Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brian Gorbett of Microsoft Hololens at VR Tuesday #7 - March 21, 2017

All in all he made out pretty well, only had to pay Zenimax $50 Million, he'll never work in this Valley again and maybe he can get Andreessen to sell somebody a Time Travel Machine or the Body of a Alien "found" in Area 51

Mort's Line of Credit

How about getting the iHMD on this show Dan?

If what we suspect is true, we're going to need a bigger boat...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Guide to Trijicon Thermals at SHOT Show: This is why eMagin CEO Sculley Gave Trijicon a Shout Out. eMagin Displays in the Entire IR Line, Hunter, Reap, Snipe and Patrol

Uerkwitz Oppenheimer eMagin $EMAN @ Inflection Point Finally

“eMagin reported 4Q16 earnings on 3/28. While continued winding down of old military contracts drove the weak 4Q, we think eMagin has finally reached an inflection point. With an expected ramp of new military programs, Blaze products making their way to consumers, and revenue-producing development contracts with (now) three major consumer electronics companies, we expect 2017 growth, and the most diversified revenue stream in the past ten years. This sets up 2018 and beyond rather nicely. We maintain a Perform rating for now, however, as we have time to watch the development of a manufacturing strategy, and real consumer shipments of headsets are likely over a year away.”

eMagin must have a special pal in Trijicon, Almost Fell Over When Sculley Said "Trijicon"

Very rarely do they cite specific companies by name in public. Apparently he made an exception for the world's largest manufacturer of advanced scopes.

Who? Olightek?

In addition, in early 2017, Kopin Corporation announced a 2k x 2k microdisplay which includes OLED’s sourced from an existing manufacturer.

I believe Sagem is the 3.5 Euro Defense OEM

Our displays have been commercialized or prototyped for situational awareness and night vision/thermal imaging applications by military systems integrators including Elbit, L-3 Communications, Intevac Vision Systems, Nivisys, BAE Systems Technology, DRS, Harris (formerly Excelis/ITT), Intevac Vision Systems, Qioptiq, Rockwell Collins, SA Photonics, Saab, Sagem DS, and Thales, among others.


Dear Mr. Surreal ski

eMagin is looking for Apple approval in April according to Dan Cui at GAOS. He said "Apple it's difficult to get them to do anything quickly."I believe we will find out more about it's AR capabilities once the network is fully operational. I agree with Sculley, they need time and money to sell the concept and market the device. From what I could tell they are not devoting much in the way of resources to that right now. They do pay Gonsalves pretty well. Hope to see the device used on his TV show and elsewhere.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why is Uerkwitz, Oppenheimer Apple Analyst, Always on This Goofy Little Company's CCs, Shoo Andrew, Go Bother Somebody Else, Shoo

Lion's share


This is what you call "burying the lede" and no grammar scolds it's not spelled "lead"

We now have in place multiple agreements with commercial partners for next generation prototype products for consumer HMD’s
Business and Product Highlights
The Company continued to expand its presence in commercial, industrial and foreign military markets while winning new U.S. military programs. Additionally, the Company made improvements in technology and product design. Some of the highlights include:
  • Signed a multi-year agreement with a major European defense company that is expected to exceed $3.5 millionin display sales through 2018.
  • Continued to deliver displays for a major United States Marine Corps contract in support of a laser range finder program.
  • Worked with U.S. Army and a defense aviation prime contractor for a major aircraft helmet modernization program.
  • Delivered HD-plus resolution WUXGA display to a major medical company for use in prototyping in their next generation surgical equipment.
  • Produced samples of 2K x 2K full color RGB microdisplay project to a leading consumer product company for evaluation in December 2016. Products are expected to be available for customers during the second quarter of 2017.
  • Announced the introduction of consumer night vision products that are now in production and providing demo units to prospective customers.
  • Completed prototyping of a new .48-inch diagonal full color XGA format microdisplay targeted at industrial and commercial markets. Initial displays are scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2017.

--Signs Additional Strategic Partnership Agreement with a Major Consumer Electronics Company--

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 28, 2017-- eMagin Corporationor the “Company” (NYSE MKT:EMAN), a leader in the development, design and manufacture of Active Matrix OLED microdisplays for high resolution imaging products, today announced financial results and corporate highlights for the fourth quarter endedDecember 31, 2016.
“I am pleased to announce that we recently signed an additional, multi-million dollar agreement with another major Tier 1 consumer electronics company. We now have in place multiple agreements with commercial partners for next generation prototype products for consumer HMD’s and expect a considerable boost to 2017 revenue from our commercial efforts, including approximately $1.5 million that we expect to recognize in the first quarter of 2017. As we continue to enhance our technological advantage through direct patterning, I believe that we are gaining the recognition we deserve for having the most comprehensive suite of high performance OLED microdisplays in the market today,” commented Andrew Sculley, President and Chief Executive Officer.
“Improvements to our direct patterning equipment and processes have led to higher throughput for our development efforts and, more importantly, brightness levels that surpass threshold requirements for both commercial and military customers. We have begun shipping limited quantities of these enhanced direct patterning displays to key strategic partners, potential partners and defense prime contractors, and are in active discussions with several parties for high volume production to support commercial demand.
“As expected, our fourth quarter revenue was impacted by lower sales volumes from the previously announced wind down of certain domestic military programs. However, we continue to develop market leading products for both military and commercial applications and were selected to participate in both the U.S. Army’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III (ENVG III) and the Family of Weapon Sight-Individual (FWS-I) programs. We have a solid base of business within the military and expect it will provide us with a growing, recurring revenue stream over the next several years.”

Monday, March 27, 2017

Better than Clowns, Magicians, Cheap Local Cover Band and Elvis Impersonators. Well not Elvis Impersonators, Fat Elvis for example.

Finally, Zacks bestows the coveted "Quotation Marks" rating for $EMAN

Rich Ryan (Six15 Technologies) The Right Tool for the Right Job (Green Glow Free) six15 is another stealth that should not be ignored, squint and see what display they use and what Darwin no doubt employs.

Excellent, FBL, you're a quick study, have KG back on his heels, the "Green Glow" or as he admits "Haze." Simplest Observations are frequently the most difficult to grasp.

Bedford's Safran Optics 1 set for growth...Safran Acquired Vectronix eMagin OEM First of This Year, Safran continues to use OLED Displays in Thermal Sights and Targeting Systems

Maybe we shall find out what Z-Score is tomorrow, Bar Graph Not Doing It For Me

Friday, March 24, 2017

eMagin's entry into Stealth breakthrough display technology

or the SBDT it is, without a doubt:


I Think He Likes It

Nice, the embezzler's family is giving Kopin their Jade Collection and some Dynasty Vases

13. EMBEZZLEMENT During the third quarter of 2016 , the Company discovered embezzlement activities at its Korean subsidiary. Based upon the results of forensic investigation procedures, we identified that the embezzlement activities occurred from fiscal year 2011 through fiscal year 2016 . The embezzlement resulted in a total theft loss of $1,589,000 over that period and will result in the immaterial restatement of previously issued annual financial statements and unaudited quarterly financial information in the Company’s 2016 annual report on Form 10-K. In the three and nine month periods ended September 26, 2016 , the Company has recorded in Other (expense) income, embezzlement expense of approximately $200,000 and $420,000 , respectively, representing the total amount of theft loss that occurred in the first nine months of fiscal 2016 . Of that amount, $114,000 had previously been expensed, although misclassified ( $47,000 as Cost of component revenues and $67,000 as Foreign currency transaction losses), and $86,000 had been incurred but not yet recorded in the first two quarters of 2016 . Accordingly, the embezzlement expense recorded in the accompanying financial statements includes the effects of correcting those misstatements. The Company will restate the above referenced first and second quarter 2016 amounts when they are next presented as comparative balances in its first and second quarter reports on Form 10-Q for fiscal 2017 . The family of the embezzler has contributed certain assets as reparations. In addition, the Company has insurance to cover employee fraud. Whether the Company can collect the insurance and keep the assets is pending civil and criminal investigations against the embezzler. The value of the assets recovered, if any, will be recorded during the period in which settlement is determined to be probable. 14. SUBSEQUENT EVENTS

that's a lot

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Mr. Lurker, has there been any interesting Linkedin activity lately? Thanks


The Future of Mobile VR
4:10pm - 4:30pm May 31
Mobile VR has the potential to change dramatically the ways that we experience learning, play games, explore travel destinations, hone our athletic skills and even to meditate. But for mobile VR to become truly mainstream, we have to employ alternate technologies that make VR both immersive and comfortable for consumers. Unfortunately, that’s not where we are today. VR headsets need to be more streamlined. Newer OLED microdisplay technologies that reduce the footprint of the optical modules will advance the consumer experience as manufacturers roll out lightweight VR displays that look more like fashionable eyewear instead of bulky laboratory goggles. To satisfy consumers, VR headsets need to be much lower latency with faster frame rates and higher resolutions. This will keep stomachs settled and heads clear while still delighting consumers with the immersive quality of their VR experience. The future of mobile VR is closer than you think. Explore it with the company that delivers the most advanced microdisplay technologies for wearable computers and heads up displays.Close

Dan same as in Xi'an, right? Fan you, you, you,


Sorry, imitation is the highest form of flattery Mr. 200 Nits, Patent Pending. DAN VS FAN!

2:30pm - 2:50pm May 31
Discussion will focus on use models for AR that will create market pull (consumer/industrial) for products with AR capability built in.

Kopin Reports Results of "Military Bake-Off" (They sold less 10% week old crullers)

Military Customers





Raytheon-* (less than 10%)


Google-* (less than 10%)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Facebook’s early efforts with Building 8 are an indication that the company wants to be a serious player in augmented reality, which is considered to be the next frontier of technology, according to Loup Ventures partner Gene Munster.

Merging of visual tools will give war fighters the upper hand

The DRS production order is the first issued to the company under an indefinite delivery, indefinite  quantity contract worth up to $367 million awarded by the Army in 2015. Bacarella said he expects to see orders for up to 35,000 goggles and 32,000 weapon sights.

The BAE order is the most recent under a five-year indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract administered by the Army’s Research and Development Command Acquisition Center. A previous award increased BAE Systems’ total thermal weapon sight contract value to more than $1 billion since 2004.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Torch left on Amazon

How Virtual Reality Is Helping Heal Soldiers With PTSD

"eMagin Z800"
Roy Taylor featured Skip Rizzo from USC in his recent talks about PTSD & VR. I believe at some point AMD will donate VR Gaming Systems to Rizzo and hopefully VA Hospital and Treatment Centers as well. I hope you all take a hint and donate the new version when they are available.

Hey DC (Thought you might be Dan Cui for second)

but Everyman Group is a Movie Theatre chain in Britain

Trijicon Now...Check the Specs all 640x480 Digital OLED

It does not say eMagin there but they are. eMagin Mil-Spec

Just a Short Time Ago..The Future of Combat Weapon Sights: Trijicon and Kopin Corp BTW What ever happened to Kopin's PATS?

ATR and Augusta Westland, How About Bell and Airbus Next? (Skylens/eMagin OLED Displays) #4

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome Aboard Immy, Said to House eMagin OLED Displays

$EMAN at Sidoti at the End of the Month?


Scoble AR Panel at SXSW

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Torch arrived a week ago but has been appropriated by someone who refuses to return it.

Snap Review: I have seen too many  ✮✮✮✮✮ reviews on Amazon for newly introduced products by "Reviewers" who have a vested interest in a products success. I am going to wait until I see a review that is bias free. Informed by Bias I would give it ✭✭✭✭.  It is surprisingly light weight, the straps are soft cloth and velcro and back to front and side to side like a Skullcrusher System. A Helmet as you might expect fits nicely over the device. The Revision Goggles are roomy, when tightened by the back strap they seem a bit intrusive, too tight. That said, rapid head movements don't cause the Torch to physically swing from side to side. The flip up and down feels solid and really gives a confident "click" when the position is changed. The displays are bright and clear. White hot as you can see from the videos. The Brightness adjustment is easy use and has a wide variability. The FOV is wide, at first look you might feel disappointed but then go to a Surplus Store and try a PVS-7/14. The Torch's FOV is superior to those NVGs readily available to the consumer.  Denied light, the IR Illuminator works great. Can't remember if the unit at GAOS was a prototype and had an IR Button to push or am I thinking of the Spark? It Zooms in and out with one big step not gradual. The warnings about Depth Perception in the manual should be noted and a useful reminder. Get used to them before trying a Ropes Course. Like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park " Caution Objects in Torch are closer than they appear." On "Zoom Out" everything is way out there.
The unit charges quickly but a Lithium Ion Battery and all the paperwork in the Packages are warnings and a chain of custody for the Batteries themselves. My use case so far was finding a nail in a tire in the pitch black. Not exciting but I had the ability to "see" what was going on.  I'll add to this when that guy returns it to me. Big pluses, ability to see in pitch black, no starlight, really cool, cost compared to other systems, able to record, if there is latency I could not sense it.. When Ori Inbar talks about what's your Superpower? I get it. Downside, Depth Perception could trip you up in certain situations. Artificial light in the night imparts a  large"Bloom". Cannot see into a dark area from a lighted area.
Every Cop in the world needs one of these, better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it. I'll update as things occur.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Google Job Listings Point to New “Mass Production” AR/VR Hardware in the Pipeline

Any of you Kopinites know the identity of the one FWS-C Prime Contractor CFO Sneider indicated Kopin was supplying display to?

Pretty glib questioner on that one. Who's winning the "Bake Sale" on the FWS-I, C &S? You're an analyst aren't you? Snowed and not by Stella.

Pretty sure the Mideast Times is not a reliable Source of Information

Thanks FBL, Reminder, eMagin Rubbing Shoulders with Samsung, Nvidia and AMD and a Little Later Dr. Fan Will Explain How He Knew All Along OLED Was the Future, So Kopin, Exclamation Point After, "A Few Use Cases Would Be (sic) Described!"

10:50 – 12:30  Virtual Building Blocks – Graphics and Displays

John Fan, CEO, KopinAs the platform technology transitions from PC and smartphones to AR, VR and wearables, the era of microdisplays is here. We will review the various microdisplay technologies and their pros and cons for different
applications. Another key feature is clear the display/optics ensemble
would be the key enabler for these new platforms since users really
experience only the magnified image via the optics. The displays and
optics must be designed together to work best for a given application. A
few case studies would be described!

Friday, March 10, 2017

BlazeTorch Would Have Come in Handy Here (Warning: Graphic LEO Shooting, Situation Escalates as the Office Cannot See Threat's Hand or Gun or What He is Holding, Lack of Situational Awareness, Adrenaline Rising, Fight or Flight and the Officer Can't Run, Blink, Has to Fire)

B-52s to the Middle East and Korea, Yikes

ODG Partners with 20th Century Fox, Qualcomm with ODG, AMD with 20th Century and ODG on the Battlefield? New to me, Play Pokemon GO with ODG, The Guy with Aspergers asks some great questions. "You using Kopin?" "No OLED"

$1700 ODG R9, $1000 ODG R8 Augmented VR Headsets (Not German, Osterhout is Dutch Believe)

GDC 2017: Qualcomm's Hand Tracking Standalone Headset

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Oh, OK, Somebody Has Already Thought of It...‘Pok√©mon GO’ AR Glasses: Niantic CEO Confirms Providing Support For ‘Relevant Devices’

Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

After Night Vision Maybe The HMD Group is Working on X-Ray Vision But I Would Suggest Some Glasses That Are Compatible With This Game Called Pokemon Go, Some Designed For This Purpose ala Snapchat

Safran’s new JIM Compact multifunction infrared binoculars make debut at IDEX (eMagin VGA, part of the Felin Upgrade, called Scorpion)

9,000 GEN I JIMs in the field, no #s on GEN II

ODG Augmented Reality X OTOY at GDC

Qualcomm And ODG: A VR Dark Horse And Its Rider (And ODG),33701.html

Are augmented and virtual reality about to become the next big computing application, creating new and disrupting existing markets?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Flip Up

This IS interesting in light of what Scoble has been telling anyone who will listen..MWC 2016: Prototype of a smart glasses from Zeiss (OLED SVGA)

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