Thursday, August 17, 2017

Now how did the guys over there in LCDville not know this was happening?, Mantech (DMS&T) does not put classified up on their site. Page 22. Also, Sculley said F-35, SVIT, why not Apache?

The Challenge: Current fielded full color microdisplays cannot simultaneously achieve high contrast and high brightness to clearly display see-through imagery required for high ambient conditions without obscuring the scene. Fielded Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) can achieve this for monochrome, but refinements to the manufacturing process, are necessary to improve manufacturing efficiency and luminance critical for military applications. Additionally, all silicon backplanes for OLED microdisplays are currently manufactured off-shore.

ManTech Response: • Army RDECOM and the OSD Defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology office partnered to establish an on-shore advanced backplane manufacturing process for silicon backplanes ready for OLED deposition • Manufactured fully functional high brightness OLED microdisplays on on-shore wafers • Built the first high resolution, direct patterning OLED deposition tool and integrated it into the primary OLED manufacturing production system • Manufactured fully functional full color high brightness OLED microdisplays using the new deposition tool, demonstrating significant improvements in luminance and efficiency • DMS&T investment of $4.95M

Impact: • Established capability of on-shore foundry for advanced backplane wafers for OLED deposition • Increased luminance of manufactured microdisplays by >10X to >1,300-fL • Increased efficiency of manufactured microdisplays by >14X to 7 cd/A • Integrating early prototypes into High Definition Aviation Digital Display (HiDADD) Apache vision system upgrade tech demo (FY16), F-35 visor (FY16), and Soldier Visual Interface Technology (SVIT) tech demo (FY17)

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