Saturday, July 29, 2017

ah, here he is, in a tent. eMagin wants to focus on core business.

Gustav has a new sight and Javelin CLU is being updated and of course Saab RBS 70 has an eMagin display in it

Absolutely Sweet Marie (Live) "Where are you tonight Dan Cui?"

This is much more Chinatown than "Chinatown", Fish and PandaTV

The IP address was updated on July 27 2017 to it's present designation, prior "HICHINA ZHICHENG TECHNOLOGY LTD", maybe a joint venture with Ginwa to serve the Chinese mainland?

Video: PEO Soldier PWS-I nightvision demonstration (eMagin Display in Both the ENVG and FWS-I)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Looks like DC was speaking at a follow on conference in Dongguan after Beijing

I guessed subsidiary because that's what it says... I don't believe it I am guessing.

As always...

The guy on the right is not a jockey, CEO Goro Kosaka of Vufine

"And their off!"

That Torch Promo Vid was too professional for eMagin to have produced, I wonder if it's GoPro Bound?

Is this the UX Factory that floated out last year? What about Steve Gonsalves? And Saving Cows Stuck in the Mud?

Add caption

What is going on here? Dan, Kip,(not) Inbar, Ginwa and some Jockey on the right???

I guess it's a subsidiary unless someone knows differently, at the time seemed like a babelfish translation of Comrade Cui's Title

World AR top hardware expert, Proaiar US subsidiary CMO  
Dan Cui keynote speech

Korean Chip Release at 11:20, Day 2

LG Display May Receive Investment in VR Device Parts from Google;jobs&htidocid=JvkWclyX28uLdNQSAAAAAA%3D%3D

Friday, July 21, 2017

You got 40 seconds Disha ...Go!


NJ Utility on Forefront with New Mixed Reality Application: THIS looks useful, unlike barfing up rainbows

Military officials are saying little about F-35 helmet glitch in night-landing video ( means they are mad at somebody)

The F-35 helmet, which costs $400,000 per copy and is designed to allow pilots to “see through” the aircraft via externally mounted cameras, is no stranger to glitches.

Pilots have previously complained about the contrast of the display’s ambient light during night landings, saying the “green glow” it generates can be distracting or blinding on dark nights.

Not just a "Green Glow" a "Strange Green Glow". "Like looking through a dirty window."

A top Facebook exec explains why it must spend $500 million on video games to achieve Zuckerberg's 10-year master plan

Chamora on Lenovo and Daystar

[–]chamora 1 point  
I'm a bit skeptical that a company which still struggles to make a decent laptop is going to be a leader in the cutting-edge field of AR.

Next Up! The Facebook Focal Display Boomlet!

Uh Oh, Scoble is already playing Motel Lounges in the Boonies...Summit Live The Fourth Transformation Robert Scoble & Shel Israel

Thursday, July 20, 2017

World's Leading Optics eh?

nothing about korea chips except

So DC responded that this is a Lenovo Device

And Cher Flashes a Tremulous Victory Sign

Unity in design, see some AITT and LARS in the pics, not the vibrant colors, magenta would not fit into a combat zone

This "PR" emanates from the same place as last year's "now you see it, now you don't" PR... Hey Dan, what is a Proaiar? Did not mention eMagin in this "translation." Nothing to retract? Dang

During the exhibition, we held Prof. Liu Huijun, Dean of theInstitute of Information Engineering, Academy of Korean Academy of Sciences , Wang Congqing, President of HTC vive China, Chris Tam, Leap Motion Global Vice President and President of China, Associate Professor of Pennsylvania State University Xu Jian , Lenovo Group Vice President, Lenovo New Vision CEO Bai Yili, the world's top AR hardware experts, Proaiar US subsidiary CMO Dan Cui and many other industry leaders attended the summit and made keynote speeches, global industry experts gathered in the capital Beijing, a total of Words industry future!

Lenovo reveals AR headset and other ambitious AI concepts

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Great set-up w/ the Pre My-Vu KK & DC with some Lenovo signage looming in the background and thumb up to Mr. iGinwa wants to make AR great again

If course it's meaningful but some are so beat down, tired and punchy you don't know which way is up.

The lineup may be meaningful or it may not be...

preceding Dan is a Chinese Gov Official,  History, Culture & Development poobah, some muckety muck from Xi'an Hi Tec Zone, the you have Ori Inbar CEO of AWE, then Wu, CEO of Ginwa, then a VP from Lenovo, then KAIST who makes processor for AR, talking about Neurel Networks, then ARA Korean chip release then Dan the Man. Does that build to something or just lead us back to some Vufine GG knock-offs? Only time will tell.

We've been scammed.

They already have a Korean Restaurant and Cui and Cher are in on it!

I'm calling my lawyer!

Is any of this real? Dan Cui is speaking at 11:40AM right after a guy from the ARA(American Restaurant Association) talking about Korean Chip Release, is that like Bulgogi Flavored, Korean Pig BBQ Chips? BokChoi Rice Chips?

then lunch, supposed to get them hungry and then sell them many metric tonnes of chips? It's just too much sometimes. They call him Dan Cui Prosiar.  What the hell is going on over there? China.

probably better not to hold your breath literally or. If partners were in parentheses or we didn't know what a Joker DC is and China

So all we got is the "partnership" statement from DC which might be a reference to when he worked at Vuzix and he/they "partnered "with Lenovo .

Not holding my breath .

Fake News! This will never happen because chyron crawl says "Scotland Wins World Cup!"

Yeah, I git it, not real until it's real. Chinatown...ARToolKit Tweeted this last year. What do they know about the Restaurant Business anyway? LOL

Still Pedaling Thru the Pyrenees

I Know! They are going to "partner" in a restaurant called Sonny and Cher!

By the Way, what's that thing on DCs head?


Yeah, THAT Mr. Wu

Second-tier cities looking to become hub for China’s AR/VR industry 10 Aug 2016 Second-tier cities looking to become hub for China’s AR/VR industry

Could it be THIS Mr. Wu? (Ginwa)

New Star Wars AR Headset Will Bring Holochess and Huge Battles to Life

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away I Recall Sculley Wan Saying "That they sent sample displays to a company and had no idea what they wanted to do with them." Wars: Jedi Challenges Sneak Peek

Partner Announcement! Lenovo

Are you really Dr. Wu?

Finding Ori...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kris Kolo On The Current state of VR/AR for Brands

Scoble talks with Kris "Xi'an" Kolo....

And hopefully not crashing into each other...

Intevac Investor Presentation

Intevac Presentation June 2017 (Already assuming F-35 Switcheroo)

All of them

Eventually gets around to TAR, FWS and ENVG, sorta

Monday, July 17, 2017

Not Good, Bad

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The "other" does not

James Ruocco, F-35 chief engineer, told Inside the Navy during a May 26 interview at his office in Arlington, VA, his team performed an assessment two weeks ago at Naval Air Station Patuxent, MD, of the Gen III helmet's green-glow problem. Green-glow typically occurs when it is dark at night and makes it difficult for the pilots to see certain objects. 

As part of the assessment, the program set up a room at Pax to emulate the nighttime environment, Ruocco said. Testers compared the visibility of the current helmet and a helmet outfitted with organic LED technology and compared their visibility. "The difference being the advanced matrix LCD lets light leak in around the symbology. That's how you get the green-glow," Ruocco said. "The other one does not." 

The smartphone is eventually going to die, and Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are racing to kill it

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Maybe last year was a dry run?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wonder of their "American Cousins" are keeping The Admiralty current on their F35 Trials?


Because the Beam technology requires very little power, the Raptor glasses can also be equipped with other features, such as a camera, performance sensors, and even a built-in microphone and speaker for taking calls or listening to music. 

Makes sense that XMReality would start at home, Volvo? Already in place as a customer.

NAVAIR who first funded eMagin's Ultra High Brightness seemed to make sure that this footage was viewed by John Q. so certain entities would have time to process the inevitable- From Q2 2014..Last week at Patuxent Naval Air Station, eMagin completed a very successful demonstration for the Naval Air Systems Command, NAVAIR, of our latest microdisplay which uses the new Direct Patterning process. The NAVAIR program manager stated that “the eMagin demonstration was well received and the display was very impressive.” The Direct Patterning display was developed under a joint effort by NAVAIR and the US Army.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Another Joke: Look at the Judder, Latency, Chaotic Symbology and Bloom as the F-35B is tested during a night carrier landing. Seriously, that is a disgrace. That's the Death Knell of that helmet. OLED is going to fly by Level VI readiness because it has too

Not only does the Colonel's presentation give a clear picture of just a few of the intricacies of integrating the F-35B with "Gator Navy" flattops, but a display malfunction nearly caused disaster during one of the nighttime shipboard landing tests. Fields makes it clear: "We got real lucky that night."

What? This is AMDs partner? Real? How about an outboard radiator and some Prestone and a Pina Colada and a Camelbak...

(Discount Bin, Something Better on the Way?)..Facebook's Oculus cuts price of virtual reality set, matching rival

Thoughtful Interview, Smart Interviewee...Neil's Messy Basement: Interview With Dr. Jon Peddie : In no way am I able to credibly critique Dr. Peddie on most topics but his analysis in places seems dated e.g. he treats Tracking Points AR Rifle as "Breaking News", that was news 4 years ago.

Apparently this news has finally made it's way to Japan...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Everysight Raptor Smartglasses

From March, 2014, Capt Rotem first lays out the concept

I knew this was BS the moment I saw it...Microsoft Joins Forces With Israel, So Army Can Use HoloLens on the Battlefield

They didn't buy them so the IDF could use Hololens, like the man said, they bought everything from Google Glass on to see what was wrong with them.

And Like the Solos...

The biggest advantage the Raptor has over the competition like the Recon Jet, is the unobstructed view out of the shield. Since the display is projected into the lens and back into your eye, there aren’t any physical objects that will obstruct your view. Using a “BEAM” display which is based on OLED technology, the display is right in front of your eye in a way that somehow makes it possible to focus both on the information and the road in front of you. Using the handlebar mounted control pod that is included with the glasses, you can fine tune the position of the display in your field of vision, but more importantly you can also adjust brightness or turn it completely off without touching the glasses. To me, this was one of the most important features since I really didn’t want to be riding around with display in front of me at all times – even though it turned out to be far less distracting than I thought it would be.

Oops, many caught unaware...

"We needed screens that could applied in the Consumer Space."

"Everysight, which is developing a sleeker, slimmer pair of augmented reality glasses intended for a broader market."

"But Everysight sees the Raptor as just the beginning."

Friday, July 7, 2017

Form 4 Day

Raptor is piling up the plaudits like a chain reaction crash in the midst of the pelleton (aware, pretty dumb simile)

During my short ride around Fisherman's Wharf, it never felt like the OLED projection on the display was too dim. It was overcast, though, so the light was diffused. I was assured that the Raptor worked just as well on sunny days.

Hands-On With The Durable Outdoor-Focused Everysight Raptor AR Glasses

Help fixing big expensive drillers, what's not to like? eMagin partner XMReality

Red surprises everyone with 'hologram' phone (Yes, eMagin sells them displays for their high-end viewfinders)

Sounds like pulp fiction

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Everysight gives you a heads-up with Raptor smartglasses (No announcement yet but OLED in the Raptor, more than pretty sure= eMagin)

The clarity of the information appeared bright and easy to read, but thankfully didn't seem overly intrusive. Within a few minutes it was simple to look past the display and through the lenses, just like with normal sunglasses. 

The major difference between the Raptors and the competitors is the integration of the display. Other heads-up displays add a unit onto the glasses arm and then display information onto the lens.

"Everysight uses a tiny display projector with organic LED (like what's found in nicer smartphones and televisions) technology near the bridge of the glasses. Everysight calls it  'Beam technology'. It overlays the information directly in the line of sight of the user."

Monday, July 3, 2017

LOL, Reddit Guy say eMagin Claims BCF, Nordic Neuro and XM Reality as partners to

"impress" the unaware. What? Hello? A large animal ultrasound and an obscure Scandinavian company is what I would choose to "impress".  Wouldn't you?

SVVR #5 Presentation: Douglas Lanman from NVIDIA, Near-Eye Light Displays (Sony then eMagin now)

Focal Surface Displays at Siggraph 2017 w/ Doug Lanman

The Emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Security Operations Center

It's been called Land Warrior, Nett Warrior, Pixnet, now TAR but this is the State of the Art in Augmented Reality (eMagin Inside)

FBL did a fine job pointing this out but a side x side here for those somewhat confused who think their display is the state of the art for AR applications

MRA Digital Drive with eMagin 
TAR Display
  For TAR, however, the breakthrough is miniaturization of a high-resolution display. US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command's Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) has been working on the miniature displays featured in TAR since 2008 measuring one square inch, 

the display is capable of high-definition imagery in monochrome that is visible in daylight. CERDEC will also continue to iterate the technology, with full-color, daylight-visible displays.

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