Thursday, June 29, 2017

3D display solves eye fatigue for AR and VR comfort

Although the approach would work with any modern display technology, the researchers used an organic light emitting diode (OLEDs) display, one of the newest display technologies to be used on commercial televisions and mobile devices. The extremely high resolution available from the OLED display ensured that each subpanel contained enough pixels to create a clear image.

Point being the F-35 Program is under a lot of scrutiny

and "take your time" on readiness and deliverability and cost is getting old. Process will speed up and feelings will not be spared.

Prediction: eMagin High Brightness OLED Display Will Surpass Level Six Readiness Late This Summer and CEO Sculley Will Be Able to Pronounce Patuxent (Paw-tux-int) Naval Air Station Correctly

The Navy and the F-35 joint program office plan to conduct an at-sea test for the Joint Strike Fighter carrier variant in September, assessing fixes for the helmet's green-glow problems and catapult ride quality, according to an official. James Ruocco, F-35 chief engineer, told Inside the Navy during a May 26 interview at his office in Arlington, VA, his team performed an assessment two weeks ago at Naval Air Station Patuxent, MD, of the Gen III helmet's green-glow problem. Green-glow...

The 2.2 mile shot at the Suicide bomber requires aiming over 800 feet above target, bullet passing intact through the Trans-sonic Zone thereby suspending the laws of Physics, Unertl Scope, target becomes a mirage at that distance and a hundred more variables to compensate for...

Oh! Canada

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"It's a me Mario!", "I don't care gimme your wallet"


Report Says Apple Glasses Coming in 2020

DAQRI Partners with Flex for Production of Augmented Reality Headsets

Paris Air Show: Striker II from test bed to head

Why Facebook, Google, And Snap Love AR—And What’s Coming Next

Apple bought an eye-tracking company — what’s next?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Things never said by couples assembling ikea items

Not Good, Most Mental Health Related Emergency Room Visits Involve Ikea Allen Wrenches and Thrown "Furniture"

Report: CastAR Suffers Huge Layoffs, Development Shuttered

eMagin Inside: Looking into the future with ATR's Advanced Vision System!

Hands Free, a Carpenters Best Friend, Measure Once, Cut Once

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tish Shute (HuaweiXR): - The Future of Intelligence

Think I missed this one

Night Boating

Going to need a bigger boat...

Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s

Why Ang Lee’s ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ Is an Important Mess (Opinion)

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Vin Diesel ...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

First the F-35C Than....

FBL, I thought your take on Kopin was tough but fair. Doug Hughes presence has signaled this eventuality for a long time.

MW, is The Admiral right? Doesn't matter. Thanks to Kevin Dede and MW

Thanks Jim. Just read the report. Analyst admits target is conservative. "On the cusp of realizing consumer potential...The question in our minds is no longer if, but when "

I think I sold a torch this week, Dan, there is a whole new style of night Surf fishing that requires kayaking out 200 yards and dropping bait with a Hawaiian octopus sinker, kayak back and wait for the kind of fish that is not going to come close enough for a cast. Maybe not so hot for paddling out as Torch is not impermeable but great for observation without having to take huge lanterns when you fish

Shark Week

a guy next to me on the beach was landing something large(insert Jaws music). I was helping him drag the critter through the surf, all that was visible were dorsal and caudal fin. The law where we fished did not allow any shark to be pulled out of the surf. So there he was standing in the surf, in the twilight. He held the line with one hand and an iPhone with the other recording the event. As the shark came closer to the shore a very large mouth opened at his feet. A 71/2 foot sand tiger. I took the line and kept it taut when he prudently fled back up the beach. Had he had two free hands as he recorded the capture he would not have felt his so vulnerable, both eyes were fixed on his cell phone screen as he came a little too close to the snapping jaws. I finished recording the catch and he cut the line to free the shark. I pitched hands free and night vision. Tried it on and was sold. Would have come in handy as another guy caught a hundred pound stingray that lost track of his line as it crossed under other lines.  Modern Fishing Show, Outdoor Channel?

why is rony abovitz/magicleap pal and dc follower giving varjo a hard time about foveated rendering?

sorry emalong thought you were seattle nate decker

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nate Decker like it eh? Torch vs GoPro

A year later, what WAS this Lurker? You scooped it and eMagin denied the next day. And now back they go the same crew. Inbar, Kolo, Emrich and Cui to the scene of the PR crime.

As an aside...Sculley seemed to take relish in saying that "eMagin is the only OLED Display Made in USA" ...

which precludes Kopin from even an attempt at qualifying their Olightek/Kopin Displays for any DOD programs. That said, IMO when we find out where eMagin's manufacturing partner/partners are located it will be in China.  More specifically in the Xi'an High Tech Development Zone. However military grade displays for US/NATO and others not restricted will continue to be made in NY.

The New Line of Clip-On Thermals from Armasight/FLIR ALL Have eMagin SVGA AMOLED (these really go boom)

As eMagin Investors We Know About "Boating in the Dark"

Small, but some more eMagin SXGAs in the wild, these AAVs Trainers pretend to go BOOM, ONR needs fiber optics for USMC Amphibious Vehicle Gunnery Trainer

Thursday, June 15, 2017

AWE Asia July 19-21 (DC made the Top Row of 2016 Speakers, With Kolo and Inbar and for the Intrigue Ginwa is a Sponsor)

Return to Xi'an?
Please give an in depth review for the kopin headset. All these game releases are worthless to us with the current low resolution HMD'S

    Apple undercuts Facebook in the augmented reality platform war

    Apple ARKit + Unity + Overwatch Widowmaker Test Recording

    When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth..LG Electronics, eMagin Team for Flat Panel Display Development

    E3 2017: Xbox One X Will Support VR, Microsoft Assures

    LG's OLED Production is set to begin later this Month which is Likely to Open a Door for Apple's Future Business

    A Typical Warm Reddit Welcome for Kopin's New Headset

    This Week's Episode- "I Thought You Brought the Computer"

    Wednesday, June 14, 2017

    Well, they are...

    Jeff Jacobsen (Kopin): Augmented Reality Without Borders: Fine Presentation in Regard Whisper Chip, Golden-I?

    360 Video of Magic Leap at eMerge Americas 2017 in Miami

    The Kopin Elf, I Wonder if Keebler has a Trademark Infringement Case for Their Legal Dept...

    no content as they did not have a computer no run it on. Displayed under a slide like a lab specimen. Finished the display a week before AWE in Boston. Dr. Fan says "good enough". That's good.. Breaking ground in "a few months". World's largest OLED on Silicon factory finished in "two years". (If you say so). These displays companies always nail these timelines don't they (sarc). That gives plenty of time to hire a spokesperson eh?

    To that end, Kopin and partners have made an initial $150 million investment to create a new facility capable of manufacturing a larger and higher resolution version of their VR microdisplay, the company says. This is many years further out into the future, likely after the completion of the new facility, but the company’s roadmap indicates they are aiming for a 1.3-inch 3,072 x 3,072 display followed by a 1.37-inch 4,096 x 4069 display, in due course.

    Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    John C.C. Fan (CEO, Kopin): The Future of AR and VR at AWE 2017: Out of Stealth Mode into ???. What? How about some subtitles...

    If you say so

    Apple taught us that...

    Several presenters addressed how to encourage or support adoption of the technology by enterprises. In one session, “AR: Crossing the Chasm,” Dan Cui, CMO of eMagin’s head-mounted display division, said that companies need to focus on end-use models, not on technology.
    “People don’t buy technology; Apple taught us that,” he said. “People—and enterprises—buy because it makes their lives better.” What’s needed for adoption to take off, he continued, is standards and partnerships that can build a complete AR ecosystem, not just individual products.

    Tim Leland (Qualcomm): The Mobile Future of Extended Reality (XR)

    Qualcomm, good one Jim

    Jim 1 hour ago

    Tim Leland, vice president of product management at Qualcomm I can’t go into too many details on what we’re doing with Google, but we’re very close partners on different form factors of VR devices. Also, we’re working with some unannounced partners on very influential HMD designs going forward. All of which we believe will ship at the end of the year or early next year, with new products on our side being announced toward the end of the year as well.

    See Ron, even folks who know the industry use Micro oled and oled microdisplay interchangeably

    [–]Zackafrios 2 points  
    Oculus definitely won't be releasing any PC VR based headsets until another couple of years.
    Doesn't rule out mobile though. Let's see. Most likely not Oculus imo, I think they will just iterate on the GearVR as they have been doing.
    We know that emagin had designed a concept VR HMD with their micro-oled displays. I think their tech is the dark horse here for VR in the near future. I've been waiting for a product with their displays for a couple of years now and we've heard about an HMD on the way with their tech and designs. This could be it.
    Let's hope this is Magic Leap, though!

    Skylens will be at the Paris Air Show (eMagin SXGA Green, Mono)

    but it seems stuck on Part 25, Air Transport. Certification is taking loner for the other categories it would seem. Makes sense, people not cargo.

    Sunday, June 11, 2017

    Start Paddling

    Friday, June 9, 2017

    It's getting obvious that the lawyers are not working on a buyout, they are doing what they said they were doing...

    AMD, ODG, Oculus, Google and many of the others are designing eMagin displays into their headsets.,V/R andA/R. The lawyers at Goodwin are working on agreements with manufacturing partners. That was the joke, that was the canary. They intend to supply "All of them".

    Keith Boesky (Osterhout Design Group) - ODG: AR is NOW.

    Investing in AR+VR Content Panel

    If you say so

    $EMAN Historically very bullish chart patterns. I like. Bullish

    eMagin OEM

    "I love the smell of bacon in the morning, smells like ah... bacon". (Who doesn't? Would not have quite the cachet.)

    Ah, missed the Wi-Fi on the boat reference, got it. That IS useful. Even to our electrician.

    Kris "Xi'an" Kolo

    The Spark demo was impressive with the radar overlay but has to transit to Torch for hands-free. Can't hold the wheel with your teeth. I get the strategy but glasses have to be next. FLIR just released a new Thermal Imager, same price as the Spark but the electrician needs three arms to make it fully functional. Hopefully Spark's role is to introduce the concept in order to talk about "What's next".

    What the hell is he talking about? He's cussing and slurring his words, talking about the past, Solos is a lifestyle concept, US Cycling won many battles with it, random Kopin thoughts falling out of his cranium...


    Why not kick it off with a lie and a giggle?...(What a contrast between DC and CC)


    Dan Cui (eMagin): AR Crossing the Chasm

    Thursday, June 8, 2017

    OK J.P


    Qualcomm spells out the hurdles to ‘extended reality’ glasses

    Should Elbit be in the mix?

    Who NEEDS to get a next-gen headset out?

    Andrew Sculley
    Here reminded as we’ve talked about many times. Mike, I just interrupt you for a second here. The partners with whom we’re working recognize they are themselves are under very tight time constraints here in terms of when they need to get the next-generation headset out in the marketplace. And that’s why, I think, we’re seeing a very fast pace here in our discussion with them.

    Actually, the company source says Micro-LED and Micro-OLED in the same article, people are confused by the terminology

    Dan Cui Slides at AWE 2017

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    VR World Congress 2017 Lead Keynote - Insights from AMD's Roy Taylor

    AWE 2017: Vote for Wikitude for 'Best Developer Tool'

    Ori "Xi'an" Inbar

    Doug Lanman pioneered lightfield hmds using OLED display while at Nvidia, he now continues that work at Facebook/Oculus

    FBL and Akimed commented on the fact that though Karl Guttag had written that Sony was the “go-to” company for OLED micrdisplays Doug Lanman had switched from using Sony when working on the Nvidia prototype in 2013-2014 to using eMagin for the current Occulus Focal Surface Display prototype and wanted to know eMagin’s reaction.  Andrew made some vague comment along the lines of eMagin’s products being attractive but he had a smile like the cat that just ate the canary.

    All of Them

    Reading opt's report led me to think about the possibility of a buyout. The whole business of how the ASM was conducted, the slides, the lack of participation of key Board members. Dr. Wittels quick bug out, the only slide opt mentioned i.e.the largest companies in the AR/VR Universe of Tiers 1s. (run on sentence, I know)

    "The first slide was plastered with a mass of names of the many companies with which eMagin did business.  I started by asking Andrew what he meant when he used the phrase “Tier 1 company”?  Did he mean a major conglomerate such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook or Amazon or could it mean just a leader in a specific area such as AMD, Intel, or Nvidia in electronics or Oculus, HTC, or ODG in headsets?  His answer was, “All of them”. "

    "All of them".

    When I spoke to Dan Cui at GAOS I asked him about the Spark being adapted to the iPhone. A small deal, a trifle really for Apple knowing all the goofy devices the iPhone has as peripherals. He got very serious and talked about the complications involved in dealing with large companies  like Apple. Almost word for word what JL used in the recent CC. Why would DC and JW be at this Redneck Fest in Central PA? "Tight fisted hunters" indeed. A little voice in my head said "This is not central this is not central, this is a feint." 

    I learned to speak to these guys over the years, different faces at military trade shows mostly, could see whether things with the company were good or bad. It took time to process what I heard and saw. I  looked for subtleties in language but folded that into facial expression, physiognomy, nuance, shrug etc and then in time forged a conclusion. What opt saw: Sculley's cat and it's latest meal. All of them.

    Saturday, June 3, 2017

    Friday, June 2, 2017

    Anybody's Superpower "MAGNIFICATION VISION"? If So Does That HMD Say Hololens, Ubimax or XM Reality?

    Darth Cui

    No Blaze, No Solos , Sad

    Thursday, June 1, 2017

    Happy for you guys, how bout a 1000 more to other NATO partners, last time I looked eMagin SVGA, listen up Kopin, THAT is a stable and functional eyebox

    VR World Congress Lead Keynote - Insights from AMD's Roy Taylor

    "If I Can Make it There, I Can Make it Anywhere, It's Up to You New York, New York..!."


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