Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Room at the Top? Six months guys, shoot up a flare would ya?

And Elbit, Thales and BAE rely on eMagin for Displays, small world

NuEyes and Mac-Fusion Announce an Exclusive Partnership to Bring NuEyes to People With Vision Loss Living in Southern California

A Day at the Museum - Augmented Reality HoloLens museum tours

Elbit Systems to Launch New Products at Farnborough Int. Airshow 2016

SKYLENS showcased in live - Packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device, as intuitive as a pair of sunglasses, SKYLENS is a revolutionary approach for today’s aviators’ challenges. Operational in all weather conditions, day and night, SKYLENS provides head-up information and minimizes dependency on airport instrumentation. SKYLENS is part of the Clearvision EFVS family, displaying high-resolution information, images and video on a high transparency visor, providing superior see-through transmission.

Magic Leap's Chief Game Wizard Has 4 Predictions About Our Mixed Reality Future Graeme Devine certainly thinks big.

Monday, June 27, 2016

AWE 2016: Interview with Nima of ODG Showing the R-7

Almost two years ago, Michael Schwandt, Steamships and Steampunk

Looking into Augmented Worlds @ AWE 2016 Floor Demo with Nima Shams, Vice President, Head-Worn - ODG

Creative Storage Conference Keynote Speaker Roy Taylor Delves Into VR

Also unfolding is “an arms race” to higher resolution headsets, continued Taylor who manages AMD relations with Microsoft, Google, major games publishers and developers. In VR he heads up partnerships with film, broadcast, gaming, academia and industry as well with Oculus, HTC/Valve and others. Taylor related that Valve reportedly has one-third of its employees working in VR. 
AMD plans to enter into more such cooperative VR relationships, with those partnerships slated to be announced during the course of next month’s SIGGRAPH confab in Anaheim, Calif.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

yes they do...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Here's a niche to exploit, those who enjoy "nearly puking"

Starting to worry about Dave,where was it before it went "through your eyes"?

Not really a secret, so many have so much time, enthusiasms, money and prospects riding on VR nobody wants to say it out loud.

Phil Spencer Talks About Project Scorpio & Xbox One S

Xbox - Project Scorpio (Designed for High-End VR)

E3 was secretly terrible for the future of virtual reality..Platform wars, simulator sickness and exclusivity deals threaten to tear VR apart.

Bad news for the First Generation, I guess Mike Papermaster could have warned them, write the Press Release then build it. Could Facebook/Sony write a Press Release saying, "Nausea mitigated or eliminated", answer "No."

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Microsoft HoloLens: Skype

Reverend Kyle: Hololens Developer

Microsoft is buying the social network that helped me find a job. Microsoft is also building HoloLens, an amazing mixed reality device that I am currently developing for. It seems reasonable that Microsoft could be leveraging LinkedIn’s massive interconnected web of professionals to develop a social infrastructure for their HoloLens platform.
Imagine a business meeting, where remote LinkedIn connections are holographically projected onto seats around your boardroom table. Recruitment, interviews, and even trainings could be coordinated and attended through a Hololens/LinkedIn experience. Your “Virtual Rolodex” of LinkedIn connections would be just an air click away using Microsoft’s HoloSkype software.
Andrew Sculley eMagin CEO:
So the headset or HMD must be small for comfort like a pair of glasses. Hence it really had to have a microdisplay. The possible used example I want you to imagine you're sitting in a meeting room with some of your colleagues and chairs around the table and a number of empty spaces, all of which you can see through the pair of glasses you're wearing, which is the headset.
Imagine that some of your colleagues aren't in the room, but they have a video camera taking their video and sending it to your headset, so the people not in the room actually appear to you as if they’re in chairs around the table. Now in a still image, you call this is a photoshopped image, but this is a video of what the person is doing at that moment. And when you add sound, you have some virtual attendees at your meeting. So what do you need for something like this?

Friday, June 17, 2016

AMD is really, really going at VR full bore..AMD: 'We can change' the VR world (Lisa Su Vid)

IronVision (Distributed Aperture for Armor, wow, Skylens for Tanks)

It's finally getting scary fun

DAC 2016 | Keynote: The Challenge to Develop Truly Great Products : Gets Interesting at About 22 Minutes, Positions development of AMD's VR in opposition to Luckey/Oculus/Vision With No Plan

Augmented reality company Magic Leap building new Seattle office

ILMxLAB and Magic Leap “Lost Droids” Mixed Reality Test

Crunch Report | Magic Leap Brings Star Wars to Life

Reverend Kyle, Hololens Developer employs the same exact "use case" Andrew Sculley eMagin CEO employed in describing a certain un-named mixed reality device on a recent conference call..Could LinkedIn be the Key to Microsoft’s HoloLens Success?

eerily it's not, makes perfect sense.

Imagine a business meeting, where remote LinkedIn connections are holographically projected onto seats around your boardroom table. Recruitment, interviews, and even trainings could be coordinated and attended through a Hololens/LinkedIn experience. Your “Virtual Rolodex” of LinkedIn connections would be just an air click away using Microsoft’s HoloSkype software.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

This is a huge milestone, even you have to admit it!

"Do I have to?"

eMagin's "eMagin's Microdisplay Based Immersive Headset" June 14. 2016

Patent Number: 936,871 B2

Date of Patent: June 14, 2016

Makes sense, the Alienware Backpack will be used in large Arcade spaces where the participants will learn small tactics and movement to defeat the zombies just as the Military (DSTS) uses it for mission rehearsal and squad tactics

no retail til later.

This one works..Javelin Missile Scores 100 Percent in UK Vehicle Tests


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Not? Ralph Osterhout (CEO, ODG) What's on the Horizon DAQRI Smart Helmet Demonstration


AR vs. VR Debate: Is the future Augmented or Virtual? Ralph wins a split decision on the basis of his thoughts on mixed reality, health care, language and humor

Home News Virtual & Augmented Reality Microsoft confirms it's not working on its own VR headset... just yet

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

eMagin that it t'were so simple

Dan Cui's Interview with Volanti last June is sorta fun to revisit "Howdy, one of our partners"

Harris is overlooked but Exelis absorbed by them were first with in the arena with iAware and a fused NV/Thermal (eMagin OLED then as now)

Tracking Point Using eMagin OLED SVGA in "Torrid" Thermal Attachment

Polaris RX 480 GPU reveal and VR Alienware Backpack E3 2016 (Dismounted Soldier Training System for Civilians, From Quantun3D, Virtsim, DSTS all the biggies have used the Ruggedized eMagin HMD)

Dismounted Soldier Training System (eMagin HMD)

VR World Congress 2016: Roy Taylor (AMD) The Race to Realism (eMagin iHMD at 2 Minutes 35 seconds)

I do believe that when CEO Sculley mentioned WUXGA to "Asia" he was referring to Israel. Had he said Middle East he would have given it away. ME is a region, Asia is the Continent. So Elbit Skylens I impute is the destination.

Just Because the FELIN Program is Ended and the Legionnaires Have Their Soldier Mod Suites Does Not Mean Their Relationship with eMagin is Ended. Hand-held Night Vision JIM No Doubt Incorporates an eMagin Display.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Mere Coincidence

Ubi Dooby

This one has Kopin and eMagin Display, Plus It's Sleek Design Makes it a Must Have for the Discerning Marksman

Sierra Pacific has used eMagin OLED in the past, also Kopin for lower resolution demands in the same family of thermal sights for example. but...

Eagle Eye X says OLED available in displays from WUXGA, QWXGA and QXGA. "Q" in these mean "4 times" as the QWXGA would be SXGA for ID purposes, the array, diopter control and inter-pupillary adjustment look a lot like you know what but...

What is it?

[INTERVIEW] AMD’s Daryl Sartain: Virtual Reality Just Getting Started

Thank You Opt

I echo Don's comments.

It's good to know in reference to the NDAs that the relationships, which are self-evidently true i.e. AMD, DRS, BAE, ARE true.

I asked about secrecy.  When one can see on the internet Rod Taylor giving a presentation showing the eMagin headset on a slide with the AMD logo on it why can’t eMagin admit they’re working with AMD on it?  When Andrew has said at the last CC that eMagin “has been awarded contracts for both ….. ENVG III and …..FWS-I” and both the BAE and DRS websites say in some detail that they’re doing these programs, why can’t eMagin say it’s working with BAE and DRS on them.  The answer was simply that with respect to the NDAs it doesn’t matter how obvious things are --- if the companies don’t give the OK eMagin can’t say anything.

Augmenting the Field-of-View of Head-Mounted Displays with Sparse Periph...

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Light Field Technology: the Future of VR and 3D Displays

OTOY demonstrates first ever light field capture for VR

John Carmack on OTOY at GDC 2015

Speaking of Heavyweights...


Osterhout in War and Peace, not Tolstoy's Count Bezkhkov, right here

If you care too put Osterhout Group in the search box to get the patents assigned to Microsoft

Best virtual reallity glass I have expierenced - ODG R7 Glasses - Google...

A Little more interesting today...Ralph Osterhout (CEO, ODG) What's on the Horizon


Is ODG's Project Horizon eMagin's first OLED microdisplay AR / VR customer?

Rikard Steiber (SVP, HTC Vive) Virtual Reality – Perspectives on the Roa...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Somebody is nervous

Cusp : a point that marks the beginning of a change: on the cusp of a new era.

“eMagin’s ultra-high brightness OLED-ULT technology is at the cusp of enabling the next generation of AR/VR applications which demand ultra-high brightness, full color imagery with extremely high contrast, compact size and very low power,” said Andrew G. Sculley, President and CEO of eMagin Corporation

Curtis Hickman THE VOID: Creating The Illusion of Reality

Alberto Torres (CEO, Atheer) Smart Glasses - Opportunities for the Enter...

The Augmented Reality Market Opportunity - Panel at AWE 2016 Interview with Dan Eisenhardt, General Manager: Head-Worn Devices...

Where's the Clownfish?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

“This demonstration generated tremendous interest from hundreds of attendees including a number representing Tier 1 display companies."

Tier 1 Display Companies

1) Licensing
2) Acquisition
3) Just curious
4) Happened to be in neighborhood

eMagin Announces First Public Demonstration of Ultra-High Brightness Direct Patterned (“DPD”) Full Color OLED Microdisplay

The man behind HBO's virtual reality bet says these new glasses could replace going to a movie theate

ODG has previously made military night-vision goggles, and enterprise-focused glasses that overlay digital objects onto the real world. But now the company is partnering with OTOY, and will break into the consumer AR/VR market with a model of glasses codenamed “Project Horizon.”
The glasses work by using a pair of micro OLED displays to reflect images into your eyes at 120 frames-per-second. And the quality blew Urbach away, he tells Business Insider.
“When I saw this resolution, it was one of these life-changing things where I said, ‘Wow this is the first time I’m seeing a screen beamed into my eyes where I cannot tell where the pixels begin and end' … I have better than 20/20 vision, and for me to see that is remarkable. I put it on my mom’s head and even she was like, ‘It’s like magic.’ You just cannot tell it is digitally played on a bunch of pixels.”

AWE 2016 – Day 1 - Augmented Reality Everywhere - DAQRI, Chief Product O...

AWE 2016: Day 1 - Opening Keynote

AWE 2016 - Day 1 - How Vuforia is Changing the Future of Work - Jay Wright

AWE 2016 - Day 1 - What's on the Horizon - Ralph Osterhout, CEO, Osterho...

What's George up to?...Low Persistence OLED Displays, AR/VR?...ODG and OTOY Join Forces to Create an Uncompromising Platform That Entertains and Augments Your World Through Light Field Rendering

and no SDE!

As a VR platform, the system will stack up against the highest-end headsets. It has higher pixel density than any VR system currently on the market, absolutely no screen-door effect, with head-tracker latency of 1 millisecond (ms). It also has low-persistence OLED displays with up to 120 fps and high contrast.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Rajay Kumar at the Daqri Booth

He must be there looking for his Superpowers, Mr. Cui not on the agenda, eMagin is not exhibiting, more clandestine stuff, maybe

18 ways the Army wants to make you deadlier (eMagin Inside, 10,11,12,13,14)

Amal Ghosh, President, Society for Information Display (SID), Senior Vice President, eMagin Corporation

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, 22,000 square feet was dedicated to gaming and VR—an increase of 68 percent compared to 2015. In addition, the show featured, for the first time, 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to augmented reality (AR) offerings. While VR is immersive, shutting out one’s surroundings, AR provides a virtual overlay to what the viewer is seeing in the real world.
Some pundits view VR as the hare in this space, casting AR as the tortoise that will ultimately win the race. They point to a wave of emerging AR startups that tout enterprise applications, broadening the opportunities for business growth. To become more widely adopted, AR displays must be small, comfortable, and easy to use, while offering superior graphics and an authentic visual experience.
It is important to note that VR typically requires fully occluded headsets with high-image quality, while AR headsets are see-through, meant primarily for data, and require displays with different performances. Displays for VR applications are typically larger, with very high resolution, color gamut, contrast, and low to moderate brightness. On the other hand, displays for AR applications are smaller and require very high brightness, but their color gamut and contrast requirements are moderate. In this sense, one can conclude that the holy grail of microdisplays is one that will satisfy both the VR and AR requirements. 
To this end, the display is focusing on some key areas. One is continuing to enable a reduced form factor in the optical combiner technology (which is what enables the virtual image overlay), while maintaining an image’s high quality. Another aspect is image brightness—important in AR since the image is seen on top of the real world using see-through optics. Image quality is dictated by the amount of ambient light in the wearer’s environment so contrast is important. The display must also enable the wearer to experience excellent image tracking with very low latency as he or she moves about. Microdisplay makers are working closely with customers and partners throughout the industry ecosystem to achieve these goals.

AMD Live at Computex 2016 (Livecast)


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