Friday, August 11, 2017

Too good to pass up, eMagin in a nutshell. Thanks for posting MW (despite the fog, as it is very foggy fog, not as bad as Green Glow, like that turn of phrase "militaresque precision")

From rodman report (Kevin Dede ). "Development-related and end-product sales timing remains uncertain, cloaked by a combination of customer secrecy mandates and little transparency into development timelines. We, however, remain stalwart bulls on this name despite the fog for a number of reasons 1) OLED screens brightness and clarity deliver to the highest visual standards; 2) no other company we know has developed to both these brightness and color specifications; 3) eMagins displays have powered numerous military hardware applications demanding militaresque precision and operational excellence over the years; 4) there are many projects in the works with familiar and easily identified household names, which if nothing else, suggests eMagin has something of value, and given the size of the addressable consumer market in VR and AR, product sales volumes could be tremendous.

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