Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Synergy with Niantic?

A real use model, we get that

Got a "Wow" out of it

Begging for a sequel, "Ironman vs. Pokemon Go-The Reckoning"

The Pull!

All right, if you insist

Next AR Hall of Famer, for Solos Bicycle Thingy! Dr. John "CC" Fan, By Acclimation! (or the Italian guy with all the LEDs on his jacket)

No disappearing this time down the Xi'an Rabbit Hole. OK?

I used to tease you about how long your reports took to publish opt, everyone should be aware of your circumstance.

Same guy who is the king of asking pointless questions said he was going to the ASM,  apparently couldn't be bothered and now demands answers. I shall refrain from profanity. I killed comments here because he is such a pest. All the best.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

By the Way...What's with all these "Brand" People Following You on Twitter all of the Sudden

Tomorrow is DC's 15 Minutes of Fame

Tour de France eh? Gourmet Cycling eh?, Does Everysight Show Them the Best Places to Eat a Gallic Lunch, Sip some Burgundy and Have a Galois?

"Huge time sink" Gotcha... B Rose latest take on eMan, hope you don't mind

Kopin managed to get a couple of devices into the Finals, their are coping as well as they can...

I hope eMagin is going to show the DPD at AWE or a device as yet unknown. I love my Torch but that's for Cops and Hunters,

the only reason the people going to this Conference go outside is to get in their Subaru or Prius.

eMagin in the "EYE" Wear Pavillon with Six15, Optinvent. META et al

This guy thinks it's Sharp and LCD

Ron thinks it's Samsung or LG

Friday, May 26, 2017

$EMAN Major Owner "STILLWATER HOLDINGS LLC" just Purchases 50,000 Shares (Tran Code - P) --- Insider Forms, iOS app

have to make people forget Luckey and his barf inducing hunk of junk and how will they accomplish this? with an eMagin DPD..Oculus Is Combating VR Nausea Through Focus-Tweaking Tech

eMagin AMOLED in xmreality AR-HMD

Thursday, May 25, 2017

2K × 2K color organic EL micro display, eMagin exhibited

I like it when you don't yell but would seem appropriate in this case

  • Just left ASM. Oculus is or abut to be a customer
David Fellowes, an electronics engineer at CERDEC, said that the key technological breakthrough was miniaturizing the image to fit into the tiny one-inch-by-one-inch eyepiece

How do they do that?

Heads up: Augmented reality prepares for the battlefield (eMagin in TAR, wow LW looks primitive now, gotta start somewhere))

eMagin Display in Land Warrior

AUSA16 DrReago: RTA (FWS) and Army HMDw/AR

Sure, I would welcome a buyout but I think eMagin's been hiding in the Police Station for some time, those partnerships that the lawyers have been thrashing out are with a neighbor I believe: ema lurker...Roy Taylor like eMagin has called out Oculus by name, like eMagin damning them with faint praise, I see the relationship between the 3 but lack the ability to describe it, looks sorta nebulous now but the fog could lift shortly

I changed my mind about AMD,
I changed my mind about AMD, based on some linkedin information.  I believe they are the tier one helping eMagin get foundry support.  BTW, the Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) is a newly formed group of AMD under Raja Koduri, focusing on VR and AR.  RTG works closely with Oculus.  The focus groups talked about in the CC made me wonder if Oculus was involved with eMagin and Andrew has some LinkedIn activity with FB/Oculus, as well as Dan with John Carmack. To say the least, Oculus has eMagin on their radar and I feel like I am only wishing for more involvement, we'll see.  There is stronger evidence of an AMD eMagin link.  It seems to me AMD/RTG may be courting eMagin to build a nice HMD to help show off AMD's hardware.  AMD foundry is Global Foundries and TMSC.  I think eMagin is working with Global Foundries.  I find it interesting the last CC Andrew says " significant investment would have to be in equipment. And whether that comes from the customers or foundry partners, either one of those makes sense to us." 
So we have the 2k x 2k coming down the pike for VR, and the other one I will assume is going to be SXGA096, just because it makes economic sense.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This explains the impact of Defense cuts on eMagin's Revenues...Scaling back of FELIN and FIST (Opt hardest hit)

in their favor, though, is their ability to lighten the load of soldiers in the field, even with the power savings realized by more efficient devices, however, there are still to many batteries used and misused. Pixnet, however, guarantees eMagin stays in the game as DARPA designs past systems which adversaries already are fielding. Necessary for the US Military to continue to "Own the Night."  Making displays for Pixnet is what the ManTech Award is all about.

Land Warrior, washout, personal display assistant like Elbit Dominator, fairly useless, stop gap until all this came together in Pixnet, eMagin Displays with a little Video Sharing ala Blaze thrown in for good measure, good one fbl

DARPA+Mantech+eMagin High Brightness Displays

This should convulse the Share Price, nah, just kidding. If I could hear one talk on the subject this would be the one, happening right about now at Display Week LA

10:50AM – 12:10PM  Session II: Virtual Building Blocks – Graphics and Displays

  • Neil Trevett, Vice President Developer Ecosystem, Nvidia & President, Khronos Group:  Discover how the latest advances in open, cross-platform API standards for silicon acceleration are creating the foundation for deploying VR and AR devices and use cases.  Standards covered include OpenVX low power vision processing, Vulkan next–generation GPU acceleration, OpenCL parallel computation and OpenXR VR/ AR device control - that together will accelerate the availability of AR and VR on a platform near you.
  • Daryl Sartain, Director and Worldwide Head of Virtual Reality and Displays, AMDGreat VR experiences depend on great GPUs … but there is much more involved.  The future of this rapidly evolving ecosystem includes many new technologies such as eye-tracking and foveation … and it includes evolution of existing technologies to serve a new purpose such as high-bandwidth wireless.                           ​                    
  • Amal Ghosh, Senior Vice President eMaginHigh brightness and high resolution micro-displays are some of the key requirements for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. OLED micro-displays are ideally suited for this purpose. This presentation will highlight these requirements and discuss eMagin Corporation’s strategies and accomplishments towards this goal. ​  
  • Won-jun Choe, Vice President, Samsung DisplayNew applications of VR have increased rapidly since hardware and software have grown significantly over the past few years. Therefore, the VR market has been expending accordingly. In order to grow the VR market even faster, it is necessary to provide more realistic virtual experience and to minimize VIMS (Visually Induced Motion Sickness). In this talk, we will cover trends in the VR market and focus on display influence on VR along with OLED’s strong point for VR.  

You can be in Manhattan by 10AM tmmw,you can tell em yourself big boy however that would require effort on your part as opposed to sitting on your ass and whining

It truly amazes me that a company that has gone backwards for the last five years and is now bleeding money, basically still has the same management team, and they are the only ones making more money every year as you poor stock holders lose value year after year. I would calling for a complete change in management at this least a leadership come you long stock holders are not calling for this...

The Quantum Dot thing is ??? It was fun to freak about that for a while. May need some help with the colors. Burnt Umber looks like Copper looks like Late Autumn looks like Syracuse Orange. HUD looks like Mocha, Choco Fudge or Burnt Bacon, AR & MR looks like Rose's Lime, Granny Smith or Pond Scum

Very Colorful Aggressive scenario

Oh man, what if Solos wins "Best Headworn Device"? Be like somebody hitting .212 being voted to the All Star Game

Old pals at AWE, side by side. Heartwarming. Any Xi'an Mysterioso stuff going on? JV with Company X? iGinwa going to be there? Clay Warriors have a Booth?

"Steve Van Slyke to block please?" "Steve it is said that these always get arrows in their butt." Umm, ahhh, Pioneers?" "Right , next question. This co-inventor of OLED shares a name with an Orange Drink that Astronauts took on Space Flights?" "Oh, that's me. Tang!"

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

And in the era of Trump, Leicester City and the Chicago Cubs Kopin's Solos Bike Helmet Thingy Crushes Hololens, Meta and a Myriad of Others in Voting for the Best Headworn Device of the Year. Accepting for Dr CC Fan, Marcel Lehel aka Guciffer

Ok, Mr. sarDONic, Apple and Luxvue may fast-track LEDs for Apple Watch and Phones, best estimate is 4-5 years for Near-Eye. If this ain't the "transformative year" for eMagin than misery will have some company

No thanks, waiting for Micro Led

I know, I'll sell my eMagin and buy a Micro Led Company so I can once more experience a long, slow, uncertain development and adoption cycle fraught with challenges and delays...

"Yeah, that's what I'll do"

Virtual and Augmented Realities: Asking the right questions and traveling the path ahead

Chomping at the bit?

Palmer’s Post-Oculus Interview, Part 3: Neural Links, Recorded Memories, & Revolutionizing VR, Again

Monday, May 22, 2017

Selling, general and administrative expenses or SG&A for the quarter totaled $2.4 million, compared with $2 million in the same quarter of last year, this increase is reflected at the level of activity related to our partnering projects that have necessitated higher legal and other professional service costs, as we negotiate with prospective partners and draft various agreements associated with these partnerships.

Fake News; Obvious Solos Ballot Stuffing...How Many Voters Own One? 5 Maybe

Microsoft reveals prototype augmented reality glasses that don't look wacky (everybody is getting into the act)

Never mind about Sony, they are selling them to anyone who ponies up, fortunately DPD is the cavalry coming over the hill

Or ask about the Oculus Focal Surface Thingy, It's in the Public Domain

I learned the hard way not to ask questions that particular. It's Safe Harbor for Anyone but the Qustioner.

"Doug Lanman at Oculus..., How many WUXGA have you...What about Apple...?"

Try "How does the competitive landscape look to eMagin? Before Andrew has said that Sony only makes displays for their products? Is that still the case? If not where are you seeing the impact?" Do not cite names that could invoke the NDA. Automatic.

Friday, May 19, 2017

eMagin Corporation Announces US$6.6 Million Underwritten Offering

anybody remember Michael Schwandt? He was the Bellevue College student who participated in the testing of eMagin's iHMD proto, what almost 3 years ago? Former CFO mentioned the testing in a CC and indicated that the then DK-1 Oculus was also in the sample the students tested. Oculus is the only "rival" that Campbell and Sculley have mentioned by name in public.

Who Is Michael Schwandt? Part II

he likes games, subscribes to IGN, Blizzard and other game related YouTube Channels. He attended Bellevue (WA) College. Just throwing it out.  I would put a "Students!" Ad on Craigslist, fun temp job for gamers, good pay etc. or I would list a Job on the Student Union Bulletin Board or place an ad in the Student Newspaper at the local college if I was looking for gamers to test software or hardware. Mr. Schwandt has no background in photonics so under what circumstances or field of endeavor could he refer to himself as a "consultant" at eMagin Corporation?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

And Dr. Fan has written a song for the occasion which he will perform during his Keynote "Lay that pixel down mama, lay that pixel down, pixel packin' mama, lay that pixel down", in his clear and crystalline tenor. No doubt, to rapturous applause!

In case you missed it...

Linkedin Bud w/Sculley,Lightfield man now at oculus-Douglas Lanman (NVidia) - Light Field Displays at AWE2014

some new pix at the site, most notably the XMReality A/R Glasses

OK Ron

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I love dogs but it's use is most transparently desperate trope in advertising

Maybe Kopin/Olightek can be the PLA's go/to supplier of displays, that be great!

Hey Everybody! Don't Forget That eMagin is at SOFIC 2017 in Tampa! Hello Mr. Rosen! Oh, I know, nobody gives a shit But don't forget after the F-35C dumps Kopin, eMagin is IT for the World's Militaries, Stick a Fork in em. Over and OUT!

eMagin OEM

New DC Follower


Carmack, Blezinski

Pretty Obvious, Carmack has been working with these since...

All the best to you Opt

if you get a chance, ask them if Blaze Gear was a way to talk about an inventory build that was not exactly meant for that, a dodge, as it were. Just kidding, they'll never answer. I took the Torch to the Deep South, all the rednecks loved it, a pack of coyotes came around smelling the BBQ, put on the Torch, went looking. A tough little Australian Cattle Dog drove em off before I could see em though. But fun it was using it.

Sounds like Facebook is company X with the AS COTS answer to Brazos, chomping at he bit, giddy up

dovetails nicely with the FBL's evidence

Oculus Research to Present Focal Surface Display Discovery at SIGGRAPH

Listening to CC, somebody told JL not to scream "GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!"

CC Fan's ID on Stocktwits is trader980

@long_investor lol, Kopin will put Eman out of business soon, Kopin has much better OLED tech and partnered with goertek, apple, facebook
via StockTwits For Android

Mr. Algorithm is conflicted

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Poor Old Dirt Farmer - Levon Helm

Packed up redneck toys and headed to the 💗 of Dixie including torch, see ya in a week or so.

Dr. Fan just back from Asia, Going to Asia, Asia, Asia ,Asia. What's he saying? No mention, not one mention of Domestic US Market. Asia.

New $KOPN Market Set to BOOM!

Quick Pivot to BOOM, Dominate 3-D Metrology Market in Asia!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I think you mean 3-D Metrology

That was a dour affair, sounded like everybody's dog died.

Vuzix300 Q, CC sounds bummed.

Kopin is now saying low rate production for FWS-I

That said, got my Kopin bash in for today however not feeling the "exciting" from eMagin, good grief, stealth mode feels like they have left the galaxy. They have as far as investors are concerned.

Forgot to ask, when did Kopin go private?

Derrick, the 5 comments you have elicited so far are ...telling. But the tweet looks damn professional. Trouble is, it's not AR but a jiggly notification screen. Occulted indeed.

Vroom vroom

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fix Toronto. Toronto? Try Fixing Baltimore Mr. Page..Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs Eyes Toronto for Its Digital City The urban tech moonshot born at Google wants to reinvent cities `from the internet up'

Give a socko talk DC and maybe you can get off the Stealth Top 50 People to Watch in Augmented Reality List

Team AMS! Why not ask if Daqri uses an OLED Display. Sure looks like a SA Photonics LARS or an USMC AITT


trying to think how to phrase this. Kopin claims that they have a contract to develop and deliver optics to one prime contractor in one category of device i.e. FWS-Crew. Do you think (blowhards that they are) that means that another has the contracts for FWS-I, FWS-1/2 of Crew and FWS-Sniper? Or is that still awaiting final determination?

Rohan Rajiv..Augmented Reality — Pokemon, F8, HoloLens, And Apple

Friday, May 5, 2017

I love Ralph. Ferrari Microdisplays?. "It may take a while to get to a pair of $200 AR glasses that do everything you want them to do. Osterhout said, “[The tech] exists. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You don’t get to jam in another screen from a high-end smartphone into a tiny device and say, ‘I want that son-of-a-bitch for free!’ Everybody wants to have a Ferrari. But the sheer fact of the matter is if you’re driving a Prius, you’re not gonna be able to do everything that the Ferrari can do.”

Gebo Cermax needs Remote Assistance bigly, they manufacture packing machines for Food, Beverage, Cosmetics etc

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

eMagin Corporation First Quarter 2017 Earnings Conference Call to be Held on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Vision VR/AR Summit 2017 Keynote

SA Photonics Shows See-Through Modules and HMDs at I/ITSEC 2013

Where have we seen that headset before?

This dovetails with Sculley's statement that companies are coming back to us after having realized our tech is superior, (Google, Microsoft...DPD?)

It could take a decade to get to the form factor of Google Glass, Pollefeys said. “There are new display and sensing technologies coming … and a lot of trade-offs in how much processing we ship off [the headset to the cloud, and] we are going from many components to SoCs.”

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This MAY be a good time to SHOUT SWEET! Raf Al asks, " Mr. Sculley I understand FWS-I has been issued to the (redacted) Airborne and that they are being deployed to (redacted), could you please tell us the precise cost of and how many...

As General Seay presses a button under the table...

←" My recollection is the time you went that I was there they thought you were a spy!
I hope to be there and if I am I will of course post a message about my take away.  SWEET"

Simon Kessler Doing Intervals with Everysight Raptor. Can you do this with Solos? Waiting for that review.

Killin' Hogs and Gators, Saving Livestock, Murica... Blaze Torch (Night Vision) spots a Cow stuck in mud.....Dramatic rescue

Why Apple Hired NASA AR Guru

These Are the Top Mixed Reality Companies in the World Today

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