Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Iran finds a Chinese route to sell deadly thermal sniper sights

Battlefield advantages 

The advantages of using the equipment on the battlefield are many. The thermal sniper sights allow users see targets during day, night, and in extreme weather conditions. It can help the user see through most kinds of smokescreens, spot camouflaged targets, and even tell if a vehicle is running or idle. 

The Daily Beast found that Mohsen Parsajam, chairman of Rayan Roshd Afzar had registered a business in 2013 in Beijing. Two years later, RU-series sights began appearing abroad. That April, Parsajam’s company took an ownership stake in Sanhe Haobang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd, a Chinese company owned by Chinese national Emily Liu.

Sanhe registered websites for Raybeam Optronics and many other companies. On Alibaba e-commerce website, Raybeam began marketing military optical equipment from its factory, including a series of sights identical to the RU60G and the RU90G/120G—relabeled as the “RB60G” and “RB90/120G”.   

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