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The weird virtual reality of Project Tango

Is Valve Flirting with Augmented Reality? (see recently added Editor's Note)

SteamVR's "Lighthouse" for Virtual Reality and Beyond

John Deere? 200 Companies Now Hiring – A Look at the Growing Virtual Reality Jobs Market

Display Week, AWE and E3 Would Have Been a Nice Trifecta But No Sign of eMagin or Cui in LA

Apple's dive into AR could take the technology mainstream

Saturday, May 30, 2015

from oculus forum

Re: 2160×1200 Everyone is fine with that?

Postby donkaradiablo » Sat May 30, 2015 7:29 am
Malkmus1979 wrote:
donkaradiablo wrote:The Vive is "a" SteamVR HMD. We're talking about Q1 2016, 9-10 months from now. Think about how long that is in VR months. Either the 1440p CV Vive that Carmack may have let slip (but nobody noticed), or a LightHouse powered third party HMD built by eMagin, VR Union (the makers of RiftUP/Claire), companies with experience in the pro sim market and a desire to enter the VR gaming market, LG, Sharp, Carl Zeiss, Sony, Samsung, Nvidia, AMD, Asus, Dell, BenQ, Viewsonic, Falcon, Alienware... will probably be out. Throw in Google, Apple and MS with their own tracking solutions...

In other words, no one is coming out with a higher rez display that you know of.

eMagin has a 2K per eye HMD in the works. VR Union has a few Claire 12Ms at 3840 x 1080 out there now, and Claire 22M at 5120 x 1440 is in the works. Although a resolution increase has not been confirmed, Vive CV1 is supposed to be better than the developer edition "in every way". Even Sony Morpheus's 1920x1080xFull RGB OLED and 120Hz has higher sub-pixel resolution if CV1 is still pentile. GearVR offers higher resolution than this and Note 5 might even increase that resolution. And E3 is right around the corner for more.

I just said "I hope at least one company with experience in the HMD business or display panel manufacture will create a LightHouse powered higher resolution HMD" right before that sentence stating that I don't want to have to choose between higher resolution and Oculus VR made content... You might have missed it. They can still deliver a great input solution and justify that choice but if the input solution is disappointing, it will be hard to defend Oculus VR's actions, at least for me.

Speaking of Chris Kinnock...SA Photonics Shows See-Through Modules and HMDs at I/ITSEC 2013 (USMC AITT for JTAC-See Below)

Happy to help out Himax Investors (AITT USMC for JTAC-See Above)

In response to this need, the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Augmented Immersive Team Training (AITT) program has expressed their desire to use advanced augmented reality head mounted display (HMD) systems to help train USMC FiSTs. For this purpose, SA Photonics is working with ONR to develop the Low-Cost Augmented Reality System (LARS), a low-cost, wide field of view augmented reality HMD in the form factor of sand and dust goggles LARS will enable the training of USMC FiSTs without using live fire, as LARS uses Augmented Reality (AR) to simulate lifelike target and live fire displays. The result is more effective training of more FiSTs at lower cost.

Finally, something we can all agree on...

Chris Kinnock will be reporting from SID

anticipating an up-close with the new guy and the iHMD.


“Wearable displays for virtual and augmented reality (VR, AR) experiences are on the cusp of being truly ready for broad market availability,” states Peruvemba. “All of these applications have to convey large amounts of information on small displays, which must deliver high brightness and resolution with very low power consumption. Thus, organic LED (OLED) and ePaper displays are gaining market share because they’re thinner and lighter, with better color performance; for this category, in particular, flexible OLEDs have a bright future (more on flexible displays below). [sic]”

‘Jump’ing in the Deep End: Diving Deep on Google’s VR

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sal104 pinned it...

$HIMX No worries, Himax got you covered. God bless our troops!!

— Sal (@Sal104) May. 29 at 11:21 AM

Augmented Reality Experiences

Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can't

Apple Ups the Mystery behind their Secret Virtual Reality Project by Acquiring AR Specialist Metaio

Apple patents bizarre augmented reality display that you can see through

I bet they are not playing FIFA World Cup 2018

SID 2013 - eMagin Unveils New OLED Microdisplays - Talks Development Path... The Youtube Video that convinced Google that VR was the future, put on your cardboard, sit back and enjoy

Google is laying the foundation for the future of virtual reality right now

There aren't any VR headsets to buy right now. You could build yourself a version of Google's cardboard headset, or buy one of the many versions of it on Amazon from third-parties. But that's not the point.
In the next 12 months, a variety of VR headsets from disparate companies will launch. The "killer app" for the mainstream won't be a dogfighting space shooter, and it won't be a puzzle game. It'll be applications like YouTube and Netflix.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thomas is Thomas Alt CEO of Metaio

The Sleeping Giant Begins to Stir...

Oculus Rift and a PC to Run It May Cost $1,500 Total - IGN News

John McCormack - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling


Google and GoPro team up to take virtual reality to mass market

Google Intensifies Focus on Its Cardboard Virtual Reality Device

Google Developing Custom Optics for VR Headsets, New Job Listing Hints, Optical Engineer for Lens Design, They Cannot be Sticking with Fresnel Lenses? What?

Maybe this is for Viewmaster II!t=jo&jid=119175001&

Osterhout Design Group + Microsoft = Hololens

Blind Woman Sees for the First Time in a Decade! (eMagin AMOLED Microdisplays)

Thank You Gavin Belson

Guess how much a consumer model Oculus Rift setup will cost (hint: think Google Glass)

"Yeah, I know I said I would like to give it away for free but  I've found out the only free thing in the world is Kickstarter. Hey, did you ever get your T-Shirt?"

The return of virtual reality: 'this is as big an opportunity as the internet'

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Haha, Piper "Somebody get me re-write!"

Top Piper Jaffray Analyst Releases Big Report on VR

eSight on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet (eMagin AMOLED)

muy bueno


"I can assure you, I have never watched the Bravo Channel"

Next on Bravo

Don't Underestimate Virtual Reality (A brief foray into Bravo Channel type stuff)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well, Derrick, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

Immersive Experiences - Virtual Reality NeuroGaming... The Dark Lord Insinuates Himself Onto a Panel with Normal, Smart Human Beings, His Malevolent Reach Remains Unlimited and Unchecked

The next frontier for retail: virtual reality

As Bob of "Drinking with Bob" fame would say "What's Next?" "What's Next?" "What's Next?" Maybe #23? Virtual reality's roller coaster ride to the mainstream

We’re Seriously Underestimating the Virtual-Reality Market

The Dark Lord Sauron Tries to Depict Himself as Human and Taint the Jury Pool Simultaneously Without Effect...LUCKEY: MOTIVATIONS FOR CREATING OCULUS RIFT WERE ‘LARGELY SELFISH’

"Mine is the Dive Mask that will rule them all"

Smart glasses begin to take hold in the enterprise

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Google Glass Is Edging Toward A Reimagining—And A Relaunch

eMagin ENVG Display Ready For It's Close-Up

Another Discussion of eMagin iHMD at Reddit Oculus

Don at Investor Village Adds a Little Intrigue to the Keynote Speeches at Display Week

an earlier post mentioned that speakers from Google and eMagin were Keynoting the Wearable-Flexible Market Focus Conference at Display Week, Amal Ghosh (eMagin) Chairing then Sidney Chang from Google speaks followed by Margaret Cohin from eMagin. What's interesting about the juxtaposition is Sidney Chang's role at Google. Another not so subtle hint?

Dive Mask HMDs Field of View

Virtual Reality: The Next Big Advertising Medium Is Here

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What is the $$$ Number that a "Partner would not choke on" but the amount would be "much higher" than the current cost of the SNU Precision Tool and Current Depo Tool to expand capacity?

it sounds like circa $20 Million to me.

So DARPA and PEO Conspired to kill TrackingPoint eh? "Yes we did it with our Networking and Fratricide Prevention Capability", Zeroing apparently will always be a pain in the ass

who will rule VR...(Valve and Lighthouse, formidable)

Gaming will fuel rapid growth in the virtual reality market

How Virtual Reality May Change Medical Education And Save Lives

Well said, Spark, from Road to VR

Looks like we should thank the US Government and the US Navy for funding the development of the avionics version of these 2k x 2k emagin OLED displays.
I believe emagin knew from the beginning what they were going to do with these displays.
Quote: “This is a key award for eMagin as it is expected this work will result in the ability to produce a greatly improved microdisplay solution and therefore increase the use of eMagin’s OLED microdisplays in demanding avionics applications with potential commercial applications as well,” remarked Andrew Sculley, president and chief executive officer of eMagin. “The brightness, resolution and the color gamut will be outstanding and a significant upgrade from what is currently available from any microdisplay producer. eMagin is very pleased to continue this important work with the NVESD and the U.S. Navy.”
Taxpayer money well spent I’d say.

VP of Manufacturing

Sr. Packaging Engineer

And others find anecdotal evidence for a contrary view

Friday, May 22, 2015

Some Anecdotal Evidence That The "Household Name" Company is Google

"I see you"

Attended as an observer eMagin's Analyst Day in NYC a few years back. One of the slides mentioned Google Glass as did the accompanying Prospectus that was provided. Google Glass mentioned prominently in the Presentation by AS.

Following Fall attended the Association of the US Army. Spoke generally to an eMagin employee about Google Glass. I should say that beforehand I told him I was a shareholder. He recited the "in person" version of the Safe Harbor Statement. I asked him his opinion of Google Glass. He made glasses from his hands,  you know, how kids do, held them up to his eyes and said "Google is not happy with the resolution." The discussion ended with that.

Jerry Carollo, for some time listed his employment history at his Linkedin Profile as concurrently working for eMagin and Google. As of a few days ago, it changed, now he lists Google as his sole employer, occupation, Optical Architect. Jerry Carollo since his early Pre-Intevac days has only designed HMDs using eMagin OLED displays.

Google is the only "Household Named" company that is prominently involved in designing both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality HMDs. A partnership with eMagin would solve the optical needs of both devices in development.
Was not sure how serious Google was about Virtual Reality until this week when reports emerged that Google was planning a "Family of headworn devices" and additionally the public statement that Google's VR HMD would "not always be cardboard." Finally AS mentioned, in the recent Conference Call, Google's investment in Himax as an exemplar of what a partnership would look like for eMagin.

Circumstantial, I know, but sometimes that is enough to convict.


"Palmer, isn't it weird being sued over something that doesn't even work?"

Why Wearables' Redemption Is Waiting On The Factory Floor

ONR tests new glasses for augmented reality system with Marines

The Glasses for AITT are based on SA Photonics LARS System which utilizes eMagin AMOLED Displays.

Google I/O 2015: 5 things to expect

A Small Sample Size But Interesting That Tim Cook Edged "Other" in The On-Line Poll

"We've heard of Steam and we're a Household."

who is "Other"? Valve/Steam? Had to have been a "Household Name" remember. A lot of Cheeto dust covered basement dwellers have heard of Steam but not many "Households."

eMagin's/Dan Cui Augmented World Expo Speed Networking Room of Demo of Radically Configured Immersive Head Mounted Display By Invitation Only Not Pictured on Map

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Actually a long way to go...up to protecting only 20% of vital soldier flesh

Molto vero

Thought To Be Javelin, Can't Think of What Else They Might Be..Javelin Anti-tank missile expected to be delivered to Iraq next mouth

1,000 Missiles or 1,000 CLUs? (eMagin Display in Launch Unit). Has to be missiles, that means 100 Launch Units, can't believe Lockheed/Raytheon has the kind of inventory to supply 1,000 packages. .Regardless Iraqi Forces will get to blow up the US supplied Tanks and APCs they left behind in Ramadi. What a mess.

"Hot Pockets is to Good Food as Oculus is to Good Virtual Reality" Andrew Uerkwitz

2015 SVVR - Investing in VR..Where are Dinesh and Guilfoyle?

2015 SVVR - Virtual Reality at DreamWorks Animation (Brad Herman)

I Like This Google/eMagin Sandwich Thing Here


I'll take two!

SID President Amal Ghosh and Paul Gray of IHS will kick off the event, followed by two special wearables keynote addresses. The first speaker is Sidney Chang, Business Development for Google's Android Wear, who will talk about what display manufacturers need to know in order to best optimize their displays for Android Wear. Margaret Kohin, SVP of Business Development at eMagin, will discuss how the company is bridging the gap between avionics defense and consumer products for head-mounted displays. Five themed sessions will follow, providing the audience a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with wearable and flexible applications.

Virtual Dan the Puget Investor Man...No New Insights but "The Story Continues" pretentious much?

But interesting to see, however, how longtime eMagin investors are beginning to change their view from "a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing" to "Hey, this thing might work out after all!"

Kopin Hires LCD Expert Hideki Matsukawa From Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Company...Follow the Leader Started in March

"We will call it, the Golden I-mmersive"

when Kopin hired Bill Mafucci as VP of Biz Development focusing on the Military. Mr. Mafucci was a colleague of Jerry Carollo at Intevac when Intevac was designing and building State-of-the-Art Digital Night Vision HMDs, I-Port, Night-Port etc. The world became aware in November that eMagin and Jerry Carollo were far along in the development of their Immersive Head Mounted Display and it's easy to imagine Dr. Fan, I'll say scramble, to find someone who had an idea how JC accomplished his radical, new microdisplay enabled device.
   Now what do we need? Ah, prism and optics. Let's hire Mr. Iba, also hired this past March to help us design systems for wearable VR (first time Kopin EVER mentioned VR) and AR.
   What's left for Dr. Fan after getting a heads up, pun intended, on what was coming from eMagin in terms of displays and optics? Enter Mr. Matsukawa who was hired to help design the next generation of LCD Transmissive displays. There it is, Kopin's hiring Blitzkrieg aimed at getting a design, prototype, whatever they can to start tossing around "VR Headset", "VR Wearable" etc. the kind of buzzwords Fan always uses to garner attention and buy time. Does anybody remember who finished second to American Pharaoh in the Derby?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


AC-130 Gun Run at Night!

Elbit Systems of America to Integrate JHMCS II on AC-130W... The Timeframe Certainly Fits...Spooky Gets Spookier


One-time Bloviating Adversary Now Helpful Camp Follower Blows His Own Horn..

"You'll Be Shocked and Stupefied By His BIG High School Words and Concepts!"

Maybe I should offer, a limited time, risk-free trial, oops to late, get what you pay for...but that boardwalk97 guy, just call 1-800-bashforcash! Do it today!

Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely (Monument Concert 1965)

What are you doing over there at Google Jerry Carollo? ANSWER ME!..Google dropped a major hint about its next big product

"Shhh...I'm the Lead Singer in a Roy Orbison Tribute Band"

I Feel That This Post From The EMAN Yahoo Message Board Is a Masterful Depiction of Delusional Paranoia and What Makes It Masterful Is That It Is Stated With Absolute Conviction...It's a Response To a Couple Guys Talking About Fishing But Look What rtpaulhus Sees

Definition of Creel Census. the collection of data concerning the number of fish caught by sport fishermen (as on a particular stream or in a particular area) used especially in determining effects of stocking and in planning future limits for various species

Take note of how CREEL CENSUS and EMAN are all in caps. Code for data analysis and planning for future run ups or short positions. But there is no pump and dump scheme going on here. Less

Calmer Mon Ami

Yes, this would be a pretty big fly in the ointment, the very knowledgable Kevin Mellott of SA Photonics

comments on eMagin's new iHMD at Road to VR

With a Price Target of $3.50...That's Bold of Them

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Step Into What?

"Step Into the Rift"

The Dark Lord Sauron Requests The Pleasure Of Your Company...

"Oh, I know why you call me the Dark Lord Sauron, it's the shirt, right?" "Actually, no it's not the shirt."

The Dark Lord Sauron Musters His Armies For The Final Confrotation

It's Starting...

But help is on the way!

eMagin Announces 2K×2K ‘Flip Up’ VR Headset, Demoing at AWE 2015

Forget TV sets, Apple’s next big thing could be virtual reality

They were never a very significant customer but the tech was compelling...Breaking: TrackingPoint announces financial troubles, ceases orders

The "Can't Miss" Company Missed

they never really overcame the barriers to entry they encountered. Sold as a "can't miss" rifle when the real attraction of hunting is time in the woods, stalking, pretending like you can read signs, the climactic shot, the whole atavism thing. Driving up to a blind in South Africa and being guaranteed a hit on a Cape Buffalo a thousand yards away is not exactly Ernest Hemingway material. Not to mention the backlash against trophy hunting that's growing all the time. That ditzy Texas blonde who flashed Instagrams of her jubilant over the carcass of a giraffe she shot while it was peacefully grazing did as much as anything to deglamorize the "Safari Experience" and make her the face of vanity trophy hunting.
Sold as a method of herd protection from coyote attack for ranchers and farmers there are much cheaper and more effective way of preventing attacks, llamas believe it or not. They can kick the shit out of coyotes and have a guarding instinct.
Much bigger reason more, when the Program Exec decided after testing TP PGF at Quantico that DARPA was well on it's way to a military solution (FWS) for Rapid Target Acquisition and Accuracy the jig was up, thanks TP, don't call us, we'll call you.
They used eMagin displays solely in their guns at the outset but were gradually migrating to Kopin displays to cut costs, now, as Hawk Harrelson would say "he gone."

Google Quietly Moves Its Head Of Search Design To Virtual Reality..GOOGLE INVESTS A MAJOR DESIGN TALENT IN VR. SOMETHING MUST BE AFOOT.

Douglas Lanman (NVidia) - Light Field Displays at AWE2014... Lanman is at Oculus Now, His Job to Shrink That Form Factor of the "Shoebox on your head", What He Brings is What He Explains Here, Lightfield Displays

I can see eMagin having to push to build them a prototype because Oculus/Facebook invested a lot of money to hire stars like Lanman and Jepsen, they have to contribute to the process but it makes perfect sense that in light of what you see in this video that Oculus is one of the companies that fit Sculley's description "If they don't buy the iHMD they still need the displays."


Monday, May 18, 2015

SVVR 2015 - Conference & Expo Live (The VR Community Has Grown So Much Palmer Can't Fit Into His Director's Chair)

Oppenheimer Remains Sidelined on eMagin Corporation Following 1Q:15 Results

I think Andy is doing a little sandbagging, no mention of the iHMD.

SVVR...I see miles and miles of Dive Masks...Where's Gavin Belson?


More Than Virtually Real Lazlo, Hey, Weren't You in "Casablanca"?

To Me The Way Sculley Lays Out This Scenario...

it's a company that currently is either devloping or has developed a Head Mounted Display

the demo prompted an interesting discussion in which many employees of the company took an interest

looking at smaller display and different optics

modification? prototype "we (eMagin speaking) pushing for ASAP


what company fits that description where current design screams for a re-design, mod, new optics

They brought in, I don't know how many people to take a look at the thing, and one of them was arguing for making me look at a different set of optics and a smaller display. So I think the answer to your question is it could go either way. It may be that our headset is all the company needs for a modification of it or it could be that they want a prototype first. As you might expect, we are pushing for as soon as possible. We'd like to do the prototype.

Always the Plan..The Gulf Between High End Military VR and Consumer VR is Rapidly Shrinking

Google I/O 2015 has Virtual Reality on the Menu

ExtremeTalk: Is virtual reality the next big thing in PC gaming?

Will the Cell Phone Displays for HMDs Advocates Take the Microdisplay Challenge?

Calling you out Yuval "dSight" Boger, that's not even your picture, and you Palmer "The World Changer" Luckey, will you demo it or are you scared? Ha!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

News Has Even Spread to the Air Traffic Control Tower at O'Hare "Hey man, what is your problem?"

Or Maybe Dan Cui Will Take the Roadshow to SOFIC This Week, Nah, But Featuring One There for Training and Sim Would Be a Fine Idea, It Will Be the Usual Suspects A. Rosen, D. Hughes and Raytheon John

Dan Cui Said He Would Like to Show Optical Rage Boy Some Photos of iHMD But iHMD was Indisposed at a Show This Week, My Guess...

"Not this Show"

"This Show, but you probably couldn't tell them apart"

Carmack seems to possess none of the rage of Optics Jihad Boy, he's following Dan Cui on Twitter now

do you really think that's a coincidence?

"Sneakypoo" is on an anti-eMagin iHMD Jihad, first at Twitter, Now at Oculus, All's Fair in Love and Tech Wars, This is a Lot Better Than Boring

"the eMagin dogs are avoiding showing any actual screens/optics, AHHHHH!"

This Man Will Be at Display Week? Will he ask eMagin for a demo of it's new Immersive Head Mounted Display?


"Go ahead CC, bite the bullet, make our day..."

If you are already an asshole Twitter is the best place to show the world you are ready to go Pro like Arsenio and Robert

Six15 Technologies Experiences Explosive Job Creation

(The Trajectory Does Not Include Kopin, ManTech R&D) Owning the Environment: Current trajectory in Army visual sensors

There are setbacks though to the legacy goggle technology in the field, as it does not have thermal capabilities and there is not a seamless transition for Soldiers using goggles from day to night or for use at a distance or close up. These setbacks are what current technology developments are working to improve, said Reago.

For example, the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, or ENVG, system includes an image intensified channel and a thermal channel allowing for an uncooled image and an optical overlay to be combined with the output of the camera sent to a small display that can be combined and the image intensified; however, it doesn’t have a full digital capability.

“The lab has worked with companies on not only the combiners, but the image source. A most recent technology is a micro-OLED [organic light-emitting diode], high-brightness, wide format,” Reago said. “I think we are making tremendous progress in this area, and I’m very comfortable that in the next few years we are going to have very robust display solutions that will enable this digital capability.”

Speaking of and to Mrs. Opt


I'm glad Dr. Wittels will not have to eat crow at the ASM next month regarding her "World is ready for OLED" comment. She can have a bagel along with everyone else.

Wow, even Ron is getting into the act, (as long as an eMagin product doesn't involve a trigger or a bullet or things that go "BOOM" Ron will give it a little exposure)

Concerning eMagin CEO's Comments on Exporting VGA Displays

I was surprised he mentioned "hunting" as the intended application, I am wired to think of domestic manufacturers, FLOR, Trijicon, Leupold, Armasight etc as THE desirable market forgetting that arguably best scopes in the world i.e. Schmidt & Bender, Svarovski are made in Europe. But unless these companies are developing PGF like TrackingPoint, which they might be, why do they need Thermal Imaging? After all hunting at night is illegal just about everywhere where laws are enforceable.  A little thought and the answer comes, feral hog populations are exploding worldwide. And there is little or no prohibitions on the harvesting of boars. Not only do you get meat governments will pay a bounty per tail.

So as it turns out eMagin CEO Sculley cannot be in two places at the same time...He would rather spend a few hours with Opt than the attendees at Display Week, Margaret Kohin is Pinch Hitting

Oculus @ GDC 2015 - "An Intro to Virtual Reality Audio" with Brian Hook ...

Docs don virtual reality headsets

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