Monday, April 30, 2018

Geektown has skipped over OLED in their rush to figure out what Apple would use to get to that resolution. Sculley, "OLED for a very long time"... sorry Geektown

The University eMagin has been working with on microled in it's nascent stage of development wouldn't be Texas Tech, would it?

Andrew Sculley
That company is very future looking. Micro LED or inorganic LEDs. We've actually done a program with that -- with a university that I can't name. So we're very well aware of that technology. I would suggest that if you want to see how far along this is, this technology, there are "two places." One is CES and the other is SID, the Society of Information Displays. You look at CES, in 2016, there was a television Sony did and if you look at 2018, there was a television, a huge display that Samsung did. Now this was 146 inches in diagonal, and it was -- this is a quote for the guy who is there. He said, "We're saying it 8k in the horizontal direction." So that 64 pixels per inch. So I think you can see that televisions are possible now to demonstrate, but if you go to Society of Information Display and look at the microdisplay attempts there, there none of them are a display looking yet. They're very crude things coming out, so it'll take a long time for them to get to a reasonable demo and then a long time after that to get to mass production, so I think the microdisplays are tough, and I can go into detail around the technology as well, but there are 2 different technological directions to go on this. So I think there's a lot of work that has to be worked on. I think the first thing you'll see as you read the documents is you'll see a bigger display come out, so I think microdisplays will be longer term. And so that OLED is here for a very long time.

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