Thursday, June 28, 2018

"If we did not comply" is just odd phraseology. They should be able to show proof that they did comply. If a government entity questions them about it there are only two possible answers.

"If we did not comply" sounds like they may plead "Stupidity" or "Darn it we forgot". If they could convince that equates to "unintended non-compliance". That possibility seems remote as at the time of the report Kopin had been dealing with these compliance issues for decades. Any company with that long history would have to have a Compliance Officer familiar with the regulatory obligations. It's crazy verbiage. Violations can be over a Million per and prison time if it's found to be a criminal act. Maybe it would be prudent not to flog Kopin's version of the F-35 as the "greatest AR headset in the world" if they want to slip through unnoticed.

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