Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Information Display Newsletter (SID). Page 16 is interesting.

Mr. Young went to Kopin to hear the Real Dr. Fan prevaricate about the F-35 and repeat the 5 rules. Good grief. He went too Hopewell Jct and provides an oblique reference to Direct Patterned Displays. What a scoop! (sarc)

I also went to Hopewell, NY, to visit an even smaller public company, eMagin. According to eMagin CEO Andrew Scully, AR needs a mechanically flexible battery, voice input, artificial intelligence, a smartphone connection, and a high-speed graphics processor. eMagin thinks that OLED is preferable to LCOS because it can reach >2000 ppi, supports contrast levels, has faster response times, is transparent, and can reach acceptable luminance levels. eMagin can achieve luminous levels of over 2,000 nits because it is the first company that has been able to pattern OLEDs at the micron level and therefore does not need a color filter, which blocks >50 percent of the light.

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