Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ok Noisy Bird, Do Your Stuff

Why, every eMagin Investor should have one as they do most of their work in the dark!

As a paranormal investigator who does most of his work in the dark, Mr. Gonsalves said, "Partnering with eMagin to promote BlazeSpark and BlazeTorch was a no-brainer. This exciting new technology is going to revolutionize the way we work, play and see."

eMagin Corporation to Showcase BlazeSpark and BlazeTorch at the Great American Outdoor Show New Consumer Products Offer Most Advanced NIR Night Vision Technology


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Noisy Bird?, Better Than Payin' Twitter $200k a Promoted Tweet, Goody, They Gotta Plan

"at some point you gotta call in the experts"

All the Oculus guys have been deposed now...

X-Games this week, place to advertise next year, social networking key to their brands, instagram, snapchat and the horror that is Twitter, free worthless advice

Vendors are all around; trading photo ops for hashtags. Harley Davidson’s tent, for instance, has multiple motorcycles for guests to mount and take photos. For those that share photos on Instagram, the hashtag is #rideeveryday. Jeep offers the opportunity to take photos with puppies in front of their snow sculpture; there was a constant line. 


Saturday, January 28, 2017

MTBS-TV: Interview With Emagin at CES 2017: "Like GoPro and those guys"

The Go Pro Speculation is pretty compelling, Dan Cui Contending they had Leapfrogged them and Others With the New Products

It would fit right into the line. No need for a stabilization system as the users head supplies that, with the ability to see and and record in the dark. And for them opening a whole new market. Good Karma. If you like this kind of speculation please use a mental 👍 and if you don't imagine a mental 👎. No 💗s allowed.


Friday, January 27, 2017

Nice, No Adjustment Needed (Interpupillary)

Interesting he never replied, the dog that didn't bark in the night...no doubt, too busy determining that the Blaze Torch does not use eMagin Displays, it is eMagin displays as first shown at the Farnborough Air Show

Thanks for the reply , however it’s likely that what is demonstrated is only a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors .
Elbit is currently working with the FAA on new rules for Commercial Aviation HMD ‘s . Once completed , their SkyLens will be the first certified . Although it’s only monochrome green only fighter pilots would have a more demanding need for brightness .
Here is the consumer version currently in pilot testing .
Seaking of military avionics , here is a test flight with OLED micro displays , likely eMagin – working their way up the food chain . Again probably monochrome green .
Furthermore, eMagin is under a 30 month contract to develop 10,000 nit full color . I suspect 4,500 nit is just a benchmark .

Call For Fire! Marines Go Virtual! (This is what advanced AR looks like, eMagin Inside)

If Scott Sight is as lucrative for Kopin as Total Fire Warrior Group was for eMagin all these years than it's impact will be negligible, one per Station max in cities that can afford the $10k-$15k (Kopin OLED Inside)

That’s not to say there isn’t a market for VR. There definitely is, but by my back-of-the-envelope calculations, we will need about 8K pixel resolution per eye to make it really work. (Some VR manufacturers and users are advocating for 11K per eye, refreshed as fast as 120 Hz to eliminate flicker.) With AR, on the other hand, things are much farther along, as Kopin demonstrated with its 2K x 2K near-to-eye OLED microdisplay fitted to a firefighter’s oxygen mask for search and rescue.

Travers Interview with Scoble


Gonsalves Pitch for GAOS (Maybe after wading thru miles of Fishing Lures, Rifles and Coolers Folks Will Want to Visit a Ghost Hunter, "Steve what's the bag limit for Ghosts? Taste Like Chicken? You Suck Em into a Vacuum Cleaner? Illegal in California?)


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why is he so excited? Because the FLIR Q14 and FLIR Zeus have Best of Breed eMagin OLED in their optics BOOM!

EMAN 14:08 eMagin initiated with a Buy at Craig-Hallum Craig-Hallum analyst Mike Malouf started eMagin with a Buy rating and $6 price target, as he believes next-gen Virtual Reality devices could be the catalyst to drive mass adoption of the technology and eMagin has emerged as "best-of-breed" in the OLED field.

Sunshine Soldiers Reporting for Duty!

Burn the WitchBurn the WitchBurn the WitchBurn the Witch!Burn...never mind

Craig-Hallum Initiates Buy Rating eMagin PT $6

If you guys manning the booth at GAOS see this guy walk by, a featured speaker at the event, tackle him and make him put on the Torch, best known hunter in the world

The Yahoo Board is mad, all I was asking De Vuyst if you thought that that Linkedin connection implied or confirmed a business relationship

"Burn the Witch!"

Good one


What are you saying De Vuyst? They hired them as consultants? Would Make sense as They Seem to Have the Same Interests and Destinations, Photonics and SPIE


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flir - SHOT Show Product Spotlight | 2017 SHOT Show

When DC Talks about "Pull" rather than "Push" in the CES Interview it sounds a lot like this i.e. "consumers buy for personal reasons."

Ghost Hunters, do they skin em and eat em when they catch em? They're already dead right? Limited crossover appeal

Neil Schneider has some history with eMagin he did the first interview with John Ho in Toronto but where did he acquire the notion that "eMagin is tops in AR" (And DC quickly steered the conversation back to the topic at hand)

Breaking the Code

Uh oh, Good News is that Palmer is alive and really likes his witness protection safe house in Bakersfield...


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


DC Tweetstorm

Not quite getting the use case with Spark for Blue Force Tracking, i.e. it's the network not the NV capability but interesting and where the heck did Neil Schneider get off referring to eMagin as "Tops in AR!" (OK, if you say so, we respect your opinion)

MTBS-TV: Interview With Emagin at CES 2017

Dan, how about a daily drawing for a Spark at the GAOS? Flyer, announcement, PA, get many of those 400,000 eyeballs on the devices, get the follow up, a lot of exposure for about a Grand, knowing that they'll come for the Spark but want the Torch

Eric Metzler

Well folks, I used the Blaze Spark for the first time Saturday evening on a paranormal investigation. This devise worked better than any other IR video camera I have or have used. It is easy to hold, set on a table or flat surface, best of all, mounting on a tripod. The battery life was very good for me. I recorded for 2 hours and still had half life remaining. I will be using this from now on as my goto IR Video camera. Very nice work by Dan Cui and the entire Blaze the Night Team. Outstanding.....

Eric Metzler "Ghosthunter of the Year" (Wat! Did he find one?) Anyway, has some nice things to say about Spark on the Facebook Page


KOPIN CORP : Notice of Delisting or Failure to Satisfy a Continued Listing Rule or Standard; Transfer of Listing (form 8-K)


Robert Scoble on CNBC 1/13/17 discussing Apple's plans for Mixed Reality

New From FLIR: Q14 Thermal Monocular (eMagin SVGA)


Monday, January 16, 2017

He could give out donuts at the booth!

How about an R. Lee Emery Endorsement?


Git er done...

#GAOS2017 The Great American Outdoor Show starts on Feb. 4th. This is the largest outdoor show in the US, over 200,000 people attend. We'll be there with a lot of product that attendees can purchase on the spot. But, we'll also run another #CONTEST. Follow these instructions:
1) Create a video, picture or awesome text message
2) Comment under this GAOS CONTEST message or any secondary post labeled GAOS CONTEST, do not post as visitor.
...See More

Should be about time for the Great American Outdoor Show Contest in Harrisburg PA Sponsored by The National Rifle Association to Win Your Very Own BlazeTorchSpark...(Throw the NRA in there to rile up the Snowflakes)

Get er done

Over analysis? Maybe, you're in Arizona, take a screen grab of the Xi'an Warriors out to the desert and find some locals on dirt bikes or ATVs and show them, do you think any would know what they are?

"Bro, who are the guys with weird man-buns and dresses?"
maybe one out of ten would recognize them as Xi'an Terra Cotta Warriors.
100% of Chinese would. Obvious,this advert was made with the China Market in mind. And as of Friday Spark/Torch was not exportable. Remember the quote from Dr. Wittels upset as to Trumps policy on American companies building factories overseas? What if the plan is to build these devices in Xi'an China and not have to worry about the State Department ITAR determination? Too much analysis?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I get the ad, Clay Warriors come to life, night vision is your superpower, Xi'an the Silicon Valley of China where the Warriors were discovered, common knowledge in China

but China has their own networks. The only places the ad could be viewed is in Taiwan and Hong Kong. For example, those are the only places where Chinese is spoken that has pageviews at this site. Is blazethenight.com accessible to the Mainland?  Unless eMagin made an arrangement to build a portal for Spark and Torch there and have the ability to advertise who is the target demo?. That whole business at AWE continues to flummox.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ah, I remember now! Where that didn't happen happened, a long time ago in a country far away

and the new guy;


Really interesting imagery here, why choose Xi'an Terracotta warriors and a vaguely Eurasian man holding the smartphone as the stars of the new advert? Who would that appeal too? Thanks Jimmy for the flip-up...

Trading in my horse for a bicycle
Xi'an, Xi'an, where have I seen that before?


Friday, January 13, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hang around for his last few questions and hilarity ensues, the Military loves OLED but only works on paper and Thermal Weapons Sights and Missile Launch Systems, Training and Simulation and Rangefinders and and Ar HMDs and Army Telemedicine and ENVG III and RTA and F-16...

and that High Brightness Stuff and Direct Patterning doesn't work but, but, but, but OLEDS!

Sneider comes clean "Golden-I sucked and everybody but Derrick knew it."

Kopin is projecting revenue for the F-35 Program Until 2070 and Then They'll Have the Star Fighter Contracts

Apparently Kopin has Received Two of These. Why No PR's?

Sneider is quite the spin doctor "OLEDs are pretty much shit but we're making them anyway."

Yes, it has an OLED Display, SVGA, I Reckon, Thanks Mr. Scoble and Frank


It's better to go and not Needham than Needham and not go or something, no Q3 report yet, highlights, Kickstarter funded in a day, a piece of FWS-I and we sold something in Korea and patents pending

Kopin is really good at naming things, Pupil, Pearl, Lightning, Vista.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

That is interesting Sweet, intellectual property.

Our New York litigation team focuses primarily on intellectual property, white collar defense, products liability and mass torts, securities, labor and employment and general commercial disputes.

A Share Leader, how do you figure? Just know, I know. Patents Pending share leader. Yeah.

Have a listen see what they have up their sleeves, OLED Displays Night Vision maybe, change name to kOpin?


Case in Point..Himax: Craig Hallum Cuts to Hold as Microsoft HoloLens Fails to Deliver


Why the move into Night Vision/AR is a brilliant strategy, large untapped market, multivalent, but can Vlad, Ivan, Sven buy one?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"We'll Have a Boatload of Product There!"

PPD Wants To Know

Frank's Zeiss/Schott Thread


Drama, if they have the inclination would Frank and Lurker share their thoughts? Thinking of Franks November 2014 thread at OLED-Info on Schott and Zeiss

Torch Customers, Great Rollout

Get er done
uh, no

A Very Producty #CES2017 and It was Demoed on an iPhone, new wrinkle there, no word yet on if these two are exportable.

eMagin showed off an attachment for night vision capture on an iPhone that uses the phone’s camera to aim and then captures night vision enhanced image with its own sensor. eMagin makes the sensor for Flir and is already a leader in spectrum capture.


I LIke the Company They're in Here


Hot Dog, there you go

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thanks Frank, Did Not Realize How Crucial This Piece of the Puzzle is to the Process

until now.

And I believe Wentao Ju, SCHOTT China is eMagin's Partner in Hong Kong

• Strategic marketing, product management and new business development for the Strategic Business Field - Thin Glass and Wafer of the business unit Advanced Optics.
• Focused business segments are camera imaging and specialty display globally


Speaking of Bonded Fiber Optics and Lens Design SCHOTT w/ eMagin OLED, Back to Doc OK and FBL (On the SCHOTT Show Early)


Hmm...A. Gomez is in the Silent Movie with Dan C., Mr. Kokinakis' Fellow Founding Partner at Dune

is he with eMagin "on assignment" or a recent hire? anyway, he knows the consumer and KK.

And Fred...


Oliver Kreylos and FBL, nice tandem


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nice, Tom's Hardware at Flightlinez

Any lip-readers out there? Haunted Broadcast...

Just Stay Where You Are at the Sands, Show the Flag, This is the Market You Are Looking For


Kopin Whisper Voice Extraction...(What was that?! Some subliminal stuff, I heard The Pledge of Allegiance and Dr. Fan is the Walrus)

Kopin 2K 1" OLED VR Slow Motion (Dang I watch The Dark Knight Rises on an eMagin HMD 3 Years Ago, looked better than Anand's Patent Pending WOW Experience with this Test Pattern)

Wearable Display with Augmented Reality Using DLP® Technology (1 1/2 Hour Battery Life)

Just had a spooky thought, what if eMagin displays were in all three...Kris Kolo remember was/wasnot at the JV/noJV in Xi'an a long time ago in a country far away besides it never really happened

#lazetorch gets my vote

Friday, January 6, 2017

The usual shit, somebody mentions eMagin so #lazetorch (there you go Jonas, this is the stuff that should drive you nuts!)

I remember freaking out like this once, if you watch these goofy embryonic micro-caps long enough you will have, well...episodes, sorry Jonas I know I shouldn't re-publish fake news.

And Neil Scheider from MTBS Doing an Interview with DC

New Guy: VP of Business Development


Are you guys going stream Bootleg Canyon to Facebook?

Preppers! They know what's coming (even in the dark!)

How about an Interview with someone other than Chris Kinnock? Display Daily is put you to sleep reporting. Somebody surely wants an interview with Steve G, spooks and Torch

Looks like they are writing orders at CES, next allotment February 1


Thursday, January 5, 2017



You do not have to stand, officially retired as eManistan's National Anthem

Addition by subtraction, the Field is wide open for the Home Team, rickety-rak


There is history here with DC and GH, maybe this is something they will market to their particular niche, you find interesting stuff nano

Like it, has a Dark Knight Vibe...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Maybe Shaq Knows...

Hey Dan, how are you going to demo Spark/Torch? Have a Dark Room like Intevac Has at SPIE Defense? More than films?

See what you started Ron, you'd think you just started speaking English...

Concern Troll (Franken)

  • We didn't roll our ball fast enough.

That old saying

2 Tier One birds in the hand is better than 11 patents pending

And Kopin Fires Back! Patent Pending!


Ron, Ron, Ron... Grammar, Syntax, English... Does "are shipping" have the same meaning as "starting to ship"? No, it does not. Why do you feel the need to change what the source actually said? Fake News ...Sad

“I am pleased to report we achieved what we set out to do at the beginning of 2016,” commented Andrew Sculley, President and CEO of eMagin. “We are shipping the 2K x 2K display as part of an agreement with a Tier One company that we entered into last year. We previously stated that we expected to sign at least one additional agreement with a Tier One partner in 2016. I am happy to announce that we met this goal and anticipate signing additional agreements in 2017. Our pipeline of interested parties continues to grow, including OEM partners and mass production partners, both of whom are important for commercializing and scaling production of our cutting-edge technology. We have developed and will be demonstrating full color OLED at brightness levels above 4,000 nits that can be mass produced to achieve truly immersive virtual reality.”

TheTechnology Gap Widens

eMagin to Demonstrate Their Highest Brightness OLED Displays at CES


log into your facebook to watch interview with scoble and shams


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