Thursday, July 5, 2018

I note with sadness that our friend known on the Message Boards as Optimist1 has died.

 What a  fine man. He researched a little company on little message boards with great insight, diligence and humor. A realist, he never let himself be fogged by big expectations or flummery. He saw clearly the challenges and opportunities the company contended with and brought much insight to our motley crew. He was not afraid to travel into the belly of the beast and would make  a yearly trip to NYC  to attend the Shareholders Meeting. He always returned with voluminous notes. I would tease him about how the work on the Novel was going as we were eager to read his observations. I pictured Dickens or Tolstoy finishing his Magnum Opus by candlelight. We knew him in this very small niche of his life. I can't imagine what an impact he had in the 99% of his life. Like eMagin CEO Sculley told another eMagin Investor recently as he contemplated his future as to retirement etc. "I want to be here for the success." We wish Opt was here for it as well.

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