Tuesday, June 19, 2018

And we have a contemporaneous corroborating witness. Although anonymous he volunteered information shortly after the time of the panel had presented. His report has been partially verified by the slides a savvy eMagin investor has unearthed from the Session.

SilkyZen3 minutes ago
Well, really surprised that after the Intel presentation this didn't move much more, really strange.
At about 3:30pm PT yesterday the Intel guy opened the OLED in AR/VR session with the comment along the lines that they see OLED microdisplays as the future display engine tech for AR/VR, followed by "here is an example from our technology partner Emagin", either I misheard or Intel is going to be the production partner for Emagin.
SilkyZen12 seconds ago
the OLED AR/VR session at the SID display week..... Reply1

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