintained about the problems of current VR Headsets and what Mike Capps says here, there will be no advance until somebody gets the hardware right.


Virtual Reality Is Hot, But Is It Real?


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Virtual Reality Expert Tony Parisi Speaking About the Future of VR from DODOcase on Vimeo.

Early on Kopin only alluded to an NDA with a large prestigious company, then a couple of years ago they said publicly thay had an NDA with Google...

Murky waters, blindfolded

now they talk specifics about Google related revenue and namedrop whenever given the opportunity, based on that I'll maintain that there is no Google Stealth development going on with Kopin. No NDA in force. On the other hand not a whisper from eMagin as to that company save the odd circumstance that their VP for Special Projects is working concurrently with Google and eMagin as evidenced by the Employees Linkedin Profile. Or maybe the silence is just driving me bonkers. Could be either one. This guy though believes that the 10% revenue with Google means they will be using Kopin LCDs in Glass II. Not that familiar with the boundaries of what an NDA allows but it seems to me it's like saying "Wow, do I have a big secret, I was sworn to silence but here it is." Doesn't make sense. Then I don't know if Jerry Carollo's Linkedin Profile violates such an agreement or not if one exists. When Sculley said this is a tough business to understand he was not kidding.


Reality Check: Comparing HoloLens and Magic Leap


Friday, March 20, 2015

The World's Most Famous VR Tyro Did Not Think This Up Himself, It's Gratifying to See that The Smarter People Who Fed Him These Talking Points Agree With eMagin CEO Sculley & Co. That the Best Way to Penetrate and Grow the Tech is Gaming..LUCKEY: VR TO BE GAMING-FOCUSED FOR THE ‘NEXT FEW YEARS’


HUDs for the grunts: head-mounted display systems for dismounted soldiers...Andrew White Here Would Know That the PVS-14 is a Direct View NVG and Houses No Microdisplays eMagin's or Otherwise


"Any Suitable OLED Display Such as Those Manufactured by eMagin"


This company dominates the virtual reality business, and it's not named Oculus


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Not Fast Enough for Me..The future of interactive cinematic VR is coming, and fast


Just another day in the office at Magic Leap

One Thing Leads to Another...Facebook Has to Find a Way to Uninvent the Oculus Rift, One of Those Men in Black Memory Zappers Would Certainly Help

The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech


Zacks...$EMAN Buy... Some Algorithm Out There Likes Us


Virtual reality to dominate mass market: Gartner


Doug Lanman's Abstract for a Near-Eye Lightfield HMD, Doug was at NVIDIA at the time of Publication Now he is at Oculus/Facebook

Figure 1: Enabling thin, lightweight near-eye displays using light field displays. (Left) Our binocular near-eye display prototype is shown, comprising a pair of OLED panels covered with microlens arrays. This design enables a thin head-mounted display, since the black box containing driver electronics could be waist-mounted with longer OLED ribbon cables. (Right) Due to the limited range of human accommodation, a severely defocused image is perceived when a bare microdisplay is held close to the eye. Conventional near-eye displays require bulky magnifying optics to facilitate accommodation. We propose near-eye light field displays as thin, lightweight alternatives, achieving comfortable viewing by synthesizing a light field for a virtual scene located within the accommodation range (here implemented by viewing a microdisplay, depicting interlaced perspectives, through a microlens array)


eSight eyewear – eSight details – CNIB

"I know let's make a Google Glass knock-off but make it BIGGER" Sleek and Sassy Specs Powered by Liquid Crystal on Silicon Himax Displays


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That about covers it except...


Check Useful Link to the Right Investor Village Don has posted a comprehensive comparison of companies in the Display Business

OLED Microdisplay Contracts Buoyed eMagin Revenues in 2014... Their Microdisplays Buoyed By the Best Seals in the Industry... Displays Impervious to Moisture Although Company Still in the Red


Apple's augmented reality distortion field


The Neuroscience of Why Virtual Reality Still Sucks


SXSW's Gaming Expo: A fan convention inside a brand convention...Somebody Call Child Protective Services

SouthWest VR Conference Interviews: Patrick O'Luanaigh (nDreams)

Future of Smart Eyewear...Tim Moore Rochester Optical


Officers Using "Smart" Glasses In The Field

SMI Gaze Interaction Powers Google Glass Prototype



Piper Jaffray: Apple has augmented reality R&D team, could inject AR devices with much needed style


Google Exec Blames Google Glass Failure on Bad Marketing Glass got 'too much attention,' says Astro Teller at SXSW


Crytek’s 50 Person VR Dev Team Can Only Mean One Thing...When Oculus Roamed the Earth


The 'Oculus Rift' and the Courtroom...Mistrial!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

VR Investment in 2015: Twice the Deals, Half the Money


Magic Leap, Google’s High-Profile 3-D Tech Bet, Just Canceled Its High-Profile Appearances. Why? (Acquisition Pending?)


Power of Augmented Reality Demonstrated at BVE2015 by StypeGRIP and Vizrt

Magic Leap Cancels TED Appearance and Reddit AMA, “Reasons Unknown”


So far...

This won't work for Oculus as it's meant to actually help people and not make them worse..Real Enough: Using Virtual Public Speaking Environments to Evoke Feelings and Behaviors Targeted in Stuttering Assessment and Treatment


The Pogues With The Dubliners

Most Volatile Stocks: Aeropostale, Inc. (ARO), Trevena, Inc. (TRVN), Tofutti Brands Inc. (TOF), eMagin Corp. (EMAN), CAS Medical Systems Inc. (CASM)


I Guess CEO Sculley was right when he said that VR Headset adoption was a slow rollout so they had time to develop partnerships...Facebook-Backed Oculus Rift's Release Date Slips to 2016; Valve and HTC Salivate

it may not be a stretch to think that eMagin believes Facebook/Oculus will be the main competition. Oculus was the main subject in their side by side focus group and he must have been referencing Oculus with the "slow rollout" comment. "Not going to happen overnight."


APX and Recon...Recon looks like a more serious endeavor now working with APX


Monday, March 16, 2015

Cousin Oculus Has the Same Problem...Must Be Hereditary

H.C. Wainwright raises eMagin’s price target on expected accelerated growth

Analyst Kevin Dede, in a research note released to clients on Friday, observed that revenue corresponded to expectations, sustained by strong contract sales, and that costs were kept under control.
“We see room for the valuation multiples to expand further on the premise that estimates should follow, although perhaps over a more protracted period. Competitors trade at valuations greater than 3x EV-to-sales, and we see eMagin’s stock continuing to edge higher,” wrote Dede, explaining the higher price target of US$4.00 from US$2.26 per share in December.
Evaluating eMagin’s revenue growth potential, Dede cited that the company has enjoyed “strong contract sales on the three project deals that total some $6.8M but spread over 30 months.” He also said eMagin is projecting revenues of $26 to $29 million in 2015.

4D Expo - Beyond the Hype-Cycle: VR/AR Opportunities and the Challenges ...Required Viewing

DAQRI 4D Expo 2014: Chris Broaddus on The Future of Vision Science

4D Expo - Augmented Reality and the Future of Work - Philip Zelikow

4D Expo - Opening Keynote - Andy Lowery

Beware the Ides of March

Facebook, Oculus And The Future Of Virtual Realit


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ford Equity Research Upgraded $EMAN From Hold to Buy on 3/13/15

No Doubt the 4 HMDs in eMagin's/Mystery Company's Focus Group were eMagin's two Military Related HMDs, SVGA and SXGA, Oculus and Zeiss Cinemizer

Check Out Useful Link to the right OLED-Info for an Interesting Post from Mr. ema-lurker on HTC HMD

Hey Microsoft Buy eMagin and We'll Throw in Olivier Prache at no Extra Charge

When Will Virtual-Reality Headsets Stop Making People Sick?...Any Week Now Broadly Speaking


Hope You Didn't Have the Jalapeno-Rabbit-Rattlesnake Tacos they peddle at SXSW

HoloLens Doesn't Mean Microsoft Won't Also Do VR


Sr. Manufacturing Engineer Microsoft - Redmond, WA, US Posted 2 days ago...This looks to be the same position with a different title they first posted on March 2nd, does this cast a wider net? I dunno

but it's for set up and manufacturing of nano-optics and microdisplays for their new foray into AR, Hololens et al

eMagin has a subsidiary named Virtual Vision? What the hell do they do? Looks like an old corp, trademark registered in Delaware that goes back to the Jones Regime, An Eyebud kind of deal



Pay the Man...

Failure to Launch..Oculus Rift Consumer Launch May Not Be This Year, Founder Implies "We've Made a Lot of Changes Our Roadmap"


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ron Mertens Prints Something Positive About eMagin...Che Guevara Unavailable For Comment


Defense Department Takes Steps to Energize Cutting-Edge Research


Might Be a Propitious Time to Decouple Automatic Cuts for Defense Governed by Sequestration from Non-Defense Related Spending Caps, Here Comes Ivan

30 Years of "Progress"



Use Augmented Reality or Lose Money? | CNBC International

Two Screens for Crescent Bay, Getting Closer, Keep Going Because "Every VR Headset Will Have Somebody Getting Sick In It" This guy is his own worst enemy


When Anybody Wants Your Opinion We'll Ask For It...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sudden and Dramatic!..Sudden Dramatic Moves: eMagin (EMAN), NOW (NYSE:DNOW), Sears Hometown


Virtual Reality in 2015

Apple VR rumours, features and images: Is Apple working on a virtual reality device to rival Hololens, Occulus Rift and Google Glass?


We Must Give the People What They Want From 1 to 4 Megapixels Per Eye

These CCs are the Investors Version...

of a Quarterback mistimed the screen and JJ Watt is on a collision course with your back or your pitcher just hit their best hitter in the head and you lead-off the next inning.

The Emagin CC Morning After

Random Notes eMagin CC

Someone Please send Paul Campbell a case of 5 Hour Energy
No Forktrucks this time but "Warehouse" mention, glasses for picking presumably, let's see it
Olivier Prache's trip to Lake Placid with Google Glass battery drained in two hours
we found out the eMagin Z800 was "ahead of it's time" ok so now were caught up?
Michael Schwandt "consultant" to eMagin was one of the participants in the focus group that eMagin undertook in cooperation with a "Mystery" Company, Sculley, "I can't mention who". Mr. Scwandt was an undergrad at Bellevue College, let's see Bellevue, Bellevue, anybody think of a gaming company in that part of the world?
Oculus Rift was obviously Company #1, Wide FOV, bad resolution, screen door effect, BIG, has to be Oculus. I'll guess that the one that had both bad res and bad FOV was the Zeiss Cinemizer as Mr. Energy Drink keeps one on his desk. #3, no idea maybe a Sony HMZ T2
The HMD is going to look a lot more like this eMagin/TATRC Prototype fro Army Telemedicine

then this piece of grunt

what was new this time was Sculley floating the possibilities that other companies are interested in the displays themselves for their own HMDs apart from the housing electronics etc
what was with that random Margaret Kohin mention, well and good but wouldn't a nod to the person she was replacing make sense? Like he didn't want to mention Jerry Carollo, it sort of hung in the air, operating under the presumption that JCs Linkedin profile is accurate and he is working jointly for eMagin and Google, don't believe any of that political bullshit the other board is floating about "bad blood" between them, nonsense
they are aware that of the problems with the dive mask displays and there is no rush as adoption is slow, even Steam's entry is a dive mask with some holes on the side for ventilation, don't think that's the final product from them
Microdisplays will be the winners for these VR Headsets
Fraunhofer has apparently given up on direct patterning, they seem to be concentrating on OLED lighting

Broad based demos of the iHMD are weeks away with some tweaking of color gamut and head-tracking that is conformable to games developed for the infamous piece of shit like Die in a Plane Crash and Virtual Guillotine, just kidding
Based on ema_lurker research I think the most notable companies they will be demoing the hmd for are Google, Oculus, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Apple, Valve (companies we have heard of)

Form 10-K for EMAGIN CORP


We'll Keep an Eye on This


eSight NYC


New Glass Team, Fresh Strategy


I do not think Morpheus could have been one of the 4 at eMagin's HMD Focus Group, unlike iHMD Sony's leaves (shoebox) room for the user to wear glasses, if you can't see things that close to you maybe you need eSight and not an HMD..Project Morpheus: Eyes-on PS4’s New VR Prototype


Microsoft HoloLens will transform Healthcare in these 7 ways


Microsoft Studios Org Announcement: Kudo Tsunoda

Now That's a Dive Mask HMD...Let's hope these ridiculous devices don't kill VR (or any swimmers) before eMagin can get you inside the game


eMagin CC, Have a listen, it's a Gordian Knot but the comments on Virtual Reality concerning their Immersive Head Mounted Display in the Presentation and Questions is the Most Compelling


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oppenheimer (Andrew Uerkwitz is a Busy Guy) Sees Apple Inc. Shares Outperforming Following Apple Watch Event


I was gratified by Oppenheimer's Mr. Andrew Uerkwitz's Interest in the iHMD. That's where the drama is with this company if you need someplace to hang your hat.

ULT Color WUXGA prototypes sent out
Mantech progress going well
Next program, High Brightness, Phase 1 Completed
for pilots and Consumer Glasses
Olivier Prache tested Google Glass skiing lated 2 hours

7c Loss a share, beats on Revs, Guidance blah, work nearly completed on iHMD, Contract R&D progress, delivery of High Brightness Display Samples, Digital DSVGA Bright Spots

see what these guys have to say for themselves. Now back to Cavelleria Rusticana, picture Jake LaMotta getting the shit beat out of him and there we are.

eMagin Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Financial Results


ODG & Mad Genius Ralph Osterhout, He May Be Crazy, He Invested His Not Inconsiderable Personal Fortune in These Spectacles


"eMagin, you have been assigned a Patent, you can pick it up at the Front Desk, ask for Rollo"


Fireside Chat: Microsoft Holo Lens

eMagin Z800 worn by Soldier

The Saga Continues...

CES 2015: Augmented Reality

eMagin, THIS, is what we want to hear about today...to perfect immersion, Sweeney said, hardware latency and resolution of the screen..Virtual Reality isn’t another 3D TV, says Epic Games boss


NASA Will Be Taking These Augmented Reality Glasses Into Space


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Future is Bright for OLED Displays


Alive and well: Google posts several new Google Glass engineering jobs on LinkedIn


2015’s Virtual Reality Devices: Everything You Need To Know - The Gist

It's Been Months, Can We Get an Update?


The Puget Investor is not happy with eMagin, Gives it a One Out of Ten... All Things Considered They are not in Bad Company

Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
Google (GOOG)Outperform555.01-0.61 %5.44 %10
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV)Outperform112.29-4.93 %-13.93 %10
Paccar (PCAR) 60.50-5.54 %-9.57 %9
Symetra (SYA)Outperform22.47-0.49 %-2.52 %9
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 42.03-4.15 %-9.52 %7
SodaStream International (SODA) 17.02-5.02 %-15.41 %6
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) 59.860.19 %34.23 %6
Precision Castparts (PCP) 210.00-2.91 %-12.81 %6
NIKE Inc (NKE) 96.51-0.63 %0.67 %5
Flir Systems (FLIR) 31.27-3.13 %-3.22 %5
Expeditors International (EXPD) 47.21-2.26 %5.83 %4
Columbia Banking (COLB) 27.93-0.89 %1.16 %4
Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) 13.56-2.45 %-6.29 %4
SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) 49.72-3.19 %-7.03 %4
Nordstroms (JWN)Underperform79.44-1.23 %0.06 %3
Corning (GLW)Underperform23.05-5.53 %0.52 %3
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) 190.32-6.40 %-14.43 %3
Starbucks (SBUX) 92.18-1.40 %12.35 %2
Amazon.com (AMZN) 369.51-2.80 %19.06 %2
Costco (COST) 148.160.82 %4.52 %1
eMagin Corp (EMAN) 3.15-4.55 %35.77 %1
Portfolio Return: 

When Oculus meets Kinect, virtual reality gets a whole lot more real...Yeah but you're disobeying the First Commandment


15 Simple Rules for Activating Your First Virtual Reality Campaign..."Thou Shalt Not Make Them Puke"


'I was blown away': Welcome to football's quarterback revolution (and then I blew chow, no Ditka content)


How eSight Works

Awful...Searchers Seek 7 Marines, 4 Soldiers After Helicopter Accident...Air Assault Training, Fog, NVGs Inadequate for Conditions


Sad but True, If this was Baseball they would be batting over .300 (sic), not bad for a journeyman Shortstop but this ain't Baseball, could you guys find a way to inject some enthusiasm into the proceedings? TIA

Yeah, me too

MC Hammer + Oculus Rift...2 One Hit Wonders, Together at Last...Don't Touch This

Hands-On: Razer's OSVR Hacker Dev Kit at GDC 2015

4 Reasons for Smart Eyewear Optimism

They May Be Set But I Don't Know If I Am

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"What do you mean Over?"

15. It's the OVER!

C'mon Recon is not a serious customer

14. It's a wash, not over yet

Rev from Google 11%, interesting, R&D and some samples

PATS already obsolete IMO, discussions with partners over next year, what?

Waffling on DOD R&D, appears to be a non-starter



Large Military Order 2014 May Be a One Off from Schneider

No Guidance



What's Mafucci, Chopped Liver?